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Production Worker | St. Marys, ON | Jul 13, 2023
It’s high turnover for a very valid reason
The management team are seemingly nice, when starting your journey into their cardboard box world, but it doesn’t take long and you will want to slit your wrists. The union workers are absolutely horrible. Training is a injustice, the trainers are absent in helping. Bullying is common practice and certainly not frowned upon. The Line operators lack the basic fundamentals of leading a healthy team.
ProsFree lunch on Wednesday
ConsPeople’s attitude
Roll Off Driver | Surrey, BC | Dec 29, 2021
Good workplace with questionable management.
Everything will look great when you begin but as time passes, Management will end up pushing you further and further to a breaking point. Great coworkers but it becomes quite apparent that not everyone is granted the same work load and certain people aren't expected to work as hard.
ProsGood equipment, good coworkers/yard staff
ConsManagement doesn't listen to concerns of the little guys.
Maître de Maison (H/F) | Kingsey Falls, QC | Jun 3, 2021
Belle entreprise avec de bonnes valeurs
Ça fait déjà 3 ans que je travaille chez Cascades et c'est vraiment rendu une famille pour moi. Les gestionnaires sont présents et à l'écoute. On est apprécié à notre juste valeur. L'environnement de travail est dynamique et convivial.
ProsAssurances avantageuses, horaire flexible, REER, conciliation travail-famille, bonus
Production Manager | Etobicoke, ON | Apr 21, 2023
Great place to work
Positive experience working for Cascades for the past 23 years is a testament to the strength of the company as an employer. The company's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and employee well-being has created a positive work environment that has kept you engaged and fulfilled for over two decades.
Journalier de Production (H/F) | Montréal, QC | Aug 17, 2023
Bonne paye, bonne gestion de l’équipe.
La paye est bonne et l’équipe est gentille, attendez vous à un travail répétitif et une chaleur intense durant l’été, ils fournissent le matériel de protection et les superviseurs sont aimables tant que vous faites votre travail. Si c’est ce que vous recherchez c’est parfait pour vous.
Operator | St. Marys, ON | Aug 20, 2023
Not a terrible place to work at all.
Cascades is not a terrible place to work at all. Make great pay, create new relationships and very easy work. After the years go by it usually gets even better to be at. No major complaints other than working every other weekend and the odd aggravation but what workplace doesn’t have that.
Machine Operator | Mississauga, ON | Jan 20, 2021
Really a good place to work at.
I started working there last year (2020), and I really love the place. Their safety policy is so good that they barely record any accident. I will always recommend anyone to cascade anytime.
ProsFree lunches
Analyste (H/F) | Brossard, QC | Dec 22, 2022
Pour du long terme
J’ai travailler au bureau de Cascades pendant un peu moins d’un an. Belle ambiance de travail avec beaucoup de possibilité d’avancement. Beaucoup d’avantage afin d’avoir un bas taux de roulement. Moins intéressant pour du court terme.
Press Operator | St. Marys, ON | Dec 7, 2021
Worst job
Worst job and goofy people there…. No training what so ever, only good part is the money. Have fun having no life working here would never recommend to work there.
ProsFree lunches
ConsBoring work Worst place to work Fake people
Sorter | Kelowna, BC | Aug 19, 2023
It’s okay
Repetitive , dirty work environment , great people though. Doesn’t really push you mentally , it’s very cold in the winter and can get pretty hot in the summer. It’s not good long term unless you get hired for another position.
Home Health Aide | Greenville, SC | Dec 4, 2018
Members great Management isn't
A day at work for Cascades was great when it came to being with the clients and doing what needed to be done for them and knowing they were happy with you. Even members there say that management is not for them. Just because they are a for-profit organization, they could listen to the members more. The caregivers get paid the least there over all the other positions and some of us even do more or about the same as other CNAs there. There is a high turn over there for CNAs, housekeepers, and caregivers. If you don't cater to the bosses and your coworkers tell on you look out your in trouble whether you did it or not. The manager for the caregivers need to listen for to the clients on who they want working with them and stop send so many different ones where the client is training so many of them. Overall the company is alright where it comes to PTO time and continuous training. The most enjoyable part is the members.
ProsPTO time and training, Residents that live there
Consmanagement, the pay, the insurance
Quality Technician | Truesdale, MO | Jul 1, 2021
Somewhat of a good job
In short this company has a lot of flaws, at first it was the negativity coming from some of the workers. I was only there a few months and I seen so many people either get fired or quit. I once overheard someone say “you have to have thick skin to work here” and you do, they’ll yell at you or make you feel dumb when you make a mistake. And not to mention the training program sucks, they kind of give you some training in the beginning week then they just throw you in line with everyone else. But the work is easy but boring once you get the hang of it, also standing around all day for 12 hours. Breaks are short, you barely have time to relax. And the dress code sucks, steel toe shoes all day, hairnets, ear plugs. Machinery is very loud, I had a hard time hearing someone when they talk to me a lot. I dreaded working here more than any job I’ve ever had.
ProsPaid every week
ConsShort breaks, not enough staff
| Niagara Falls, NY | Nov 13, 2020
If you're willing to get your hands dirty and put in the work, you can make great money.
Like any job, there are pros and cons. This job, you can make a ton of money, but it's not for everyone. It's hard work and long hours. You can advance if you are dedicated and put in the work. Recently, a union was just voted in and the union is literally a joke.
