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Popular jobsSales AssociateRetail Assistant ManagerAssistant ManagerCashier/SalesConseiller de Vente (H/F)Store ManagerManagerJunior Assistant ManagerRetail Sales AssociateVendeur (H/F)Customer Service RepresentativeGérant (H/F)Assistant de Gestion (H/F)CashierCommis d'entrepôt (H/F)Assistant Store ManagerCaissier (H/F)Customer Service Associate / CashierSales RepresentativeSeasonal AssociateStockerStocking AssociateVendeur Conseil (H/F)Agent de Courrier (H/F)AssociateCommis (H/F)Conseiller (H/F)Coordonnateur (H/F)Gestionnaire (H/F)Junior AssociateMarketingPréparateur de Commandes (H/F)Responsable des Ressources Humaines (H/F)SalesSales Clerk3ième Clé (H/F)Adjoint Administratif (H/F)AdministrationAgent de Vente Et de Service à la Clientèle (H/F)Aide de Bureau (H/F)Assistant Manager (H/F)Associé Présentation Visuelle (H/F)Cashier/StockerChef D'entreprise (H/F)Chef de Production (H/F)Commis à la Vente (H/F)Comptable (H/F)DesignerDirecteur Technique (H/F)Gestionnaire Baux Commerciaux (H/F)Gestionnaire Logistique (H/F)Gestionnaire de Stock (H/F)Graphiste (H/F)JuniorJunior Managing DirectorLead CashierManager (H/F)MerchandiserOuvrier d'entrepôt (H/F)Politieagent (m/v)Receptionist (H/F)Représentant des Ventes (H/F)Responsable des Achats (H/F)Réception de la Marchandise (H/F)Senior Logistics SpecialistSenior Retail Sales AssociateSenior Sales ManagerService à la Clientèle (H/F)SupervisorTroisième clésVendeur en Prêt-à-porter (H/F)Visual Merchandiseremployé du siège socialna

Overall reviews at Boutique La Vie En Rose

Retail Assistant Manager | Canada | Aug 12, 2015
Overall a good place to work, but bad personal experience
I moved up fast here. Started as a sales associate and quickly became keyholder. My first few months working here were amazing. My co-workers were great. The job in general is fun and productive yet challenging. You will be pushed to make sales and there is competition between co-workers to make the most sales. The pay was good. I got paid a very decent wage plus you can make commission based on your sales. One of the negatives though is hours are not guaranteed. Even as keyholder I was still part time. They will cut your hours based on how busy the store is and how much is selling. Be prepared to get sent home early from a shift because sales are not high that day. Half way through my work experience here we got a new store manager and she was absolutely terrible. She hired friends of hers and would play favourites with them. Giving them more hours, higher pay, better job duties etc. She threatened to demote me without a legitimate reason. I suspected it was so she could promote one of her "favourites". Which is exactly what happened as soon as I quit. Within a few months of having the new manager everyone I worked with originally had quit. The district manager was useless. She let all of this slip past her. She didn't have a clue what was going on internally in her stores, and let the managers get away with whatever they wanted. They could treat you unfairly and get away with it. The company overall is decent but does not show much appreciation or care for their emp
ProsGood pay, fun work environment
ConsBad management, company does not show much care for employees, unfair treatment
Retail Assistant Manager | South Granville, PE | Sept 2, 2022
Over worked and under paid
I worked for this company for almost 2 years, and I haven’t learned anything in which I can use for my future. This company tends to forget the importance of providing for their employees and fostering a good work environment. You are expected to find someone to cover your shift if you are sick, which should be the responsibility of the management team. Although my whole family got COVID, I tested negative because it was still too early to be detected. Management still decided to put the whole workplace at risk by asking me to come to work which resulted in me giving COVID to three of my co-workers. Members of management can be selfish at times, and the valuation of employees are an afterthought. Often management wouldn’t take responsibility for their mistakes, so everything was always blamed on the staff. Lunch breaks for the staff were often forgotten about and when confronted about it, the response would be "you guys can starve." Don't even bother calling any hotline or complaining to the RSM because they will always have the managers back over yours. As with many low paying jobs, you will work very hard for the lowest pay and never be appreciated for anything. This company also made a huge error with my tax deductions which wasn’t caught for a whole year. Now, I owe so much in back taxes. The final straw for me was when I notified management weeks in advance that I will be going to Europe to see my family. They communicate to me the day before my flight when I can't refun
Marketing | Quebec Province | May 12, 2021
Je ne l'a citerais pas dans le classement des entreprises ou il fait bon de travailler!
