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Administrative Assistant | Vancouver, BC | Feb 27, 2020
Opportunity to grow, professional environment!
I worked at Canada Drives for a little over 6 months and I enjoyed every single bit of it. After around 4 months, I had expressed my interest in going into a sales position to further challenge my strengths. (The Company is large and has an amazing array of different positions that can cater to anyone). I received 110% support during my transition into different roles. Every manager I was under did everything they could to guide me into the direction I wanted to go and help me grow. The hours are long and it is quite a learning curve - but you are being mentored by the best. The managers within the company ARE the best you will come across - they are your friends all while being your mentors. The work itself is fairly simple although, it takes a lot of patience and skill to be able to do the job right. The pace and pressure IS heavy but refreshing. Every position takes time to get used to and not everyone stays long enough to just give the Company a proper chance and look at the benefits of working hard. People are fired/demoted/laid off simply because we do have a high bar to set. Everyone understands the work and discipline it takes to hold a position at this Company and lacking the skill to live up to that bar is why people get fired. In the work environment, everyone is professional. Outside of the work environment, people are friends - which allows you to step out of your shell professionally AND personally. I genuinely really like the CEO, I enjoyed my friends, I enjoye
Customer Service Representative | Vancouver, BC | Aug 27, 2020
It's Whatever
Your experience will largely depend on your department. If you're in a more admin-type role, you'll make very little money, and there will be no room for growth. The work is repetitive -- once you get the job down, it's essentially just a war of attrition between you and the tedious work. If you slip up at all, you get harangued over it, even if it is just a couple of times in a month. Alternatively, you can work in sales, and try to climb your way up the ladder. You need to put in a lot of extra hours that you are not compensated for in order to hit targets, and receive an okay pay. In theory this is fine, except the product being sold is ethically dubious to say the least. If you are able to stomach plunging someone further into financial ruin for some extra money on your pay-cheque, and want to dedicate your time here to the job and "grinding", then I guess it's for you, but the business model turns my stomach. I was never in the sales department because of ethical concerns, but I felt guilty even collecting a pay-cheque with how the company makes its revenue. There is room for vertical growth in sales primarily, so if you are a driven person looking to "hustle" in a sales company downtown, the job could be good for you. I have seen people climb the ladder relatively quickly, so if you're good at the job and put in the hours you can be rewarded. That being said, if you do not take to the job quickly enough, or they find that you're too slow, or don't hit your numbers, y
ProsFree lunches and transit pass
ConsLong hours, unforgiving work environment, faux-millenial sales vibes, loud workplace
Delivery Driver | Brampton, ON | Aug 30, 2022
By far the best job I’ve had due to the constant learning and opportunities as well as the positive work culture
Working at Canada Drives has been one of my favourite jobs so far! As a Vehicle Delivery Driver I’m always on the move which I find best suits my personality because I enjoy meeting new people and being on - the - go. Although my title is a “driver” I am also a Customer Service Rep - being the face of the company and all - I’m given the opportunity to provide an engaging and unforgettable Customer Service experience. Luckily, customers are anticipating my arrival so the intersections are filled with excitement. The independent work to customer interaction ratio is a nice balance. I can honestly say that out of all the jobs I’ve had, this one is not hard to wake up to. Yes, I’ve had my frustrating days (like any job) however my managers have gone above and beyond to make sure that we are accommodated for. Managerial approach is crucial for me and I like to make sure that I am entering a healthy work environment. Because of that I have thrived due to their ability to keep a positive outlook on things regardless of the situation. There are over twenty drivers at our HUB and we all get along so well! Even though we come from diverse cultures and backgrounds we all respect each other and help out when needed. It’s not often you find a job where there are so many employees yet such little conflict. All - in - all, I’ve had a wonderful experience working for Canada Drives. The healthy work environment and the ability to consistently learn new things about the job (and beyond
Sales | Vancouver, BC | Jan 21, 2019
You will move up quickly if you put in the work, the people and the vibe are awesome. FREE FOOD.
