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Owner Operator Driver | Calgary, AB | Nov 2, 2018
I am an owner operator
This company is just amazing honestly they have a lovely system setup to provide many dedicated runs and they do anything possible to bring you back home on promised days, pta/eta is just a wonderful system so when you leave for an destination you enter estimated time of arrival (ETA) & PTA is for when is the possible time of availability which means you will have a load assigned hours ahead before your ready to begin your trip, and a great thing about that it's all available online on your phone app you can see where your picking up from and where you are delivering to for some advanced homework & preparing , along with many other options to browse for such as pay rate, more job opportunities, your performance, pre plans, book time off, etc-etc , this company is dedicated to provide consistent miles and for those whom are company drivers they offer phenomenal units equipped with parksmart system which will keep you warm in winter and cool in hot temperatures, I have worked for several false promising companies in the past but here in bison its all worth it .another very hellful program they offer, is called ( RIGHT TO DECIDE) for instance ; if you are not feeling safe to drive wether you are fatigued , sick or feel unsafe to continue due to harsh weather conditions they want you to just pull over to an safe spot and inform dispatch that you are using right to decide and only continue when safe to do so , NOBODY will push you to drive it's your call ,you feel supported
ProsAmazing work place
ConsStrict safety regulations
Dispatcher | Mississauga, ON | Jun 13, 2022
Terrible office culture & workplace
I don't typically write such reviews but I feel obligated to tell the public about Bison Transport. Bison has the single most unprofessional office space I have ever worked in during my last decade as a dispatcher in transportation. Mix that with the highest rate of turnover I have ever witnessed and that gives you a pretty good idea of what working at Bison Mississauga office is like. In my time there I saw so many people come and go because their training is atrocious and their expectations are simply put unrealistic. They constantly accept an impossible number of customers with more orders than they know how to juggle which further adds to their rate of turnover particularly in their cs department. Working there you will experience a shameless amount of politics. Supervisors and managers alike will maintain a heavy – I’d even say excessive amount of micromanagement with employees they are neutral toward or don't care for while playing favorites with those who are friends outside of work. I mean they’ll time you on how long you take to make coffee and bring it up during performance reviews with a straight face while their friends can show up 30 mins late regularly and laugh it up with them– I’m not making this up. These people run their office environment like a high school and yet these supervisors and managers are in their 40s and 50s. If you plan to apply here and take the job do so at your own expense and think twice about why Bison is constantly hiring. Probably a good
Prosnice facility - extremely clean - nice lunch area
Cons-too many to list but ill add a few, unrealistic expectations for provided salary, toxic work culture, extreme politics, no room for growth
Long Haul Driver | Mississauga, ON | Feb 6, 2021
Excellent Training for New Drivers
Immediately after receiving my AZ license, I applied for Bison with their New Driver Program. I was called back within a couple of days to set up a road test and was hired on immediately after the test. I then began the orientation and training course which lasted about 8-10 weeks; covering in-class training, basic skills, city work and highway trips. (All paid with weekly salary) After completing the program, I was given an assigned truck of my own, 2020 Freightliner Cascade, with less than 200k on it. I’ve now been driving as a long haul driver with Bison for over 6 months and enjoy working for the company. Pros for working for Bison: - Excellent new driver program for drivers with no experience - Not forced by dispatch - Easy to communicate for any delays, ie weather, breakdown, tired, etc (never forced) - Newer trucks with excellent equipment inside, ie, satellite radio, radar sensor, etc - Great benefits - On site maintenance team - Good wage, I’m already on pace to earn over $60k in my first year Cons for working for Bison: - Trucks are limited to 100 km/h - Spend 21-24 days on the road, would be difficult for drivers with family I guess at this stage, I don’t really have much negative things to say about Bison, but would highly recommend to new drivers who have no experience in the industry to start here. Most new drivers are worried about getting in to this industry due to negative image such as forced dispatch, low wage, extremely long hours, etc, but rest ass
Operations Associate | Langley, BC | May 24, 2019
Friendly environment with many opportunities to learn
As an Operations student, the position is very flexible with many opportunities to self-direct your work. Throughout the summer I will rotate throughout all the departments in the office and complete project based work. The on-boarding and training processes are well designed with continuous support throughout the first few weeks. The official position length is 4 months long, and pending the term's success, there are possibilities for extension or full-time employment. Current hours during training are set, but once training is complete, hours are flexible to accommodate your needs. The success of the student program is evident. Many of the full-time employees in the office were previous summer students. There are no benefits included in this position. However, the hourly salary is very competitive, and in my experience, higher than other advertised student positions in the Fraser Valley. The environment is fast-paced, and requires developed multi-tasking abilities. All employees that I have encountered are very friendly and have expressed their willingness to assist me during my training period.
