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Overall reviews at LifeLabs

Laboratory Technician | Toronto, ON | Jul 16, 2019
My experience as a part time float
Realistically this is a foot in the door kindve place. you'll meet some nice people and your bad ones as you will in all workplaces. All of this could be biased but this is what my experience is like. personally I wouldn't want to settle down for a place like this . Scheduling: I usually get full time hours even though my position description says 20 maximum. I have no problem, because I get a weekly scheduling in advanced.. well sometimes i do but occasionally they wont send you a weekly schedule and expect you to have no plans for that week and can call you at any moment to work. If you refuse they wont give you any hours and begin to be passive aggressive. One of the scheduling managers are very rude and bipolar which makes it impossible to get a break. When you work for them last minute they're very nice but it's impossible to ask them for a Last minute favour without getting backlash. Relationships: Everyone is mostly kind but you can see the tension between some workers and sometimes try to bring you in it. Alot of the older staff are patient but there is always one person at a location that blames the part timer or float for mistakes which makes it difficult to learn. Most locations are always understaffed and scheduling management is picky with hours. Manamegent is okay like in some cases but depending on your supervisor, your opinion isnt valued. occasionally you get free meals. Some supervisors are really nice and approachable and othere are unorganized and r
Prosworking environment can be good
Consscheduling supervisors act upon their moods
Laboratory Assistant | Mississauga, ON | Sep 9, 2021
Horrible workplace. New employees will get treated horribly especially if you look young.
The employees and supervisors at lifelabs treat new employees like garbage. The other departments in the lab are not strict with their rules and policies but specimen management is the hardest and most exhausting place to work at. Most of the people working here are old ladies who think they are superior to everyone because of their seniority. These people will try to find ways to get new people who are in training fired. They will do this by excessively complaining over small mistakes. Even if you took a 2 minute extra break, these people will complain. If you talk to someone even if all your work is done and your shift is about to be over, they will still complain and tell the supervisor that you are not focused. However, these old employees think these rules do not apply to them and I have noticed several times in which they have taken 15-20 minutes extra break time. Training is also very vigorous and they expect employees in training to work non stop without talking at all. The trainers that are training new employees are very lazy as they teach them something once and expect them to learn something instantly. There have been many times where new employees are tasked to handle an entire station by themselves. Management acts like they care about new employees and what they have to say but they are always in favour of the old employees and there is a lot of partiality in the lab. Overall, not a good place to work as there is a lot of drama, lots of work, lots of stuff to l
Prosfree coffee
Laboratory Technician | Oshawa, ON | Feb 11, 2023
Supervisor supports bullying
No room for growth. Amount of experience you have isn’t taken into consideration when apply for job postings. Supervisor has favourites in every location and makes it evident to all other employees, even to others in other departments speak about it. Work you to the point that you can’t go off the floor without consequences. Exceptions are unattainable. Weekly more work is put on workers. To their already existing unmanageable, unsustainable list of tasks to complete. Plus make sure you are never faltering on how many patients you serve every 30mins onto of the every growing list of things to do. No recognition only constant criticism by supervisor and staff. Micromanaging from staff members is encouraged by supervisor because they allow it to continue. They can’t keep floats because they over work them and never allow them time off (they work 6 days a week most times 10hour days). Are expected to be on call to go all over the place to different locations at anytime, with no exceptions. Will not work with you if you have another job (2 days) they expect you to only be loyal to them, your making a living for your family doesn’t matter to them. Toxic work environment created by supervisor supporting employees bad behaviours towards other staff. Trust me you can make better money somewhere else. Highly recommended you don’t work here.
ProsOne 15min paid break
ConsOverworked under paid, toxic work environment. Toxic supervisor
Laboratory Assistant | Thunder Bay, ON | Mar 7, 2020
Poor management - Short staffed
As a part time employee (which means casual in the world of LifeLabs, and you are not guaranteed a schedule) you are a work mule. You can work more then full time staff depending on if they are short staffed or not. You can start your day at one location, than have to move to another to fill a shift. If you request to have less shifts and have an availability change management asks a lot of questions as to why. Maybe more part time (regular) and full time positions should be issued to new candidates if more of the schedule for locations need to be filled. Pay is very low, when you can start in a hospital for almost $4/hr more. As a part time (casual) employee you are not entitled to benefits which isn't far when you are working as much or more than a part time (regular) employee. The company in a whole really needs to reevaluate the structure. A lot of problems with staffing can be solved with a higher pay scale and making part time (regular) and full time positions available to those who want set schedules. Part time (casual) positions should not be the working mules behind the company to keep it afloat. These employees should be used as fillers for the employees who take holidays, and to pick up sick calls so you are not short staffed. Overall would not work here again, and would not recommend to anyone.
