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Server | Willow Park, AB | Nov 6, 2019
Great staff, not so great management.
Obviously in most restaurants the employee turnover rate is quite high, but this particular location (earls willow park) is absurd. Chances are once your 90 days of probationary employment is coming to a close you will have an extreme drop off in scheduled shifts. The managers pick favourites very obviously, and they hardly make sense. I was hired as full time in the summer, with 6 days a week fully available and requesting 5 shifts a week. For the first month or two I did receive the shifts I was promised and then they suddenly started only scheduling me for one 3 hour shift a week. Obviously, i spoke to one of my managers asking how I can get more shifts again and he told me I was doing great, and just to continue to focus on some of our core elements of working at earls ex, food running, assisting other servers etc etc. Which I was already doing but began to really focus and work on also. Long story short, I was working on all the things mentioned and saw no increase in my shifts. I decided to email the GM explaining my concerns. No reply. My next shift I see two new people be hired and Im wondering why on earth are we hiring new staff when management just said we are overstaffed? Half of our current staff is having to find other jobs because none of us are getting enough shifts? I then decide to email my manager again after not hearing back for a full week. Still no reply, I ended up not going to my next shift from frustration/ lack of communication. I was finally answere
Host/Server | Calgary, AB | Aug 10, 2012
Fun environment meeting new people, increasing people skills.
Often work started with coming in an hour early and organizing areas such as the dining area or lounge area to make sure everything is clean and ready for service. Having pre and post service meetings with goals for each service. Providing service for many types of costumers. Makings sure each person leaves happy and content. Helping run food from the kitchen to all tables and keeping a clean and positive working environment. Then cashing out (by calculating the money you made, what you owe in tips and including all cash and receipts for the administrators). I learning how to really multitask at a fast paced rate and do it well. How to increase my communication skills with coworkers as well as increase my people skills. The management was often great and really willing to help in many different aspects from anything to helping serve people when busy, helping get through difficult costumers and giving advice and constructive criticism in our serving abilities. The co-workers were a good variety of people. There were co-workers that were difficult to deal with and be around, but there are very nice and supportive coworkers present as well. The hardest part of the job was the multitasking. Making sure to remember many different orders, to get what the customers needed in a timely efficient manor, help other coworkers, and staying positive. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to know and talk to different, new and interesting people.
Prosdiscount on food
Consinconsistent working hours
Recruiter | Calgary, AB | Sept 2, 2018
Borderline abusive work culture in concerning kitchen.
All kitchen positions begin at the recruit stage washing dishes. The standards are low for cleanliness with a majority of cooking implements and inserts being only sprayed off and dunked in sanitizer before being considered clean. Dirty pans are put into crates, "cleaned" and then put right back into the same dirty crate. They do not employ a standard three sink system, few things touch soap if "it isn't required". Servers are not held to any standard and will leave plates and trays in awful condition; without ever being reprimanded by management. As well the schedule is designed based on the projections for labour. Which means that they will attempt to understaff themselves whenever possible and then demand employees stay past their scheduled shifts. Being expected to stay past your scheduled shift for an hour or more (without the appropriate adjustments made for breaks either) is common place. A majority of the staff are young and do not know that this is a predatory tactic only utilized to save money. There is no interest in work/life balance. You are a worker, you will do your job, for as long as they say, or you will be fired. While there are very easy opportunities' to advance within the restaurant; it is against your own interests as you will be brought up within sub-par standards. To the point that a chain like Mcdonalds with legitimately give you better education.
Pros50% off lunches
ConsExpected work past scheduled shifts, low food safe standards, low cleanliness standards, scattered management
Sous Chef | Toronto, ON | Jan 18, 2016
Earls has a great culture that makes you feel welcomed the minute you walk in.
