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Overall reviews at BOOSTER JUICE

Health Information Technician | Fort St. John, BC | Jul 2, 2014
Up beat atmosphere and cheerful experiences
Working at Booster Juice was one of the most enjoyable jobs i have ever had the pleasure of being employed at. A typical day at Booster Juice begins at 645 am to start food prep, juice carrots and apples, refill the dip cabinet, and fill out temperature log before 7 when it is time to open the store. From then on it is a busy fast paced day filled with smoothie making, dish washing, food and dip cabinet prep and customer service. On special days like wednesdays we have special event like Wheatgrass Wednesday. It is a promotional event we do every wednesday to sell more wheatgrass. The customers get excited and we always have a blast when some of our regular customers like to out wheatgrass the other. Booster juice does lots of fun advertisement from a new feature smoothie every month to getting fun work shirts and promoting Divergent the movie with apparel, contest and a limited time smoothie. One of the hardest parts of the job is the repetition during lunch hour. When its go go go and you do the same thing for hours every day it gets a little mind numbing. But when you have great co-workers and we all work together and get it a rhythm the day goes by super fast. When working with new people can be tuff but when you are all female, it makes it all the more fun and interesting. i have learned so much from this job. and you wouldn't exactly think that you would learn that much about fruit but i have learned more about fruit like where is came from, how it was prepped, How man
Prosfree smoothie per shift, start early get off afternoon- ish and still have time in the day to do things
ConsOpen all Holidays
Supervisor | Vancouver, BC | Apr 10, 2019
awful work environment, toxic co-workers, careless management, always had to stay after my shift ended because it was too busy
Upon coming in for an interview, I was skeptical. The manager seemed nice, but the girls who had been working there for a while gave me dirty looks. Training was okay, and the manager was mostly understanding and helpful. However, my coworkers were SO awful to me. I was constantly treated coldly, simply ignored out of spite, and gossiped about. There seemed to be a sort of autocracy established by the girls who had been there for a while, and they used their knowledge of how the store works, and the trust of the naive manager to manipulate the newer workers. I was tormented and HUMILIATED, despite being nice to them and doing my job properly, in front of customers and my coworkers over minor slips (as simple as forgetting to press a button, or even not doing something the way they wanted me to). One of the girls even made harsh comments about my body and called my coworker 'disgusting' for the way she dressed and presented herself at work. They were also rude to customers: swearing at them under their breath, using a condescending tone, or even refusing to acknowledge them. I was even threatened one time and yelled at a couple of times. The job itself was not that bad, except that I would usually have to work alone or with one other person during very busy hours. Constantly had to stay overtime, but wasn't paid for it. It is also very physically demanding. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because my manager was flexible with my availability, and it worked with my
ProsFree smoothies, flexible management
Conswork environment, only 25% discount at my store ONLY, expected to do tasks alone that are meant for a couple people, only min. wage
Barista | Stoney Creek, ON | Jul 1, 2015
Great work environment, but faulty in other aspects
A typical day at work consisted of: signing in on our paper sheet, cleaning the store and prepping food when the sales are slow, and tending to customers with their needs. From this job, I've learned that not every employer is going to be easy to get along with. In fact, you might never be too fond of one another, and that's okay. My manager was an absolute gem. He was super fun and easygoing, and we ended up being very good friends. Still are, actually, even after I quit. On the other hand, the franchisor was not a nice fellow. Not understanding at all. I needed a cut in hours because I was still a high school student at the time and I had family issues to deal with at home, and he would not allow me to work less. Instead, I was working six days a week, 4pm-10pm. I fell behind in school and I was way too stressed out to be dealing with work on top of all my other stresses, so I gave my two-weeks notice. On another note, my co-workers were so amazing. Such genuine and welcoming people! The work environment was always happy and energetic. The hardest part of the job was probably around the time when you're first presented your keys to the store to close. At that time, it feels as though there's so much pressure on your to make the store look perfect at the end of the day. After four or five times closing, it becomes a lot easier. The most enjoyable part of the job was forming friendships with my co-workers and customers. Overall, I did enjoy my stay while I worked at Booster J
Prosawesome co-workers
Conslong hours, barely any breaks (only two 15 min breaks for 6 hours work)
Operations Manager | Ontario | Dec 20, 2017
Can be a good job depending on the circumstances
