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Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Jan. 16, 2020
awful place
this was my first employer. i didn't realize how awful they treat their employees until i left. no regard for respect, or safety. my manager was constantly drunk at work, district managers turned a blind eye.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Mar. 10, 2020
Fast paced work place
Its a fast paced workplace especially in the morning and it's more busy during weekends,you have to set up the counters for the specific amount of time before customers come in. You learn how to work fast and the same time you have to give good customer service.
Customer Service Representative | London, ON | Apr. 12, 2016
Enjoyable work environment
management and co-workers made work enjoyable I learned great customer service and team work skills learned to work well in high stress situations and multitask
Prosflexible hours
Conslots of high stress situations
Senior Administrative Assistant | Ottawa, ON | Jul. 6, 2014
Productive and great sense of Humor throughout the day.
A typical day at work would be to be busy but not overly busy. I am an individual that enjoys being busy. I'm great at multi-tasking and extremely organized. I also enjoy a working with people who have a great sense of humor as it really helps us out on those stressful times during the day. I work well with a team and individual as well. I enjoy getting up and getting ready for work and putting in a productive day and hopefully learn something new each day. This I believe helps make you more versatile within your department. I am always a great team player and enjoying Administration and Receptionist work.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Aug. 13, 2019
A good place to start a job.
It's a good place to start something for beginners. They welcome diversity which is very nice. They're not very picky in choosing employees. Even people with disabilities are welcome to work there.
Hard worker, quick learner, poliet, enthusiastic | Ottawa, ON | Jul. 23, 2019
enjoyed working in the cheese department.
The environment there isn't really that bad. co-workers are respectful and nice to work with. the only problem I had was not getting enough hours. other than that nothing is wrong with it.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Apr. 20, 2013
A welcoming place to earn some cash during the summer
The day starts off with punching yourself in and doing a quick run through the section where you are assigned for the day and checking to see which shelves need to be re-stocked. This is pretty much the main part of the job: re-stocking shelves in your area with a higher priority on produce that is on sale. I learned about how storage rooms are arranged and how to efficiently maintain a well-organized and good looking stock of produce. This was made quite easy with the help of the friendly management at Farm Boy plus the other workers also there. The hardest part of the job was finding a way to re-stock a shelf that didn't need to be re-stocked but had to be because of the order of the department manager. The best part of the job was the availability of help and assistance with almost anything at most times.
Prosflexible schedules
Consinconsistent amount of hours per week
Meat Carver | London, ON | Mar. 23, 2020
bad managment
I really got any shifts and the managers suck. I get like 1 to 4 shifts a week when I'm full time and they get cut most of the time. I've learned nothing. Nothing was enjoyable.
Customer Service Representative | Kingston, ON | Dec. 21, 2016
Awful management
The managment at Farm Boy was just terrible. People were quitting all the time and it was just not a good place to work. Do not work here.
Operations Supervisor | Ottawa, ON | Dec. 5, 2013
prductive and suportive work environment
I truly enjoyed working with this company and have gained invaluable experience through my work with Farm Boy

Questions and answers about Farm Boy

If you were to leave Farm Boy, what would be the reason?
Asked Nov. 28, 2017
Micro managing to the max!;!!!
Answered Jan. 12, 2020
Poor management
Answered Aug. 24, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Farm Boy?
Asked Jan. 10, 2018
Farm boy treats their employees like dirt don’t work here
Answered Mar. 29, 2021
Employees are very fake they treat you nice to your face then talk smack about you when you're on your break or its your day off.
Answered Jan. 12, 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Farm Boy?
Asked Mar. 15, 2017
All they want to hear is that you spew off the farm boy experience
Answered Aug. 19, 2018
How would you deal with a situation in which you and coworker are having trouble getting along and are having difficulty communicating? How would you go about helping a staff member that is struggling? Has their ever been a time in your life where you helped someone that was struggling and you took the time and effort to help them? How would you deal with an irate customer?
Answered Jun. 26, 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of Farm Boy about how to improve the company?
Asked Dec. 9, 2018
I would offer employees regular motivational training.
Answered Feb. 17, 2020
Look at overall training and time spent with all employees. Continue to build on the primary salaries and wages for employees.
Answered Jan. 29, 2020
What is the interview process like at Farm Boy?
Asked Jul. 25, 2018
The interview process was terrible from the beginning. First, I could not tell who was calling by the message that was left on my phone. I called back and realized it was FarmBoy and an interview was scheduled. On the day of the interview, the lady was 15 minutes late calling me, even though she picked the time for the interview. The interview felt like an interrogation as the lady was not happy about any of the answers I provided to her. By the end of the interview, the interviewer was speaking more than I was. This interview experience was very unprofessional and I have never experienced any interview like this before.
Answered Jun. 16, 2020
I met with the HRA and the store manager in two separate interviews.
Answered Apr. 13, 2019