ProsAmazing pay, as much overtime as you want, profit sharing, Sunday double time, you can be promoted quickly as long as you work hard and are reliable.
ConsHot and dirty environment, sometimes you have to work past your break, lack of care from other lazy employees makes other jobs harder than they should be.
Wastewater Operator | Schenectady, NY | Jun 5, 2023
Clueless management, lazy maintenance, sycophantic employees
Management is completely detached from the real world needs of the employees to get the jobs done. They preach safety and have ridiculous fork truck rules but, break all kinds of other safety rules daily. Raises are non-existent, they give you lip service but not wallet service. They act like they care but then you become a problem if you complain too much. You work with what you have even if it's not even remotely enough. There are better factory jobs out there. Steer clear of this horrible place.
ConsIt's very existence
Production Operator | Barnwell, SC | Feb 21, 2022
Do not recommend!
Do not recommend, especially at the Barnwell, SC plant. Cascades purchased a lemon from the previous company that owned the plant, and after 2+ years of owning it, haven't even begun to fix the numerous issues plaguing the place. Parts that break aren't replaced, there are no spare parts for anything, training is a joke, the turnover rate is ridiculously high, that pay is subpar for most positions, and the only focus is on production - failing to understand that addressing all of these problems would solve their production issues.
Maintenance Technician | Wagram, NC | Aug 23, 2022
Management sucks
Not only is management Unexperienced they don't care about the employees that are dedicated! All they care about is a yes man! Loved HR management! I really wish the maintenance managers cared about the working man that makes there job easier! Over all all of management sucks! The best thing about working thier is the pay and benefits! I done everything I could the right way and and tried to keep my manager aware of what I did do but was told I went to his office to much! For the record I went maybe 3 times a day!
Wrapper | Rockingham, NC | Nov 1, 2020
Not a place to stay if you be happy
Little to no Training program. They call it ON THE JOB TRAINING and have team lead training supervisors being paid very good money but never do anything as to training! Management is a joke, the HR in facility doesn't even have his degree to be in the position. They claim that they are like a family but only certain employees who suck up or tell on coworkers are treated like this. Honestly wish I never worked there!!!!
Proslots of days off
ConsManagement, rotating shifts, pay, training and advancement
Operator | Scappoose, OR | Jul 26, 2020
Poor management
I dont recommend anyone to work here ..Management are nothing but fake back stabbers and nothing but lies come out of there mouths...They promise raises and it never happens and new manager hates women so if you are a lady good luck on getting somewere in that plant.Cause he is as rude as ever and put you on the back burner and Hr lady is no better she takes his side no matter what...she wont listen to your story and they both are sneaky as far as plotting who they are going to fire next..its pretty sad
Maintenance Technician | Scotia, NY | May 12, 2023
What is the best part of working at the company? no overbearing corporate presence What is the most stressful part about working at the company? lack of parts, and slow procurement What is the work environment and culture like at the company? a solid team. only left for much better pay What is a typical day like for you at the company? laid back, working as a team with production to get product out the door. very few lumps when I worked there. (over 3 years ago)

Questions and answers about Cascades

If you were to leave Cascades, what would be the reason?
Asked Jun 22, 2018
Rotation non constante sur les shifts de jour, soir, nuit si l'employé n'a pas de poste.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
Le type de travail que tu dois faire vs. Les tâches réels
Answered Jun 21, 2019
What is the dress code at Cascades?
Asked Oct 29, 2019
Le code vestimentaire suggéré dans notre entreprise est une tenue de ville pour les employées et les employés de bureau et un uniforme (t-shirt/chemise et pantalon verts) pour les employés de production en usine.
Answered May 6, 2020
Business Casual
Answered Apr 11, 2020
What are the perks offered by Cascades?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
Cascades offers a competitive benefits program: bi-annual profit-sharing, group insurance, advantageous RRSP contribution and share purchase plans, vision care allowances, sports memberships, several personal training opportunities, a computer equipment purchase program, branded clothing. In addition to a flexible work schedule, telecommuting possibilities, a summer schedule and access to the company's condos in Florida and Mont-Tremblant. *Benefits may vary by position and unit.
Answered May 6, 2020
Monthly safety lunches for no injuries, profit shares twice a year.
Answered Nov 9, 2018
What is the company culture at Cascades?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
Cascades has a rich culture of more than half a century of its founders, the Lemaire brothers. A pioneer in the circular economy, the company reveals the potential of all kinds of residual materials and recycles them into new products. This logic remains at the very heart of our business model today. A committed corporate citizen, Cascades offers more than $3.5 million in donations and sponsorships each year. Our values are conveyed throughout the company through our employees. Naturally respectful, stronger together, fierce determination and speak truthfully. This is what defines us and what guides our daily actions as Cascadeuses et Cascadeurs.
Answered May 6, 2020
Not great at all.
Answered Jun 21, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Cascades a better place to work?
Asked Jun 11, 2019
Le management aurait intérêt à revoir un peu son ouverture quant aux formes de travail. Oui Cascades est une famille, mais le nouveau marché de l'emploi fait en sorte que les candidats veulent s'accomplir en dehors du travail. Ils devraient revoir un peu leur ouverture quant au temps réduit (4 jours semaine) et éviter de surcharger ses ressources.
Answered Nov 8, 2019
Burn it down with all management inside.
Answered Jun 11, 2019