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legal department | Vancouver, BC | Feb 28, 2022
starting to circle the drain
work loads are constantly being adjusted to higher and higher levels management is more concerned with measuring goals and targets than supporting staff little recognition that leaders are asking more from staff than is reasonable if you manage to surviving your own drowning workload, your reward is having someone else's work added to pull you under with the change over in insurance product, many departments are overwhelmed the number of people working on the 'old' book of business is dropping faster than the number of files resolving for unionized employees, there are strict rules on working over time so there's little option to get caught up on how far behind you are for non-unionized employees, you are expected to keep up with your work load but you aren't going to get paid any more. If you look at your per hour earnings, that number is dropping. PROS the people you work with are generally great. management might not be able to help you much but it's not because the individual managers don't won't to -- they are hamstrung by those above them more flexibility in work right now -- most positions are flex - roughly half in the office, half WFH benefit package is good
Senior Adjuster | Kelowna, BC | Jan 15, 2020
Interesting, stressful, continually changing organization
Training provided. The reality is that if you are ever caught up in your job, you are not doing it properly for the Injury adjuster position. (as told to me by management). There are literally more tasks, emails, problems to get through than is humanly possible. You feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel. Job security is good though. Pension is good. Opportunities for advancement if you are willing to move to the mainland.
Examiner | Burnaby, BC | Mar 22, 2021
Don’t bother wasting your time with this poor excuse of a company
Management is always on your case, there’s no support from coworkers and there is prevalent racial preference there. You’ll always be at a situation where there are “cliques” at work and find yourself out of place because you either haven’t worked there long enough or you don’t know anyone.
Litigation | British Columbia | Mar 17, 2020
I have been bullied by a coworker from day one
ICBC claims to have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Yet despite two formal complaints and "investigations", my tormentor continues to work there and harass me every day. I have never in my life worked in such a toxic environment. Unfortunately leaving is not an option for me.
Examiner | Surrey, BC | Dec 7, 2021
As an examiner the job is fast paced. In and out and need to be on schedule. Need to provide customer service to people that just passed or failed road test. Supervisors have your back at all times. Work environment is great with co workers. You will always meet someone to talk to.
ProsUnion, benefits, hours
Customer Service Representative | Surrey, BC | Sept 17, 2019
ICBC is a very stressful and unthankful place to work.
If you don't mind being micromanaged and told daily what you are doing wrong and then every few months fighting for a new shift that will likely include weekend and evenings no matter your seniority then this is the place for you.
Estimator | Coquitlam, BC | Oct 8, 2020
Great place to work.
Enjoyed my time working there. Over the years the culture has changed significantly. Talking to others that work there now it is a little more stressful. The benefits are good. The people that work there are great. The benefits are among the best.
Examiner | Penticton, BC | Nov 24, 2019
Not supported by management
ICBC cares more about their public perception than doing the right thing by their employees. In spite of having a good rapport with most of the public- was not supported by management over trivial complaints.
Accountant | Turkey Point, ON | Jan 6, 2022
Productive, fun work place
very friendly workplace, people are polite and salaries are enough, learned different investment products that I didn't see before, top management is very polite and friendly
Prosfree lunches
Claims Assistant | Surrey, BC | Dec 7, 2019
Toxic environment
Management can be poor. Salaries are on the low end for staff. Generally, very few opportunities for advancement without having earned a university degree.
Estagiário | Uberaba, MG | Aug 22, 2016
Aprendi com a ICBC que ela Proporciona aos seus assistidos acesso à educação, saúde, trabalho, esporte, arte, cultura, lazer e cidadania; · Formar cidadãos perfeitamente integrados à família e à sociedade, úteis a si próprios, à pátria e a humanidade; · Promover e executar projetos, programas e planos de ação, tanto individualmente quanto em conjunto com instituições públicas ou privadas, nacionais ou internacionais, sob forma de parcerias, convênios, contratos ou outras formas jurídicas possíveis, sempre visando desenvolver seu objetivo principal e sem que isto implique em dependência ou perda de autonomia pelo ICBC; · Solicitar e receber auxílios, contribuições e doações de órgãos públicos ou privados, bem como de pessoas físicas ou jurídicas, associados ou não ao ICBC e sem que isto implique em dependência ou perda de autonomia pelo ICBC. Além de ser um ambiente agradavel e confortavel para trabalhar com bons colegas de trabalhos, fazendo com que o dia de trabalho ( estágio), se torne produtivo para adquirir conhecimentos.
