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Server | Burnaby, BC | Nov 12, 2019
10/10 Would not recommend - heres why
First of all, no matter how much serving experience you have, get ready to do months of hosting. Hosting shifts are only 2 hours long and your lucky if you get 4 shifts a week. Once you finally move up, you go through an extensive amount of product knowledge, testing and training. All of which you think would set you up for success as a server in their restaurant, right? Wrong. The product knowledge tests are outdated and provide you with answers to questions guest NEVER ask. Your trainer's will all train you differently, and maybe one trainer will know what is ACTUALLY expected of you as a server at cactus. But the others will tell you the wrong ways to do things. Get ready to continue working 2 HOUR SHIFTS as a server. Lots of splits. But also plenty of cancellations to your shifts; sometimes 1 hour before you start. And they WILL try to send you home after 1 hour into your shift. Also, after they "cut" you, you have 30 minutes to do a bunch of side duties. After 30 minutes is up, Management makes sure that you are not paid for anytime after your 30 minutes. Yet, they still expect you to run food, and help out in any way possible. Forget about doing your duties to get out of there when THEY are busy, because its YOUR DUTY to help even when you're not getting paid. All of your managers will treat you differently. And if you ask for ways to improve, they wont provide detailed feedback. My one manager was quick to pull me aside to tell me everything I was d
Cook/Dishwasher | Richmond, BC | Jul 24, 2021
expect to be exploited, overworked, and underpaid
This job is very stressful. Often the new hires are not trained properly, and everything (repreps, environment, etc) falls on one or two people. And you only get minimum wage. Most raises that you earn (beg for) go on your tips and not your hourly. You don't get benefits until you become sous chef. There's no overtime pay (which means working for free because we're so unferstaffed). Cooks have been scheduled for up to 14 consecutive days. It's very difficult to get a food break (whether 15 or 30 minutes), again, because of understaffing. And if you do get a break, a lot of the time management will make you stay an extra 15-30 minutes past your 8 hours, depending on how long of a break you took. This company does not care about its employees. Work-life balance is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially when sous chefs are constantly phoning/texting you asking you to buy product, or changing your schedule with little to no notice. Management will often put all their effort into training one promising employee rather than training everyone equally to ensure a balanced team. The more stations and prep you know, the more they will exploit you. Raises are few and far between, and I've even been told I'm getting a raise, but it was just minimum wage increasing. The chefs will force this company's ideology down your throat and expect you to swallow and say thank you. I could go on for so much longer but I think I've said enough. I really can't recommend against working here enoug
Prosteam is full of likable people who are fun to work with
Consliterally everything else
Front Desk Manager | Vancouver, BC | Feb 18, 2019
Great if you know what you're getting yourself into
Cactus Club was my first employer-- one thing I love about the company is how willing they are to give young people a foot in the door-- and I feel satisfied in the experience/knowledge I gained there. The management was hit-or-miss. My General Manager was AMAZING, there were a couple other managers who were also great, and a few who were downright terrible. Personally I never clashed with any of my managers there no matter how capable they were or weren't, because I was capable in my position so I was mostly left alone (lol). I appreciate that Cactus likes to promote from within and give people experience. Working FOH in a restaurant that appeals to obnoxious, entitled, nouveau-riche clientele is not a job for the thin-skinned or anxious. I hung on so long because my coworkers were (for the most part) awesome, fun, and funny, which made the clientele tolerable up to a point. But customers made me cry many, many times. If you can put up with that you can make seriously good money as a server. Another big downside is the weird objectification of women that's encoded in company policy and dress code. I knew what I was getting myself into when I started working there, but I could see the focus on appearance in FOH staff being really toxic for some young people. In conclusion: my time there was longer, more fulfilling, and more fun than I assumed it would be. The people working there were also way cooler than I assumed they would be, based on stereotypes about what ki
ProsGreat first-time employer, fun coworkers
ConsUnpredictability, clientele
Host/Hostess | Langley, BC | Feb 5, 2019
Strict and not very nice to work for as a host.. serving maybe
As a hostess you are treated like the bottom of the barrel, you are half doorman, half janitor and more of a robot than anything else. You are required to open the door for every person who walks in and if you miss it, you're in trouble. I once had an entire 8 hour shift just on the door opening and closing it, even better one of the doors was missing and it was October. Freezing and pointless because one side was already open, it was silly. You are not aloud to answer the phone or take to go orders, so you're pretty much stuck doing nothing a lot of the time. one time I took a take out order (incredibly easy and helpful for managers/staff when they're preoccupied like in this example) because the man on the phone was in a rush to order for his office and complained before about being late because we took so long to take his order.. the manager was fine with me taking it until she messed up the order and later told the general manager what I did and he wrote me up for it. - although it was all well and good when I helped her out because she was busy and I had was trying to make the customer happy. You are meant to sweep and do bathroom checks every 15 minutes, set up all reservations, flip the day set up to evening set up, greet and seat, you are required to wear a blazer as a hostess even in the summer, and you are required to wear heels. Basically, one of the worst jobs I've ever had. Not because of what we had to do, but how little respect you get as a hostess consideri
