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Popular jobsSwim InstructorCustomer Service RepresentativeMaintenance HelperCamp CounselorInstructorProgram LeaderLifeguardMaintenance PersonAdministrative AssistantAssistantBus DriverProgrammerPool AttendantProgram CoordinatorSupervisorFinancial SpecialistHead LifeguardOperatorOttawaStudent AssistantSupport WorkerBusiness ConsultantCamp CouncillorData Entry ClerkPark ManagerProgram ManagerAccounting ClerkAmbassadorAttendantCamp LeaderCamp ManagerCoordinatorCounselorCrossing GuardEngineerEngineering AssistantInfirmier Auxiliaire Autorisé (H/F)InspectorManagerParamedicProgram InstructorProject ManagerSenior DeveloperSenior Engineering AssistantSenior Systems AnalystSuperintendentTechnicianVolunteerAdminAdministrative ClerkAdministratorAnalystAnimal Control OfficerAquatics SpecialistArt AssociateArtistAssistant CoordinatorAssocié au Stock/Épa (H/F)BakerBefore and Afer school WorkerBilling AnalystCall Center RepresentativeCamp CoucellorCare WorkerCasual ClerkChildcare ProviderCity Councillor - Kitchissippi WardCity of OttawaClerkClient ServicesCoachCommunications OfficerContract AdministratorControl OfficerCrew LeaderCuisinier (H/F)DVCData SpecialistDeveloperDevelopment Operations EngineerDevelopmental Service WorkerDirector of Public RelationsDistributorDrupal DeveloperElectrical HelperEngineering TechnicianEnvironment/SustainabilityEnvironmental MonitorEquipment OperatorEquipment TechnicianFinance OfficerFinancial AnalystFitness InstructorFitness ManagerFood Service AssociateForemanFreelancerFull Time Traffic CounterGIS TechnicianGestion des incidentsGrounds CrewHVAC TechnicianHelp Desk AnalystHome HelperHorticultureInstallation TechnicianInsurance Verification SpecialistJunior DesignerLaboratory AssistantLaboratory TechnicianLaborourLandscape TechnicianLaw Enforcement OfficerLegal AssistantLoaderMailroom ClerkMany rolesMechanicMonitorOffice AdministratorOffice AssistantOperational Support GradePlannerProcess OperatorProgram AdministratorProgram AssistantProgrammer AnalystProject AssistantProject CoordinatorProject OfficerProperty ManagerPublic Area AttendantPublic Health NurseRPNReceptionistReceptionist/ClerkRecords ClerkRecreation LeaderResearch AnalystResearch AssistantSakting addententSenior AdministratorSenior Civil EngineerSenior InspectorSenior Quality Assurance AnalystSenior Traffic CounterSenior Web DeveloperShift ManagerSign MakerSnow Plow OperatorStructural EITStudent (Co-op)Summer StudentSummer Student Senior Traffic CounterSupport Services ClerkSystems Integration SpecialistTeacherTechnical Support SpecialistTechnologistTruck DriverUtility WorkerWaste Water OperatorWater Treatment SpecialistWater distrubutionYouth Leaderpension and benefits officer

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Operator | Ottawa, ON | Nov 5, 2012
Toxic and violent, rampant neopotism
Operating buses on route, serving the public with safe transportation and timely information. Service to the public is its own reward. A driver typically gets treated as well as he treats commuters. First you may have to endure the initial encounter, not take it personally, and rise above the complaints, then respect will be returned. Selection of managers was always questionable, there was no apparent lick between qualifications, duties and abilities. Qualified candidates are often overlooked, appointed candidate often totally incompetent. The primary skill sought appears to be the ability to deflect responsibility onto subordinates. Bus drivers are service oriented people, they often become dis-enchanted with the lack of support, lack of needed training and lack of consistency in the application of guidelines. Obvious favoritism creates distrust, the dominate attitude at OC Transpo. Dealing with supervisors who push for dervice delivery at the expense of safety. Motivating yourself when the management has alterior motives, hiden agendas, and aggressive and disrespectful tendencies towards the front line workers. The many smiles on customers faces, friendships developed after years of service and satisfaction with knowing I performed to the best of my ability despite management.
Prospaid well for the task performed.
Conspaid poorly for the abuse tolerated from the supervisors.
