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180 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 300 North York, Ontario M3B 1Z6
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Popular jobsCustomer Service RepresentativeCollection AgentTechnical Support RepresentativeCollectorFinancial RepresentativeManagerDebt CollectorQuality Assurance AnalystTechnical SupportCall Center RepresentativeChief Information OfficerCollection RepresentativeOperations AssociateSupervisorAssociateRisk ManagerAdministrative AssistantConsultantAdministrative AssociateAgentCollection ManagerCompliance OfficerJunior CollectorSenior CollectorTeam LeaderWarehouse LeadAccounting ClerkAccounts Receivable ClerkAdministratorBusiness AnalystCollectionsCustomer Support RepresentativeMember Services RepresentativeRecovery SpecialistSenior Collection AgentWorkforce ManagerAccount RepresentativeAccount SpecialistAccounts Payable ClerkAuditorBilingual Customer Service AssociateClient ServicesCustomer Care SpecialistCustomer Service Collections RepresentativeFSRIT SupportOperations ManagerPayment Processing RepresentativeRepresentativeSenior Financial AnalystSenior ManagerSkip TracerTechnical Support SpecialistTrusteeAccount ManagerAccount RecoveryAccounts reconciliationAdminAdministrative AgentAnonymous Former Employee Associate ConsultantBilling OfficerCIBC representativeCSRCash ManagerCashier/ClerkChief Executive OfficerClerkComplianceCoordinatorCorporate TrainerCredit AnalystCustomer AdvocateCustomer Service Account RepresentativeCustomer Service SupervisorCustomer Service TechnicianEngagement SpecialistExecutive Assistant to CEOExecutive Vice PresidentFinance AssociateFinance ManagerFinancial AdvisorFirst Party Representative (Seasonal)Fraud ProtectionFraud RepresentativeGeneral AccountantGouvernement du CanadaHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources SpecialistInbound Call Center RepresentativeInventory AssociateIt rocks! The environment is welcomingJournalistJunior Data AnalystJunior TechnicianLiaisonMarketing ConsultantNot great ExperienceOperations AssistantOperatorProcess ManagerProgram DirectorProgrammerProject LeadProtection AgentQuality AnalystQuality Assurance CoordinatorRTAReceptionist/Administrative AssistantRepReprésentantRetail Assistant ManagerSales ManagerSales RepresentativeSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSenior Operations AnalystSenior Operations ManagerSenior RepresentativeSenior information officerService ManagerService à la Clientèle (H/F)Social Media SpecialistSuperviseur (H/F)Support SpecialistSupport StaffTechnical AssociateTechnical Support AnalystTechnical TrainerTelecommunicatorTelemarketerTrainerTraining AssistantTraining ManagerWFMadscredodialer adminfinancial teami am humble easy going personno commentnobody

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| Toronto, ON | Dec 7, 2016
Interesting and challenging
A typical day at work: I work in the support and find that Gatestone is a great place to work. I find there are always new and or challenging initiatives which keep things interesting. My day varies and can include troubleshooting issues, documenting current processes and proposed improvements, implementation and testing, meeting with vendors to understand how their products/services may help my company achieve a particular goal, etc... Lessons Learned: There are many opportunities that are not so accessible in larger enterprises. Work is a great place to learn about many things. This can include technology, processes, best practices, etc...It's really up to an individual to decide what their own goals are and then formulate and execute a plan to attain them, and have the patience to see it through (it's not going to come overnight, and even in a year or two) Management: I'm not in management and am not sure if there are any leadership training/mentoring programs here. I'm sure there is room for improvement, but I can honestly say I haven't had any unfair dealings with management. Co-workers: Most of the individuals I work directly with are professional, talented, motivated and have a sense of humor which makes working with them a pleasure. Hardest part of the job: Sometimes requirements are vague and delivering the right/best solution is challenging. Most enjoyable part of the job: Work-life balance is important to me and having a schedule that
ProsLocation, Work From Home Options
Customer Service Representative | Toronto, ON | May 8, 2019
Its okay..
