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Overall reviews at Farm Boy

Department Manager | Ontario | Mar 22, 2022
Toxic environment to work in.
Farm Boy ticks off every box of the 7 signs of a toxic work environment. 1. Employees fear giving feedback. Staff here were not protected during the height of the pandemic and feared speaking up. 2. There is no respect or recognition. This company is the most punitive company I've ever worked for. They hand out written performance counselling at the drop of a hat but offer extremely poor training and give no positive feedback to the employees. 3.Poor work/life balance. Department managers are texted constantly at home on their personal time by Store management and Specialists. Two days off in a row is frowned upon, as are holidays unless you are a store manager with family functions . Then you constantly get weekends off and leave early. 4. Lack of employee growth/progress. With such a high rate of employee turn over it's difficult to see any growth, unless you consider promoting people unqualified for positions just to fill the space. I kid you not, it's the only company where someone can apply to be a janitor and be put in the position of a department manager instead or be a casual part time student and in less than 2 months have been promoted in 3 different departments. You can imagine how successful that is, especially with most of the training being on the fly. 5. Cliques, gossip and rumours run rampant. Communication is not a priority at this company. Staff changes, policy changes etc... usually happen secretively. The entire bonus structure was changed and no
Cashier | Pickering, ON | Dec 3, 2018
Most stressful company I have ever worked for
This company never learns from they’re mistakes that they constantly make for example they’ll have a whole bunch of people starting from grand opening and then they will start to cut down on staff until a point when we can’t get any lower than we can as low as we can of the amount of workers we have and then everybody quits and then they go and have a job fair (for a store that’s not new but everybody is) they like to rapidly increase your duties but not your pay and then they’ll do the same thing chew, swallow, repeat! And they will make you come in if you call in sick (illegal!) They have all these specialists that are a complete waste of space all they do is hassle you and everybody else and are henchmen for the district managers and get this they have way too many of you ask me, they will have a meat specialist and a seafood specialist, and a cheese specialist and a deli specialist (they’re both the same thing) and they will call you and will force you to come in or come into another store on your day off! And everyone like department managers and store managers can figure things out without them! Whenever there’s a new employee they have to train the company doesn’t give us any training hours and expect us to have this new employee do amazing when yet we have to do our own duties like inventory counts and everything else and they will make the place so badly over staffed at first and then so badly understaffed and the department with the highest turnover rate is
ProsEmployee discount, employees
ConsPhoney company, specialist/upper management, underpaid, very stressful, no overtime pay
Baker | Kingston, ON | Jun 4, 2019
No proper Directions lead to not able to do the job Right
I had said in my interview that I was looking for a job that had proper guidance with no "pooping on the next shift" as my last job had done multiple times. Was promised that there would be none of that. My first month went by well I was picking things up and getting it all done. Then came my first solo close. I tried to follow the list we had and went to pull reductions at the time the list stated to do so. Boss said "don't do that people might still buy it!" So I was like "umm okay..lemme do the bun bin then" Again told not to until customers close which was 2hrs later. So here where 2 chores that where supposed to be done before close being forcibly pushed until after close, in which then I would have 30 min to do them plus 2 more. Then as the shifts kept coming more odd chores from the previous shift would be piled onto my closing duties, I tried to talk about this with my boss but was basically told I had to deal with it and pick up my pace (as I was never getting off on time due to having to essentially do all closing duties AFTER close). The final day was a Sunday, was supposed to be off by 7:30 (closes at 7), my secondary co-worker left at 5:30 without taking the garbage out, dishes in the sink, and pastries that where supposed to be packaged up. I basically was flying horribly solo for the remainder of my shift; trying to get the chores done plus serve customers. I made a mental note to discuss this with HR and my boss on my next shift as this was
Prosmy coworkers where nice people I didn't mind them aside from the one mentioned in the story
Conspoor management, lack of proper training, lack of following their own chore list
Grocery Associate | Ottawa, ON | Apr 7, 2019
Not a recommendation.
