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Interior Health
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Kelowna, BC
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Community Health Worker
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Personal Care Assistant
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Lead Cook
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Support Worker
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Administrative Services | Penticton, BC | Apr. 8, 2020
Top heavy Managers
Top heavy management, not enough quality employees who are stressed, always picking up the slack. Some Great people there but 95% working are waiting to retire. Dont stand up for yourself or you'll be treated unfairly. Union stewards are few and far between due to being an unfair system geared towards the company and what they want. system ge
Hospital Service Technician | Kelowna, BC | Jan. 6, 2020
company review
*Good wages. *Expectations can be heavy with no support systems in place. *Needs more education built in to work schedule, not just on your days off. *Some really good people work here and make teamwork a priority. *Needs to be more proactive about supporting employees with educational opportunities
Prosgood team
Consno enough staff
Management Consultant | Vancouver, BC | Apr. 17, 2012
1 year contract
1 year contract, working with the Patient Safety and Learning System.
Medical Technologist | Revelstoke, BC | Oct. 10, 2018
Good employer
Worked with Interior Health for my entire 40 year career. No regrets and no complaints. Shift work is rough on a person but you adapt. Working in a Lab environment can be extremely stressful. Since a patients diagnosis or ongoing treatments are based on quick turn around times for Lab results. The time crunch can be overwhelming sometimes and is more often then not.
ProsWarm clean workplace, good job security
ConsShift work, weekends and holidays.
Laboratory Technician | Penticton, BC | Sep. 20, 2018
no advancement
As a union job, you are stuck at a certain level to remain there regardless of job performance. The morale within the department is very low. The job is good, but mentally draining.
Registration Clerk | Canada | Jul. 27, 2017
Fun work environment
Challenging work place with lots of opportunity to learn and advance. Relaxed atmosphere and lots of support to really learn your job. Best part of working there, awesome coworkers and dedicated people all around.
Manager | Kelowna, BC | Mar. 30, 2017
great place to work
Great place to work with lots of opportunities. I liked working in Kelowna. Travelling within interior health is difficult because of terrain and weather. Salary raise and career growth is limited.
Prosdedicated employees and good compensation
Conscomplex reporting structure
Cleaner | Kelowna, BC | Nov. 7, 2012
descent place to work with benefits
I work full time as a housekeeper as you need to build senority to bid into a fulltime cook positon. I occasionally get pulled from my housekeeping job to fill in for cooks on vacation etc. the managment is strict. the hardest part of my job is the politics that are involved with working in a union environment. the most enjoyable part of my job is working with the patients and the other staff who also enjoy their jobs.
Prosthe wage and benefits and working with the other staff and patients
Consmanagment politics
Housekeeper | Canada | Jan. 21, 2021
Enjoyed working with the other staff members
You are a casual worker, hardly a chance to be permanent, full time. Did not know from one day to the next if you were working. Had to actually bid on jobs to receive them. Found this raised my anxiety level tremendously. Had many anxiety attacks to which I wasn't really offered any help. I haven't been back since.
ProsGrest staff, management was ok.
ConsNot knowing if you had hours. Very stressful trying to get them. Parking SUCKS for staff
Patient Advocate | Kelowna, BC | Sep. 18, 2017
culturally specific position
The position was created specifically for Aboriginal persons in the health care setting. Very busy working environment Loved the position and the difference in which it provided to a vulnerable segment of the population
ProsGreat pay

Questions and answers about Interior Health

What is the work environment and culture like at Interior Health?
Asked Aug. 9, 2017
In my experience, it definitely depends where you end up working. There are jobs where things are just ok, and then the jobs that are destructive to your mental health. Unfortunately.
Answered Apr. 25, 2020
Awful. Bullying management and supervisors who are backed by HR in every horrible thing they do to the workers. Discipline handed out like candy for minor infractions. Bad place to work for your mental health!!
Answered Feb. 18, 2020
What are the working hours at Interior Health?
Asked Dec. 6, 2017
I am very flexible to work anytime anyday.
Answered Dec. 2, 2020
Rotations. No work/life balance. Impossible to find childcare
Answered Dec. 28, 2019
Had an interview 6 weeks ago and now waiting to hear about orientation times/dates. How long does this take?
Asked Aug. 31, 2018
It can take over a month as was my experience as well.
Answered Feb. 7, 2021
Depends on place, can be within 1 to 2 weeks, but some places can take up to a month after paperwork is all done.
Answered Sep. 29, 2019
What was the most challenging part of your role at Interior Health?
Asked Mar. 16, 2019
Ask lots of questions
Answered Jan. 18, 2020
Dealing with management. Hide behind policies. Weak unions. Toxic all around at times.
Answered Jun. 17, 2019
How much do they pay administrative support? Seems they are asking alot for qualifications for a casual position. Not to mention lots of required job functions for a causal position. My guess is that they are highering casual so they don't have to pay benefits yet have the person work fulltime. 😕
Asked Feb. 8, 2018
Actually, people are not hired initially as a casual. If a job is not filled internally then it is posted externally. If it is a full or part time that is how it is posted. Not posted casual to try out people. When there is a casual positio posted it is because the permanent position for the job is already filled. Casual is for relief due to sickness, vacation, other absences etc.
Answered Apr. 6, 2019
From what I observed, most positions are first offered as casual. Once you have been accepted and are part of the union, you can then apply for other positions.
Answered Aug. 13, 2018