Laboratory Technician | Thunder Bay, ON | Sep 23, 2022
Horrible place!
At first I was so excited to work at Lifelabs, it was what I went to school for but I learned very quick that it is one of the worse places I have worked at. When I was part time reg I was moved from location to location. In one day I ended up working at all 3 locations where I started at 7:30am and didn't finish my day until 6:30 with only a 30 min lunch break besides all the driving I did between locations. The one time I said no to picking up a extra shift because I had a doctor's appointment management didn't ask me again for at least 2 weeks. Once I got full time it was better with not moving locations . As much as management said they are all about the staff they team the staff up against each other. They will pull you into the office and ask you to pretty rat each other out and then staff will see you leave the office and think you talked about them. The turn over rate is higher then I have seen at any job before. Most of the staff are the worst to work with. They talk so poorly about each other and about patients right infront of everyone and nothing is done. If a problem is brought up to the management they will pull that staff member or members in and talk to them then tell them not to do it again and that's it.
ProsDepending on where you work you can learn a lot
ConsManagement and staff are the worst.
Human Resources Manager | Mississauga, ON | Jul 24, 2018
HR department is an absolute mess! Stay CLEAR!
It's been a long time since I have encountered such a toxic environment within a department. The directors lack professionalism. They congratulate themselves on a job well done, completely dismissing the hard work of the team. There is a lot of back-stabbing and preferential treatment. Its a "who you know" environment and who likes you best. Managers are expected to work well over their 9-5 schedule and be at the back and call of the director. Just because you are hired to do a specific job, it does not mean you actually will as your role may change significantly. Directors pass you by on the hallway without even saying hello as if they are too good for you. It's sad. It seems that the new CEO is taking a serious look at the culture as I see the Executive team changing. This change is necessary at the director level as well. There are a few that have been there significantly too long and feel that they cannot be touched. They treat their employees horribly and need to be let go in order for the culture to change. As it stands right now, this is a sinking ship. People are too afraid to even speak their mind as they fear for their job.
ProsMet good people
ConsNo lunch breaks
Laboratory Assistant | British Columbia | Dec 4, 2018
Catty female dominated environment
No supervision, catty female dominated environment, toxic, understaffed and overworked for minimum renumeration. Senior staff dump on new staff. Typical day you are run off your feet, you are timed and scrutinized on computer by senior staff, training was less than sufficient and not professional and skipped due to understaffing and being too busy. The supervisors are too busy performing personnel/HR/staffing/payroll/compiling stats to actually do any supervising. The Company is all about how many patients they can shove through their doors and they will sacrifice quality for the almighty $$$s. Hardest part of the job is dealing with jaded co-workers and being understaffed. The most enjoyable and only good part of the job (great in fact) is dealing with the patients that put their trust in you. The only job satisfaction is using your skill and personality to perform an excellent service to your patient. Unfortunately the Company shuns you going the extra mile and they promote the human production line.
ProsInteracting with the public
ConsUnderstaffed, overworked, lousy scheduling
Laboratory Assistant | Sheppard, ON | Nov 4, 2015
Fast Paced work environment
I begin my day by opening specimens collected and delivered to the lab by couriers. When we receive samples, we open them, enter them into the computer system, label them, and finally send them to the main laboratory for testing. I have learned how to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team. The most important skill I have gained through my experience is good teamwork and communication. Management at Lifelabs is excellent at supporting their workers and ensuring they are well taken care of. My coworkers are equally superb, as we have learned to function as a cohesive unit in order to sort and process close to 600 samples per day. The hardest part of my job is trying to finish all the work in time. My team and I have to work at a very fast pace in order to finish all the work by the end of the day. The most enjoyable part is interacting and working together with my coworkers. It is very enjoyable to see the progression of teamwork and efficiency we have developed as a team over the years I have been working at Lifelabs.
