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Inventory Coordinator | Toronto, ON | Jun. 11, 2019
Horrible environment
Canada Goose is a really bad place to work. It’s so sad because I really wanted to like it. The people seemed so nice at first. Now it just feels like no one trusts each other and they all think anyone new is trying to take their job. I’ve been here for awhile now and one thing that really gets to me is how people get promoted without knowing how to do the job their being promoted too. They don’t have any experience and instead of giving the job to someone who’s earned it they give it to someone else... Canada Goose like many other companies have started to recognize mental health as a serious concern in the workplace. Sadly, if you need a “mental health” day there really isn’t anyway to ask for one without feeling like your position will be in jeopardy. It’s a scary feeling to be so stressed out and have nowhere to turn. When you have to use a sick day to get a break from a stressful work environment that’s a bad sign. It’s worse when youre not stressed because the work is too hard but because you’re bombarded with your job and picking up the slack of someone else because they’re not doing their job. You’re doing all of this without so much as a word of thanks from management. Another thing is the merchandise..I feel bad saying this, but I only buy second quality merchandise or “seconds” at the Canada goose sales now. The first quality products that are available in the stores are of an inferior quality. They decided to go with material that is cheaper and of
ProsBagel Fridays, company sales, goose passes
ConsNepotism, favouritism, bad management
Warehouse Lead | Scarborough, ON | Mar. 5, 2019
Bad management
Management takes credit for other peoples accomplishments, engages in favouritism and refuses to reward people for their hard work, efficiency and even for staying late. CG is like a high school. They expect you to stay overtime and even if you come in on the weekend they dont believe in "LIEU" days...not unless youre high level management. Salary - thats a joke right? You will most likely be doing two or three jobs and will be paid for one. They will pay someone else who kisses up to them more money though. That person is worth more to the company than someone who really works. But there are benefits - health and dental. Job security? I already told you - you have to kiss up. Management? Now I know youre joking. Job culture: "youre a Goose Person now!" Welcome to the Goose crew where so many people are talking trash about other people you have to leave sometimes so you dont get drawn into the conversation. If you dont like someone you can choose to just do your work and only speak to them when its work related but that will catch up with you. People will gossip about people they dont like behind their backs and at the first chance to get a position in "MANAGEMENT" they will run over and start to befriend the same person they were bad mouthing for months. At CG working hard DOES NOT get you ahead - kissing up to people does. CG is a toxic environment. If youre lukcy you will meet a few people you can trust but you'll know who to w
Prosdiscounts on apparel
ConsManagement, salary, working conditions, people, toxic environment, lack of recognition, favouritism, mistreating employees
Security Guard | Montréal, QC | Jan. 5, 2019
Don't recommend for real security
My job: We're expected to speak to every client who walks in or waiting in line too as well conversate with them along with coat check, handing out water and do line control having a 9 hour day, full time (40 hours) 1 hour break not paid. Sounds simple? It is if you're only greeting customers. Canada Goose have there own rules when you work for them. Since we service guests with a brand ambassador individually we make guests (clients) wait in line while the security or like they like to call us "concierge" speak to the clients so they do not leave the store while in line. Having to repetivitely speak the same conversation with different people becomes exhausting as well standing for 8 hours straight in one area of space. Even if you're an extrovert, sociable, energetic individual it will leave you exhausted by the time you're done your shifts. Management: Management does not understand the strain and intensity of the work for either positions worked in the store and expects everyone to give there heart and life out as if it was our career. Neither managers worked in the store previously in any positions and speak to us as if they know how it works. Training: Security did not receive training, even after being promised we will be and we are antagonized once we do not do something well. Ps. I've heard every security who has worked there since the last 2 months the store has opened has quit or fired
ConsLong hours, management, work
Marker Maker | Toronto, ON | Jul. 18, 2017
Good for first corporate job but not the best company overall
I was warned by friends that were already working there (or had worked there) that there is a lot of drama and politics. I was lucky enough to be in the only drama free department with a legitimately nice supervisor. I learned how a corporate company works but I didn't really advance career wise and knew its nearly impossible to at this company as they're not really a company that promotes a lot of people. I know people in other departments were forced to use vacation days before to stay home once not out of their own choice. I know some employees had to work at home in order to finish the load of work which sometimes could be a bit unrealistic. Some managers/supervisors from other departments were bullies, condescending and inappropriate. I was told raises were always very minimal as well if given and they try to low-ball you when they first present your salary(I had to bargain for a more reasonable one). I knew taking this job would not allow me job security as I heard from many friends that they had a reputation for laying off a lot of employees with no justifiable reasons like myself. I took the job anyway because of the brand name, so if you wouldn't mind taking a risk of possibly not lasting long in this company just to put Canada Goose on your resume then go ahead. Otherwise if you want job security I wouldn't recommend it.