I started off working with Booster part time as a college student before taking over as the manager full time once finished school. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and the issues seem to be very cohesive. The job is great for students as it won’t cause major stress that affects your studies but there’s little to no room for advancement and is not a good long term job. It becomes very dull, it’s the same thing everyday, over and over. After a certain point you will feel stagnant and under challenged, as the job is really easy once you’ve gotten the hang of it. But I’ve seen some concerns regarding training and I agree that this job could be stressful if not given the proper training as there is a lot of product knowledge and processes that need to be learned and followed correctly. Our biggest struggle was the guidelines we had to follow for scheduling and staff having to work alone. When there’s a rush it can be tremendously difficult to manage all the secondary tasks aside from just taking orders and making them. If people can’t come in for their shifts it’s a total nightmare. It’s better to over schedule so you can be prepared and no one ends up overworked or taken advantage of but wanting to keep labour costs low prevented that. No food service job should have people working alone, ever. We also had on going issues with having all our equipment working properly that prevented us from always doing the job to standard. Customers are crazy loyal to the brand and we had so man
Food Preparation Worker | Dawson Creek, BC | Jun 19, 2018
Maybe don't work here
Upon hiring, there is no training by any of the senior staff, very little by the other staff due to it being voluntary. No management what soever. Manager is rarely at the actual store location and isn't easy to get ahold of by telephone either. Manager is unprofessional around employees and takes not action in any for of reprimandation. You will always be told to be assertive about taking action yourself but usually ends up being written up due to the fact your coworkers claim hostility. the management is also very slow to set you into the systems and you have to be very diligent on recording your hours. tips are never scheduled and you'll never know when you'll get them. Hour and shift changes happen without any notification to the employees. Manager doesn't show up to meetings. Cleaning standards are incredibly low until management is informed of head office visits. you will lose a lot of hours if the manager doesn't like you and they rarely fire people, they just squeeze off your hours until you're force to quit. But they will fire you if you stay too long if that goes on too long. They'll never hire new people unless you corner them, you will be understaffed, overworked and working 11 hours a day with no break. there was a point when they offered gift cards to those who came in on days off but they never recorded when people came in, not a lot of us ended up getting what we should have gotten. Even if you get surgery and a doctor note. unless you get someone to cov
Prosuh, not much
Consno manager, everything else
Crew Member | Hamilton, ON | May 7, 2020
Great workplace, not-so-great coworkers
Everything is easy to make, with signs everywhere including recipes and instructions which is super helpful if you blank out in the moment. Rushes are to be expected, especially mall locations. Be prepared for non stop movement and plenty of focus. Weekends involve team effort especially.The workplace itself is easy and enjoyable, I adore the job. The staff however is entirely different. Calling in sick is an easy way to get bad mouthed by your coworkers, or even lose hours. Alot of the coworkers can often get away with being snarky, and often degrading. Training stops shortly after the first two weeks with smaller details never mentioned (I.e "preferred methods") which leads to annoyed coworkers. The first few months for new employees is difficult, often times walking on broken glass due to short staff and the irritation of said coworkers. Many customers are often verbally abusive, and never actually read the menus, so be prepared to have to re-explain everything. Besides all this, the workplace is great, food's tasty, tasks are simple, and the majority of the customers are fantastic! But again to reintegrate the main issue, most of the Booster Juices hire those with a minimal effort (whereas you pick up their slack), easily irritable senior staff, or those inbetween trying to enjoy the job and give great service.
Crew Member | Orillia, ON | Oct 17, 2018
Horrible management at the Orillia location
Booster juice would easily be a wonderful place to work but, the management and owner at the Orillia location make that hard to accomplish. The manager only seems to care about starting drama within the staff, always making up rumours and spreading private information about staff members. The manager is clearly disliked by the customers as there have been mant complaints and there has been no action done about it. This would be due to the lack of responsibility taken by the owner. The owners is barely around to make sure the store is running smoothly. The owner seems to only hire friends or children of friends. The owner fails to comply with giving employees breaks and constantly schedules employees to work long shifts (10-11 hours) and would even schedule employees to work during hours of school. When the employees told the owner that they are scheduled within school hours, the owner would blame the employees and expect them to work the shift rather than fix the issue. The owner very clearly favourites certain members of the staff and those staff members use that to their advantage. The booster juice in Orillia is very poorly run and all of the past and current employees could confirm that.