ProsFree lunches
ConsSometimes I miss my break because it is so busy
Laboratory Assistant | St. Catharines, ON | Apr 29, 2021
Absolutely loved this job!
I loved working at LifeLabs which was amazingly culturally diverse! I also loved being an important part of making sure that people's health was protected by making a difference and ensuring data entry of patient demographics, specimen integrity and test accuracy were never compromised. I felt the whole team worked well together and often helped each other in times of crisis such as work overload, shortage of workers due to illness, machine malfunction, et cetera. When "stuff" happened we banned together. We had amazing team leaders as well. The atmosphere in the laboratory was always energized and everyone on the team worked hard to complete each task with skill, integrity, knowledge and purpose. The hardest part for me was assessing my own yearly reviews. I could have used more guidance with this and others seem to have felt the same. Loved being a part of this environment and given the chance would work there again!
ProsExcellent company.
ConsNo job security.
Laboratory Technician | Abbotsford, BC | Sep 25, 2015
Working for Lifelabs (former BC Biomedical Laboratories) is a satisfying unique job. I am very qualified for what I do and I work in a very diversified atmosphere. I also speak some Punjabi as it relates to my job. A typical day would have our one lab seeing over 200 patients per day. It can become very hectic and demanding. Working with the public as most people would know can be quite challenging. Staying calm in any situation is key. Wait times can vary anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. So it is not unusual to have people complaining and sometimes using verbal language that is not suitable for anyone to witness. But in my profession, a calm demeanor is required. Being able to diffuse any situation is very important. We do not engage in bad behavior. I enjoy very much working with the public. I have all my life. I am a great team player and love taking taking on tasks that otherwise a manager would do.
Prosworking with my team and the public
Conswait times
Business Development Manager | Ho | Nov 19, 2019
Inexperienced company - acts like a start-up even though it's been around the block
The BD department has so many gaps that this seemingly larger company actually acts like a start-up. Chaos breeding chaos is the best way to describe it. Directors in positions they shouldn't be in (nepotism at it's finest - or cost cutting, OR a mix of both) - restructure after restructure, and yet they're bleeding money, and can't get a handle on any of it. Improper management decisions, improper investments, starting from the very top, trickling down to the bottom - leaving people to put out fires constantly. The only benefit this job has is the flexibility of working from home, and a good salary. There are people in BD that are extremely smart, and know how business operates. Unfortunately, the people making the decisions are in the wrong positions and lack the same intelligence/experience and business sense as the people who know what they're doing. The ones that know what they're doing are often overlooked for promotions, and advancements (same reason mentioned before). Everyone out for themselves is the name of the game here, and the people that you think should be in your corner, never actually are. The concept of teamwork is foregone in business development (for the most part, not in every dept. within BD) - Genetics is probably the worst offender. If you're thinking about it, I'd say, there's much better opportunities out there, take advantage of those!

Questions and answers about LifeLabs

How often do you get a raise at LifeLabs?
Asked Nov 7, 2022
Answered Jul 16, 2023
Yearly ish
Answered Jun 6, 2023
What is the work environment and culture like at the company?
Asked Jun 1, 2017
Management has no regard for their employees. This place is micro-managed, the employees are treated like they are always wrong and as long as there is a body to fill a position they don’t care if they can work. Upper management acts like they care and make tons of promises when they come to visit but at the end of the day nothing is done.
Answered Feb 17, 2022
Favouritism runs rampit!! Don't ask questions of management, because you will be labelled as a trouble maker!! Too much work for too few people!!
Answered Mar 23, 2021
What benefits does LifeLabs offer?
Asked Feb 2, 2021
Dental care Insurance
Answered Sep 22, 2023
You get benefits until you are a regular part time or full time only. If you are casual or just part time you don't get any benefit
Answered Aug 25, 2023
What is the promotion process like at LifeLabs?
Asked Nov 13, 2022
Every few years
Answered Aug 7, 2023
positions posted, interviewed then granted on a point system
Answered May 31, 2023
How long do you have to work at LifeLabs before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked Nov 15, 2022
1 year
Answered May 22, 2023
6 months
Answered May 8, 2023