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Overall reviews at J.D. Irving

Driver | Toronto, ON | Apr 22, 2013
I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.
Disorganized management. Tell you one thing, do another. Constantly allude to changes that are coming (in safety procedures, pay structure, disciplinary actions for safety infractions) leaving drivers in a constant state of never knowing what the future holds. Never a straight answer. Questions/concerns skirted, put off. Condescending attitude towards drivers from all levels of management. Maintenance of equipment is atrocious. Trucks and trailers routinely go 30, 40, 50000km between services (all trucks are leased and its built in to the maintenance package that oil changes aren't to be done in less than 50000km intervals. I know of one tractor that, despite repeated driver requests, didn't get its FIRST service until the truck had over 90000km on it. How'd you like to haul 57000 liters of gasoline with a truck that has gone NINETY THOUSAND KILOMETERS without being looked at once by a mechanic??) Unable to obtain basic tools for the job...windshield washer fluid, gloves, etc. Company unable/unwilling to provide these basic necessities for the drivers. They hire people to work in dispatch with no relevant work experience (because no experience affords the company the ability to pay them low wages), provide little to no training to these people, then can't figure out why these people fail. This is not uncommon in "big business" trucking, I understand that. However, fuel is a pretty specialized niche in the trucking industry and having someone who's never sat in a truck telli
Prostop hourly rate is pretty competitive in the toronto fuel market.
Account Coordinator | Dieppe, NB | Oct 1, 2020
Zero training and exceptionally poor management in the customer service department
Beware of applying for the customer service position of Customer Account Coordinator at Cavendish Farms in Dieppe, NB. The management of this department is bar none the worst I have ever encountered as an industry professional. They are quite literally bullies, deceitful, and do not take care of their team. There is zero training and zero workload balance. You will be overworked and expected to maintain high level performance while keeping your head down and not speaking up. HR is not helpful and sides with management. They are super short on manpower, especially right now, as employees are quitting, being fired for asking for help and relief from an excessive workload, and many have left on stress leave. There is zero opportunity for a CAC (Customer Account Coordinator) to advance within the company because they cannot keep people in these positions for the reasons mentioned above, therefore you will be prevented from moving up in your career or even make a lateral move. As a CAC, you will be stuck a CAC. The pay and benefits are not enough to justify the awful work environment and sheer level of stress imposed on the customer service employees by terrible management.
ProsMet some good friends
ConsExpected to work overtime without pay, bullied by management into being overworked, zero training, zero opportunity to advance your career, people are quitting and going on stress leave and contract employees being let go, therefore there is zero workload balance
Security Officer | Saint John, NB | Feb 17, 2020
Cut throat mentality with a culture of fear
A large well paying company, for eastern Canada. That is the only draw, for certain. Employees have unreasonable expectations of them with no room for understanding of such things as being over-tasked, too much travel and too large an area for one person to cover. Most Management employees can barely contain their fear of the Owners. It is very common for Managers to pretend to be loyal and happy when it is clear that their benefits package is the only thing keeping them there. It is “day to day” to see/hear employees speak far differently in the open than they do in private. I laughed when I read earlier submissions mentioning “The Irving way.” You hear that every single day. Every once in a while, you hear a sycophant state, “I bleed green….” It is simply another company where "rogue" middle managers ruin the atmosphere, for their own benefit, while the upper management is indifferent to that. My first Boss was a good man and he suddenly disappeared. The second guy thought that he was a God and, much to my surprise, got what was coming to him, as well. There is NO advocacy attached to HR there. If someone wants you gone, for even the most ridiculous reason, HR is there to simply process you out. After you are gone, the “friends” that you worked with will not even communicate with you, in many cases, out of fear, as you are “tainted.” As well, I have no faith in the “anonymity” of this submission site. In fact, the “Tell us about you” section is designed to i
Production Supervisor | Valley, NS | Mar 1, 2018
Sawmill supervisor - Get some experience then get out!
