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Hamilton City Hall 71 Main St W Hamilton ON L8P 4Y5
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Overall reviews at City of Hamilton

Support Worker | Hamilton, ON | Jul 16, 2013
clean it shine it look at it again!
catch the bus at 7 am off to clients home get their knock or punch in apartment number say who I am make my way up or in their homes say hello and get the cleaning products and get to work after job is done ill check around to see if it needs to be done again, so I know I completed the job right! what i have learned from this job is to have more patients to communicate more , better myself for another job, experiencing new jobs , how to manage time better , to set an alarm hour before you get up for work, be on time! management , leader, motivate and take on different responsibilities everyday. honestly i got along with all my co-workers since i am a peoples person i love talking and meeting new people so its not hard for me to get along with people, I been working at helping hands and all the co-workers their who I met in the past 6 months they are all great people! the hardest part of the job i cant think of any at all right now i liked this job it kept me busy and on my feet the most enjoyable part of the job is waking up every morning and knowing I am going to put a smile on someone's face after I leave their homes and knowing that their in a clean environment and getting out and its also great exercise to !
Proskeeping busy
Consnot doing anything
Support Worker | Hamilton, ON | Jun 2, 2013
Excellent workers poor work life balance
I really enjoy working for the City of Hamilton in Long term care. I have held many positions there and have worked many different shifts. I enjoy working with my co workers and we work as a team. At this job we get one weekend off every 6 weeks. It can be difficult to get additional weekends off as they are limited by the contract. A typical day starts off with resident care. We get residents washed and dressed before 8 am. We then serve breakfast and feed those who need help. After breakfast residents are toileted and taken to activities. We then serve lunch. After lunch we toilet and put required residents to bed. At 2 pm we serve snack. We chart on each resident and do shift change at 3pm. I have great co workers. When there is a problem we are able to talk through and resolve differences. We are aware that we spend are time supporting both are residents and are co workers. we are a learning enviroment and we learn from each other. I really enjoy my job and find most of my day enjoyable. The hardest part of my job is realizing that some people are negetive and not allowing this to effect me. I also find the comute and working every weekend difficult.
Prosexcellent benefits and pension plan
Consone weekend off every 6
Supie | Hamilton, ON | Oct 6, 2013
Extremely fun work place where organization and dedication was key
A typical day at work as a Supie was extremely fun. I got to work with children of several different ages by planning games and crafts for them. I also had to fill out daily paperwork and clean and maintain the park. I learned several skills at this job. I learned to keep my paperwork organized, determine when something was urgent enough to call my supervisor, I got to give some minor first aid, and cleaning skills. I only got to see my co-workers once a week and they were great. They all gave very good ideas for me to bring to my park and they also listened to any input i had. We also helped each other with any issues we might have had during our weeks. I got to see my supervisor at least twice a week. She would come and check up on my progress. Overall this job was severely independent. The hardest part of my job was when children got out of hand or teenagers came to the park and ruined my program plans. I had lots of assistance with these issues when needed, but after the first week I learned a few tricks to fix these problems on my own. My job was overall VERY enjoyable. I loved going to work every day, because I got to influence the children's summers.
ProsGood salary
ConsNo bathroom on site
Public Works- Summer Student | Hamilton, ON | Sep 24, 2015
I had a very rewarding time being an employee for the City of Hamilton.
I enjoyed my time working for the City of Hamilton because it gave me a stronger sense of responsibility and discipline. I was asked every day from my supervisor to show up at 8:00am in uniform ready to work until the job was done. In my last summer at the City of Hamilton I was the oldest student so my supervisor counted on me a lot of times to complete the tougher tasks such as barrels, and cutting the high end sections of the cemetery. Taking on more difficult tasks was the most enjoyable part of the job for me because the sense of satisfaction after completing difficult tasks was undeniably special. Another benefit that I learned from working for the City of Hamilton is how unions work, I was an employee of the government and I understood the affects that unions can have on employees when they have job security. I will always be grateful from my time at the City of Hamilton because of the work experiences that I attained.
ProsLots of freedom, great colleagues, excellent work conditions, and good pay.
ConsThe job became very repetitive at times, and I wish their was more variety.
Administrator | Hamilton, ON | Feb 21, 2018
The City of Hamilton was an overall great place to work. I enjoyed my years of working with Public Health.
The City of Hamilton was a great place to work. There was a balance of Work and Social Activities which made it a pleasant place to work as well as encouraging productivity. The City of Hamilton was a professional and fair employer. The Management Team kept their employees informed and made themselves approachable to employee issues and concerns. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new work and working with the public. The work environment was constantly changing with new technology. We were involved in learning new data bases linking the City of Hamilton data bases with the Hospitals and the Ministry of Health. The hardest part of the job was juggling different tasks while meeting deadlines, which was a challenge I adapted to. The workplace culture was pleasant and friendly and peers were willing to work together as a team and help each other.
ProsWorked with great peers and had great Management support.
ConsAt times there were stressful situations.
Legal Assistant | Hamilton, ON | May 27, 2016
fun work place
Working for the City Of Hamilton was stressful but very enjoyable. I would go to work, sit in my desk and look through my emails to see if my mentor has asked me to do any jobs within the office. Typically they would be for me to print stuff off or open/ close files. What I have learned in this field is that you have to be VERY organized, work at an reasonable pace, and know what work is most important to lest important. My co-workers were very understanding and helped me a lot. They were serious but playful at the same time. Everyone was very appreciated for the work I was doing and even told me so. The hardest part about working at the City Of Hamilton was having a big book to organise, tab and bind in the same day because they had to be in court the next day. The most enjoyable part about working for the City was that everyone helped out one another. If a person was struggling one of our members helped. They also had different ethnic groups working and they would bring in food for us to try.
Store Shopper | Hamilton, ON | Sep 12, 2013
Interesting, fun working environment
A typical day at work would include accompanying my supervisor and possibly other Test Shoppers to various locations with in the City of Hamilton, attempt to purchase tobacco, write and communicate my observations to my supervisor and fill out reports as required. While on the Job I am responsible for paying close attention to detail (appropriate signage, appearance of store and clerks). I have learned how to troubleshoot, organize, and communicate my observations. My co-workers are great people to work with; very friendly and work well together. The hardest part of the job is constantly writing in a small space. The most enjoyable part of the job is the experience; not a lot of people have this job and it's great because I am always in a different situation, learning new things.
ProsVery fair wage
ConsNot a fair amount of hours available
| Hamilton, ON | Jun 3, 2015
Once you're in it's one of the best companies to work for!
I've been working for the City of Hamilton from a very young age and I've loved every single position I've held. The wage/salary simply can't be beat, and co-workers are always so friendly. Management respects you more than other places I've seen and has your back whether you're unionized or not. Some jobs are contract jobs that require you to have a certain amount of time where you don't work, which is really my only complaint as I'm unemployed for a couple months of the year where I can't really apply to a different job because I'll be returning to work shortly. Advancing is fairly tough if you're not unionized, and getting into the union is also extremely difficult, as is getting your initial job into the City of Hamilton. Put the extra effort in to obtain a position here and you will NOT regret it I assure you!
Technical Support Specialist | Hamilton, ON | Nov 6, 2015
It was mostly a game of politics and back end bull
The hours were wonderful. Working between the hours of 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm is a dream come true for most people with a family. The pay if you were a full time or full time contractor was phenomenal as well, being really high ($28-32/h upwards of $40) at the starting tiers with pay advancement going as high as six figures easily. The people were another story. Most of them were out to cut you down or there is rampant incompetence due to union support. It is extremely difficult to remove unsavory or ineffective individuals after they pass their probationary period. There were a few beams of light in the mud, but, not enough for me to say the people is what you come to the City for. It's the job security, the pay, and the ability to have as much time with your family and friends while having employment.
Recreation Assistant | Hamilton, ON | Jan 24, 2014
Flexible work hours to fit my demanding school schedule
• Program plan for specific courses taught • Courses range from sports, cooking, music, and science • Dealing with children aged 3-12, as well as teens 13-18, and adults • Making sure parents are happy with the courses taught • Additional duties include overseeing programs and making sure they are running smoothly • Directly supervising receptionist staff, program leaders, and instructors • Dealing with instructors, making sure they are taking their classes seriously, and evaluating them • Opening and locking up the recreation centers • Making sure rooms are clean and ready to be used • Dealing with patrons during special events, answering questions, directing them on where they need to go
Registered Nurse | Rio Grande do Norte | Jul 19, 2019
Seemed like a good opportunity but...
Mostly contract work - renewed "contracts" - no pension (2 year waiting period to contribute unless you get on as PERMANENT full time, not temporary)- wage not comparable to Hospital settings at all. Think long and hard before accepting a position here. Wage calculated on a 2:1 ratio (1 year on their payscale for every 2 years non public health experience)... RE: Less pay- it takes 10yrs FT to get to top, so if coming from hospital and only 15yrs nursing experience, for example, you start at level 7 and have 3 years FT hours to put in before making it to where you were prior to coming here, but only if in a Public Health nurse role - there is a lesser paying payscale for the regular "RN" roles!! So you only max out at $41 vs. hospital pay at $47!
ProsFlexible scheduling
ConsContract-no pension- less pay - 2 RN payscales, so depends where you are hired