Finance Officer | Ottawa, ON | Jun 20, 2015
Productive and Enjoyable
A typical day for me at work is logging on to my computer and going through my emails! I list the ones that require immediate attention and are considered a priority. I then listen to my voice messages, respond if possible or gather the information and call back. I also review my Outlook calendar for notifications and meetings booked. Then it's the "to do folder" I created. Ths is to list any outstanding tasks to complete . It's a pleasure to put a red line through tasks that are completed. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting work done in a timely manner. I plan in advance and organize my day well. Of course, there are always surprises and the expectation to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. The hardest part of the job, is getting external or internal responses to enquires. I have no control in getting replies. However I ensure I do follow-ups or always have an alternative person to contact. My co-workers are great. We work as a team. Assisting each other in all aspects of the job. For days off or vacation time, we act as the cover off for that person. It's important to work well with colleagues, to share work load and be a source of knowledge that I am willing to share. If it's a quiet day, I do my filing!
ProsOn site gym
ConsOut of Province travelling
Head Lifeguard | Ottawa, ON | Oct 7, 2014
Great job for students; has flexible work hours
As a lifeguard with the City of Ottawa, I have learned many valuable skills that can be applied in the workforce. I have learned how to work as a team and how to work with little supervision. As a lifeguard, team work is essential, as the facility is large and many lifeguards are working together to ensure the facility is safe. I also learned advanced first aid skills, included how to operate an AED machine and oxygen tanks. As a head lifeguard, a typical day includes setting up the facility, ensuring my staff are performing their responsibilities, responding to public relations, opening and closing the cash, closing the facility, and writing daily reports. As a head lifeguard, I would say the hardest part about my job is balancing work and personal life. As the head lifeguard, I am responsible for the entire facility and my staff. This can be very time consuming and I often find it difficult to allow myself personal time and activities while not at work. The most enjoyable part of my job is working in a great community and getting to know the patrons on a personal level.
Camp Councillor | Ottawa, ON | Sept 11, 2012
This was my favourite job. I would get home from school, and head over to work where I would be meet with my great manager and front desk staff. All the staff members there were amazing, friendly, energetic and kind. After a short time I would take off to pick up the other school of kids down the road. Myself and usually three other councillors would walk with the kids down the side walk and across a road to get to the centre. Once we got there the kids would all head to the gym to get told what the activities were for the day. (Craft, Gym, Homework Room & Circle games). From there each councillor would take a group of kids to do there activity and wait for the parents to arrive, keeping to the 10-1 ratios of kids to councillors. The hardest part of the job would be coming up with craft ideas being a guy I tended to prefer gym so craft was not my strong suit. Most of the time I would get by with fun crafts that the kids enjoyed. The most enjoyable part of the job was the ability to feel satisfied with my job and know that I was doing my part in the community I lived in.
Prosfeeling of self worth
Consshort hours
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Oct 16, 2014
Management restructure needed
As a lifeguard with the City of Ottawa, I have it relatively easy. I work at a quiet pool, with a simple task set, and a fair number of swimming lesson blocks. I really enjoy how structured and precise everything is. There is always a plan for everything, and the answers to any question you may have is just simple to find. The one thing that I don't necessarily enjoy is the management style. At my pool, the PC's office is located within the lifeguard room, separated by a few filing cabinets and nothing more. The level of micro-managing that occurs is difficult to handle at times. The pros are numerous. I enjoy teaching higher-level swimming lessons, so I had a few really good blocks of lessons including Swim Kids 8/9/10, and PowerSwim. Teaching these classes is great because the Head Guards provide a strong support and are available as a ready reference whenever you need. Overall, I've enjoyed my time at the City.
ProsStructure and planning is incredible
ConsManagement team is uncooperative within itself
Senior Developer | Ottawa, ON | Jan 14, 2014
Good learning experience, bad boss, slightly rough work conditions
I worked with another student under the supervision of an inspector on water main sites. I won't name him but he was very bitter and difficult to work for and due for retirement. The city seems to have a lot of redundant positions and this seemed like one of them. I stood outside all day watching contractors work and writing notes, and standing around basically just making sure contractor would do work as specified by the city. Boss would bug me about not doing anything when there was literally nothing for me to do. I did learn a lot just from watching the watermain construction since I knew nothing about construction going in. We had no field office for most of the summer so the rainy and cold days were sometimes rough. Overall though, it wasn't to terrible. Time went by slow most of the time but at least it wasn't too stressful.