I was a new university grad and was hired as a supervisor in an Irving sawmill. I was there for just under 3 years. The starting salary was below industry levels and I had one minuscule raise over those 3 years. The company cries, hard times, "no one getting raises" quite often. It was good experience, but the the hours of work is the biggest issue with this role. You are paid for a 42 hour work week. You alternate days one week, to nights the next. As it turns out, day shift is 5 days/wk for 10.5 hrs/day = 52.5 hrs. Night shift is 4 days a wk (4x10.5=42 hrs). There's a requirement to be on site 1/2 hour before shift to organize your crew, and 1/2 after shift to complete paperwork. Expect to work 11.5 hr/shifts or 103.5 hrs every 2 weeks, but only be paid for 84. The $/hr breakdown means you'll be making the same, or less, as your operators. The turn over for supervisors is about 3 years or less. I gained a decent enough experience and then scored a supervisor job that paid better, worked less hours, less stressful, and closer to home. I think that people that do well with Irving willingly put the extra hours in, as their corporate culture tries to brainwash you into thinking this is normal for every business. It's not at all. People need a life outside of work and to be paid fairly for the work put in. There are much better companies to work for out there than Irving.
ProsExperience for new grads.
ConsExpected to work unpaid hours. Low pay to begin with.
Laborer | Saint-leonard, NB | Aug 10, 2021
Need changes for better quality of life.
Well first off, it took 4 Interviews before they hired me, I was planting trees for them before, they promise me a job at the mill after which they didn't, After I was able to work there, it's basically whoever has been there the longest or as a better connection through the company to get the better jobs, which isn't right, Some people had better jobs than me and they were newly hired. Don't get me wrong it isn't a bad place to work good benefits and bonuses, only the management is a real issue here, and when you are trying to help them out saying some things need change for certain jobs because they aren't as safe they totally ignore and go along their ways. Some days I would see guys doing jobs that would recommend at least 2-3 people, but only the one that was running around trying to keep up. The salary for certain jobs is to be negotiated, YOU DO LOTS OF WORK ALONE FOR CERTAIN JOBS. Some days are physically tiring and at the end of your shift, you aren't really appreciated for the work you do, and you will be easily replaced if there are complications. Overall its isn't a bad place but some things would need a change that's for sure.
ProsBonus and salary
Planner | Dieppe, NB | Nov 17, 2020
Dont drink the kool aid
Irving portrays itself as a family run, caring, company in the public. Inside, once in, they are all about results with no room for error. I found management contradicted themselves constantly. Saying one thing, saying another. Employees are not people, but performers. Platinum standard at JDI not gold or silver for this family run business. Management views opinions or concerns as complaints or an individual not taking responsibility. Stress, fear, and results is what fuels the machine. You are expected on your first day to hit the ground hard and start running. Management in some departments are not experts. Its like a biology professor teaching a chemistry class. A department manager should be the top most expert of the team and most knowledgeable about the team subject. Mine was not and had no clue what my role actually in detail pertained to or how to perform the task. Heavy work load is the norm. Work life balance non existent. Monthly check ins are to ensure your performance is top notch. Nothing more. On the outside so much promise, on the inside perform at a high level or get out. Run, don't walk, run.
ProsLots of perks
ConsWork life balance, fear culture
Data Entry Clerk | Dieppe, NB | May 20, 2017
Workplace was a pleasant and fast paced environment working with large groups of employers
NOTE: Indeed has incorrect date of employment at this company (ending date was 2013 not 2017). A typical day would be to start with collecting all mail from mailroom and delivering to our various employers in our department (Driver Services) and most importantly to collect thousands of Driver's logs (handwritten daily reports of their road trips) and to immediately proceed to scan them individually into our computer system for data entry. Learned how to multi-task in a face paced environment and to work with multitude of employees from various departments in a very large company. Most enjoyable part of the job was to interact with the driver's when they delivered their logs personally to us and to hear of their experiences on the road. I enjoyed meeting, helping and advising the drivers individually concerning the rules they had to follow regarding safety and regulations.