ProsBagel Fridays, Gym Facility
ConsBad politics, drama, no job security, low salary
Brand Ambassador | Vancouver, BC | Jan. 30, 2020
Pressure and discriminating management
I first began my job at Canada Goose feeling welcomed. They explained that everyone shares the same bonus and flexible schedules. However, they give out ridiculous daily sales goals, $10k a day is expected on a slow day. And the management team would pressure you almost every hour, reminding you that you need to sell this much more. They said it’s not a competitive environment but they would tell us, “if she can sell $20k a day, then you need to do the same too”. Besides that, the management team would pressure us into donations. If for a few dollars it’s fine. They told each one of us that we need to donate $50 and don’t care what wYs it takes. They even tell us “ask your parents or don’t eat out , $50 is a piece of cake”. Hello? We are employees who work to pay for our lives. Donations that exceed our limits are not called donations. They would come around everyday during our shifts telling us “have you donated yet? I don’t see your name on the donation list , when r u donating?” What a ridiculous company! When you’re sick to a pint that you are at the doctors, they would just inform you to look for someone to cover your shift, otherwise it’s your responsibility and will count as a no show. Lastly, managers always swears around and make racist jokes about chinese mainlanders. Talk about professionalism here, these managers need investigations!!!!!!
Executive Assistant | Toronto, ON | Apr. 12, 2019
Great Company to work for
Typical day includes coming into your area, having everyone smile and say good morning, having fresh coffee brewed just around the corner and a cafeteria to go and get breakfast that is super cheap and yummy. On Friday mornings we get Bagels... then you go back to your desk and check emails and get your day started. Meetings throughout the day are never negative everyone here tries to be positive and constructive. between 12 and 1 everyone is expected to have lunch... cafeteria has seating available and different menu every day. Management is awesome and empowering. Everyone becomes a Canada Goose Brand Ambassador because we are so hands on and able to see and accompany the product from conception to end. Great team events and activities. In house gym, yoga and a boot camp too!! The culture is amazing. Hardest part is getting to know other departments other than your own. Also getting used to barely any paper being used. Everyone is on laptops.. really great once you get used to it. Most enjoyable part of the job is all of the above and the company's focus on career development. Added bonus ** benefits, company rrsp program, company shares are also available to employees through a program. Absolutely love my Job.
ProsRead Above
ConsCommute & Parking...
Senior Project Manager | Toronto, ON | Jul. 3, 2019
Too many politics during the IPO process
I worked with great people. My peers and colleagues were fantastic. IT Executive played a lot of politics and always reminded everyone of how they could easily do your job. The financial restructuring ade everyone fearful of producing numbers that looked good and shift blame for anything budget or process inefficiency to other departments. From an IT delivery perspective, we did not embrace or get behind any methodology, waterfall, agile, Kanban... we couldn't get consensus. Messaging was inconsistent, for some projects it was "roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to get it done" in others it was "that's not your job why are you doing it?". Request for guidance or support weren't well met. Sometimes met with frustration or an expectation that you are paid to know what to do. Conversely, if you stuck with your gut and did what you felt was best you could be reprimanded. Canada Goose - great products, great history, a lot of great people but a few that made mine and many of the PM's experience that they ran through challenging.
ProsGood colleagues, great corporate discount.
ConsLong hours, re-work, uncertainty, lack of leadership/support.