In short this is my time at Canada Drives: I moved up quickly, (senior sales in 3 months). I learned more than I ever thought I would. I went on a fully paid trip to Amsterdam. I asked for 3.5 weeks off for Christmas and they didn't hesitate to say yes. Best of all I made friends and skills for life. It's not for the faint of heart if you're in a sales position (no sales office is I don't think) but overall it's been very fair working here. I've been compensated extremely well, I never thought I would make this kind of money. I moved downtown, I drive a nice car, I got big plans because of this place. If you work hard, you ACTUALLY get paid a lot here. I've wasted my time at other company's who claim to pay you after you hit a number or put in a certain amount of time but they never ended up giving me much. At Canada Drives it's totally achievable, and the office is honestly fun. People speak their mind and get heard here. The company is always down to try new things. It's only as stressful as you make it. If you take it one day at a time and listen to your manager you can make a lot of money here. People come from all walks of life and if they just listen and work hard they are blown away at their pay. I know I was. My manager is the nicest guy ever. I had multiple manager's before this who were all super nice too. They just want to make you money so they also make more money. It's fair and I'm not that stressed out each day other than my own perf
ProsI eat FREE FOOD, go on free trips, enjoy everyone I work with, speak my mind, move up quickly
ConsSometimes you have to work late, However if you properly utilize time management you won't have this issue
Sales Representative | Vancouver, BC | Dec 5, 2019
I'm embarrassed to have this on my resume
This company is a joke. I've worked in sales for many years. I had an idea for what I was getting in to. I know its dirty... I just didn't know it could be this dirty. When you start they'll basically force feed you their training material which will prepare you to take advantage of disadvantaged people by selling them insanely high interest loans. You have two options in your first month: become just as dirty as them or get fired by HR. If you have morals or believe in karma then this is NOT the place for you. Managers are verbally abusive and will act as if its normal, if you don't preform they'll take away your chairs and make you stand till you make a sale, we weren't even allowed to participate in the buildings fire and earthquake drills... we were told to keep making sales. Is that even legal? We’re literally on the fault line for the big one. Also, If you voice your opinion they'll corroborate with HR to fire you. The managers here are all try hards that get off from putting workers down. They have no idea what they're doing or how to manage people. They use aggression and humiliation to inspire you to "hustle" and act as if they’re helping you “build a thick skin”. Sure, you get the transit pass, the benefits, team events, and the food stamp kitchen (slimy carrot sticks), but its at the cost of being treated and respected like an adult and/or a human being. If you haven’t learned “how to adult” this is a good place for you to get another round of high school in but do
Senior Sales Executive | Vancouver, BC | Dec 21, 2018
Vibrant sales departments with infinite opportunities
Canada Drives will provide you with many opportunities to prove yourself and be rewarded for it. I was in university and working part-time when I joined Canada Drives. I had not made more than 20k/year before joining this company. I was working odd jobs, making little money. Canada Drives was meant to be a gig when I joined. But that changed. I saw an opportunity, and decided to put school on hold and quit my other jobs. I put all my energy into this job. I took feedback from my superiors, and applied it exactly like they said. And it paid off, big time. Here I am less than 2 years later, working in a team of elite sales-people, on the verge of a promotion, and making as much or even more money than an experienced lawyer. 10-15k a month consistently. The truth of it all is, there is no secret code to succeeding at this company. Listen to management, and apply their feedback. They are not out to get you, they want you to succeed. Your success is their success. The culture is vibrant, young, money-motivated, and above all, extremely positive. There is nothing hard about this job. The hardest thing you need to overcome is your self-doubts. Anybody from any background can do this job and succeed if they are willing to learn and work hard. Our team is extremely diverse, with people from all over the world. Regardless of who you are, if you to have a burning desire to succeed, then this is the company for you. You will have endless support and the tools to reach your goals. Al
ProsFree lunch, free transit pass, lots of opportunites
Photographer | Brampton, ON | Nov 11, 2022
It was great! Until...
From the interview until recently, the job was amazing. From the relaxed work environment, the actual place and its location from where I live, to the team I'm with and the tasks meant to be done; it has been one of the nicest jobs I've come across out of my entire company working experience. The problem is I can't fully vouch for the company from what has happened recently. Canada Drives started dealing with a shortage of work and temporarily laid off a good portion of the entire company throughout. Only after 2 months, I was included in the group of layoffs amongst the many departments that also dealt with losing a good portion of their teams too. Of course, they still help with EI and Benefits during the layoff period. But knowing that they have the ability to do these actions so suddenly makes me reconsider the weight of my feelings towards the company. The work and department I was a part of were really solid and it's unfortunate that a corporate decision broke that chemistry between my team and the work being done. On one side, what I was specifically doing and who I was doing it with was what made the experience phenomenal. On the other hand, the company's decision to temporarily lay off a lot of the employees makes me reconsider job security and my overall satisfaction with who I represent as my occupation. Overall, I have mixed feelings. We'll see how it changes as time moves forward and I may come back to this review.
ProsEasygoing Co-Workers, Fun Tasks, Relaxed Work Environment, Benefits, Pay
ConsSome Management and their Decisions, Company Decisions
Senior Sales Executive | Vancouver, BC | Oct 22, 2018
Hard work does not go unnoticed. You get what you put in.