Great place to learn about the office work environment. Some rules are much to strict and pointless, and the fear of losing your job over them is stressful. No coffee at your desk, No Slouching, No writing or drawing on paper while your staring into space listening to dial tones and strangers pre-recorded voicemail greetings. Its a great place to start your career, get your experience, and get the heck out. Management is a joke, doesn't respond to emails or phone calls...will not help you grow as an individual and is clearly looking out for whats in their best interest and only theirs. I personally was transferred to a department I didn't apply for, didn't fit in. I was hired as a customer service representative and transferred into the collections field with little notice prior to the change. They use you as an employee, treat you as disposable and throw you away when they're done with you. Other than that, I was late frequently due to a long 2 hour commute and transit delays - They are very understanding of this. The best part of being there is the Employee Engagement department and its efforts. Josh makes the place real vibrant, fun and exciting. He does everything to ensure the employee morale here is positive. The company would be better if the executives didn't walk around all the time micromanaging, and they'd be better off sitting in their offices watching their bank accounts grow as ours are in the negatives because were paid a Garbage Rate of just
ProsVending Machines, Ipads for personal use, Free time & Lots of Flexibility
ConsLong days, Boring tasks, Few targets to meet
Customer Service Representative | Toronto, ON | Jul 2, 2020
Just something for the Resume
The only positive experience that one may have at Gatestone is that you will have some great co workers; Other than that I would not recommend this place. Every employee here is disposable , salary is too low for the stress you will have to deal with and managers put too much pressure to meet daily quotas. I have seen people who have been at the company for 10- 20 years get fired after missing their goals for 2 or 3 months. Management has no respect for anyone you are nothing but a machine. There are no sick days and hardly any benefits. The work is very repetitive and they try to give you the shortest breaks possible allowed by the law.(15 min breaks and 30 mins lunch). They micromanage everything including your bathroom breaks. So prepare to gain some weight or join a gym because you will be sitting down most of the day. Oh and don't get to friendly with your co workers at your work station ,the VPs don't like that. Talking and laughing with your coworkers while at your desk gets you death stares from upper management.You are suppose to be a machine nothing more. Talking and laughing is meant for your breaks it seems. Even if you want to get some work experience at this place it would be a waste. I have not learned anything new from my time here. No new technologies or software. It seem as if the work culture is designed to keep you stuck there and completely useless anywhere else. Gatestone is just meant to have something on your resume that you may have to "spruce u
ProsMeet good people
ConsEverything else
Collection Agent | Montréal, QC | Apr 9, 2022
Management isn’t that good
The job itself is Extremely easy to do but mid management, supervisors transform this cool job into a nightmare by doing extreme micromanagement, BIASED supervisors by favorite some agents over the other’s by redirect the calls which include the accounts that has big amount of money to those agent’s and then complaining that the other agent’s aren’t collecting efficiently! You might be handling tremendous amount of customers and collect all the money you have to BUT the total promise amount you collect is no way near the amounts that has been made by other agents (who has been on the favorite list of supervisors) In addition to that, they will blame you for not collecting well! Salary was okay for an Entry Level agent. However they think they are the only one who offers this Salary while mostly all other agencies/Companies do! Co workers are nice and upper management are nice too i don’t even think they know what’s going on down there. If you are planning to work there just don’t trust your team leader or supervisors, JUST DON’T. Training wasn’t the best and also help after training especially first day on the floor is extremely bad of-course because of the mid management, they will always pretend they are busy doing other stuff, just go to the office and you will notice they are just hanging out here and there with each other.
ProsWork from home, easy tasks, co workers
ConsYou have to go one day a week (sometimes more) to the office and mid management
Collector | Newtown, NS | Sept 12, 2020
comfortable cafeteria, cant complain. sofas, snack shop,microwave, fridge,cooler and tidy bathrooms w/mirrors included as well as refreshments.
much respect to our managers, trainers and colleagues who keep their standards professional , despite the difference of culture everyone is treated equally which is at icon for the past 2-3 weeks i learned a lot about negotiating and multitasking a swell as improving in my typing skills. the most enjoyable part for me here is when i receive calls with different situations and learn about it , in that sense i gain more knowledge and know how to deal with the situation for future purpose . sometimes what gets difficult for me is when i dont really know something referring the call and not able to put up my words in one but eventually i will improve , it rarely happens, apart from that with more time working here i will get better at it . the service here at icon is awsome, our shifts aswell and having 2 days off , what else can we ask for, we appreciate that you care about our comfort ,nesecity and personal life by providing great daily work shifts...
Pros1. great working shifts 2.comfortable working area 3. professional managers, trainer 4.recognized by score and not by preferences. 5. fair days off.
Cons1. no overtime offered and work only 40 hours per week.
