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Overall reviews at Bayshore HealthCare

Support Worker | Langley, BC | Jun 29, 2013
Depressing, demoralizing place to work
You have to phone two hours before you are ' available' to work You will have few hours of paid time for the hours you are being sent out for. Everyday when you see your hours and how they are organized it is a DISAPPOINTMENT, You could make more money on a daily basis as a cashier at a gas station than as an educated care aide working for this company. You will never be able to reach anyone in the 'top run' office.they know you are calling to complain or call in sick, they don't want to hear you....leave a message so they can say later that they never received it. THAT'S MORE TYPICAL. The scheduler is short and dismissive of your enquiries and won't give you MORE hours, not their fault they are told how to schedule you, by the higher ups, its a closely guarded secret to keep you well below any thing near 40 hours a week, they are told to never divulge how many hours you may or may or may NOT GET, ' we are working on it' is what they are trained to say as they ignore your requests for more hours. You won't know from one day to the next how many hours you may have. But you will need to be available no matter what. You can't change their demands on you...the noose just gets tighter! Complaining about it will only get your very few hours cut even more. But first they will threaten you with loosing your job like its a precious position and not a life draining climate. They don't care if you aren't getting enough hours to actually live on, only that you make yourself
ProsYou work largely on your own, lovely clients.
ConsHours of paid work not equal to hours out in the field.Dealing with the diva schedulers
Nursing Assistant | Burnaby, BC | Jun 3, 2013
Great if you dont need to make money. Or if you have nothing better to do with your day.
You will never know from day to day what your schedule will entail. You must give them the hours that they want, you cannot put perimeters around your schedule. if you Want the weekend off...forget it... They will require ten hours from you and give you maybe if you are lucky a 4 hour work day....spread out over the ten hour window. They are more focused and motivated to hire new care aides and supply them with hours than to respect and supply decent hours to care aides who have been with them for years Theymust feel if we don't complain about lack of hours or the spread in the hours we must be happy with them when the reality is that staff morale is low. It the worst place I have ever worked at. I am sick and tired of being treated like my time is not important. My co workers health is being bull dozed by the bullying tactics from the schedulers and office staff alike.If you don't like something and dare to bring it up to the office, veiled threats are given of loosing hours or of being fired. According to the office ....we all do it and we all like how we are being treated. It is beyond the offices abilities to figure out how to make a decent schedule for care aide or client alike.$ years of requests falling on deaf ears...what else can you call it.? If you need a sick day off, be prepared to provide not just one sick note but two, one to take the day off of work, and another to say you are fit and able to come back to work. Why? because they know it costs you
ProsYou work largely on your own, the clients are greatful and happy to see you, you feel as if you have helped and made a differnce.
Licensed Practical Nurse | Red Deer, AB | Jun 8, 2018
Based on my own true story !!
I used to work for them and I would say that I wasnt really impressed on how they supervise and manage their staff. On my 4th month of working here, I was told that I needed to buy the company's uniform with their logo. I am ok with that, it's part of promoting their company and it's a way of making staff look professional. I get that !! But I told them I haven't had any shifts for the last 5 weeks ( I work casual) so can I at least wait until I get good decent shift work before I buy the uniform. What's the use of buying it when I will not be using it. Anyways, the HR or someone from Calgary told me its mandatory and I need to order it now or else it's not acceptable. After 3 days of having that conversation over the phone. I decided to quit. Around my first 3 months, I was advised to attend an orientation via telehealth. The first booking which I have agreed upon had to be canceled and needs to be rescheduled because of lack of participants. They tried to rebook me another date but the date doesnt work for me. I was able to rebook on another day that works for me but a day prior to the said date, they need to cancel due to technical difficulties or weather conditions, I can't remember. So technically I have 3 attempts booking that didnt work. Few weeks later, I got a phone call from HR stating that I really needed to attend the orientation this time and of course I cant agree on the date they ask me again. The lady from the other line told me that I have canceled
ProsWell i got to experience working for them and seeing, and learning nursing skills the clientele they have
ConsSome staff from calgary branch dont listen, they prefer to talk and you listen
Nurse | British Columbia | Oct 15, 2014
literally will demean you
Very little training for important nursing procedures. Management is not professional nor experienced. They deal with very few nurses, and don't know much about how nurses learn or deal with things in the real world. You are hired for the company's profit. So,, they give you as little training as possible, and expect you to go above and beyond working like crazy with several complex job descriptions. If you make the slightest mistake or a wrong comment( yes,... this company will even write a report up on you, if you even say the wrong thing) you will get written up, and treated like you are the dumbest creature on earth. The managers do not have advanced certificates like ACLS yet, will criticize the nurses if they don't have it. You have to spend 40 dollars on gas, and 2 hours on the road, and you only get paid for one hour. Just one hour. And they tell you that that is fair. They are always looking and hiring not because it is a great company but because there is so much turn over. They always have tons of positions open , because they treat nurses badly, and people are always quitting. This is a business. They expect you to be the best nurse in the world with no training , yet they treat you like you have an IQ of 10. The managers are very demeaning, and will literally tell you they are demeaning you. They treat all NON nursing staff , like telephone service people, very well with food, gifts, cattering, parties, goodies and cakes. But for nurses, absolutely nothing. In
Prosalways looking
Consalways looking because no one wants to work here
PSW | Windsor, ON | Mar 27, 2019
