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Server | Yorkdale, ON | Jan 8, 2015
Understaffed, exhausting and hard to get shifts covered
It was a job where they train you the hardest on service. You are encouraged to converse with your guests and get to know a little bit about them. Always be engaging and outgoing. The location however is massive. 2 floors, and about 20 sections for the entire restaurant. But they were constantly understaffed, and there wasn't a day where there wasn't at least one staff member working a straight through (double shift with no break), or a double shift. Everyone was overworked, and underslept. Sickness spread far too easily among the exhausted servers. Managers were often hard to talk to and always gave you the same spiel on your efforts and if you could be doing more to improve the situation for yourself. They were often fake, and not easy to confide in. If you were caught gossiping to staff about other members of your workplace, or the workplace itself it was means for termination. Yet all the managers keep record of all your conversations with management, everytime a customer tells management any remark about you, or anything they hear about you from a fellow server. They write it all up by the end of the night and it gets sent to all the Front of House and Back of House managers. Being required to food and drink at all times over the two floors (in heels!) of the restaurant was physically exhausting. Not all servers were experienced and there would be times where you would have to take four to eight minutes out of your shift to correct a mistake done by a newer server
Proswe closed at 12, we had respectable uniforms, you could move up in the company if you wished
Consdouble shifts, never having enough cutlery or dishes to serve your guests with, we had to pay for our meals, you had to wear heels, you had to constantly walk up and downstairs, all the managers were fake
Line Cook | Calgary, AB | Dec 8, 2016
Fun place to work
Joey's is a fun place to work at and has a lot to offer such as learning and growing in the company. I work in BOH as Line/Prep cook. My work hours at Joey is mostly evening with that being said I am reviewing on how a typical day at work in the evening at the station I work at. First few things I do/check when walk on-line are: Protein, sauces, rice stock, and other items to see if I need to stock anything so that I don't run out of the items during peak times. Check the sanitation-water and change it if it is dirty. Clean up the station and make it look presentable for the night service. About management: What I have learned from the experience while working at Joeys is you need to tell your leader/management that how good job you have been doing in order to be recognized and that's a little grey area because the other places I worked at where supervisor/manager come to you and tell you how good or bad you are at your job. But at Joey's leader/management only come talk to you if you are not performing at the expected level and get written-up for that. Co-workers: Co-workers at Joey's are great. Specially with the ones you have been working when you first started. Hardest part about the job is transitioning from day shift to night shift and the station is left terrible condition such as: Stocks is not at the par level, station is not cleaned, Sanitation water is not changed, Pasta water pot left unattended and its almost burning etc. and to top that you get
ProsDiscount on meals and drinks
Consnot a lot of hours when you are looking for more hours
Back of House | Ottawa, ON | Aug 4, 2020
Not worth the stress
They have a pretty good training program and a lot is expected of you. There are a lot of knowledgeable partners who work there and you get a lot of insight and advice from them. That's about the only reason I stayed for over a year and a half with the company. In the end, it wasn't worth it for the amount of work and overtime I put in for basically no pay off, and the amount of stress I got from the place. Management is two faced and they don't care about you at all. If you try to bring up complaints, you're met with the "you can leave, we'll find someone else" attitude. They're constantly pitting you against your coworkers for no reason. Your list of duties only ever expands and gets progressively harder without proper training. The day has to go exactly like management expects even if there's obvious setbacks that will delay things, after which you immediately become weak and "need to work harder". This restaurant will slowly become your life with the way they schedule people, and the amount of people I've worked with who had constant breakdowns and had to take weeks off is insane. The employee turnaround is huge. New people come and go every week and most of them don't stay longer for a year. Do yourself a favor and look for something else. tldr: If you're thriving in an environment where all that's pointed out to you are your faults, get reminded how expendable you are, people are promoted based on timing (or when there's a shortage of leaders because everyo
ProsFriendly coworkers
ConsOvertime, chaotic scheduling, long days, selfish management, harassment
Shift Leader | Vancouver, BC | May 12, 2021
Working for Joey Completely Deteriorated My Mental Health
I was employed by Joey Restaurants for just over a year. In that year, I was able to advance from GST/Server to a Server/Shift Leader. There were constant stress added onto the shift leaders to constantly calculate labor while being paid the exact same wage as GSTs. They would not allow me to serve full-time as they required me to always be on the GST schedule since no one ever wanted to be a hostess. The manager's always displayed favouritism which was exhausting as it was reflected in the weekly schedule you were assigned if you weren't a favourite. Previous serving experience would be an asset as the server training happens in groups in an almost classroom like setting. They expect you to "romance" their menu items as the menu description is always vague which prolongs the order taking process. They also make you tip out on guest complaints or any mistakes you made and you get reprimanded for it too even if it wasn't your fault. Their tip out was about 6%-7% as well while I was employed there. Working in this environment exacerbated my anxiety as it felt like the individual's were never doing enough to meet the sky high standards of the management team and company.