Dont work for the company, that's my opinion, make your on choice but read this and think through it carefully. I used to work at the one in Westboro, I was there for 7 months and after the 5th month I hated it greatly. When I first started I loved it. The management and other employees were all kind, loving and respectful but as time went on I noticed that the people weren't as they seemed, most of the casheirs were females and they had some very nasty attitude problems. As did my boss and female boss assistant. After they came from the Rideau location for a transfer I got these vibes about them. I busted my back for them because I worked in the grocery department and it was easy work, I stocked shelves, helped customers, and did some minor cleaning here and there. My old bosses saw how hard I worked and they took " full advantage of it. every week my old bosses would change the end caps for new items and stock they did so many shelves in a day, a day people, I did way more work than they did in a matter of a few hours. Every thursday is grocery load as is Friday night. I did it all myself 6 skids and it took me an entire shift. I worked 9 am thursdays and 5 pm fridays just because they expected me to take care of the grocery loads while my old boss went out to smoke his cigarettes and slack off in the office. I never had any fixed schedules. I worked 2:30 till 11pm and opened the following day at 7:30 am. They were called clopens. The other staff members were weirdoes. Some
Meat Carver | Ottawa, ON | Mar 21, 2019
Terrible Place To Work
Getting anywhere in the meat department is one big joke, most of the people who get anywhere are mostly egotistical and were favored over others who could actually make a difference there. -Management could care less about employee physical or mental conditions and will either push people to the breaking point or run them into the ground. -VERY unsafe work areas, mostly due to pork line and beef line floors where just a drip of pork or beef blood can very easily make people slip and fall hard on to the stone floor which has been brought up multiple times but ignored everytime. People have slipped and hurt themselves in the past and nothing has changed. -Unsafe work habits that can greatly effect customers in the ling run due to simple things like left over trays covered in blood are stored in room temperature rooms where they can very easily be left untouched for days sometimes before someone uses them. -Schedule can changed at any given moment due to one of the assistant managers either forgetting something or wanting to change it with out informing people about the change, has happened multiple times to multiple people except for favoured workers who can get away with anything schedule wise since their buddy buddy with certain assistant managers. -If Management doesn't like you they will make your life allot harder by either pushing your starting time to a point where you wont be able to get full hours, this use to be allot worse back when supervisors whe
ConsEverything else
Meat Carver | Ottawa, ON | Apr 18, 2019
Great job for some
I worked here 3 years before going back to school. Prior to leaving I was offered assistant manager in which I really wanted to accept. Although it's what I wanted, the 3 years were nothing but abussive when it came to my manager and I. He was very unprofessional, was rude, took my overtime hours off so he didn't have to pay them and said he would add them to next week's hours (he never did and I'd lose about 8 hours time and a half).. Was yelled at Infront of other departments by manager for no reason being called useless and not being worth minimum wage.. When the owners would show up and something he did wasn't to their liking he would blame me to them. (the assistant manager told me this.) The funniest thing my manager told me was how I should put work before anything else because I asked for a weekend off. My last straw with this company was when I asked for vacation 3 times all booked a month before. He'd say yes then a week before say I couldn't take my holidays. I got annoyed and stressed about everything and working 12 hour shifts on holiday but my hours being moved to the next week and losing pay, I went on stress leave. When I brought my note in I was chewed out in front of the other department for putting my own health first for once. I went home and had a breakdown that in 3 years I gave them everything and never once got any form of thanks from my manager. I could go on and on about everything little thing that's suable that he did to coworkers and I but it'
ProsGreat coworkers, really fun place to open or close
ConsManagement, hours, wage
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Oct 24, 2022
Good first job but wouldn't recommend building a career here.
How much you will enjoy your job is very dependant on what department you are put in. If you are put in chef or meat department then you have the most enjoyable positions in the store, but if you are in any other department then you will not like working there. The job security is very good since they will hang on to everyone even when times are tough for the company financially but if you want to be promoted then that is highly dependant on how good of a job you do and what department you are in. Schedules are very flexible but they seem to poorly distribute the hours in some instances (some employees receive fewer hours than they would like while simultaneously others will receive much more than they would like) also, you will not have consistent hours every week since they always change. The pay here is also quite poor with customer service representatives making minimum wage and supervisors making only about 1.50$ to 2.00$ over the minimum wage which many have told me is not worth it when compared to all the other tasks they must now perform. I do not know for sure how much department managers or store managers are payed but I believe that it is in-between 30,000$ and 60,000$ a year based on rumours I've heard and industry standards. The only people that are actually in a good position when it comes to pay here are high school students since Farm Boy will pay high school students the adult minimum wage instead of the student one which is very good if you are under the age
ProsExcellent Job Security, Flexible Scheduling, hires many high school students, pays students adult minimum wage instead of student minimum wage
ConsPoor Pay, Poor Hour Distribution (some employees overworked while others underworked), Sometimes change schedules last minute without telling anyone, don't have consistent hours every week
Manager | Greater Toronto Area, ON | Nov 1, 2018
Please read;
So many people take the time to review a company before applying to work for it. Good on you, it's the smart thing to do. But, you're probably also thinking your experience will be different from the ones reflected in the reviews.. Don't make the same mistake I did. Here are some things you should know first: •You are not payed for overtime, nor do you recieve any time owed for hours worked after 44hrs. Yes! You're working for free (managers) •Dept managers regularly work overtime, some working up to 14 hrs a day, 5-6 days a week •Wanna know why managers work so much overtime? Because there is a policy within Farmboy that requires a Store Manager to sign off on your department before you go home. So if your department isn't pristine, you're not going anywhere •Which brings me to next point, the work to life balance is poor because of rules like this, and if you don't present as someone who isn't willing to throw your life away for your department, you're viewed in a poor light and seen as "not dedicated" •The turnover rate is HIGH. Good luck finding staff to stay with you consistently. And because its high, a lot of your departments burden falls on you due to never having any experienced staff. High ups don't care, and only wish to see results. Doesn't matter how those results come about •Farmboy doesn't give you an extra day off during the week for statutory holidays like companies are required to do. Instead you work a regular 44hr, or probably 70hr work week, and
ProsIn store products can be really good, friendly staff, some benefits
ConsEverything else
Cook | Cambridge, ON | Nov 21, 2022
Coworkers in my department were good, management was often not.