I would start off my day by greeting my peers. Making a cup of coffee and beginning my counts on all products to ensure that we have enough going into service as well as making sure that the quality was up to standard. Passing on a re-prep list to the day team to make sure that we do not run out of any products. Then we would set up for service and ensure a smooth night with high levels of execution, profitability and fun. I learned a lot about the business as well as myself. There is something for every one. I was never very passionate about food. I focused on the things that were important to me such as developing relationships, coming up with smart systems, public speaking and providing motivation and inspiration to my team. Management was good. There are obviously always problems but I believe that the systems put in place were meant to create the most positive environment for employees, guests and management. I loved my co-workers. I still consider them family and meet them on a regular basis. The hardest part of the job was that it was always an uphill battle to keep the bigger picture in mind when there were so many things that were happening on a daily level. Also ensuring high levels of profitability made it difficult to make the changes we needed to make but that was not why I left. It is near impossible working in a kitchen to maintain a healthy work life balance. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with my friends.
ProsPlatform to exercise a multitude of skills
ConsLong hours
Cook | Surrey, BC | Jul 4, 2016
Productive and fun workplace with great people to work with.
I learned a lot during my time at earls. I started in the summer of 2015 and I knew nothing back then. It took me 2 weeks to finally get the hang of everything and become proficient at it with only a part-time schedule but the people there is what made it all the more fun. The people that were attracted into the kitchen are all real people who are fun to hang around and care about each other's personal issues and support each other through it (whether it means by covering each other's shifts when needed or training people when they need help/training). It truly was a family mentality which created a special bond with everyone which is something that made the whole experience of working there memorable. Although as fun as it may have been, it being a kitchen, the work was tough and at times I would feel very fatigued from all the constant sweating & heat, heavy lifting, constant smell of mixed food smells and getting burns/minor injuries at works.
ProsGreat working environment and people, 50% off staffed meals on working day and 10% off on non-working days, very understanding of personal situations
ConsLong work hours with pay not accurately reflecting the work load, if the restaurant is not busy they will call and cut you for the day leaving your schedule in a mess
Kitchen Team Member | Edmonton, AB | Jan 27, 2016
Learned a lot, and the people were good, but management was lacking somewhat.
When I signed on to work with Earls, management made it very clear that all kitchen staff get their start in the dish pit, do well in there and you will be moved into the kitchen. This made sense, and so I did as instructed. A few months pass and as my probation ends I am moved out of the dish pit. However I was not given a spot in the kitchen or even in the back portioning but was instead made to be an expediter. Now I'm still not entirely sure why I was given such an important role in the kitchen with zero knowledge or training on policy and menu's, but I did my best with what I could. A typical day then for me was to jump between being an expediter in the front, and working the dish pit in the back, usually multiple times a day. Needless to say it was a difficult task to undertake, and was by far the hardest part about the job. My co-workers on the other hand were a great bunch of individuals who made me feel welcome and part of the team. These unique and talented individuals kept me coming back and looking forward to my next shift, they were the best part of my job. I learned a lot about technique, organization, and how to deal with conflict and extremely stressful situations.
ProsDiscounted meals and occasionally free ones.
ConsPoor management, extremely stressful work.
Bartender | Banff, AB | Dec 12, 2019
Terrible and unprofessional management based around nepotism
Working at Earls offers good pay, friendly colleagues and up to 50% off food after your shift. And the food is pretty good. However the management (and owner) are so incompetent and treat their staff so poorly that hardly anyone sticks around longer than a few months. The owner has even laughed and boasted that he often sends new starters home crying during training. Their judgement on what is fair is so skewed that I would just outright skip thinking about working for them. Not only do they have favourite employees that they dish out free drinks and food to, but they also give them better shifts and overlook any mistakes they might make. And this is based on personality and friendship rather than actual work performance. Not to mention one of the managers is the owners son and clearly hasn't achieved the position through merit. Additionally it is clear their focus is on money and money only. Money comes first and the treatment of their employees second. The management structure at Earls, Banff is simply put disgraceful and it is quickly becoming common knowledge around Banffs hospitality industry. Even a quick look at some customer reviews online give credible insight into how they run their "business". Avoid at all costs.
