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Manager | British Columbia | Nov 8, 2018
Ok place to work
Days are long and clients are never happy. Promises of training but unless its free it never happens. I had looked at numerous courses that would have been beneficial but they were never approved. Upper management is constantly only worried about the bottom line. No real benefits to speak of, the company says it can't make it work although there are options out there. It all comes down to dollars an cents for the board of directors and owners. A well thought out retirement plan with a decent wage would create long term worthwhile employees. Workplace culture is as expected in the local office, fun group to work with. The regional office expects you to do your job, but no one really appreciates the people below their level, and if something goes wrong they are quick to judge and to lay blame. You are looked at as not really knowing anything if you don't have a university education or fit into their perception of what you be like, dress like or act like. If you question things, you are looked at as a trouble maker. You are supposed to get yearly reviews for raises but these never happen due to they refuse to provide raises, they are always looking to replace you with new blood which is cheaper. Constantly told to watch spending while upper management flies in and out on seaplanes instead of using a more affordable means like BC Ferries. The hardest part is to continually show up for work and try to be happy to be there all the while wondering what is going to
ProsIts a job and thankful to have one although constantly looking for something better.
ConsCan be extremely demanding, frustrating and filled with last minute requests.
Area Supervisor | Vancouver, BC | May 21, 2023
A Fulfilling Journey as an Area Supervisor at Bee-Clean
I am delighted to share my wonderful experience as an Area Supervisor at Bee-Clean, where I am currently employed. Being a part of this esteemed company has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided me. From day one, Bee-Clean has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to excellence in the cleaning industry. As an Area Supervisor, I have been entrusted with overseeing a team of dedicated professionals and ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of service. The support and resources provided by Bee-Clean have been instrumental in achieving this goal. One aspect that truly sets Bee-Clean apart is the company's emphasis on fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. The management team truly values the contributions of every employee and actively encourages growth and development. Through training programs, regular feedback, and open communication channels, Bee-Clean ensures that its supervisors have the necessary tools to succeed and thrive. I have also been impressed by the strong sense of teamwork at Bee-Clean. Collaborating with my colleagues and sharing best practices has been both enriching and enjoyable. The company promotes a culture of mutual respect and cooperation, which has contributed to a harmonious and productive work atmosphere. Furthermore, Bee-Clean's commitment to sustainability is admirable. The company actively integrates environmentally friendly practices into its cleaning proces
Area Supervisor | Terrace, BC | Nov 27, 2019
Lacking in Transparency and management skills from Regional Manager
Was only given less than a month to learn things on my own. Was instantly accountable for about 100 building sites to manage and supervise more than 20 in- house cleaners and more than a dozen sub-contractors to coordinate with. I had very little authority with a huge responsibility. Regional and area manager is not open to hear suggestions and recommendations even if positive changes were starting to be more evident with customer positive feedbacks. I have basically save money for company by sourcing contractors locally but they still opt to send sub-contractors from Okanagan which I have seen as cost ineffective but still the managers don’t listen. When problem or complaints arise due to their wrong decision I am put to face clients to solve them. The strong rapport I have established with contractors allowed me to get their services even on lower fees but still managers cannot even have them paid on time as promised. If you can’t even trust your supervisors then please scrap the position and just hire rubber stamp employees. What was worse is my area and regional managers always bad-mouth the Facilty Manager for our Principal client which resulted in poor service delivery and confusion on our part being in front of customer complaints. I would have wanted to coordinate directly with the facility manager but was directed not to do so. In so may verbal and email messages I was subjected to arrogant responses. Please create a grievance mechanism for this company as I don’t th
Baggage Handler | Ottawa, ON | Nov 8, 2019
Slow job with toxic management
Pros: - Pay was OK - Schedule was regular-ish - Sometimes really slow, so it was easy to relax at times Cons: - Worst communication I've ever had a job - Rules needed to be standardized, but people only found out through being yelled at by the management - Big talk of safety, but actual safety leaves something to be desired (i.e. not communicating properly, not training properly, not disclosing all important info like getting fined if something was input improperly) - Manager and supervisors would harass and bully people but never take any blame, especially if the person was POC or had difficulty communicating in English - Union did jack all to protect its members - No possibility of advancement, and doubly so if you're not in the favoured circle of employees. Management played favourites a lot. - Management bragged about eavesdropping and spying on people through cameras. This job is good while you're in between jobs, but staying here and hoping for any kind of advancement or respect is a waste of time. Management needs to learn soft skills to better manage employees. There is no reason a job as relaxed, easy and stable as this has a high turnover rate.
Janitor | Okanagan, BC | Dec 30, 2018
A typical day includes driving 50 km to and from work. The company does not pay your gas and they do not pay overtime. The work hours start in the evening and usually the hours are 4-6 max hours aloud to work, anything over that is usually questioned and rearranged without your consent and if there is ever a time where over time has to be paid the supervisor will remove those hours from your time sheet without consent from the employee. This has happened to me twice while working for this company. There is no room for growth in this company. They also throw new jobs at you such as washing windows out side and inside the building you are assigned but they do not supply the proper window cleaning equipment and so you end up washing the windows anyway which can take quite a few hours to do but they dont give you an estimated time and that is when the over time is put down on the time sheet and then questioned and rearranged. You start to feel taken advantage of and all your hard work goes unnoticed all because they simply refuse to pay overtime. It is what it is.There is no stability.
ProsI work alone
ConsTo many to list
Janitor | Chilliwack, BC | Sept 26, 2022
Really loved those I worked with, the job was straight to the point and busy in a good way.