ProsEasy, Paid a bit more than minimum wage
Conshorrible management
Food Preparation Worker | Delta, BC | Jun 9, 2022
Hired on the spot
I got hired on the spot and started a few days later. Training was very straight forward and easy, everyone was fun to work with and I liked how friendly they were and how we all worked really well together like a well oiled machine. Management, not so much. The boss/manager would come in, give you a long list of tasks/things to do or needed to be done and then go sit in the office to watch the security cameras. You would be getting this list done, serving customers, making drinks, preparing food and doing everything by yourself. You would get no help until you had customers line up to the door and then the boss/manager would come out, help with the customers until it is manageable and then they would disappear into the office again. Boss was very mean, would belittle staff and yell if ANY mistakes were made. We were also told to mislabeled the food in the display so they would last days longer and to just cut off any mold on fruits and vegetables that go into the juices/food. You were also not allowed real breaks, you could eat, but as soon as you were done you would be expected to be back on the floor working.
ProsDiscount food, free smoothies, flexible
ConsNo breaks at all, all managers and management, anyone who isn't just a cashier
Supervisor | Toronto, ON | Jan 5, 2021
Understaffed, stressful, many responsibilities for minimum wage. Rude customers. Head office does NOT care about you as an employee. It is a franchise so management is always different, however I've worked in multiple stores and management is always bad. Owners are very cheap and get very angry over any tiny amount of waste and will always try to pay you as little as possible by either understaffing, or saying if it takes you longer than 15 minutes to close the store they will not pay you for the remaining time- but in the same breath they will say the closes are not good enough and we need to do better. Do better for FREE. We are told we cannot tell a customer "I don't know" when asking questions only doctors or nutritionists would know. Customers expect too much of us and head office will always side with them saying we should be able to answer questions that they NEVER trained us to answer. We have to kiss customers feet and they still aren't happy and we will get in trouble over nothing. Many customers constantly trying to scam us. Managers also are incompetent and frequently there is no manager even at the store. It's a very toxic environment to work in.
ProsOne free smoothie per shift
Crew Member | Orillia, ON | Apr 7, 2022
Clique based
I was paid more than a fair wage, very good salary for a food service job. Boss was considerate and understood the importance of paying their employees a wage they felt reflected their contributions to the work place and the costs of living outside of the job. Unless hired as a seasonal worker, many employees were hired at above minimum wage and raises were regular under the assumptions that work was good and you were performing to the best ability you could that the company needed. Unfortunately, there was a certain level of unprofessionalism that ran among the management team. There was much talk regarding employees behind their backs, and in a store with such a small staff that is to almost be expected but things would be taken much too seriously. The management team would go as far as to talk poorly about one another to customers in the store. If you upset the wrong AM or the person on the management team, you could expect your hours to be cut to the point where you were almost ghosted into quitting and finding something else. Saw this happen many times. Very strong favouritism amongst staff members.
ProsGreat pay, simple job
ConsCliquey environment
Barista | Pike County, KY | Jan 22, 2021
bad overall management
working here is definitely the worst experiences i have gone through in my life. They always make you open and close alone, and when it gets busy, it gets BUSY. You’re mostly always alone expect for the middle of the day, but other than that, expect to be alone in the mornings and night. The most people they shift at a time is legit 2 and that’s not even enough to be finishing all the work they expect us to do. For a minimum wage job with no benefits at all, they should be more grateful for us workers. Not only because of how much work we do by OURSELVES, but also because we get in trouble for the littlest things. I can’t even keep track for the amount of times i have been left alone for 4+. One time, i had to work a full 8 hours shift alone with no break at all. The manager is always there, but they just sit in the back for hours without helping us with anything. The owners are extremely cheap and couldn’t care less about their employees. The least we could get is a free drink every shift, but nope. The owners and management will always try blaming someone for the littlest things. they always side with the customers, even though us employees just do as we are told. It is not fair how we need to defend ourselves constantly when we did not do anything wrong. We are ALWAYS understaffed and therefore, the only employees left are required to work 4-5 days. Most of us are students, which they just do not understand. Even though we set our availability for them, they never follow i
Prosnice co workers
Conshorrible management, no free food/drinks, rude customers, under paid

Questions and answers about BOOSTER JUICE

What is the promotion process like at Booster Juice?
Asked Nov 10, 2022
Answered Sep 21, 2023
there is none
Answered Sep 21, 2023
How is feedback from management delivered at Booster Juice?
Asked Nov 20, 2018
Answered Sep 21, 2023
Answered Aug 28, 2023
What benefits does Booster Juice offer?
Asked Mar 23, 2022
no benefits
Answered Sep 20, 2023
free drink every shift
Answered Aug 28, 2023
How often do you get a raise at Booster Juice?
Asked Nov 11, 2022
Not at all
Answered Sep 6, 2023
Supposed to be every 3 months
Answered May 28, 2023
How often do raises occur at Booster Juice?
Asked Oct 31, 2018
Answered Sep 21, 2023
Not often
Answered Sep 17, 2023