Apprentice | Woodbridge, ON | Mar 13, 2015
Great people and food
I loved working at Earl's. Fantastic place to work based on the people I worked with. Everyone was friendly and helpful, as well as on-point when it came time to clean. As the saucier I began my shift at 6:00am and was responsible for maintaining my area in the fridge (sauce cart). I counted the levels of each sauce (inventory) as well as checking for quality. The first half of the day was preparation time - I was responsible for making and storing sauces, as well as the regular cook duties like cleaning and being ready for service. I learned about teamwork and effective communication - the environment is incredibly fast paced and there is rarely a dull moment. The hardest part of the job was the hours - I never really knew when I would be out of work, so coordinating with friends outside of work was extremely difficult. (This can be a plus for people who don't really care for going out and just want to work with cool people all the time.) The most enjoyable part of the job was the experience itself - the days I spent laughing and joking and struggling with my fellow cooks were some of my best.
ProsTips based on position and hours, Prep lunches are deducted from tips (basically free lunch for prep team), fast paced
ConsLong and unpredictable hours, weird management sometimes.
Host/Hostess | Vaughan, ON | Jul 5, 2022
Coworkers and environment fun, terrible management causes everyone to quit
I would still work here if it wasn't for our managers. We had 3 salaried managers, 2 were so awful that the third one quit. They often made mistakes and blamed the staff, would schedule shifts that is not in your allocated time, and would never keep consistency for your shifts so you would only know about your upcoming shift sometimes 2 days in advance. They also got mad when staff got covid, how was that their faults??? They kept promising to promote me from host to server but instead they made me an unofficial server assistant. So I got paid as a host and worked as a server. Not cool, I didn't receive any tips for my hard work. The poor management are probably the only reason why people quit after like 3 months. Staff training was so subpar that new workers would ask me how to do their jobs because there was no training. It's funny to see how much happier all the staff are when the managers are not at the restaurant. As soon as a manager walks in, you can see everyone get gloomy. Other than that, it was pretty fun. Stressful, a lot of work for minimum wage, but coworkers and friendly guests made up for it. You can also get pretty good tips as a server. Tip: stay on the managers good side, they have favourites.
Bartender | Calgary, AB | Jul 30, 2019
Management Doesn't Know Up From Down
I worked at Earls for a year, I loved the idea of it but could not get past the children they have as managers. There is a serious lack of communication with partners, BOH, and management. There is no structure, and constant complaints by guests. Management will tell you one thing one day and something else the next just to benefit them in the moment. They are full of broken promises and honestly the bar training (and overall training) I received was subpar... we learned how to cut lemons and limes and learned what a jigger was before being thrown behind bar to make drinks for guests. The money was decent when scheduled 6 days a week and working certain shifts but getting on the radar takes time and a lot of kissing a**. Management at the specific location I worked at definitely picked favourites and used manipulation and guilt into getting last minutes shifts covered or scheduled. Every day there was a new problem, and more and more staff dropping like flies.
ProsThe occasional free meals, some of the coworkers are cool to work with, decent food when actually made to spec.
ConsLong shifts, little to no recognition for above & beyond efforts, favoritism by management team, high turnover.

Questions and answers about Earls Restaurants

What is the interview process like at Earls Restaurants?
Asked May 1, 2017
You will sit in the dining room of the restaurant with one of the chefs. They'll ask a few questions. Typically hired on the spot, or passed onto a second interview then hired on the spot. Common interview questions, they want to see that you want to be promoted.
Answered Sept 2, 2018
Easy ,I got the job on the spot
Answered Aug 13, 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Earls Restaurants?
Asked Apr 26, 2017
Casual or business casual - I messed up and accidentally showed up in ripped jeans but it wasn't an issue
Answered May 30, 2020
Just be perfesonal no jeans or rips
Answered Dec 12, 2018
How is feedback from management delivered at Earls Restaurants?
Asked Jan 11, 2019
Feedback from management is given verbally. Feedback received often on performance.
Answered Mar 24, 2022
Not right away or never at all
Answered Jan 5, 2022
What is the work environment and culture like at Earls Restaurants?
Asked Apr 26, 2017
Very fratty bro culture
Answered May 28, 2019
The Most disgusting management.
Answered May 11, 2019
How are the working hours at Earls Restaurants?
Asked Jun 17, 2017
8 Am-10 Pm Everyday
Answered Oct 27, 2019
Generally around 5 hours during the days and 8 in the evenings
Answered Jul 8, 2019