First Party Representative (Seasonal) | Toronto, ON | Jan 30, 2013
Serious Work Environment
On an everyday basis our duty is to sign onto the database and use the automated dialed numbers and would follow scripts given to us but most portions of the call would be based on knowledge and understanding of accounts. All information was provided on each account; it was our duty to find all information orderly while following the script given. I've learned how to collect a payment and how to use my customer service skills and interpersonal skills to its advantage. The management was respectful and was helpful at all times. My co-workers were all friendly and welcoming. They assisted me with any difficulties i may have faced while on a call when my supervisor was occupied. The hardest part of the job was trying to find all information while trying to follow the script without making it sound natural and knowledgeable. The most enjoyable part was working on the first week and last week on new accounts because there was not much work needed to be done. Most contacts did not respond. Also receiving a payment was another enjoyable part of the job because i know i have completed my task correctly.
Prosbreak times and security as well as shift availability.
Constraining provided was not efficient. homework was needed.
Collection Agent | Toronto, ON | Sept 14, 2020
productive and fun workplace
A typical day at work is so smooth sailing and easy. The assistance is there, motivation, team assistance and the drive to succeed. I've learned that most customer's that calls in angry, is not really ANGRY!! they might have just been misinformed causing them to be upset and it depends on how you speak to them and how you offer to assist them that makes them trust and believe in you causing them to calm down. The management TEAM is so AWESOME!! there's no complaints there. The culture at the workplace of Gatesone is so diverse and accepting. To be honest the hardest part of the job is that it's very fluid, so rules and different processes are subject to change everyday and let me tell you...if you don't have good memory, you may tend to break some of them. the most enjoyable part of the Job is that the people here are AWESOME the salary is GREAT management is Awesome and there's a lot of other words that can describe the amazing work that they do.
Prosmaybe a little over time can be incorporated
Consthe hours or shifts available to work with can be adjusted to have different options
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | May 3, 2021
They just don't care about their employees
This is company is managed by executives who are only interested in their bonuses and pay. They couldn't care less about their agents. First of all, you only get benefits after working there for a year, and even then, the benefits you get are the strict minimum. It just pains me to see my colleagues having to pay high amounts because of normal health issues that anyone can have like visiting the dentist or buying medication. On top of that, you get paid so little for the stress that this company brings to you. They always look to cut corners and save as much money as possible even if it will make the life of their employees miserable. Again, they just don't care about your well being. Agents know that Gatestone is just a temporary job until you find something better....and that's not hard to do. I've never seen so many people leave a company after a short period of time.
Proseasy to get in
Conspay, no benefits, no advancement
Collector | Toronto, ON | Mar 6, 2017
Very stressful environment. Better accounts are given to certain collectors
I found the job to be very stressful. The department I worked for was extremely frustrating. Favorites are played among collectors so certain collectors will get the better files and make 40 calls a day, while other collectors make 100 or more and they get terrible files. It's a big company with a lot of employees who are always hiring and always firing. They want you, and somewhat expect you to work overtime but you will not get paid for it. In my department I think I was the only person who didn't hate the manager. The supervisor was nice but tells the staff what the manager tells him in confidence about the employees. Very odd situation. Otherwise the people were very nice, CO workers. If you don't mind working for a company where you are just another face, it's not that bad. Although I use to hate getting up to go to work.
ProsLunch periods, cafeteria, co workers, pays ok
ConsLong hours, stressful, favoritism
Technical Support | Brantford, ON | Sept 24, 2020
productive, competitive, fair and fun. and a lot of room for growth.
when I just started working at Gate stone I was a bit nervous as I felt it would have been difficult, training was awesome but when the time came to go on the phone that's where the nervousness came in, many days I wanted to quit but we have a management team that is a team of supporters, they took time with us, helped us in the areas where we needed help, the hardest part was when the customer's would call in irate and we have to calm them down and ensure them that the issue is going to be resolved. 1 thing I've learnt is that patience is the key to success. The most enjoyable part of my job to the get the customer's issues resolved, When the customer's are happy at the end of the call it makes me also happy. At Gate stone everyone is equal and that's what I love the most. Keep up the great work Gate stone. "proud employee"
ProsFree lunches/ great benefits
ConsI love early morning shifts instead of the Evening shift.
Senior Collection Agent | Saint Louis Park, MN | Dec 4, 2012
Lack of legal and proper management caused the company to close this office.