Accounts Receivable Clerk | North York, ON | Jul. 5, 2012
Seriously work oriented environment with a little sprinkle of Friday morning fun!!!
Great place to work with some pretty fantastic people...The Goose nest as it was affectionately known as, when they were serious, they meant it, but when it was time for fun, they blew the roof off the building!!! Every Friday morning was Breakfast club, all meetings were interactive, they liked new ideas, there were always treats!!! My supervisor was great, a tough as nails no nonsense lady that was a hoot when she let her guard down. Midway through my contract, they brought in some new HR Manager that starting rattling cages left and right and it changed the atmosphere wuite a bit. But all in all a great family run and oriented business. The hardest part of the job was getting my contract cut out by the new HR Manager. The most enjoyable part was making some nice friends and the wonderful chats with my supervisor.
Pros100% canadian owned and operated, family oriented, competitive
Conssome older narrower minded staff, a little over-priced and sometimes too competitive
Couturier (H/F) | Boisbriand, QC | Nov. 27, 2018
Environnement de travail agréable et d'entraide
L'Ambience est belle, dès le début de la formation qui est rénumèrer l'entraide est là. L'entreprise est riche par sa diversité culturelle. L'horaire de travail qui est du lundi au jeudi de 7:00 à 16:00 et le vendredi de 7:00 à 12:00 fait en sorte d'avoir un plus grand week-end . Salaire payer à la pièce donc selon notre production peut devenir très intéressant! Nous effectuons là corrections de nos propre erreur de couture sur notre temps donc il est important d'effectuer un travaille de qualité dès les premiers instants, car il n'est pas évident d'effectuer la correction une fois le manteau terminer.. Les amitiés que je m'y suis fait sont demeuré même si j'ai quitée l'entreprise... Deux fois par année nous avons l'occasion d'acheter certains modèles de manteaux à prix moindre! Une prime pour référence nous est offert lorsque la personne reste plus de six mois au sein de l'entreprise et atteind le standard de production requis!
ConsDîner de 30 min .... Un peu cour mais on s'y fait
Laborer/Operator | Boisbriand, QC | Jul. 24, 2019
Unfortunately, They won't tell you the truth, Plus corruption at Boisbriand
Have been working for a week. First, on the first week, they told us we will train you for different lines till we see you what line you are good at. Many people were working with us. Was doing my job, and my supervisor was somehow happy, sometimes correct my work which is normal. On the next week, someone who was working with them before came to the supervisor for his relative to work there. A day later, they cut me off for no reason, even when I asked them, they said you did not meet the minimum requirements. No other chances as they promised, not even try with me for any other line, they did not even try with me for anything else. Literally, corruption. However, they all nice and respectful people. I need to talk to the manager for that corruption which happened to me. unfortunately, I can't reach to anybody.

Questions and answers about Canada Goose

What is the work environment and culture like at Canada Goose?
Asked Mar. 12, 2019
In Québec Since they have new management the company is poor of communication and they change good employés for people closer of director
Answered Sep. 20, 2020
Very toxic! People who don’t have high up positions are treated poorly all the time. I was yelled at and called names numerous times by my supervisor. I had to report it to HR once my term was over. I have never been more disappointed with a Canadian company in my life. Do not work here!
Answered Jul. 2, 2020
Do you have full benefits
Asked May 15, 2019
Around 80%
Answered Dec. 13, 2019
Benefits are cut down, not as good as they where
Answered Oct. 17, 2019
Does Canada Goose allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Apr. 12, 2019
It's depend to the hours available.
Answered Sep. 2, 2019
Such long hours.
Answered Apr. 19, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Canada Goose?
Asked Mar. 5, 2019
Nothing to worry do work hard nd be confident .Staff is very polite .
Answered Aug. 24, 2020
Just give a chance to the new worker, do what you promised on first. Verification should be followed on the shift manager.
Answered Jul. 24, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Canada Goose? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jan. 14, 2018
Takes about 2-3 mts. More than 1 interview and background checks
Answered Apr. 2, 2019
1 month unpaid but they give you free bus ticket
Answered Mar. 6, 2019