Scattered Day
I have to say the office staff were very nice over all. But my supervisor never got back to me on several occasions so I found that disturbing. I tried on several occasions to get a hold of him and he was not very professional as far as I am concerned. I started this job brand new to the field and fresh out of another field of work for many years. I was paid a lot more in my previous job but moved so started something a little different. I did have experience in a similar field as this. I found this job to be very scattered in hours and you will be driving from place to place for $2 each place you drive to and from. It would not be worth it if you have to drive more than 5 minutes per place as the wear and tear on your vehicle is not great. The other thing I found that I was not overly thrilled about is the time that you have with each client, is not enough to do anything other than personal care for the individual. It is very rushed and I found that to be difficult as I thought the job was more about helping the clients in other ways, but it was mostly bathing them. There were a few who you could make a lunch for and light housekeeping but 90% of the time was bathing/pere care and dressing. I realized I am not as flexible as I used to be so this was not as physically easy for myself to do. I only lasted a short while at this job but found a new respect for the people that do it. I truly believe that the pay should be over $20 an hour for anyone that does this
ProsClients, office staff and choice of hours
ConsScattered non reliable hours, mostly bathing people/ pare care, my supervisor, too long of down time in between clients at times, distance to drive from client to client at times
CSC | Ontario | Dec 2, 2018
Management is poor, moral in office is very low
Management has favourites and treats others unfairly. Talk about other staff when they are away to present staff No communication with other office staff Requests for time off are not approved but management takes 2 personal trips and other office staff take vacation during that time. Unfair Management makes sure they take their vacations first whether office is short staffed or not. No recognition or thanks for staying late on your own time to get work done just to get behind again the next day. Told daily that all visits must be filled before going home at the end of the day but overtime and compensation are never given. Orders are yelled out of offices to other staff even if they are on the phone or speaking to field staff. Very annoying and distracting. Far too much to do in a day that is expected of you. They only care about statistics Complaining to upper management backfires when its brought back to office management though it was not handled professionally. Loved my coworkers, field staff and clients Director goes into asst managers office closes the door and complains about office staff, then assistant comes out and makes office staff feel they arent doing a good job on a daily basis. Office staff never feel they are doing a good job and are appreciated. Office staff struggle to get work done while management congregate in each others offices for non important meetings. Laughing joking and talking about family or fashion. Closed doors doesnt mean cov
ProsGreat co-workers, field staff and clients
ConsUnreal expectations of workload, low moral, unappreciated and office staff treated like circus animals
Attendant | Halifax, NS | Aug 20, 2013
Strongly recommend you steer clear of this company
I worked at the Halifax, NS location for five years as a patient attendant. What began as an opportunity for me to gain experience in the health care industry, as I was currently a psychology student (at the time I was pursuing a B.A. in Psyhcology), and an individual with a Professional Counselling degree and a degree in Youth and Family Support Work, and wanted hands on experience working with individuals requiring one-on-one care, turned into a nightmare. Normally, I would not consider giving a bad review unless it was absolutely warranted, because I understand the value of a good word-of-mouth review, and the repercussions of a bad word-of-mouth review, but I felt it necessary to do so in this case. There is absolutely no communication between field staff and those working in the office; respect is non existent. For those field staff who go above and beyond the scope of their job, truly enjoy and love what they do, and try to make a difference in the lives of the clients they work with every day, there is absolutely no recognition. Shifts are constantly cancelled at the last minute without any warning, and the four hours that they're supposed to compensate you with for the loss of a twelve-hour shift is often not payed out. Complaints from the field staff concerning poor working conditions in some instances are ignored; experienced staff are often left on the sidelines begging for shifts while new hires are offered full hours. I would expect that a company rated a
ProsThe clients/patients
Conslack of communication & respect on the part of those working in the office/booking staff/management, no hours, blatant favouritism, treated like you're a number, not a person, toxic environment
CHW II | Burnaby, BC | Dec 10, 2014
Horrible company - they do not care about you
Bayshore is an AWFUL company to be empoyed with - they are constantly hiring because there turn over rate is so high. They have way too many employees so it is impossible to get PROPER HOURS. I have been employed with them as a secondary job for 1.5 years - recently they took clients away from my shifts due to a new policy that I have to go through bayshore to get my training. (palletive care, dementia care ect) EVEN THOUGH MY CERTIFICATES ARE NOT EVEN 3 YEARS OLD - I was willing to take their coarses however they DO NOT OFFER THEM EVENING AND WEEKENDS. This has made it impossible for me as I work my main job is Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5. This is what my shifts looked like this week when I got fed up and finally quite Monday I am available to work 6pm - 11pm they schedule me for a client from 6-7 then I don't have anyone until 9pm and my last client from 9-10. So I am basically working 6pm - 10pm and getting paid for only 2 hours. Since I am out there for 4 hours and it costs to much gas money to drive home and back again I am technically working for UNDER minnumum wage. Tuesday night shift was a bit better as I had two client one from 7-8 and the other from 8-9 however one cancelled with more than 24hours notice so I was only scheduled for 1 hour. AGAIN it cost me more in gas and time driving to one clients house for an hour. By the time I pay my union dues and taxes I am basically getting paid minimum wage. Thursday night I was scheduled for 3.5 hours and was going
ProsGreat Clients
Caregiver | Chatham-Kent, ON | Feb 21, 2020
Feb21, 2020 BAD Scheduling inconsistent and lack of organization, Just an name to fill a void.