Prosfun environment, music and djs
Consminimum wage, poorly treated
Dishwasher | Victoria, BC | Nov 13, 2018
Good potential with improvement in some areas
Typical day at work can be either easygoing or stressful depending on how the restaurant is flowing and how well you maintain communication with coworkers. I have learned that working as a vocal team can be a key factor in trying to control the morale and pace in this type of work. It is important you get proper training from the start because you will quickly learn that an “easygoing” day in this industry can still have lots of stressful moments if you are not properly trained on how to manage or prevent them without help. Management has the potential to make an excellent environment but needs improvement with lack of communication between staff and schedule timing. (Possibly due to shortage of staff.) Workplace culture seems great but would be more ideal if more staff or management followed the company guidelines the way they were explained in orientations. The hardest part about this job is having to work alone at what sometimes feels a lot like a 2 person job if you do not have proper training so trying to stay ahead and keeping every one of your coworkers happy can be difficult if you do not communicate which is not always easy to do in this busy business because everyone is in a rush which makes it hard to take breaks because you are worried about letting people down or falling too far behind. The most enjoyable part of the job is joking around with people the moments you can because you are all constantly busy.
Pros50% off & free soft drinks during shift
ConsStressful and hard on body long term
Host/Hostess | English Bay, BC | May 12, 2019
Wear cute dresses and make minimum wage
Being a hostess at the English Bay location during the summer is honestly not worth it. Yes you get to look cute. Yes you're surrounded by a ton of other good looking employees. Yes you get food discounts. Yes there's beautiful sunsets every night. Yes they promise to promote you to a server. First off if you apply and they tell you they will promote you to becoming a server after a few months...good luck. It wasn't until all of us hostesses talked about it that we realized they promised all of us this...and the managers didn't hold up to it. Any time we individually asked if we'd ever be promoted they'd lie and push it further down a few months, some of us would get a small pay bump just to prevent them from leaving. Anyways the job is pretty mind-numbing. Stare around for 8 hours, saying hi's and bye's every 2 minutes, making the same old small talk, answering "yo that" to your other teammates when you aren't saying hi or bye, and folding little triangles for the toilet paper rolls. I stuck around when I was younger because I was in school and didn't know what else to do...but if I could go back in time I would prefer to work somewhere that offered more interesting work.
ProsGood food
ConsLong hours, must wear heels
Front Desk Agent | Coal Harbour, BC | Apr 11, 2022
Decent place with fun coworkers, but out of touch management
so its not the greatest workplace, it does give u experience for restaurant jobs if youve never worked in a restaurant before. i think thats y they hire so quickly. turnover rate is insane bc the pay sucks for the amount of work u have to do, especially for those who ARE NOT serving. they expect alot from u because its "the flagship location" but some things just arent possible, and thats how burnout happens. the management is nice but overall kinda bad, they dont give u any opportunities for advancement unless you rlly suck up to the higher ups. but at the same time the lower level management doesnt seem to be totally connected with upper management bc the gms dont seem to see how much ppl hate it here. they do not care much for their staff and would rather give an attractive newbie a promotion rather than a loyal employee who has been there for much longer. management is very demanding considering how understaffed they are, and they pretend that you will have a chance to go into serving but im being totally honest here, if u want to go into serving give it at least 3 years which is totally ridiculous.
Proscool people to work with
Consmanagement sucks
Expeditor | Kelowna, BC | Jun 10, 2018
Fast paced and awful scheduling
Expeditors and hostesses don't get included in the tip pool. Expos are treated awfully. Managers were always micromanaging everything. If you apply to be a server, they will try to start you off as an expo or host to "prepare" you for the serving role and they tell you that you will be a server in a few months, when really they will keep you in that job for as long as you can. The scheduling is awful. They tell you there's so many employees that it's super easy to switch shifts when really it's super difficult to get anyone to take your shift. Asked for 2 shifts a week MAX as I am in school, and they scheduled me 4 shifts every week. There are no benefits and everyone is extremely petty. I called in sick ONE time and I was questioned if I was really even sick, and then told I need to come in for 3 hours. Didn't care about my well-being at all. Big corporation that only cares about themselves. You are also told you need to arrive and be ON THE FLOOR WORKING 15 minutes before your shift begins, but you do not get paid for it. DO NOT WORK FOR CACTUS, you're better off getting a job at Walmart or Earl's, they treat their employees better there.