Prosworking with large number of employees
Consbeing English in a bilingual environment
Certified Peer Specialist | Saint John, NB | Oct 29, 2012
A role which was rich in diversity and experience
Each day offered a new and exciting challenge. I was introduced to every aspect of the importing and purchasing spectrum in this role. In this way I learned far more than I ever would have in a brokerage atmosphere. Sadly, I found that management lacked direction and was most often absent from the process. Our department was basically left alone to sink or swim. My coworkers were a small but fantastic group of ladies. As the senior in our group I enjoyed the mentoring and training of each of them. The most difficult aspect of this job was the pace as every job was top priority and needed to be completed in a very short amount of time. Organization and excellent time management and an ability to prioritize were a MUST! The most enjoyable part of the job was the auditing and refund role. It was always an enormous pleasure to deliver a refund cheque to my clients !
Prosexcellent salary and benefits
Consa very poor balance between home and work. i was on call 24/7
Welder | Halifax, NS | Oct 23, 2018
not the safest place
a typical day at work is getting your job from your foreman and immediately having to safe proof your work area so you don't get hurt.Half of the foremen I am working for are from foreign countries so It is unknown what kind of on the job safety training they have or experience. Lots of young tradespeople so it's a concern as they are depending on these supervisors to make sure they work safe.Given numerous jobs that were not pre-checked by the supervisors such as sent into confined spaces with no communication with tank watch. told to sign onto other workers F.L.R.A. even though they are doing a different job in a different area to speed up the job. decking planks not secured days after foremen being informed about the danger. scaffolding being erected without kickplate (toeboard) scaffolders inspecting their own scaffolding they erect
Prostradespeople you work with
Consmanagement is either untrained or not concerned about safety
Student Intern | Chipman, NB | Jan 30, 2017
Unique Learing Expeience
Worked with Irving Sawmills and Woodlands on a co-op term after my second year of school. This position was a new one Irving was trying, where the students would move through 5 roles within the company. I started my summer in a sawmill and then spent time working in; road building, tree thinning, tree harvesting and block planning. Being able to follow the trees from planting to being shipped as lumber gave me a good insight on the process as a whole that I would not have otherwise received. The most enjoyable part of this rotation was working at the sawmill. At the end of my term I asked for an extension and went back to the sawmill for a few more weeks. During my second time at the sawmill I had seen some of my recommended changes be implemented and worked with the process improvement team to standardize safety policies site wide.
ProsWorked in 5 diferent areas of the company in one summer.
ConsLong days when working in the forest.

Questions and answers about J.D. Irving

If you were to leave J.D. Irving, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 27, 2018
Pas de formation.demander une question au foreman et(Je sait pas)salaire de crève faim.
Answered Sept 24, 2019
Management does not know where they are going...and they not pay your full hour..you have to keep track of your worked hours and fight to get them paid...
Answered Sept 22, 2019
How do you feel about the future of J.D. Irving?
Asked Sept 12, 2019
Si on ne change pas de méthode se sera pas beau à voir.personne ne voudra plus travailler pour eux.ou tu veut aller avec le salaire qú on nous donne.ćest pas croyable une grosse compagnie comme ça qui paie des salaires minimum.
Answered Nov 25, 2019
Aucune amélioration.
Answered Sept 30, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make J.D. Irving a better place to work?
Asked Jun 10, 2019
Leadership training.
Answered Mar 22, 2022
Pay people better
Answered Aug 22, 2020
What is J.D. Irving sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Oct 17, 2018
Yes.. But don't use them even with a Doctor caring for you!
Answered Aug 20, 2020
7 paid sick days a year
Answered Oct 18, 2018
How often do raises occur at J.D. Irving?
Asked Oct 5, 2019
Once a year if your lucky
Answered Apr 9, 2021
Not often enough
Answered Oct 5, 2019