Une expérience qui aurait pu être enrichissante mais la réalité en est autre... Au départ, un entretien très prometteur avec des missions intéressantes et de beaux projets. Niveau avantages : le salaire est non négociable c'est à prendre ou à laisser comme pour les vacances. Au quotidien, on se rends compte que sur le papier c'est beau, en réalité les missions décrites sont beaucoup moins intéressantes, on est qu'un exécutant plus qu'un collaborateur. Nous suivons juste les consignes de la direction, un travail à la chaine mais au bureau. Il n'y a aucune reconnaissance professionnelle, on doit toujours faire mieux. Côté humain et management, pas d'empathie pour l'employé on nous fais presque culpabiliser de prendre des vacances pour le peu de jours qu'on a. Horaires non flexible. Même venir à 7h du matin ne permet pas de quitter le bureau plus tôt. Pas de perspective d'évolution non plus. Aucun suivi pour faire monter en compétences les employés. Avec la pandémie, le télétravail n'était pas permis alors que nous travaillons tous de bureau. Enfin la liste est longue, si vous vous lancez dans votre carrière travailler pour cette entreprise est bien, si vous avez plus d'expériences, passez votre chemin! Heureusement on y trouve des collègues formidables et respectueux.
ProsDes collègues formidables
ConsAucun avantage sociaux et humain, pas de suivi sur le parcours employé
Sales Associate | Calgary, AB | Jul 18, 2018
Negative Environment, Poor Management
La Vie En Rose is by far the worst company that I have ever worked for. I would never suggest to any one to work for this company. They are very cheap and pay you poorly and expect unrealistic sales goals and in return their is no sales incentives or anything that makes it worth your while. The management is awful and not to mention catty. The managers love to gossip about their staff behind their backs making it a hostile and toxic work environment. They would sometimes sit on the phone and gossip for hours, usually with managers from other locations. Many of the girls who work there want to quit daily because of this. I enjoyed working with the other sales associates and built some great friendships but the environment was still so toxic. Everything was unorganized and poor about this company. The new stock was always done in a poor and untimely manner and usually dumped onto one sales associate. The training was almost non-existent with this company. They basically threw you onto the sales floor after reading one booklet. Then they would expect you to know things they never bothered to teach you. Even the management team was clearly not trained well. They lacked managerial skills and it reflected badly onto the sales associates and the company as a whole.
Prosexcellent discount, some nice coworkers
ConsBad manager, unreliable hours, late schedules, long shifts, always slow, lack of training
Sales Associate | Brockville, ON | Jul 20, 2019
Former Employee
I don’t like to leave bad reviews, however my experience working at this store was severely less than desirable. I started this job feeling great and confident and appreciated, and by the time I left I felt exceptionally small and belittled. The management is absolutely ridiculous. When I started they told me that there isn’t much drama, except with the teenage girls because they’re young girls. But there was so much drama and judgement from management it all centred around them. They constantly put everyone down, and pick favourites, and when they decide they don’t like someone, they build any case possible to write them up to get them out. The girls who I worked with were the best part of the job besides the customers, they were helpful and good hard workers. The company itself is great also, the district manager I always enjoyed seeing, the commission and benefits were decent and they treat their employees well. Unfortunately their management team in this particular store never graduated from their high school drama. I love working in customer service, however this place has made me walk away from retail all together, which I was disappointed with because I did love the job.
ProsThe discount
Sales Associate | Stratford, ON | Feb 13, 2020
Do not apply
I can say with absolute certainty that La Vie En Rose is the worst place I’ve ever worked. The management is terrible- very unorganized and rude towards their employees. I was lied to during my interview about how much money I would be making while working there, and once I brought this to their attention they ignored the problem and kicked me off our stores dayforce app. Along with this, everyone who started at the same time I did received no training before they were put on the floor. Management and higher ups do not care about their employees and only care about selling the most product that they can. As well, management does not respect days you booked off or times you aren’t available to work and will schedule you in then anyway. As far as relationships with co workers went, there was no camaraderie among employees. In fact, after the first week of our store opening there was already drama/tension between different employees and people were already getting picked on- even by management. If you want to work somewhere you will actually enjoy, this is not the place for you.
Pros50% discount (even then it’s still very expensive)
ConsTerrible and unorganized management, disrespectful crew, worst place I’ve ever worked
Sales Associate | Etobicoke, ON | Jul 11, 2021
It’s okay. The management makes it a bit better.
