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Popular jobsMillwrightLaborerForklift OperatorOperatorMachine OperatorElectricianProduction WorkerGraderCleanerHuman Resources SpecialistManagerProductionEngineerMaintenance TechnicianMill WorkerField EngineerMaintenance PersonMaintenance SupervisorMechanicSaw OperatorSorterSummer StudentSupervisorWelderAccountantCrane OperatorEnvironmental ManagerEquipment OperatorFirst Aid InstructorIndustrial ElectricianLaborer/OperatorLoader OperatorMaintenance ElectricianMaintenance PlannerPlant OperatorProject CoordinatorSawfilerTechnicianUtility WorkerAdministrative Apprentice ElectricianAttendantBoiler TechnicianBusiness Systems AnalystCanforChemical OperatorControl Room OperatorControllerCoordinatorCorporateDry kilnElectrical SupervisorEnergy ManagerExecutive Assistant to Senior Vice PresidentFabricator/WelderFeederField OperatorFinancial AccountantFixerFloor TechnicianForesterGeneral WorkerHead Log ScalerHigh School TeacherHydraulic TechnicianIndustrial Work ExperienceInstrument TechnicianJourneypersonLabor ForemanLaboratory AssistantLead HandLead SupervisorLeadmanLube TechnicianMaintenance MechanicOperations AssociateOptimization ManagerOwner Operator DriverPlan ManagerPlant ManagerProcess EngineerProcess OperatorProduction AssistantProduction SupervisorPurchasing ClerkQuality Control SupervisorQuality ControllerQuality TechnicianRecruiterReliability EngineerRound tableSafety ManagerSalesSaw filerSawmill CleanupSawmill WorkerSecurity OfficerSenior ConsultantSenior Cost AccountantSenior OperatorShift ManagerShipping and Receiving ClerkStackerSubcontractorSuperintendentTeam LeaderTechnical ConsultantTop deckTradesmanTrimmerTruck DriverUnknownUtility OperatorWarehouse CoordinatorWarehouse WorkerWrapperno commentpilerweekend cleanup

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Welder | Fort St. John, BC | Jan 24, 2016
terrible place for a welder (Fort St John)
where to begin on this long list of flaws DO NOT RELOCATE UNTIL THROUGH PROBATION -first of all the equipment is terrible and outdated (doesnt even have enough duty cycle to gouge) and doesnt reflect on jobs taking longer -if you have any sort of pride in your welding be sure you can throw it out the window as doing a good job "takes to long" so be prepared to scab out to the max -no sense of guidance for people new to industry but are expected to produce as much as a person whos been there for years -spark watch takes off for hours at a time (not able to cut grind weld etc without their presence) also reflects your work abilities -Cant trust many people as far as you can throw them -the superintendant looks at your list and determines himself with no knowledge of what the job entails how MANY things you should be able to get done in a day -as well as no other welders to show you the ropes I GAVE UP MY LIFE TO RELOCATE FOR THIS JOB TO BE LET GO NOT FOR SLACKING BUT DUE TO ALL THE FLAWS THIS MILL HAD WITH EVERYTHING I WAS DETERMINED TO BE NOT A RIGHT FIT NOW MY FAMILY IS ABOUT TO GO BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF THIS COMPANY. THIS IS ALSO THE FIRST TIME I HAVE BEEN LET GO FOR THIS REASON IN MY 8 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS A WELDER.
Prosweekend shift
Conseverything else
Operator | Vanderhoof, BC | May 8, 2015
Productive and Safe work environment
My day started off with cleaning the lumber decks off from debris, that consisted of using a long pike pole to grab the pieces and throw them down the chipper belt. After that I would wait and watch the monitors for lumber to cross into B mill where I was located. After that I watched the lumber flow on both sides making sure one trimmer didn't get to much lumber. That was job there. After so long I won the bidding for Stacker operator and was getting trained on that, because of family issues I was obligated to quit my job at Canfor and get my family straightened out. I learned how to lock out equipment, test it and make sure it is safe, I learned how to be productive and work at a fast pace. At Canfor I learned to become a team and work well with others getting the job done more efficiently and safely. The hardest part of my job was clearing cross ups. The most enjoyable part was knowing i had a job for life and loved what i was doing and worked hard at it.
