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Personal | Canada | May 23, 2015
Worked for HBC seasonal - you decide
Lots of hype given its a heritage name. Supremely understaffed due to head office and their 'view' ? Company makes money, so why change anything? Turn over is HUGE. *** NO TRAINING*** You are at the mercy of co-workers.That being said, the culture is fun because co-workers are usually great. Most managers are great too...the issue ? They have to make it all look seamless and put on a brave face when they know too well that their employees are working in a less than standard environment for very poor pay. They have a certain amount of hours each dept. / allotted pay scales, etc and no matter how great you are, no matter how competent or deep your selling skills ..don't expect to rise up or rise in pay, unless you want to hang in there long enough so that by default you become a manager. and you will , if you hang in there a few years, because sooner or later people just move along because most cannot afford to work there unless a student or retired. the other kicker ? If you leave ONE store at a certain pay rate and get Hired by a different store.. they won't match the pay you left at no matter how exemplary your record. Sign-age is a nightmare over all and constantly angers shoppers... You are left alone time and time again with only one or two people on an floor unless A holiday... And, where else but such an 'upscale' retail store can you purchase hundreds of dollars of items and they don't have boxes or tissue? Head office has not yet figured out that the reason t
Prosexcellent co -workers
ConsRead review in detail.
Lead Associate | London, ON | Jul 7, 2023
Awesome work place
Working at Hudson's Bay has been an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. From day one, I have been impressed by the positive work environment and the company's commitment to employee satisfaction. The management team at Hudson's Bay is supportive, approachable, and truly cares about the well-being of their staff. They foster a culture of open communication, providing opportunities for growth and development. I have always felt valued and appreciated as an employee. One of the standout aspects of working at Hudson's Bay is the team camaraderie. The colleagues are friendly, collaborative, and create a supportive atmosphere. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service and create memorable shopping experiences for our customers. Hudson's Bay also places a strong emphasis on training and development. They offer comprehensive training programs that equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. This commitment to personal and professional growth is truly commendable. Furthermore, the company values work-life balance. They understand the importance of allowing employees to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. This balance has contributed to a positive work environment and a strong sense of job satisfaction. Moreover, Hudson's Bay offers competitive compensation and benefits packages. The company recognizes and rewards hard work and provides opportunities for career advancement. T
ProsBreaks, water, respect, commissions
ConsNo full time hours
Sales Associate | Sherway Garden, ON | Jul 1, 2021
Poor management with no set rules on scheduling
This job is great for people who are trying to balance more than one job or are students. Being a student myself, it was great because I was still able to prioritize classes and make a bit of money at the same time. The best part of the job is the amazing coworkers you make bonds with that make the shifts go by faster. On the contrary, the management is terrible for the following reasons: 1. The managers tell you they schedule based on seniority and after that, by ones availability. However most managers schedule by favoritism. Despite having seniority over newer employees, I noticed I would not get as much shifts. 2. Secondly, during the pandemic when we were laid off, management did not have the decency to call us back to work when retail shops reopened. Instead, they decided to hire new staff or once again called back their favorite employees instead of going by "seniority|" and "availability" as their policy claims. I noticed that they're currently hiring Sales Associates which is ironic because they still haven't called their original Sales Associates back to work since the start of the pandemic. 3. Certain managers at the Sherway location are especially childish and gossip about employees as a way to create a fake friendly relationship that only comes across as extremely unprofessional. No manger should feel comfortable speaking blatantly about staff, it simply creates a toxic environment where you want nothing to do with them.
ProsFun coworkers to make the shifts go fast
ConsUnprofessional management, ignore their own policy when it comes to scheduling, only give shifts to those they like.
Sales Associate | Ottawa, ON | Mar 2, 2015
Terrible Management and Structure
It doesn't really matter if you are great with customers, truly helpful and encourage customers to come back. You are only valued by the number of credit cards you can able to harass customers into opening. There is no work life balance, requested days off are hardly ever giving by management even if other staff members are willing to cover them. Availability is also hardly respected. Expect to learn cash, products, policies and procedures on your own. There is NO training provided by management and there is not extra staffing when a new associate is hired to help them learn. Thrown into the shark tank on your own. Need to call a manager for help with a difficult customer or complicated transaction? Good look getting a hold of one, and if you do, they probably can't help and will only suggest you ask another associate. If you are a commissioned sales associate, you will be constantly scrutinized over your sales and because of this staff members fight over sales, making for a hostile work environment. Only thing good about this place is that it forces you to rely on your other associates for help and you form amazing bonds.
