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Senior Business Analyst | Montréal, QC | Dec. 17, 2021
Lots of possibilities for promotions
Been there a year and worked in collab with various departments. The culture is to value competency and versatility. Put the best people in the best roles
Paralegal | Calgary, AB | Sep. 2, 2021
Fun place to work, good benefits, nice people, downtown so you have to pay for parking. But other than that very organized and senior management goes above and beyon
Claims | Atlantic, NS | Jan. 20, 2022
They suck the life out of you and then throw you to the curb
Worked with them over 10 years and they sucked every ounce of energy and life out of everyone there. Employees who give more than required are used and then dumped. They talk work life balance and the workload constantly forces you to work additional hours. When you speak up to try and help the team they pretend to listen and then get tired of listening to you and they kick you to the curb with no explanation. Senior management acts like a horrible clique. Significantly understaffed all the time. You are only a number here until they don’t want you anymore.
ProsSalary, benefits
ConsTerrible toxic work environment. The company is so big you will only ever be a number.
Claims | London, ON | Jan. 4, 2022
Not what they say they are
The company tells their employees that they are the most important thing about it, but they are not. Company doesn’t promote the individuals with the most skills and experience, the company only promotes those that suck up to management. Working at the company could be good if they had knowledgeable people in the right places in management and the company told the truth about advancement opportunities (I.e. there are none if you have skills).
ProsOccasional giveaways to make up for the subpar salaries.
ConsToo many list but management and culture are the top
Consultant | Toronto, OH | Sep. 20, 2021
Value it's employees, great benefits, opportunities for growth
I absolutely enjoyed working for Intact. Only reason I left is to change careers in a different industry. They really invest in their employees and support their growth Would recommend for anyone.

Questions and answers about Intact

Will they call after interview if either it s negative or positive result ?
Asked Jul. 10, 2017
I know somebody who did an interview with them and had the proper insurance license already. That company only had to train the person with their products and it took them 2 weeks to reject the person without even giving an explanation. I would think that if u have the license why not hire that person instead of hiring unlicensed person and then training them. Invariably the same position opens up again because the person they hired did not pass the license test.
Answered Jul. 2, 2021
I had 3 interviews. One on the phone , one in person and one video interview.... Each time I send a thank you note, waiting for the next step. And then, nothing, not even an email saying that I was not selected, I mean, after 3 interviews, they could at least send an email.
Answered May 18, 2019
After interview how long will it take to tell the result?
Asked Jul. 10, 2017
Recently with video interview they have they never get back to you either rejected or accepted you feel like hanging on the air and this is very unprofessional.
Answered Dec. 13, 2018
Thank you for your question. While each job has a different hiring timeframe, we strive to provide feedback as soon as possible. We enourage you to reach out to your recruiter if you have not heard back for a status update.
Answered May 30, 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Intact?
Asked May 4, 2017
Thank you for your question. We do not have interview dress guidelines so would suggest dressing your best and for the job. Hope this helps and good luck!
Answered May 30, 2018
Formal attire
Answered Jan. 4, 2018
Does Intact require background check?
Asked May 4, 2017
Possibly in some positions
Answered Oct. 28, 2018
Thanks for your question. Yes, we conduct background checks on all new hires that align with the requirements for the financial services industry. Please ask your recruiter what specifically we will check for the role that you have applied to. Hope this answers your question.
Answered May 30, 2018
Why would you want to work at Intact?
Asked Apr. 5, 2017
Once you get a permanent position you have a solid job.
Answered May 27, 2019
Thanks for your question. There are a lot of reasons why our employees are highly engaged and we are a Best Employer & Canada's Top Employer for three consecutive years. The best way to sum it up is "it's about people". Across our company, we have different jobs but we share the same goal. We are here to help people, businesses and society prosper in good times and be resilient in bad times. Each department has their unique team cultures. Take a look at our career site and view some of the videos and employee quotes: Hope this helps!
Answered May 30, 2018