Questions and answers about City of Hamilton

What is the promotion process like at City of Hamilton?
Asked Nov 30, 2022
You have to be in the friends and lovers club to get a promotion. They go through a process but they already have somebody who they want for the job.
Answered Jul 31, 2023
Nepotism runs rampant.
Answered Mar 6, 2023
What benefits does City of Hamilton offer?
Asked Dec 17, 2020
Omers pension and Manulife for benefits
Answered Sep 1, 2023
Just about any you can think of.
Answered Mar 15, 2023
Do you have to volunteer at the SPCA to increase your chances of being hired.
Asked Mar 25, 2018
Yes you do.
Answered Jan 11, 2022
I like ontario highway police night to morning driving. We do but bus roul more people cellphone used.
Answered Sep 3, 2019
All positions seem to be listed as full time temporary. Does this mean it's contract to contract, if they like you? Thanks!
Asked Aug 9, 2017
yes - contracts get extended
Answered Jul 30, 2021
City council has directed that there be no new permanent positions so blame those elected officials not managers
Answered Dec 4, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at City of Hamilton? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Mar 26, 2017
Have a concise and detailed resume outlining keywords related to your knowledge and experience
Answered May 8, 2018
Most of the time it is not what you know but who do you KNOW.
Answered Dec 25, 2017