Consrisk of fires
Production | Prince George, BC | Aug 21, 2014
Canfor Isle Pierre
I have been there 30 years. I have seen many changes. It was a good place to work at at one time. I have had 6 bosses in 5 years. That all think they are better than their employees. You can't be a successful company if not for your employees. Bosses and employees play games against each other. Not a very good environment to work it. Lots of pressures on employees and no resources. Every employee doing a job half. Employees get hurt on the job and the company don't take responsibility for there actions. You dont want to do a job where you are vulnerable because of age. I recommend that young employees get a education. And not work here. Canfor is better at other operation I hear. The fiber and log size is falling. This mill will be closed one day.
ProsIt is a job
ConsBus ride, horrible highway in winter, high turn over in employees; lack training and respect employees, unreasonable pressures on employees, Management downloading responsible on employees, Bosses dont manage
Laborer | Chetwynd, BC | Jul 4, 2017
Know someone higher up or you're just an easy to replace number
Was a valued employee worked graves for 6 months before making the switch to production. Was always praised for being the employee they went to for work to get done, once my "usefulness" wore off the amount of immature and outright harassing treatment began. A year and a half later since being wrongfully terminated and still recovering from the financial stress. Management is horrendous with "safety first" being preached but rarely practiced, and if caught in the crossfire of something happened your hide will be first to be thrown to the wolves to save their own skin. Seniority will often be ignored to bring on friends and push them through to higher paying positions before they're even hired on 30 days. Hopefully the company as a whole operates better than this sad excuse of what should be a professional workplace.
ProsFair wages, in town
ConsManagement, unprofessional, backstabbing
Feeder | Fort Nelson, BC | Jan 8, 2018
working at the mill
When i first started at the mill i started pulling wet veneer into the bunker carts.i was showed to put the veneer on both sides makeing a hill on each side and a valley in the middle doing this prevents the loads to not fall over.One of the other jobs there was sweeping and shoveling wood and dirt into a large bin.I then went on the feeding the dryers from a very fast paste. there were 4 dryers jobs. i was on the out-feed of numbers 2 and 3 out-feed dryers.i worked at this for 5 years. on down days i wore a wet suit and washed out the dryers with a fire hose the shoveled excess into bins.Then for the next 4 years i worked as a core layer core feeder person on the lay up line.Then when the lay up line went down i had to clean wearing a painters outfit with special gloves and a fire hose to clean.this was a very intense job which i loved doing; i worked really well with men on this job.
Utility Worker | Chetwynd, BC | Mar 14, 2015
Follow established policies and procedures to ensure a safe work environment and a fun workplace.
A typical day at work is completing safety awareness, focusing on our job and followed everyday work routine. I've learned lots of things like how to handle, operate and maintain machines in order for it to function properly. In management, I can say they are just and fair in handling employees and they cater to our needs and also I enjoyed working with my co-workers,they're fun to be with which makes our work lighter and easier. The hardest part of the job is when machine malfunctions and needs to be fixed and there is a target goal to be reached and also with the time pressure to get things done. The most enjoyable part of the job is when we are always ahead of time, production and everything.
ProsOvertime and Free lunch or dinner
ConsUnpaid working overtime hours if forgotten by supervisors.
Laborer | Houston, BC | Jul 29, 2013
Production becomes before safety
There was absolutely no enjoyable aspect to working for this company, other than the wages and benefits. They stress safety when you are in the hiring process, but as soon as you step foot on the production floors, the safety goes out the window. Production numbers come before human safety. Seniority only works in your favor if you are on good terms with your supervisor, if you are not in their favorite books, be prepared to get the worst, and hardest jobs in the mill, even if your a dedicated hard worker. In one single month, my good friend had his right leg completely crushed by a 900 pound role of paper, and in the same month a mill wright had his fingers cut off in the planer, as a foreman stood and watched the mill wright working in an unsafe environment, but did not stop the mill wright until it was to late.