After 2 years at working at Canada Drives, I am now making more money than my brothers who are an Accountant and a Denturist. Prior to working at Canada Drives, I had no sales experience. I was originally looking to apply for the marketing department but there were no openings. At the time, I was just a freelance Videographer. Income wasn't consistent at the time and I wanted something more stable. The beginning was really tough. It took me out of my comfort zone. As long as you are coachable, have a good work ethic and a good attitude, you will advance fast. Hard work does not go unnoticed. Staying later than my shift and coming in earlier separated me from everyone else. You will have to fail many times before you can succeed. That's why there is a high turnover. A lot of people can't take the heat because the majority of the people that start are young. They quit before even giving it a chance. Whenever I had questions or needed training, I would plug into my managers. The management is really great. They are really there for you when you need the help. I can't stress this enough, you need to be coachable and work hard. The hard work will pay off and you will get what you put in. They have my best interest because my success is their success. I have really grown as a person and do not take where I am at in the company for granted. I am extremely grateful for working for the fastest growing company in Canada and am excited to see where it takes me.
ProsGood Salary, Free Food, Benefits, Culture, Management
ConsWork, Life, Balance
Sales Executive | Vancouver, BC | Oct 17, 2018
Fast paced, challenging but so rewarding
I am coming up on my one year at Canada Drives. Within my first four months, I was able to work my way into a 20k salary increase which is not something I have experience so quickly before. On top of that, they have an uncapped commission plan that allows you to make so much more than I expected. Aside from a great base and compensation, we have full benefits and free transit which makes it a convenient company to work for. Breakfast and lunch are always available in the kitchen and since we are located right in coal harbour there are so many places to eat within a 2-minute walk if what's available doesn't tickle your fancy. Its great to know all my manager and superiors started in an entry level position like me because it shows how obtainable advancement is within the company. The workplace itself is very fun and young, everyone is here to grind and encourages you as you grow. Huge sense of community and constant team events outside of work that allows you to get to know your team even better. Being in sales obviously it is competitive which can be challenging but hard work is always met with appreciation, bonuses and advancement. The most enjoyable part aside from the great income would be the people you work with. Being in an office usually is not where I want to spend my time but the people here have grown to be not only colleagues but very good friends of mine. Overall it is fast, fun, challenging and rewarding
Prosfree lunch, benefits, great compensation, great managers, quick advancement
Conslonger hours
Customer Care Manager | Vancouver, BC | Jun 25, 2018
Hard work pays off at Canada Drives
Working for Canada Drives is not a walk in the park - then again, nothing worthwhile in life comes easily. I've been employed with Canada Drives for close to 3 years, and in that time I've seen many people come and go. The trend I've noticed is that long term employees, and those that are successful and promoted into higher positions, have a few key traits in common; Dedication to their job, excellent work ethic, an ability to encourage success and confidence in others, and a passion to ensure Canada Drives continues to be an amazing company to work for each and every day, for everyone. What I enjoy the most at Canada Drives is by far the people. Being a medium sized office you do interact with close to everyone in the company sooner or later - including the two CEO's, who are social and engage with staff at all levels. The lack of separation from upper management is fantastic and really drives a team mentality - this is something that was sorely missing from previous jobs I've held. In working for Canada Drives I've not only advanced my position within the company, I've also grown as a person and gained invaluable experience and skills, both professionally and personally, that I'm not certain I could have gained working at another company. I don't believe there is anything necessarily "hard" about working here. So long as someone has great work ethic and a commitment to doing a good job, they can be successful at Canada Drives too.
ProsGreat people, lots of opportunities, free breakfast and lunch, transit costs reimbursed

Questions and answers about Canada Drives

What is the most stressful part about working at Canada Drives?
Asked Nov 9, 2021
Most stressful part of all working here is the fact that it is a new company so every week something changes so it’s very hard to adjust my things constantly change but that is what happens when you work with a new company. Everything is going to cost of a change.
Answered Dec 5, 2022
Honestly every day is a good day. If anyone gets stressed we help each other out. Only time it’s stressful is when your own your own in your department but you get the hang of it. :)
Answered Sept 28, 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at Canada Drives?
Asked Dec 21, 2018
Terrible they don’t know anything about cars
Answered Dec 5, 2022
Forward and to the point. No regard for employees health or needs. Feedback is strictly about numbers, that's all they care about.
Answered Feb 14, 2022
What is the interview process like at Canada Drives?
Asked May 4, 2017
Did a phone interview and a 40 minute in person interview with 2 people which included job shadowing.
Answered Mar 1, 2018
Easy, they'll literally hire anyone since the turnover rate is so high.
Answered Feb 18, 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at Canada Drives?
Asked May 4, 2017
Be confident and prepare to talk about yourself/scenarios you have been in.
Answered Oct 17, 2018
Make a few webpages
Answered Sept 28, 2018
What was the most challenging part of your role at Canada Drives?
Asked Feb 22, 2022
Too many tasks. Too little time.
Answered Nov 7, 2022
Learning the role without any actual training.
Answered Aug 17, 2022