ProsVIP budget to create memorable guest experiences, opportunities for advancement, met some celebrities while working there, constant constructive criticism
ConsLate nights, limited discounts on their menu, no discounts for friends and family, management team
Cook | Don Mills, ON | Mar 14, 2016
What is labelled as fun, really means serious, poisonous and lame
A typical day at work consists of preparing for the next rush, and working non-stop from shift beginning to shift end. If you've made it past the first three months, then you are finally accepted as part of the team and people may stop haggling you, but only if the pretty waitresses are cool with you. The managers paint a picture that this is a great workplace with a colorful culture and room for advancement, but this is not it at all. The managers think they are slave drivers pushing people past their limits, allowing room only for sanitation to be jeopardized in order to fill orders. Rather than hire the right amount of people, they save on costs by cutting corners. This often includes leaving meat and perishables out for long periods of time, and not sanitizing hands and surfaces appropriately. The co-workers are like friends you make in high school. Great to hang around with while your there, but forget them when the job is done, mostly because most of the cooks are pretentious. Please don't get me wrong, my experience here was limited just to the kitchen. After speaking with many of the waitresses here, being a waitress here is great as long as you fit the criteria, and you can make a lot of cash here working in the FOH. Its what happens behind the scenes...
ProsWork in an environment that is presented to the public as being successful and fun
ConsWork in an environment that is posionous to employees' mental health
Line Cook | Markham, ON | Jul 12, 2018
Team oriented work place
A typical day as a line cook at JOEY Markville consisted of me setting up my station for the evening rush. I would start work typically around 4pm where I would switch with the morning line cook that was on my station. Before they would leave they would help me set up the station with the products I needed to execute for the following hours. Once I felt comfortable enough with the set up I would then proceed to execute while the morning line cook would leave for the day. As a line cook I learned how to use my time productively. I became so efficient that I could have rice cooking while I would set up my station and sometimes even help others with their tasks for the day. At Joey Markville I also learned how to be a team player. If I had my food ready and I noticed another station needed assistance I would go to their aid. I became very aware of my surroundings. The hardest part about working at JOEY Markville was the late nights. I used to start work from 4pm to 2-3am. The most enjoyable part about working at JOEY Markville was the team. No matter the high or lows we did it together. Another enjoyable part was meeting sales and having zero returns. Being able to maintain a clean and organized kitchen was enjoyable as well.
ProsYou feel like you're making a difference in guests experiences
ConsLate nights
Line Cook | Winnipeg, MB | Jun 3, 2020
Professional but no advancement and not good pay
Joey has really good and efficient ways of getting the work done to make their company money. Their management system is good and the people there are fun to work with. If you want time off they’d work around your schedule to help you. However if you want to move up or get paid good that will not happen. You have to suck up or be really good friends with the managers to get anywhere. If not they will take advantage of your work ethic, giving you false promises to move up. After working there for a year or so you will only get a raise in your tips of 5% to 10% and stay at minimum wage. Working there almost reminds me of a highschool, if you’re popular you will do good. You will never have a full time week, they will bring you to part time pretty much to save money. During a meeting one time chefs only gave praise to the coach’s and supervisors and sous chefs. If you are not any of those, you will not be valued and only looked at as a minimum wage worker to get their food out. Doing closing shifts there is usually a disaster, they never really have a dishwasher so you’d be closing your entire station and a dish pit. I’d suggest if working at Joey making it just your second job and not a job where you’d depend on them to make a living.
Guest Service Agent | Markham, ON | Aug 19, 2021
Highs and Lows
It was a fun job at times but at other times it was very stressful. It really all depended on who was managing. Stress would get to some people who would make the environment hard to thrive in whereas others would understand the pressure and make do with what they could do. The physical work was hard as the expectations were very high at all times. Also hours were very very inconsistent, like most restaurants, making it hard sometimes to have both a personal and work life. The upside to that though is even though you may be working a lot the people there are always kind and good to you in a personal way. You could make plenty of friends there and even make closer friends to be like family. They have a great way of hiring inspired, bright minded individuals all with a similarly motivated mindset. Overall JOEYS was a place I could find friends and comfort in but could no longer take the inconsistency and intensity of in terms of hours and environment, which is not just a fault of JOEYS but of most restaurants given that they fluctuate in hours based off of customer traffic.