ConsLong hours, dangerous, very unappreciated work
Millwright | Prince George, BC | Feb 5, 2021
Supervisors have little or no leadership abilities
It's a job with benefits, issue are all with management. Promotion of yes men lacking leadership skills and qualifications is rampant and good supervisors who don't tow "the line" are stuck in corners somewhere counting paperclips. Poor planning and not being able to accept any ideas that come from the floor creates poor morale and a rather toxic work environment... Don't try and refuse unsafe work either, you end up at home for Work in a few mills for a few companies and Canfor is scraping the bottom... Other industries makes them look embarassing in their way of doing business... Chose to leave for something where employees are treated with some sort of appreciation. Mining is much more appreciative of their employees and tradespeople.
ConsManagement or lack there of
Welder | Elko, BC | Sept 29, 2012
Enjoy going to work,very productive days,great group of guys to work with
Morning meeting-go over production numbers,what another record!haha.Go over safety,receive work orders,get to work. -Throughout 24 years it has been quite some time since Crestbrook and Tembec have had any accountability.Since the take over by Canfor this has been put in place and enforced,the employees now know they will be accountable.Great job by our Plant manager bringing this along. -Maintenance superintenant-very personable,some 12 hr days put in. This goes along way with the crew. -It has also been quite some time since we have had any apprenticeship postings.This is also appreciated by the employees. -Looking forward to the changes Canfor will be bringing to our plant!Will be nice to work in a modernized mill.
no comment | Chetwynd, BC | Jul 12, 2016
this is the adjacent pellet plant not the sawmill side
This position is offered for the pellet plant not the sawmill side. Through CENLP ( CANFOR AND PACIFIC BIO) . That being said. I would not recommend applying to work for them unless your desperate. The managment or there lack of is atrocious. There are NO supervisors, the communication lines between staff are non existant, there are no defined job duties and your workload changes from shift to shift at times with no warning, leaving one to discover the hard way. As far as the longevity of the pellet plant goes, things are not.looking good with the way its run. Avoid if.possible
ProsOT available, pay for ticket courses (fall arrest, etc) union staff are friendly
Consmanagement, no morale, no trust, no communication, no on site first aid/first aid room
Apprentice Electrician | Darlington, SC | Feb 2, 2018
Very productive and challenging job only got done wrong
My name is Shawn Price I was a electrician for canfor in Darlington SC..I was there 2 1/2 months then fired during that time my sister had got sick with lung cancer she was admitted to the hospital . I missed some day then I came back for one night because I worked 3rd and on my way home I got a call telling me she past during the night . So I missed a few more day . Then i came on back to work . I was there for a few more weeks and i was told to run some riged pipe for three phase heaters approximately 350 ft of it 30 ft in the air run all the pipe in 1 night and a half nights by myself but I was partially in the rain on a lift at twenty degrees outside . ( yes I love extreme work ) butt I got sick actually got so sick they ask me if I was going to make it. So the next day I was a no show and common since I figured they would know why I didn't show so I didn't call in . Until 2 days later saying I was coming back with a doctor's note and still sick . It was three days before Christmas they fired me . But when they had nobody i was there for them somedays 16hrs . KARMA is something else after that 2 electricians have quit out of four electricians for both shifts in the past month . So one electrician for two shifts . But I loved the extreme work and would do again even if I felt like was done wrong .
ProsU got work
ConsMike Shields( shank ur hand and then stab u in the back
Operator | Conway, SC | Jul 15, 2020
Pros and cons
If you have goals in plan to put them in motion, I repeat this is not the place for you, you do not have a life working here 12 hours or more are the shifts in also depending on the department, Hours are 5:30pm - 5am but really it's when your production is done. If you just want to settle for a plant job as career then this would be a good fit. I am a female btw in is currently employed and hate it. Training sucks barely can hear what there saying because it's so loud and no social distancing. Some can't train. Pay is based off where they put you $12.50. I am a strapper operator not worth it, they work you like a slave. They cheat you out of breaks you suppose to have two 15 minutes break in one 30 minute, well your 15 minute break is twelve mins and your 30 minute break is 25 minutes. Supervisor are both black they ain't nothing but Butt kissers( I Don't Kiss Butt, IDC who you are or what title you have). Human Resource is a joke they don't value they employees is all a money thing for them I don't care for none of them, they full of SugarHoneyIceTea. They have a point system its goes up to 7 you lose those in your terminated. Note: Never leave a job unless you have your foot in the other door, that's the only reason why my butt is still here.