I'm really gonna miss this job, even if it was "just janitorial." It was the best experience I had so far. The people I worked with were brilliant. I sincerely came to care about them, and I just hope that they're all doing well. The work itself was not difficult and you learned quickly. You always knew what was expected of you and you were given the means to ensure you could complete it. If you had a problem, you could always talk to the supervisor. He is a great person. A typical day included making your rounds; you ensured all the entrances were clear of debris, windows/handles/frames/sills were sanitized and wiped clear, benches and walls were cleaned up, the floors were swept and the bathrooms were squeaky clean. I'm sure theres some odds and ends I'm missing. You did extra duties and covered people as necessary. I did food court as well, and I'm gonna miss some of the customers... Overall... If I could have more experiences like this, I would be happy. Bee Clean is a good company. They hire good people. Wish I could still work there, to be honest. -S
Team Leader | Kamloops, BC | Aug 10, 2015
Communication and Hard work
A normal day for me starts with seeing the day cleaner and get information on any issues that occurred in the building during the day. Next would be to meet with the facilities manager of the client building and go over any service requests, service complaints, building maintenance, or projects relating to the cleaning staff or tasks required. At the beginning of my shift there are still professionals in the building as it is before the end of their work day which I quite enjoy to have the interaction and present a positive reflection on my company. Its not until later that the rest of the team come in and see me to get a run down of any specific tasks or changes required in the evening. There are some challenges with certain team members regarding communication as it is a large building and we are often not in the same area. It's interesting how the most enjoyable part is the interaction I have with the employees outside of my company but on the other hand the quiet of the building when its not filled with people.
Prosflexible schedule
Conssupervisor complacency
Janitor | Edmonton, AB | Mar 5, 2014
Fun workplace, friendly co-workers and positive atmospher workplace,
All days are very typical because of the busy buildings and people nonstop walking around and such a daily events and activities of the building employees. I learned about everything when it comes to excellent cleanliness maintenance of the building and coronations with the teams and superiors. I was a janitor supervisor and its really a top job for me because I have to coordinate with my many co-workers and managers, specially in my manager absence I am the one who leads the team and reporting all situations and problem solving. My co-workers are really supportive and they are all believes in my capabilities they are very fun to work with. The hardest part of the job is whenever other building needs my support and help on the spot i need to rushed to help them and hive my full support along Down Town areas. And the most enjoyable part of my job is we recognize all the best staff and celebrating our team success which is giving us motivations and self-esteem.
ProsFree beverages
ConsLong hours
Cleaner | Hinton, AB | Oct 19, 2018
Beautiful Building...
The forestry campus is cool inside some of the areas and it's neat to have a workplace surrounded by the woods. BUT! I was let go without notice and I was told " you're detail is awesome, the best even, if I could clone'd fit more independent work..etc" I looked at my sheet and it said the opposite.. poor performance. I knew I was let go because I clashed with someone that passed their probation. They cut a lot of corners, and tattled all the time over any petty thing they could think of. (You may even know them) During that time, I picked up after them, and chose not to be petty/ stoop to their level ..aka stir up more drama in the workplace. After I was let go, I was told there were cleaning options very close to where I lived, but later only got one really far away option that only paid $600. a month...and then never heard from them again like really? some people are single parents that have no one, no support, no subsidy..etc
Consmanagement, co-workers, high turn over, inconsistent training and hours, minimum wage, everything really.
Cleaner | Ottawa, ON | Apr 5, 2016
Supportive boss, supervisor and work environment, good atmosphere
I have been at Bee Clean for almost 8 months. My boss and supervisor are very good people and are very supportive and understanding. I work from 10:30pm-6:00am at the Westin hotel in Ottawa. My normal routine is cleaning the gyms in the pool area from 10:30pm-12:30am. Then from 12:45am-2:30am we clean all the washrooms and vacuum the hallways. Then from 3:00-4:30am Im either cleaning the employee washrooms in the basement or I am in the lobby cleaning all tables and furniture including the executive conference rooms. The hardest part of the job is when you start to crash around 3:30 or 4am because working overnights is tough. My body has never gotten used to it even after 7 months. The most enjoyable part is that my boss and supervisor are always there if you need help and they will always be supportive and stand up for their staff. I also get along with my co-workers. They are all good, hardworking people.
ProsGood boss and good supervisor
ConsOvernights, no health benefits

Questions and answers about Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

How are the working hours at Bee-Clean Building Maintenance?
Asked Mar 10, 2017
I worked from 70 hours to 80 hours per two week schedule part time hours..after 4 months I was exhausted with office politics and the duties..
Answered Dec 13, 2021
Evening after 6to 12 and 2 full night wednesday and saturday night
Answered May 11, 2020
If you were to leave Bee-Clean Building Maintenance, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
It’s a combination of entities ( sky train cleaning ) bird droppings are a major problem, people breaking through the pay entrance machines . The janitors room is now also the salt storage area .
Answered Apr 21, 2022
Working conditions are deplorable. No supplies and salary cut with no notice. No respect from Bee Clean at all.
Answered Feb 16, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked Dec 8, 2022
No good
Answered May 9, 2023
Answered May 7, 2023
How often do you get a raise at Bee-Clean Building Maintenance?
Asked Nov 13, 2022
1 an
Answered May 1, 2023
Never..They just pay the minimum and follow government raises..Nothing for the last 5 years
Answered Apr 22, 2023
What benefits does Bee-Clean Building Maintenance offer?
Asked Dec 30, 2018
For cleaners, none. For supervisors: health, dental, vision, life insurances.
Answered Nov 22, 2022
80% dental 80% prescriptions
Answered Nov 14, 2022