Interview completely different to the actual requirements. almost like, they will say whatever they need to, to convince you to come aboard. A good place for beginners to get their feet wet but I would not recommend long term, but if a psw has any experience at all they would soon discover that the company is for themselves. Was scheduled in one area them moved to another, after refusing a particular client they got put on my schedule anyway with no regard to what my personal tolerance was. It didn't matter to them a name on a sheet to maximize the company's benefit for themselves. When asked to make changes was denied so i resigned. They say they are appreciative of staff but only lip service. One would need to drive to office location to pick up p.p.e no assigned area where one works to pick up, so that means one has drive to pick up at own cost. If local not a problem but if living rurally its a challenge. Minimal hrs.They will call for you to go out for 1hour a day. Not really worth starting the car for only one hour work. You can see their adds all over the place but they barely have enough clients to support the staff they have. They also have phones that they use but you must also use your own phone as they are to cheap to pay full access for their phone. Should you go over the limited data amount there are consquences, or should you accidently break the phone you would be required to pay the 900.00 to replace. A lot of time spent on the phones for charting, more tim
Home Manager | Greater Toronto Area, ON | Jan 21, 2021
Amazing place to work - managed very well
I'm a home support supervisor at Bayshore and have been there approx one year. I have never worked at a better company - the upper management team is stellar and this allows the all management teams to run effectively and productively. Communication is key - how many managers allow their staff to call them 27/7 if need for support? How many owners/CEOs of a company make themselves accessible to every single worker within the organization and take a genuine interest in the workers feed back and suggestions ? I rarely ( if ever) saw this with other companies. You see this at Bayshore ALL THE TIME. At Bayshore and there is no hierarchy within the team - everyone is a team member and willing to help each other out - there's no 'us' and 'them' - whether you work the front lines or management, the communication lines are always open and support is always there. If there one thing I have learned since working at Bayshore is that when you have a healthy , supportive upper management team that positivity trickles down to every level of an organization. Bayshore makes you feel validated, appreciated and supportive. You want to succeed because Bayshore gives you the recognition and respect we all want in our careers. The recognize your strengths and offer assistance if your unsure about something - never shaming you for asking a question that you may be embarrassed to ask about a work related issue. I feel fortunate to be part of this amazing team. I continue to l
Prosregular meetings/zooms - always connected

Questions and answers about Bayshore HealthCare

If you were to leave Bayshore HealthCare, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Lack of pay for the field staff no respect no consistent schedule pay check is often short hours worked they don’t care about clients or staff if I could find another placement I would leave Bayshore in a minute,terrible place to work I would not recommend to my enemy
Answered May 27, 2022
Poorly paid and without regular pay increase. Typical pay increase was only $.25 an hour. No retirement pension. We pay for our own health benefits.
Answered Mar 4, 2021
What would you suggest Bayshore HealthCare management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Stop dismissing highly qualified, educated, and experienced candidates - and absolutely stop dismissing candidates less than 2 hrs after they apply online! that is just disgusting and shows how you have no recruitment/retention programs in place and that It is all a computer algorithm/ATS/AI that is doing the work . . . pathetic!
Answered Oct 7, 2020
Regularly training to their employees
Answered Sept 29, 2020
How often do you get a raise at Bayshore HealthCare?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Once a year
Answered Jan 25, 2023
2 weeks
Answered Jan 25, 2023
How are the working hours at Bayshore HealthCare?
Asked Jun 20, 2017
Flexible casual on call positions. You provide your availability and the scheduler works with you to match you with clients that fit within your availability and your skill level. The clients chose who they want in their homes so its important to provide exceptional care and build meaningful relationships with them so they continue to request you. 24/7 support and many educational opportunities.
Answered Nov 14, 2021
It should be 40 hours per week
Answered Sept 29, 2020
What is the promotion process like at Bayshore HealthCare?
Asked Nov 12, 2022
Answered Jan 10, 2023
Answered Jan 4, 2023