Prosfriendly, open office environment
Conssome of the training courses are dated, and technical issues occurred
Otr | Manitoba | May 18, 2020
Pencil pusher heavy
Pencil pusher heavy simply means there are more people making decisions then there needs to be, they are so overstaffed with people looking around to justify why they are even their. Your dispatcher cannot make a decision without talking to his boss. And so it goes. PROS: Paid every Friday. Free BBQ's in the summer. CONS: Free BBQs in the summer only. Unhealthy food. Slow trucks. Paid weekly & very weakly. Computers in the trucks telling the office that your a high-risk driver even though I have 6 years safe driving awards from Bison not to mention other companies I have worked for. Before you leave on a trip, after your pre-trip you need to reply to no less the 3 to 8 satellite messages. Oh and don't forget if your trailer is equipped with air deflectors on the back, open them up. If you are in your own assigned unit, don't leave anything of value when you're at home doing your reset, they will use your truck and there are thieves and barn animals that will drive your unit when you are not. BOTTOM LINE from where I sit, Bison would be a good driving career if they didn't rely so heavily on technology that they think is making them one of the safest fleets on the highway. Ever notice the "YOUR SAFE WITH ME" campaign is long gone, wonder why. 🤔
Health and Safety Instructor | Winnipeg, MB | May 31, 2021
Great place to work for anyone
I joined the company 2 years ago. My role involves a lot of travel and bison did a great job of providing a work/life balance. I was paid fairly for my time wasted at airports or canceled flights. I was allowed to bring friends/family and sometimes pets on my work trips to make the endless weeks on the road less lonely. It was always easy booking time off, or if I needed help from HR on anything. My manager did a great job of not micro-managing me but provided support when i asked for it. the environment can be a bit "clique", I hate to say it but some people have too much time on their hands and make mountains out of molehills, but that is pretty much any office based work environment that I've ever worked in, just do your best to keep your head above it. Good benefits, awesome lunches and company give back events (when covid finally goes away), awesome Christmas party and a lot of networking opportunities. Best part, it's so big and have our hands in so much, there is endless opportunity for moving up or across.
ProsCompetitive salaries; benefits; free lunches
ConsClique culture; covid killed a lot of the fun stuff
Long Haul Driver | Langley, BC | Oct 7, 2021
Micro management at its best!
Bison has taken all of the fun out of truck driving so if you want to have an enjoyable career go elsewhere. The constant nagging by dispatch trying cover their butts blaming the drivers so they still get their bonus and the non-stop micro managing from safety where most of them have never even driven a truck. God forbid you went 1km over the speed limit safety is calling you and your taking a course, try and pass another truck using momentum and safety is calling you and yes your taking another course and now installing lane departure and cameras to watch you and then they call you when you sneeze or look out the window for more than 2 seconds and yup your taking another course. Recently upper management gave themselves new job titles and raises while the rest of us got nothing. Like I said truck driving use to be a lot of fun, but not at Bison. Bison cares is true but it’s profit they care the most about not their drivers.
ProsWeekly pay
ConsDispatchers do not know geography, fleet manager care only about their bonuses, upper management does not care.