The location I worked at is extremely competitive, You basically get worked like a dog for little pay. Management is nice and tries to accommodate to everyone’s schedules but the DM’s and higher ups do not care about their employees. The dress code is so stupid, we’re only allowed to wear certain neutral colours, and if you want to wear jeans or colour you have to pay. lol. It’s ridiculous. Plus the customers here treat you like poorly. It’s good for a temporary job but that’s about it. The mall where this location is, has a lot of high end stores which this boutique isn’t but has seen more traffic than usual. The customer ranges from young ladies to older ladies from all different ages. You get a good amount of hours especially around Christmas when the mall is super busy. Due to Covid the store has minimized the amount of people coming in the store but the dm’s don’t care and want every fitting room open which is another example they only care about money and not the health and safety of their employees
ProsNice coworkers and management
ConsLong hours, On your feet constantly, rude customers
Sales Associate | Guelph, ON | Feb 21, 2013
Fun workplace with room for growth
A typical day at work will consist of greeting customers and letting them know of any promotions or deals that are going on at the store. After giving the customers an approximate 2 minute wait time to browse and look around the bathing suit, I would go and offer them my help: tell them about the different styles, what I think will suit the customer best, ask them for preferences etc. By getting most of these information down, it makes it easier for me to show them different styles. No matter what the circumstance may be, the customer is always first - which is why I bring to her plenty of suits I think she might like. In the end she is happy with the service, whether or not she bought a suit. My other tasks include cleaning the floors at night, double counting the cash, making sure the suits are hung up right etc. The most enjoyable part of my job is the satisfaction that the customer was helped and she enjoyed the customer service the store gave.
Prosstrong work community, flexible, room for growth
Conslong list of put backs that pile up at the end of the day
Sales Associate | Cranbrook, BC | Jun 4, 2021
Like HighSchool Only Worse
I loved working here at first, in fact up until now La Vie En Rose was my favourite job. I am sad to say that that didn't last long. I felt as though my entire team disliked me and I felt genuinely bullied at some points. Management was poor and I felt that they played favourites. I am disappointed in the company itself as they don't even provide free water for their employees. This company definitely does not value its employees. I loved learning about the bras and other products. The actual job was great, but I felt like I was in Highschool all over again. There were cliques and I always felt discluded and like everyone was always talking badly about me. I would not recommend working here as I found it to be filled with highschool girls who never grew up and realized that you need to work as a team and not just have cliques. I would cry nearly every shift. I never felt heard and I felt very powerless. I have a lot of resentment from working here. I did not feel like I was wanted, despite me doing everything by the book.
ProsGood Discount
ConsCliques and Immaturity
Sales Associate | Niagara Falls, ON | Dec 15, 2015
Fun and productive
A typical day at work at this job is very calm and sorted. La Vie, is not the busiest of all the stores, but it does get busy. Generally when I go into work, I equip myself with a measuring tape in case any customers need to have their chest measured for a size. Another thing that is a daily thing at that store is making sure all customers have been greeted and have had all the promotions in the store told to them. Of course I make sure all my customers have been asked if they need any help, and if so I make sure I do. I regularly set customers up with change rooms and check up on them, not only to see if they are finding everything okay as well as everything fitting. But, also for loss prevention to make sure no one steals, we keep count of all items that go in and out of the change room. The staff and management there are nothing short of spectacular, everyday is always a fun one. The most enjoyable part of my day is honestly helping people find clothing/items that make them happy.
ProsAmazing staff, amazing customers, 50% discount
ConsUnreliable hours, minimum pay, no benefits

Questions and answers about Boutique La Vie En Rose

What is the most stressful part about working at Boutique La Vie en Rose?
Asked Sept 29, 2018
Management - extremely high standards for everyone but themselves
Answered May 30, 2022
Cruel management
Answered Sept 1, 2021
How often do you get a raise at Boutique La Vie en Rose?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Answered Mar 20, 2023
Answered Mar 14, 2023
What is the work environment and culture like at Boutique La Vie en Rose?
Asked Aug 9, 2017
Extremely toxic and stressful. And the worst part? The store manager and RSM are at the helm of all the toxicity; they are the reason the environment/culture is so negative and impossible to deal with.
Answered Mar 16, 2023
Answered Jun 15, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Boutique La Vie en Rose?
Asked Dec 7, 2022
non existent
Answered Mar 3, 2023
There is none
Answered Feb 25, 2023
What benefits does Boutique La Vie en Rose offer?
Asked Feb 11, 2019
Nothing to part time workers
Answered Apr 19, 2022
Discount on products
Answered Feb 28, 2022