Credit Analyst | London | Aug 15, 2012
At ICBC, I was in charge of the independent analysis of the credit applications submitted by the relationship managers. My duties involved the detailed analysis of the business and financial profile of the counterparties, as well as assessing the lending structure, which included syndicated loans, bilateral trade finance facilities, structured trade finance facilities such as pre-export, oil reserve based, receivables backed. I used to contact the clients with the relationship manager in order to seek detailed clarifications on financial accounts, business profile and lending structure. I used to present my recommendation orally during a meeting to the Credit Committee. Post-approval, I used to review the documentation.
Corporate Accountant | 大连市 | Jun 9, 2016
improvement for my self
As a corporate banking account, besides auditing the corporate financial situation and reviewing corporate cash flow conditions, I need to communicate with clients and my team member effectively, because there are many complicated transactions related to clients’s account. It is my responsibility to assess the qualifications of the opening business accounts and write reports about financial supervision of these clients. Based on my evaluation, our department will draw up the plan for working schedule and estimate the value of the client. What's more, I learned a lot about how to communicate with clients, because of our huge client group.
Consintense work, long work hour
Analista contable senior | Buenos Aires, Mich. | Feb 10, 2014
Excelentes condiciones laborales
Trabajar en ICBC ha sido una gran experiencia laboral. El equipo de trabajo, compuesto por excelentes personas, funcionó siempre muy bien y orientado a objetivos concretos y alcanzados exitosamente. El proyecto de rebranding luego del cambio en la composición accionaria de la entidad ha sido el desafío más importante de mi carrera profesional. Durante ese periodo de tiempo he adquirido una experiencia invaluable y los resultados del mismo han sido los esperados
English teacher | Santiago de Chile, Región Metropolitana | Jan 11, 2016
grato ambiente de trabajo
grato ambiente de trabajo. Revision de contenidos y actividades a realizar en clases de manera cotidiana. Acceso a materiales de audio ,visuales y fotocopiables para cada una de las clases. apoyo constante por parte de los coordinadores de la sede o departamentos a la hora de realizar actividades que esten fuera de los textos y que sirvan de apoyo a ellas mismas.
Prosconstante retroalimentacion y capacitacion
Manager | Macon, MO | Apr 26, 2022
Lots of thing to learn
Lots of opportunities and works to be assigned to you, provide training and space to let staff practice and understand further for the job, large bank and fair benefit. But senior management of the bank is not good, always set a unachievable goals and ask you to complete. Relatively lower compensation compare with other large banks.
Investment Banking Analyst | 北京市 | Jul 4, 2019
good vibe, well paid salary, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited is a Chinese multinational banking company. It is the largest bank in China, and the largest bank in the world by total assets, deposits, loans, number of customers and number of employees. It is one of China's "Big Four" state-owned commercial banks.

Questions and answers about ICBC

What was the most challenging part of your role at ICBC?
Asked Oct 8, 2020
work load and stress management
Answered Feb 28, 2022
Dealing with dishonest venders and people in general
Answered Oct 8, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at ICBC?
Asked Jan 15, 2020
The interview is a behavioural type.
Answered Oct 8, 2020
Talk to current employees
Answered Jan 15, 2020
What is ICBC sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Feb 28, 2022
75 at full pay, then LTD
Answered Feb 28, 2022
On average, how many hours do you work a day at ICBC?
Asked Dec 7, 2021
8 hour shifts but half hour not paid for lunch.
Answered Dec 7, 2021
What is the most stressful part about working at ICBC?
Asked Dec 7, 2021
The customers that just failed a test, covid protocols
Answered Dec 7, 2021