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Environmental Specialist | Avalon, SK | Apr 14, 2022
An aging building be-ridled with neglect and temporary repairs over many years.
The team it's self is relatively supportive and inclusive, but there's a complete lack of leadership or vision from the homes Administrator. Each day is just business as usual and there is no particular direction that things are headed. This place is stuck in stagnation and being held back by a lack of enthusiasm or vision by its Administrator. Things get done on an adhoc basis and are reactive other then proactive. I was about the 6th person in the last several years to hold the Environmental Services Manager job and my numerous predecessors left me quite a mess to inherit. Things have been patched up and temporarily fixed in numerous areas of the building, and I was tasked with fixing the errors of all these bandaids on problems. The residence are very sweet and I made a few friends amongst the staff, but there is a serious need for the absent leadership where the home Administrator is concerned. Its time for some fresh blood and for someone who has a firm hand, enthusiasm, a vision of where things should be. The residence deserve far better then the conditions they are living in. To the person who takes the reigns as next Environmental Services Manager, your in for a heavy work agenda, from the years of temporary bandages being put on things. I wish you good luck. The turn over rate in this department tells you everything, the management is the problem. Not the maintenance people.
Registered Nurse | Orillia, ON | Sept 2, 2018
Orillia Jarlette management needs consistency to be a great company.
My work day was typical of a long term care nurses experience involving patient care, med admin, staff supervision, replacing shifts, paper work. There were plenty of learning experiences offered from brief staff meetings on the floored to in-services and out of facility seminars we were encouraged to attend. Educational computer lessons and quizzes on medical and safety issues were part of our training as well. Management changed very frequently and each new manager or team would 'update staff' on their particular policies and procedures which could be confusing for front line staff. The many management personnel changes followed head office practices in principle but the constant changes did create some stress. One of the most difficult parts of my job was trying to work without full staff and constantly having to place calls to replace staff calling in. It was very time consuming being on the phone, trying to help other staff when we were short and trying to complete my own work. The most enjoyable part of my job was working with our clients and the camaraderie with the other staff.
Prossalary was competitive, most staff were hard working& kind to clients
Consconstantly changing management
Environmental Specialist | Midland, ON | Jan 2, 2020
Very stressful environment
Worked 34 years for Jarlette in Midland, part of that for a contracted service.In the beginning it was all great. Family like environment that treated you like their own. As the business grew and more care homes were added to the company it went from a family run business to simply a business. The bottom line became the greater focus. The finance department dictated the way you could run your department. Regardless of the fact that you were 1 of a hand full of managers that was consistently under budget at years end, there was no recognition from upper management or the ownership of the contracted service that was in place.The stressors placed upon you as a manager on a daily basis required me to take time off, as the anxiety and depression became too great. No real help was offered to help alleviate these symptoms that I experienced so after a brief return to work I felt that there was no alternative but to resign. I could no longer work in that type of environment. It was either my job or my health. As much as I loved the residents and the staff, my health came first.If you are truly considering working for this company in a management position I would recommend taking a hard look elsewhere.
Registered Nurse | Orangeville, ON | Jun 27, 2022
Overworked and Underppreciated
I worked here as an RPN for about a year and honestly, I loved the staff as people but the culture here turns sour super quick. Many staff gossip and don’t necessarily like eachother - even the management. Speaking of the management, it’s a mess. I worked there when COVID was bad so it may have been impacted by that, but the management had little to no communication skills within themselves. One manager would tell you one thing then two seconds later, another manager would tell you that’s wrong and to do something completely different. The pay was also not the best taking into consideration how much almost all of the nurses are overworked. I was asked to do so many things with little appreciation or acknowledgement and even if you go to the managers to discuss an issue with them they shut you down by saying “I understand, but here’s why you’re wrong.” I liked the staff on the floor but gosh, it got dreadful there by the end of it.
Housekeeper | Barrie, ON | Feb 14, 2019
Housekeeper and Laundry Aide
I worked at Roberta place for just under a year. I was a housekeeper who first worked day shift cleaning resident rooms , and then I switched to night shift so I could escape the drama from management. Working for Roberta Place was by far one of the worst jobs I've had. The cleaning company was contracted in and we made about $1.15 more than minimum wage at the time. My raise for being there 6 months was .11 cents. What a JOKE! Brought their audit score up from 54 to 93 . No recognition or appreciation whatsoever. We were expected to work for free if we were done our rooms because we were paid by room -》 this is not something they explained upon hire. So if you cleaned 6 rooms you would be done at 11 a.m ( 3 hour shift .30mins per room) and they would expect you to stay until 1.pm UNPAID. Most residents were wonderful and my work co-worker was awesome. Aside from that - horrible place with horrible management high turnover.
