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BC Liquor Distribution Branch
BC Liquor Distribution Branch
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Cashier | Prince George, BC | May 8, 2012
a good place to work, wish I had stuck with it, but don't regret leaving and moving on to other jobs
I really, really miss working with certain people. It was a heavy work load and if you hurt yourself, there was very little compassion.
Prospeople i worked with, some very good friends, life long friends, learnt excellent job skills, learnt union stuff, hard work, made days go faster, security challenges, customer service, product knowlege
Conslack of compassion, i was not faking the headaches, or carpel tunnel, favoritism with family members, preferred hours, shifts, & or job postings.lack of parking for staff, consideration for staff safety to & from work.
Loss Prevention Officer | Vancouver, BC | Oct. 14, 2019
Pay is really good, but hours suck if auxillary
I was hired as auxillary and must say that hours are the biggest gripe I have. I went from having 24+ hrs a week to 0 hrs a month.... Co-workers are nice and varied, the job itself is not that hard and can be excitring if working at a busier branch.
ProsGood pay, Nice environment, stree-free, laid back, good co-workers
ConsHours are dicey if auxillary
Sales Associate | Vancouver, BC | Sep. 21, 2019
Terrible hours, cannot keep management/staff
If you are called in you need to go. They can schedule you for no shifts, but you need to show up when they call. High turnovers, management has no idea what they're doing. You don't get benefits unless you maintain a certain amount of hours for 1.5 years, which is impossible. Most of the staff have over jobs or go on EI.
Executive Assistant | Vancouver, BC | Aug. 11, 2017
Excellent place to work
Good wage, good people to work with, room for advance. Employees are very friendly and always willing to help. Ability to work independently and learn at your own pace.
Product Consultant | Abbotsford, BC | May 28, 2014
Fun workplace
Typical day would be unloading liqour load in the warehouse. Learned how to recommend the right wine to customers. Learned how to do schedules and payroll. Learned how to order products. Learned how to cash out a till. Our management team seems to change a lot, but they were all good managers. My co-workers were easy to get along with, a fun enviroment to work in. We are always having fun while working. The hardest part of my job was dealing with intoxicated customers. The most enjoyable part of my job was working with great co-workers.
Cashier/Sales | Victoria, BC | May 21, 2019
Basic cashier job but with good benefits-- temporary position
Slow-paced type of job . While not doing customer service oriented work such as ringing in orders or helping customers find something. You'll be stocking and facing labels out . It's a chill atmosphere . As auxiliary though it sucks because I was getting 60+ hours a week around Christmas and then they don't call you for like 3 months after that . So if your comfortable living at your parents seize the opportunity to get a union job . But if you got bills to pay then auxiliary is not the job for u ! Make sure you get in permanent.
ProsLots of breaks, chill atmosphere, slow paced, good pay, good benefits (for senority )
ConsSlow paced, worrying about IDing people . Hard to get senority.
Customer Service Representative | Chilliwack, BC | Jul. 26, 2012
Great atmosphere, growth and promotional opportunities,great work ethics
The LDB is a wonderful place to work. It deals with people from all ranges, and everyone works together as a TEAM PLAYER, and this is an important aspect with any company. We strive in excellent customer service, and keep the staff up-to date on all courses needed for this, and Mobile Equipment training,Bailer training, Customer Service courses and Product Knowledge on the wines and Spirits.This job is great for someone who loves working with people, as I do!!!Your co-workers are there to support you and that helps get you through our busy peek times. The hardest part of this job is the physical labour. Braking down of 12 to 22 skids per day, everyday, between stocking and cashier, and customer service is very hard. The work load is very heavy, with only 2 male co-workers and the rest being female in the store I work for.
Prosgreat atmosphere, very people oriented, great benefits and chances to move up in the company
Consvery physical job
Sales Manager | Richmond, BC | Nov. 30, 2018
Good part-time job as student, but probably not a company I would pursue a career with.
Lots of complacency among those who have worked there for a long time. My manager is great and has helped me a lot with gaining experience as a supervisor but from what I've heard, the company's treatment of managers is not the best. They have the ability to move you around to stores without much input from yourself.
Data Entry Clerk | Vancouver, BC | Aug. 18, 2017
fun work place
Good location and very accessible and great people to work with. Great benefits offered and compensation. Also a lot of room for improvement and future opportunities
Wholesale Manager | Vancouver, BC | Jun. 13, 2019
Good Job while in School
The management is incredibly useless. Micromanagent is rampant and destroys the culture. The job itself is incredibly boring. You sit and do data entry and answer calls from angry customers while a manager criticizes your every word. Multiple people have quit their first day because the job is so boring. You are paid hourly for the WCC positions, therefore are only paid for 7 hours per day. There is absolutely no growth whatsoever. It's impossible to transfer departments and you'll be stuck doing the job you were hired for.
Pros30 minutes paid break per shift, good entry level pay
ConsIncredibly boring, micromanaging

Questions and answers about BC Liquor Distribution Branch

What is the company culture at BC Liquor Distribution Branch?
Asked Sep. 27, 2017
Do your job and you will be fine. Walk around like you are 'all that and a bag of chips' on your third day type of attitude and it will not be pleasant. Seen it to much where people say it is a bad place to work and such. 95% of the time the person that says that has a sense of entitlement that they have not earned. Your employer is not there to make sure your personal needs of your private life are accommodated as you see fit, you are getting paid to do a job.
Answered Nov. 19, 2019
Depends on who is the Manager. Worked with some that I show up to work happy and leave happy. Worked with others that will make you update your resume. Like any large organization with lots of stores you will have the good and the bad. Currently I work for them have zero issues with local management. You have to remember it is a job and you are getting paid to be told what to do and they are getting paid to tell you. It is not a show up and fell like just doing this today type of job.
Answered Nov. 19, 2019
What are the working hours at BC Liquor Distribution Branch?
Asked Aug. 17, 2017
Shifts vary from morning to night but full time hours at retail stores is 35 hours per week.
Answered Nov. 19, 2019
Anywhere between 0 hours a week to 37, expect closer to 0 hours than 37.
Answered May 8, 2019
If you were to leave BC Liquor Distribution Branch, what would be the reason?
Asked Sep. 23, 2018
Some of the corporate way of doing advancement is to sterile and does not take Into account the individual at all. This has held back good people and I would leave for a company that looks at what the person has done for them.
Answered Nov. 19, 2019
Negative place to work, no accountability, no recognition, management takes no interest in you as an individual. Management not helpful when you request advice.
Answered Aug. 14, 2019
Does BC Liquor Distribution Branch require background check?
Asked Aug. 30, 2018
Yes, a criminal background check, they do it for you, you just have to stick around and wait until they do that
Answered Sep. 27, 2020
Yes needs criminal check
Answered Sep. 24, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at BC Liquor Distribution Branch?
Asked Sep. 27, 2017
Very noisy and negative
Answered Sep. 16, 2019
Managers pick favorites
Answered Oct. 18, 2017