ProsDiscounted meals, food education seminars, personable
ConsLong/short hours, physically labouring
Line Cook | Yorkdale, ON | Oct 31, 2016
Fun workplace with great co-workers
on a regular day at work i would usually start around 12 pm and finish at about 10 pm, it would always be busy and so i would always work with a lot of energy. Working at Joey Yorkdale I learned how to improve my social skills and communication skills. I would have to communicate with the people working at my station in order to work efficiently. The management was extremely poor, the messed up my pay at one point, they begged me to go to work when i was a week into recovery of my appendix removal. My co workers were great people. So much fun to work with which made work really enjoyable. The hardest part of the job was the hours really, at one point i was finishing work at 2 am on a school night. The most enjoyable part of the job has to be working with the people i worked with. They made work enjoyable, always made sure I was in a good mood prior to work by making me laugh a ton in the break room, anytime I needed someone to talk to about anything they were there for me.
ProsMy co-workers
ConsNo time for myself on weekends
Cook | Burnaby, BC | Feb 12, 2018
Was told I was hired then they never got back to me.
I went for an interview. I was really excited. I ended up being told I was hired what my wage would be and what station they were wanting to train me on and that they would get back to me in the next couple days to let me know my schedule as they needed to see where I could be fit in. I was super excited to join an amazing team and have a great opportunity to work with Joey's and learn from them and advance culinary experience as I know they have a very great system in place for cooks. Just to be told in hired. I give my notice at my current job and then never be contacted back. Even after emailing them to see what was going on with my schedule. Very unprofessional. This was the Joey's in Burnaby. And I was very excited to join their team as I have been working in kitchens since my very first job as a kid. Just want to say. You don't hire someone. Tell them what wage you'll give them and that you'll get back to them with their schedule just to never contact you that again.
Bartender | Tukwila, WA | Aug 28, 2012
Hip and stylish setting with delicious food and good looking servers. The slush is the best and can go in any drink!
Depending upon what shift you were working you could start off by preparing the bar and setting it up. Getting all the juices ready in containers and cutting the fruits to garnish the drinks. Stocking the fridges with backup juices, fruits, beers, and wines. Or it could be cleaning out the fridges and dating the wines and taking the bar down and sending everything through the washer. During shift it was to greet customer and have a drink in front of them within two minutes. Thats for bartenders and servers. As a bartender it is our responsibility to make all drinks for the servers in the lounge and dinning room. When I first started I had an amazing manager who was dependable, on point, didn't play favorites, and enforced great productivity and service. The manager understood that we were as good as our weakest link and would work hard to always improve us the employees and the restaurant. The turn over rate was pretty high so it was hard to remember who everyone was and I was constantly training. There were a few veterans who were amazing at their job and made work life much easier. A huge bonus working there was that they had awesome competitions. I won a trip to Sonoma California for selling the most bottles of a Sonoma-Cutrer wine. I went wine tasting to so many vineyards and stayed at the Korbel Champagne house.
Server Assistant | Woodland Hills, CA | Jun 7, 2019
Worst place I’ve ever worked
They hire people as “server assistants” with lots of empty promises because you are actually just a busser, dishwasher, and food runner with no serving involved. We would get a 1% tip out and most days the person wouldn’t even bother to tip you out and if you complained to management they would tell you it is your problem to deal with, so if you didn’t get it too bad. Not to mention the fact that it seems the company only hires the most stuck up, rude people in Los Angeles. Many days I would come home from work crying because I was overworked, underpaid, and I was constantly badly treated by managers and other staff in the form of rude comments, snickers, etc. it felt like being bullied at work and I have always been someone to make a lot of friends so it was especially disheartening. Even though I had serving experience they refused to move me up to server even though they stated they would when they first hired me. Everything about this job was horrible and no matter how hard I tried to make the best of it it just kept getting worse and more unbearable. The only perks were they gave you discounted food and every once in a while a cool celebrity would come in. Bottom line, I wouldn’t even recommend working here to my worst enemy.
ProsSlightly discounted food
ConsEverything else

Questions and answers about JOEY Restaurants

Why would you want to work at JOEY Restaurants?
Asked Nov 22, 2017
I heard it's a great place to work
Answered Nov 14, 2019
Because the place is clean and the staff are very kind the food is test
Answered Oct 15, 2019
What should you wear to an interview at JOEY Restaurants?
Asked Dec 14, 2017
Semi formal
Answered Oct 5, 2020
Business casual clothing
Answered Sept 5, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at JOEY Restaurants? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Nov 22, 2017
Pretty quick. I applied online, got an interview, and was offered a job on the spot.
Answered Mar 9, 2021
Apply in person and give your resume to the person who is in charge
Answered Aug 29, 2018
How often do raises occur at JOEY Restaurants?
Asked May 15, 2019
Rarely. The wage for servers was lower (around 13) whereas Serving Liaisons (bus-boys/bus-girls) and GST's (host/hostess) were closer to the 18 dollar mark.
Answered Mar 9, 2021
depends on "performance"
Answered Aug 20, 2020
What are the working hours at JOEY Restaurants?
Asked Aug 3, 2018
7/8 AM (opening) - 4 PM 12 - 9 PM 4 - 12 PM/1 AM (closing)
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Eight hours
Answered Feb 9, 2019