Unknown | Camden, SC | Aug 24, 2018
Challenging, Yet Rewarding...
The people that make up this industry... the millwrights, the operators, the utility workers, and even the managers... well, they are the best people. There are no finer people in the world than sawmillers! And I count it a privilege and honor to be able to help and support these people on a daily basis. They challenge me, humble me with their gratitude, make me laugh daily, and allow me to continue to believe that mutual respect, teamwork, and hard work can make all the difference in a professional environment. I have worked for many lumber manufacturing companies, and I can say without one doubt that Canfor is among the best in the world! They provide an environment that values the people who make up their workforce. It’s hard work, and can be challenging at times, but the rewards are endless for the person who truly cares about people. I have enjoyed working with this spirited group of professionals, and hope to spend many more years working for this industry giant. There is no better industry or team to to be a part of!
ProsPeople, Industry, Challenges
ConsLong Hours
Millwright | Urbana, AR | Nov 23, 2017
Challenging & rewarding. Hard workers need not apply.
Our equipment is better than anywhere else I've worked and the sawmill is clean & efficient. Upper management looks out for us and communicates well. Sawmills are a physically demanding job, but it's nice to know your appreciated. Show up on time with the mindset of working & not playing on your phone & you will be fine. It's okay not to know something, but do your best to get in the know They have weekend millwrights that come in so everyone has a nice balance of work/family. I average 52 to 56 hrs a week & make a nice check. Honestly being a millwright is tough , but doing the job in a clean mill with good tools & a little gratitude thrown your way makes it much more enjoyable. I couldn't have asked for more. I work in the Urbana,Arkansas mill which Canfor bought from Anthony Forest Products.
ProsExcellent mill in good working condition, management, benefits.
ConsCan get hot during summer, lots of stairs.

Questions and answers about Canfor

How did you get your first interview at Canfor?
Asked Mar 13, 2019
Insights from Canfor’s Talent Acquisition team: An interview can come through various avenues, the most popular way to apply is via our online careers page or employment-related search engines such as Indeed, Glassdoor or LinkedIn. We encourage job seekers to apply for a position and visit our careers site at
Answered Jul 3, 2019
Any part time jobs for international students? Any requirements?
Answered May 27, 2019
Does canfor drug test?
Asked Feb 18, 2019
No they do not
Answered Feb 5, 2021
They do not. I smoked a fat gager before my job interview. One of the main topics in the lunch room is smoking dope.
Answered Sept 27, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Canfor? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Mar 13, 2019
Insights from Canfor’s Talent Acquisition team: The recruitment process will vary depending on the position. If you are an entry-level job seeker, some of our locations hold interactive group hiring sessions, called “Canfor Connects”. These sessions are for you to learn about job opportunities at Canfor and allow our supervisors and recruiters to make hiring considerations. As an entry-level job seeker you can expect a short hiring process from a few days to a week. These events are by invitation, so if you’re interested in finding out more about them, we welcome you to apply for our open opportunities at For mid-level and managerial positions, we have a more comprehensive hiring process. Once we receive an application, we review the information and contact potential new hires to better understand their experience and fit for the role. For those selected, we will schedule an initial screening which may include an interview, assessment or testing. For operations related roles, we invite hopefuls to attend an in-person interview and tour of the mill. The hiring process usually entails multiple interviews with managers, the regional manager and/or team members. This process can take upwards of 30 days and will depend on the role and requirements of the position. For successful candidates, a member of our talent acquisition team will contact you to complete a reference and background check prior to the official hiring.
Answered Jul 3, 2019
The process would depend on their needs.
Answered Mar 18, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Canfor?
Asked Apr 25, 2017
Safety based
Answered Jul 18, 2019
Insights from Canfor’s Talent Acquisition team: We are proud to have a dynamic workforce that can work cross-functionally with our teams across operations and offices. Our talented employees make us a great place to work and each location has their own unique culture. No matter your role from tradespeople, business specialists to technology experts we promote diversity of people and work experiences.
Answered Jul 3, 2019
How often do you get a raise at Canfor?
Asked Dec 8, 2022
Every 12 months.
Answered Feb 26, 2023
Answered Dec 22, 2022