Prosgreat coworkers
Consawful management, no training, under staffed, aggressive/bullying tactics used to enforce sales and ics
Asset Protection Associate | Calgary, AB | Mar 17, 2020
Not a good place to work as LPO
Not a safe, clean, or enjoyable place to work. This job is stressful, dangerous, and you don't know what to expect when your working at the bay. The money that they pay is not enough for the amount of work that is required. HIGH turn over-rate. Furthermore, upper management is not diverse. The managers who work in the store do not care about LPO's, they only care about SALES so they can get their bonuses. Don't expect them to help you if you are in trouble. This is the only store where LPO's have to close the store gate and set the alarm for the store. If the store closes at 9, you will have to stay an extra 30 minutes to close the store. It's a dangerous job because you will have to work alone, especially if you work full-time. The shoplifters that come to the bay are not scared of that scared of the LPO's and they will USE mace on you. Most of the LPO's have been MACED two or three times while working. They expect a lot from one individual. The worst Hudson's bay to work at is the Sunridge and downtown locations because they are very dangerous. The only good things about this job are the hours, and sometimes the other employees you meet at the store. You should apply somewhere else before you think about working here. Only work here as a last resort.
Sales Associate | Edmonton, AB | Dec 28, 2015
Management is Poor - Job is OK
I worked in Cosmetics - I did learn about skin care & make up, met wonderful customers who cared. For what had to be done the rate of pay was very low with high expectations. The sales manager picked favorites, and was critical of small cosmetic lines. She took her smoke breaks with "selective" employees and was the source of gossip. She made sure that those she did not like were told about there performance failures on a regular base. The set targets for sales were often unrealistic.Respect & competition between cosmetic lines were intense. Co workers looked out for them selves, and took customers from your counter to their cosmetic lines, just to secure (steal) a sale. Major Department Promotions were over done and the staff suffered from burnout. We were able to schedule our own hours for work but by the time the schedule got to the small counters they were left with the evening & weekend shifts. Store manager was non existent, just walking thru the store when the head office people were in town. If you get on with a big cosmetic line the job is ok - but don't expect to get ahead financially.
Prosuniform provided by cosmetic company
Consbad management, work schedules, low pay
Sales Associate | Hamilton, ON | Jan 23, 2015
Not the best workplace
It's almost always busy so time goes by quickly, however, when I started out as a new employee, there was no guidance or much training, so you need to learn everything on your own. I gained a lot of experience from working in different departments and helping out different customers find what they're looking for, solve their issues, etc. I will say, like any sales job, you are expected to fulfill your target sales and selling instant credits. I usually didn't have an issue with this, but there were some slow days (and it didn't help when I was given measly 3 hour shifts) and some co-workers will try and steal your sales. Unfortunately, your sales will determine your shifts - if you don't fulfill or exceed, you might not receive much hours to work. For the most part, I got along with everyone and since I can multi-task and work quickly, helping multiple customers at once wasn't too much of an issue for me.
Prosgood learning experience for sales and customer service, you get HBC points for selling instant credits
Consunderstaffed, managers aren't always helpful, some people will try to steal your sales, lousy shifts, management only cares about how much ICs you sell
Sales Associate | Yorkdale, ON | Apr 27, 2015
Menswear sales associate
A typical day at my part time job would be working with 2-6 other sales associates in my immediate department. I assist customers with sizes and fashion advice, for example find them outfits that they may need for a special occasion or just everyday apparel. I have sales targets that I am required to achieve, as well as encouraging customers to apply for the store credit card. At the end of my shift I am held accountable for counting the cash in the register, closing it, and depositing the money to the main office. I must also recover my area by making sure the clothes are folded and organized. The hardest part of my job is getting customers to apply for the store credit card because a lot of people are skeptical about signing up. The most enjoyable part of my job is getting to talk to new people every shift I have and building relationships with them so when they return they know they can depend on me for fashion advice and great service. For the most part I enjoy working with the menswear team, even when it may be difficult to get along with management I still respect them and make the most out of every situation.
ProsFlexible hours
ConsRepetitive work
Sales Associate | Barrie, ON | May 24, 2020
Coworkers were exceptional, management was another thing.