Management was frequently making uninformed and/or unnecessary changes to various aspects of the job, making it difficult at times to keep up with often counter-intuitive changes made by managers who had very little perspective regarding the details of the work being done in the department they were changing. In my experience, not much recognition was given for a job well done, even for other employees who were integral to the regular function of the department I had worked in. Employees who were very passionate about their job and ensured quality in their work were often treated poorly and not given due recognition. However in my experience it was easy enough to be hired if they have a position available, so I found it to be a fairly acceptable entry level position to build job experience with, and had slightly higher pay than comparable minimum wage positions. However I would not recommend prolonged employment as advancement is uncommon, even for passionate, hard working employees (not talking about myself exclusively here, there were multiple hard working people in my department who never saw any level of, what I would personally consider, deserved advancement). Often times it is more important to management that you spend your time inflating their egos than that you know your job well and do quality work. If you do not spend time specifically sucking up to management you will likely not advance in the company or receive much, if any, recognition for putting attention on t
Cook | College Park, SK | May 17, 2021
Nobody wants to work here for a reason
It's a company that's expanding way faster than they can keep up with. They hire unqualified people and can't afford to fire then when they prove untrainable. There was constant drama within the department with very little reprimand making it a stressful environment day-to-day, which was not helped by the fact that none of the managers communicated properly with each other. Pay is not equal, I made less than others with the same position based on when I got the job, and does not grow at an equal rate to responsibility as you advance. Moving from Cook to Supervisor offers less than a dollar raise. Managers and Asst. Managers in multiple departments, including mine, actively told me advancement wasn't worth it. Position also does not always equal responsibility. People with the same position and pay often do wildly different tasks at a huge difference in stress and responsibility. Every time a new store opens it is a disaster due to lack of training, lack of management, and lack of structure. People who quit or are fired are rarely replaced so it is terminally understaffed. Moving up in the company is easy if only because nobody wants the open positions, but the process to get the advancement is roundabout and uncertain. When I left, most of the department intended to quit as well as soon as they could find something else. Most of the staff are stuck there due to pandemic layoffs and shutdowns. Interested to see what will happen when the pandemic is over and everyone leaves. An
Proslax managers, sometimes free food
Consunderstaffed, unreliable communication, strange hours, disparate pay, etc etc etc

Questions and answers about Farm Boy

If you were to leave Farm Boy, what would be the reason?
Asked Nov 28, 2017
When it starts effecting your mental, physical and emotional health. Not worth it at the end of the day. If you aren't well, you can't do your best.
Answered Sept 11, 2021
Micro management, lack of support, inconsistent hours, lots of gossip.
Answered Aug 12, 2021
What benefits does Farm Boy offer?
Asked Mar 26, 2019
Answered Nov 20, 2022
10% Discount for groceries Lots of 10% in other stores
Answered Nov 8, 2022
What is the work environment and culture like at Farm Boy?
Asked Jan 10, 2018
Farm boy treats their employees like dirt don’t work here
Answered Mar 29, 2021
Employees are very fake they treat you nice to your face then talk smack about you when you're on your break or its your day off.
Answered Jan 12, 2020
How often do raises occur at Farm Boy?
Asked Feb 18, 2019
1 year
Answered Dec 3, 2022
Last in comparison to the rest of their competitors
Answered Nov 13, 2022
What questions did they ask during your interview at Farm Boy?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
All they want to hear is that you spew off the farm boy experience
Answered Aug 19, 2018
How would you deal with a situation in which you and coworker are having trouble getting along and are having difficulty communicating? How would you go about helping a staff member that is struggling? Has their ever been a time in your life where you helped someone that was struggling and you took the time and effort to help them? How would you deal with an irate customer?
Answered Jun 26, 2018