ConsEverything else
Support Worker | Midland, ON | Jun 18, 2022
Not a good work environment! Management will do everything they can to avoid you I have been an employee since they moved to the new building and I have never had a staff meeting only managers and RPNS/RNs are allowed to attend the regular staff on the floor are the only good thing about the building we are always short staffed and if we do have any it’s always agencies the PSWs do their best with what is given to them even though it is very little almost nothing. They are paid very poorly and are worked like dogs the kitchen staff are even worse than the managers they are rude with everyone always complaining or at least trying to find something to complain about they are always just angry boys serving meals. To top everything off I was offered “fulltime” but I am only receiving 60 hours every 2 weeks I should have 10 shifts if I am full time but fulltime only means 7 here. The benefits aren’t even worth the paper they are printed on.
Attendant | Penetanguishene, ON | Apr 23, 2019
Only concerned with dollars
I worked for Jarlette for a little over a year as an RA. There was constant turnover in staff including management. They pay is awful for the duties we were required to do. I worked in a retirement home and most of the residents should have been in long term care. We were not required to be nurses or psw's and the fact that we were tasked with caring for these people with our minimal knowledge and no training or education is appalling.I saw and did things that normally only a RN could do in a long term care setting. I had no training and basically just had to do my best and use common sense.If it wasn't for the fact that I bonded with the residents, I wouldn't have stayed that long. They only care about money and getting people moved in. There is no concern for residents mental and physical well being or that of the staff.
Prosrelationships built with residents
ConsPay, environment, support, the list goes on
Nurae | Val Caron, ON | Nov 9, 2018
Work you like dogs
When I first worked there the staff and management worked as a team. Then a new group of doc,s came and things changed. I've seen them make their own rules and hide all year long in there offices. Management just like to stay in their office unless they are coming to discipline staff or the head office comes to town. Or the ministry is in to investigate then they put on a show. They force the good workers to stay and the friends of management always get away with calling in sick. Lots of working short if your a psw. Pay low and hypocrite managers. Walking the halls with coffee but will tell staff they can't have anything. Walk by their offices and they are on cell phones but yet again staff can't. Good managers are supposed to lead by examples but managers there just want you to obay and not see their just to good to follow rules they enforce
ConsUnhelpful management, powertripping, working short
Support Worker | Barrie, ON | Jan 24, 2017
Management doesn't care about staff concerns
Management at Roberta Place is not proactive in preventing issues in the workplace and once issues arise they ALWAYS place the blame on the staff, especially PSWs. We have often voiced concerns about needing extra staff on heavier units, or needing equipment/environmental fixes but they either ignore the issue or put a temporary bandaid on the issue (usually only when Ministry is in for a visit). It is unfortunately a negative work environment and the staff has no respect for management due to this. They also don't do much to show staff appreciation... Pretty much feels like they make cuts wherever they can to get a bigger bonus at the end of the year. They are never on the unit to observe what needs done/help on the unit, feels like the PSW's have to come out with their own solutions to problems.
Dietary Aide | Huntsville, ON | Nov 28, 2014
Good experience
My day was always busy. I was trained on every shift, so every day I was doing something different. Some of the tasks of the different jobs I did include: cooking breakfast, making and portioning desserts, preparing nourishments and thickening juices, as well as taking the residents' orders, serving the food, washing pots, pans and dishes, and finally general cleaning duties. Management at Muskoka Landing could use some upgrading, as a lot of the time there was a lot of 'unknowns' when it came to different aspects of the job in the kitchen as well as management of the home, itself. The majority of co-workers are great, but a lot take some time to warm up to you. The hardest part of the job is when a residence has passed away. The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to interact with the residents on a daily basis.

Questions and answers about Jarlette

If you were to leave Jarlette, what would be the reason?
Asked Sept 7, 2018
The reason I DID leave after working there for a decade is because of the hostile working environment. Poor management, short staffing, neglect to the residents because of staffing levels causes by poor management. Vicious cycle. Never ended. Management sure puts on a good show when the ministry shows up. They love to pull the wool over people's eyes and make it "look good" on paper. Don't be mislead!
Answered Nov 24, 2019
I loved working there until Maple Ridge took over the Housekeeping
Answered Jun 14, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Jarlette?
Asked Sept 4, 2018
Hostile and toxic.
Answered Nov 24, 2019
The environment is barrie is hostile and toxic. The older PSW are extremely bad people they are so not support new employees at all. Management is equally as terrible.
Answered Apr 1, 2019
What is the interview process like at Jarlette?
Asked Jul 1, 2018
Professional and inviting.
Answered Dec 6, 2018
Very professional. I was interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and she was kind and made me feel at ease.
Answered Nov 13, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Jarlette a better place to work?
Asked Dec 8, 2018
Treat the staff good and respect everyone
Answered Apr 18, 2022
Treat employees with respect. Make things good not just "good on paper". Management is masters at pulling the wool over family members eyes.
Answered Nov 24, 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Jarlette?
Asked Mar 31, 2017
Be prepared by not going to it- seriously. Save yourself the agony of working there!
Answered Nov 24, 2019
Look professional, have good references, be positive.
Answered Jul 25, 2019