Truck Driver | Mississauga, ON | Jan 15, 2020
Don`t waste your time if they where good place to work nobody will quit
Very nice presentation big words you think that`s it you will retire form Bison that`s only in the beginning they hire on peak season they will make more money than they will invest on you to hire you , low pay they won`t pay your extra work and delays and hook and drops they just forget. Pay for the effort you punting in is not worth it. When they are busy will force dispatch you even they see you don`t have the hours and when are slow will keep promising you loads and keep you on call. Tide dispatch poor planing and the company trucks are speed limited at 100 KM/H very dangerous if you need to pass and the passing lane finish . I can`t understand how they can buy and keep parked the equipment (New trucks) They think that will reduce accidents but every month you see on the herd new accidents. Accident will be prevented hiring and paying DRIVERS not "steering holders" and "throttle pushers" as they have only automatics
Prosnone as you can pay the bills with words and promises
Conseverything else
Transport Driver | Winnipeg, MB | Jun 12, 2012
Prosbarbeques, gifts
Consvery long stretches without getting home.
Customer Service Representative | Calgary, AB | Aug 27, 2019
Please avoid. They may lure you by offering more pay
Please dont ho to this company unless if you dont care about you work-life balance and family. Management sucks. They have hire & fire process. Too much of work load Long hours. Wont get paid for OT. They will play with you with poker face and will get rid of you even before you will realize that what exactly went wrong that they were being so mean. After I got laid off (they gave me lay off as I got stuck with illness) When I called one of my colleagues there after couple of months, I got to know that 10 more people either left the dept or were somehow removed in that much time. I believe the top management is good but your voice will bever reach to them as all eveil people are there in the way. HR won't even bother to check anything with you which makes you feel even worst. PLEASE AVOID WORKING FOR THESE TOXIC PEOPLE.
ProsMore pay
ConsLong hours, no work-life balance, too much of work, bad mid management

Questions and answers about Bison Transport

If you were to leave Bison Transport, what would be the reason?
Asked Aug 19, 2018
Garbage company to work with, has no respect for drivers, low pages and specially the reception at langley does have an attitute, very rude in behaviour. Rest the calgary staff (dispatch) will from time to time will ask you run and deliver a load under personal drive, which is illegal. Overall if bison never had the scale bypass they will fail most inspections. In the end if you work as an o/o the deductible is 10,000 dollars. If an o\o is involved in the an no fault accident the company will fix your truck with secon hand parked if they are fixing it in their yards at calgary or winnipeg, and they will take their own time to fix your truck (upto six months).
Answered Oct 18, 2020
Unprofessional staff and unrealistic expectations.
Answered Jul 31, 2020
How are the working hours at Bison Transport?
Asked Mar 26, 2017
OTR company driver, so away 5 to 7 days. 12 to 16+ hour days. Paid peice work( per mile) waiting time paid after 2 hours, then for a max of 6. Does not pay you if you are waiting for new dispatch.
Answered May 11, 2020
من 12 ساعة إلى 16 ساعة في اليوم
Answered May 9, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Bison Transport?
Asked Sept 27, 2018
Went great, learned later they tell you 1 thing and reality another, supposed to be 24/7 operation, nights are minimal staffed, no customs, got a problem, night sends an email to your fleet, that they won't get into the next work day.
Answered May 11, 2020
At website
Answered Sept 8, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Bison Transport a better place to work?
Asked May 8, 2019
Invest in equipment to do the job properly. 2020 an no labeling system or RF scanners.... lol
Answered Jul 31, 2020
I would hire qualified dispatchers, fleet managers and customs administrators to make sure drivers are being looked after and are being helped. I would suggest to hire less people but more qualified. This would reduce border wait times, detention pay on the fleets and number of phone calls Bison has to handle.
Answered May 14, 2020
What benefits does Bison Transport offer?
Asked Oct 2, 2020
Vacation pay, safety bonus, dental, medical, vison
Answered Nov 10, 2022
None. Not a good place to work.
Answered Nov 8, 2022