I primarily worked in the men's department, and everyone who I worked with were exceptional at their jobs. Between the great blend of personalities within that department, as well as their abilty to work as a team, coming to work felt more like hanging out with family. With that said, coming to work was difficult. trying to convince myself that four hour shifts were worth driving 30 minutes there and back while only earning minimum wage was no easy task. It also didn't help that it was common knowledge between every department that the possibility to get promoted were slim to none. In my two years of working there, the only promotions I witnessed went to someone who earned it, and someone who didn't deserve it. The only reason they had gotten it was so another department "didn't have to deal with them anymore." In terms of the management, all but one of the managers were absolute saints. They would help on the floor, and they saw eye-to-eye when it came to customer-employee relations (which was comforting). Overall, I think it's a good place to work at if you get lucky enough to get the right group of coworkers.
Sales Associate | Edmonton, AB | Jan 15, 2016
Best Retail Job
A great entry-level job for retail associates. Co-workers are friendly and reliable, management is coordinated, organized and "hands-on". A typical day at work includes: - attending a morning meeting where we discuss sales objectives, achievements, and in-store promotions and events. - smiling and greeting customers and engaging in conversations with them, whilst fulfilling their needs. - organizing and maintaining the sales floor, by ensuring items are ticketed properly and not on the floor. - tidying and assisting customers using the fitting room, putting items on hold. - using "Autolocate" system, to connect online orders for customers in our store. - signing up customers for store credit cards and rewards points cards. The most difficult thing is dealing with emotional dissonance; when you are dealing with a very aggressive, angry customer and trying to disconnect yourself from your personal emotions to assist them in the most positive and effective way. The most enjoyable part is working with a great team, both my management and peers, with a flexible work schedule.
ProsGreat Discount and Fair Wages
ConsAggressive customers
Verkoper (m/v) | Tilburg | Sep 30, 2018
Bezint eer ge begint! Sprookjes bestaan immers niet.
Oh Hudson's Bay, het is een 'sprookje'. Althans, dat denken alleen zijzélf vermoedelijk nog. Natuurlijk weet ieder weldenkend mens dat sprookjes niet bestaan en dus ook niet bij Hudson's Bay. Wat werd voorgesteld als een fris, informeel, horizontaal gestuurd en vrolijk bedrijf blijkt gewoon weer de volgende hels neoliberale nachtmerrie onderneming. Nog los van het type werkzaamheden en de wijze waarop je als medewerker wordt benaderd door de consument in het huidig maatschappelijk klimaat, zijn er tal van redenen waarom werken als winkelmedewerker voor dit bedrijf een no go is. Ik zal je een aantal vragen voorleggen en dan mag jij beoordelen of je daar positief op antwoord. - Wil je werken waar je nog geen slokje water mag drinken gedurende een aanwezigheid van uren in een droog winkelpand? (Hoofdpijn garantie dus) - Wil je met een contract van amper 16 uur minimaal vier dagen in de week worden ingepland? - Wil je werken in een omgeving met een algeheel sentiment van wantrouwen en altijd ‘gevisiteerd’ worden als zijnde het verlaten van een gesloten inrichting? - Wil je worden berispt wanneer je op rustige momenten een praatje maakt met je collega’s? - Wil je regelmatig voor vier uurtjes komen werken en rond lunchtijd moeten beginnen zonder pauze? (Pauzes en eindtijden zijn bij HB sowieso ingewikkeld) - Wil je in een omgeving werken waar men verwacht dat je overal tegelijk moet zijn (voor de klant) maar ook alle taken uitvoert zoals leveringen, bestellingen, s

Questions and answers about Hudson's Bay

If you were to leave Hudson's Bay, what would be the reason?
Asked Jul 18, 2018
Low pay, good people but not enough, some toxic team members/leaders are toxic enough to ruin your day
Answered Feb 23, 2022
About evolution in the position
Answered Feb 15, 2020
How is feedback from management delivered at Hudson's Bay?
Asked Aug 15, 2019
through the store app
Answered Jul 27, 2023
Performance reviews But raises depend on total store performance.
Answered Apr 6, 2023
What benefits does Hudson's Bay offer?
Asked Oct 4, 2022
Medical, Pension, 40% discount
Answered Apr 27, 2023
full-time employees get medical benefits
Answered Feb 24, 2023
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Hudson's Bay? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Apr 4, 2018
I applied online, was called for a personal interview and hired within a week or so. But that was during Christmas time, so a lot of hiring happens that time.
Answered Sep 11, 2019
It could be as quick as three or five days if the BackCheck comes out clear and that is 48 hours. On-line training is another day, employees are on the payroll by the time they start the courses.
Answered Mar 7, 2019
What is the promotion process like at Hudson's Bay?
Asked Dec 12, 2022
Difficult, and a contest on who you know and not what you know.
Answered May 22, 2023
Job posting.
Answered Apr 6, 2023