ProsRelaxing, easy job, good intro to construction, decent pay for a student
ConsStand outside all day, bad management
Coordinator | Ottawa, ON | Jan 27, 2014
City of Ottawa After School Program
Would start off by setting up before the bell ran for school to be over. I would take attendance while kids start to pile in. I would then go over the schedule for the day with the counsellors and get activities set up. It would then become circle time. Circle time is for telling all the kids of any new rules and what the plans were for the day. We would then do one activity and after would be snack. After snack we would then go into the gym for a running game. After the gym it is free time for the kids that haven't been picked up yet. I would then write in the log book about the day, who was working, and what activities we played. After the kids are gone, we would clean up, and sign our hours. The hardest part of my job is making all the kids happy. There are different ages so there are many suggestions for different games. I try my best compromise for everyone. I love going into work because the kids just brighten my day. They are so entertaining and love being around them.
Financial Specialist | Canada | Jul 1, 2019
Nice Perks, Awful Management , Awful training
The City of Ottawa has many perks and overall is a great employer. However, the officer culture was quite toxic and I was ostracized by management. As a temp employee you have zero job security despite paying union dues, and it can take 2 years to get permanency. Before that time you can be terminated for any and no reason with no grievance process, again paying union dues. Training was awful and incredibly short, however, my manager gave no leeway in terms of mistakes. My manager targeted me and my employment was doomed. Terrible experience that has left me considering moving from Ottawa so i dont have to contribute to the City. Phone aspect of the job was awful and involved being a human punching bag for the City's inflexible and expensive policies.
Prosovertime, good salary, nice perks (compressed work day, 1.5 hours break)
Consawful managers, awful training, little job security until you are permanent
Head Lifeguard | Ottawa, ON | May 22, 2019
"Safe" Job
I thoroughly enjoy working for the City of Ottawa. However, there are some considerations: - It's a safe job, therefore many employees are incredibly lazy - Management must trudge through a mountain of red tape to change anything. - Don't have hopes of changing much or being appropriately recognized for going the extra mile. With the union, the City does take care of its employees: - Great counselling resources - Adequate (sometimes slow-to-respond) compensation. - Benefits - Seniority system that rewards tenure and experience - Protected and limited liability. It takes a special personality type to enjoy a long-term career with the City. If you are ambitious and want a competitive career, look to the private sector. However, if you want a clear-cut, safe, protected, and transparent job, the City is perfect for you.
ProsCompensation, Resources, Benefits, Time off
ConsLazy staff, Red Tape, Cheap, Slow, Socially agonizaing
Maintenance Person | Ottawa, ON | Dec 29, 2014
Student Summer Job working outside performing various landscaping duties
A typical day would include driving to various location sites to perform landscaping duties which for my division included cutting grass on pathways. Some of the most important things I learned while working was a greater understanding and comprehension of the French language, as most of my co-workers spoke french. Another important aspect were the required training programs made available such as occupational work safety, work harassment, and other training programs related. These courses explained work regulations and work hazards. The hardest part of the day was working in somewhat exhaustive heat throughout the summer. The most enjoyable parts of the day was ironically working outside, because being able to spend summer outside while working has its benefits but also its cons.

Questions and answers about City of Ottawa

How often do you get a raise at City of Ottawa?
Asked Nov 22, 2022
Did not get a raise
Answered Mar 30, 2023
per year
Answered Mar 29, 2023
How are the working hours at City of Ottawa?
Asked Apr 4, 2017
I am hard working person,so I well work 8hours or over time,thank you
Answered May 30, 2019
8:30am to 4:30pm
Answered May 1, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make City of Ottawa a better place to work?
Asked Feb 25, 2019
I try make city of ottawa a best place of work.
Answered Aug 11, 2020
Have less part-time staff
Answered Jun 14, 2020
What is the interview process like at City of Ottawa?
Asked Apr 4, 2017
Seems like a welcoming place of employment. The person must be committed and willing to go the extra mile. Well compensated on wages & benefits.
Answered Apr 28, 2019
Two managers interviewing, both write and sometimes will ask you questions in french and english and you have to answer with the correct language.
Answered Mar 7, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at the company?
Asked Mar 19, 2018
The city of otowa is not pullioted so I like all and cultures thanks
Answered May 30, 2019
Pretty flexible
Answered Nov 14, 2018