ProsNice employees
Consrude managers, low wage, busy workplace
Line Cook | Calgary, AB | Apr 8, 2021
Productive if you have no dreams of advancement (AB ONLY)
First and foremost, don’t work for macleod trail! The possibility of advancement is zero. “Aces in their places”, or a nice way of the sous chefs telling you they are too lazy to train, and management is unwilling to put those training hours down. Inconsistency is the name of the game, with no follow ups, so the inconsistency stays pretty consistent unfortunately. Work life balance is horrible, with the scheduling app GIVING YOU a start and end time, BUT only the start time is enforced. There is no care about your personal life, responsibilities, or even your set availability. Really great company culture, if only it could be followed. Kitchen is RUN DOWN to the point the steamer leaks boiling hot water and scalds you when it hits you. The equipment does not facilitate learning, efficiency, or cleanliness. Management on both ends constantly bad mouth other employees around people, leaving you wondering what they say about you when you leave. Stay away from MAC T if you want to keep your passion for food service.
ProsGreat boh & foh staff to work with
ConsNo work life balance, terrible equipment, run down kitchen, no room for advancement
Line Cook | West Edmonton Mall, AB | Apr 2, 2015
Fast paced and friendly enviroment.
Cactus Club Cafe is in many ways, a versatile work place. it is at once a busy quick moving frenzy, as well as a friendly fairly accommodating second family in a way. I worked for Cactus for approximatly two years and generally had a good experience. Average day would include counting inventory, prepping food accordingly, and cooking on the line. Through cactus i learned a lot about perseverance on top of keeping calm, cool and collective. Management ran a pretty tight shift, not without mistakes now and again. but generally took employee's opnions into account and were accommodative. Nearly every person i worked with was very enjoyable and efficient, which is really saying something. however not everyone is perfect. The hardest part of my time with Cactus was working on a nights schedule where i never was able to enjoy time with my loved ones. specifically my partner who would return from work just after i had left for. The most enjoyable parts would include; amazing people, rewarding work, very quick paced, gorgeous women, and delicious food.
Pros50% off all food. Great enviroment. Long hours
ConsLong hours

Questions and answers about Cactus Club Cafe

What is the work environment and culture like at Cactus Club Cafe?
Asked Apr 29, 2017
I loved working for this company! The people you work with are fun and high energy! The team I worked with are amazing at what they do and they always made me feel appreciated! The wages were a little lower than standard in my opinion but the people made up for that. Definitely suggest working with this company if you are new to the industry or want to learn how to cook.
Answered Jun 6, 2020
I loved working for this company! The people you work with are fun and high energy! The team I worked with are amazing at what they do and they always made me feel appreciated! The wages were a little lower than standard in my opinion but the people made up for that. Definitely suggest working with this company if you are new to the industry or want to learn how to cook.
Answered Feb 14, 2020
What time does the Early morning shift starts ? and what time late night shifts gets over ?
Asked Mar 29, 2019
At my locating I heard early morning starts around 6 am and closers can be out anywhere from 1:30 am to 4 am depending on how busy we were and how much stuff needed to be done ect. That’s for back of house. Front of house usually get out a lot earlier
Answered May 17, 2022
(back of house) day team starts anywhere from 6AM-12PM, night team from 12PM-6PM. typically closers leave between 1AM-2AM, other night team members leave around 10PM-11PM.
Answered Jul 25, 2021
Does Cactus Club Cafe allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Nov 30, 2018
They are very flexible and understanding of work hours.
Answered Jun 6, 2020
They are very flexible and understanding of work hours.
Answered Jul 4, 2019
Why would you want to work at Cactus Club Cafe?
Asked May 3, 2017
Because i love the company
Answered May 23, 2019
I checked and it’s look like a reputed company and there are lot of positive comments from the staff and seems like a great place to work.
Answered Mar 13, 2018
What was the most challenging part of your role at Cactus Club Cafe?
Asked Nov 19, 2018
The late nights and long days.
Answered Jun 6, 2020
The late nights and long days.
Answered Mar 14, 2019