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Actor | Edmonton, AB | Jul 16, 2022
fun and easy but management can be difficult
shifts were pretty simple and the same every time, coworkers were nice and most customers were very kind! i personally had issue with scheduling conflicts because i had two jobs at the time, was very hard to balance. i had issues with emailing or calling in for shifts, as management would never answer the phone or emails unless it was to say you couldn’t get it off (witnessed them watch the phone ring once and listen to someone call in, only to laugh and not call them back)
Pros50% off food 30 minutes before or after shift and on break, free movies
Consmanagement sucks at replying sometimes, website is hard to navigate occasionally, lots of the tech likes to shut down multiple times a month
Actor | London, ON | Aug 1, 2022
Good first job
Good first job if you're just starting out. But your management team and coworkers can make or break the experience. Don't expect to be promoted or moved to different sections, even if you have all the qualifications. My location had a VIP section and I was told that if I got my Smart Serve I could work in there, but my managers moved a new-hire over there instead because she was related to the Head Manager. I also asked to be trained on different sections of the regular theater but because of favouritism, management never did it. They also have an "award show" every year to give people awards for doing their jobs, but again, favouritism is blatant.
ProsFree movie tickets for you and a +1
Guest Service Agent | Toronto, ON | Jun 17, 2022
Very fast paced and a bit stressful
Typical day at work starts of with answering calls right at the start of the shift. Management was very nice but not very organized as they was very understaffed. The job being remote means that workplace culture is a bit non existent. Hardest part of the job would be the constant pressure of answering calls and dealing with the customers that have had a long wait time. Most enjoyable part of the job would be the satisfaction that you get after you successfully help a customer after they have had to be put through a heap of trouble.
Actor | Edmonton, AB | Sept 21, 2022
Prepare to beg for hours - Anyone other than students stay away
During the summer you will get 20 hours a week max. During the slower winter months closer to 3 or 4 hours a week. Management is a nightmare with fraternity vibes. The work culture is to protect yourself at all costs, and make anyone under you do your job for you. At my location my part time managers work more hours than the salaried GM. The benefit of the job is that it's perfect for students who don't want to fully commit to working. It's incredibly easy to give your shift away due to the lack of hours.
Actor | St. Vital, MB | Jul 24, 2022
Fun, but very entry-level
I have enjoyed my time at Cineplex thoroughly. However, if you expect to be paid fairly, or according to your skill level, forget it. The wages are BARELY above minimum wage for higher positions (Cast lead, Assistant manager, etc.). Despite working hard, and doing what is generally speaking janitorial services, you will never receive any further pay. Unless you truly, truly enjoy being in a movie theater all the time, the pay barely justifies the amount of expectations placed on you from your management team.
ProsGood employee benefits
ConsPoor pay
Actor | Saskatoon, SK | Jul 29, 2022
Good Workplace But managers
The workplace is honestly amazing for a minimum wage job. They actually have training courses so you can actually learn, instead of putting you with a trainer in the middle of a busy shift. There wasn't a lot to do aside from make popcorn, hot dogs, mop, broom, closing, etc. They actually had everything sorted out. The issue for me was that one of the manager definitely had favourites, and she would let you know. But a good job, I ended up leaving cause of covid
ProsFree Movie tickets, nice management
ConsShort hours favouritism
Part-Time Cast Leader | Oshawa, ON | Jul 14, 2022
Fast Paced, Good for a first job if you like movies
I did enjoy working at cineplex, I learnt a lot in my time there. It was rather busy, we had a high turnover rate and there was a lot of call ins. There is always extra shifts available if that is what you are looking for. Very busy and very fast paced. You can get trained in different roles in the building and can switch things up.
ProsFree movies
ConsHigh turn over rate
Actor | Ontario | Jun 27, 2022
high turn over, lack of hours
Pretty much as it says. they go through constant waves of new hires. Everybody wants more hours however they never give them. I got covid and had to book sick for a week. They then proceeded to ghost me for a month afterward giving me no hours forcing me to quit. Very dramatic work culture where everyone is out to get you.
Assistant Manager | Oakville, ON | Jun 21, 2022
Free movies are a plus
I’ve worked for cineplex for seven years before as a cast member now as a manager, overall I have had a mostly positive experience. As a cast member the o my complaint I would have is with some of the management team at my building weren’t always the nicest but once they left it improved the experience.
Actor | Abbotsford, BC | Oct 2, 2022
Great for a starting job, but not long term
It was great as a starting job, since you get cross trained and gain a lot of experience. Especially in the VIP. I would not recommend staying long; 0 raises, 0 health benefits, 0 guarantee of hours, and the culture was toxic after a while.

Questions and answers about Cineplex

What would you suggest cineplex management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked May 22, 2022
Stick to their word, cross-train people on the different positions in the theater, stop the favouritism.
Answered Aug 1, 2022
Have raises and talk to there employees about how they are feeling
Answered Jun 12, 2022
What is the interview process like at cineplex?
Asked May 22, 2022
simple and easy, just talk about how you’re good at multi tasking and helping up-sell and talking to people and you basically got it
Answered Jul 16, 2022
Basic, very standard interview process, but some difficult questions
Answered Jun 28, 2022
Can you work remotely at cineplex?
Asked Sept 8, 2022
No, it’s a theatre.
Answered Oct 2, 2022
No. You will be expected to be there all hours of the day.
Answered Sept 8, 2022
What was the most challenging part of your role at cineplex?
Asked Jun 28, 2022
Getting treated with no respect
Answered Aug 17, 2022
When you're doing concession and a huge movie comes out, endless lines of people and you're expected to serve them as fast and nicely as possible.
Answered Aug 1, 2022
Does cineplex allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Jun 21, 2022
They prefer you to have a very open availability. the hours are set around the movie times. There is always extra shifts available.
Answered Jul 14, 2022
Flexible hours
Answered Jun 21, 2022