A typical day at work was to come in, boot up my computer, and start calling people with defaulted student loans to get them into payment programs. I learned a few different systems, and was introduced to a few other companies as I was working for a subcontractor. This office was unfortunately, run by people with no management skill whatsoever. This is a commissioned position, and the managers and team leaders here thought it was appropriate to take business away from some people and give it to their friends, and openly harrass people who were not personal friends outside of the office. They had no concept of the illegality of dicrimination, harrassment or following company policy and procedures. This is a production driven environment, and one team leader specifically told me "if I want your accounts I will take them from you", thinking she was well within her rights and authority. There was constant divisiveness caused by the 'leaders' in this office. It was an ongoing battle to try to earn a living here due to the constant drama and lack of professionalism of the managers and team 'leaders' (and I'm using that term loosely). Co-workers were enjoyable to work with for the most part. The hardest part of the job was dealing with borrowers'. Most enjoyable: when I am able to talk to someone and they realize I can actually help them out of a bad situation.
Prossmall office
Conslack of good management
Call Center Representative | Fredericksburg, VA | May 15, 2019
Sit and Wait for your Termination Date
I would never recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a serious position or for job security. You’re not fully equipped to do well at your job and if you’re not the right person for this line of work, you will struggle.....and at any given point you are at risk for termination. Working here expecting to stay long is wishful thinking for employees because of the clients they choose to do business with; they make it next to impossible for employees to take time off, the client will set you up to fail at every corner if an accident is made, you’ll feel continuously discouraged/belittled, and the overall call center culture of expecting a robotic manner of following scripts perfectly every time with heightened scrutiny can be overwhelming. Don’t waste your time applying if you can’t force yourself into perfect alignment with ever-changing policies and expectations...”per the client’s request”. If you do apply and take the job, just keep in mind that you are a temporary seat-filler, just another number - it’s the same with many other employers. You will be a sitting duck awaiting termination at some point due to the many changes, accidents you make, and potential layoffs.....that’s just how it goes.
ProsPleasant CEO and HR, Hour Lunch plus 2 paid 15 minute breaks, Empathetic Co-workers
ConsMicromanagement, Difficulty Taking Time Off, Cold-Calling
Junior Collector | Eystur kommuna | Mar 14, 2019
Gatestone is a great place to start if you’re bored and looking for something to do. If you’re not reliant on this job it’s perfect. Worked for AMEX US campaign and although I did learn a lot from my managers and fellow coworkers it’s a lot to deal with for the pay. Seniority is a main factor and it’s okay for them to break compliance rules due to their higher balances but if you were to go ahead and do so by ‘MISTAKE it’s bye bye to you. Collectors who have been there for a while are favoured. You get belittled if you don’t do what’s required behind your back to your other co workers by management. Management are understanding to an extent but don’t want to be! They say you will receive commission but again; thats more pointed to seniority although it is promised whilst moving up on to other teams. It is truly a prime product of management overworking their employees without them giving a care about them, unless it of course benefits them in anyway! This job was good while it lasted but had to leave due to medical issues, contacted my supervisor showing doctors notes and no reply. Co-worker had informed me I’ve been terminated and no management had contacted me regarding that, expected a bit more professionalism since that’s all they demand from us considering I had worked there for a year.
ProsFree wifi clean building
ConsPay, management, expensive deli

Questions and answers about Gatestone & Co. Inc

How is feedback from management delivered at Gatestone & Co. Inc?
Asked Aug 5, 2020
Answered Sept 22, 2020
Great feed back
Answered Sept 21, 2020
What are the working hours at Gatestone & Co. Inc?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Monday-Friday 10am - 7pm
Answered Sept 16, 2020
Mostly days but odd late night shift
Answered Nov 24, 2018
Why would you want to work at Gatestone & Co?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Gatestone & Co grooms candidates better for future roles in banking and finance industry.
Answered Dec 22, 2021
You wouldn't want to work here
Answered Nov 1, 2018
How do you feel about the future of Gatestone & Co. Inc?
Asked Sept 16, 2020
If Gatestone continues to hire emotionally intelligent team leaders and supervisors, the future is even brighter.
Answered Nov 26, 2021
Unfortunately it was just 1week training.
Answered Mar 3, 2021
What benefits does Gatestone & Co. Inc offer?
Asked Sept 14, 2020
none, thy have no benefits
Answered Jan 12, 2022
Productive and fun workplace environment, supportive leadership and very good and knowledgeable management. Good Benefit, multicultural work environment.
Answered Sept 24, 2020