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Grocery Associate | Maple Leaf, ON | Nov 28, 2019
Disorganized Communication from Head Office to Store Level
I have worked for several different grocery stores in the past, and what stands out most at Longo's is their promotion of higher standards of quality for the guests, but sadly treats their staff as disposable numbers, despite being told by higher management that "you are the most important part of the store". Remember, as a guest at Longo's, you will experience a nicer store and better product quality, but none of the workers stocking your shelves or cooking your food are paid any better than any other store (mostly all min. wage). Instead, staff is expected to perform better with more stress, higher expectations, all while being trained by either one or more of the following: incompetent managers, disjointed/unclear rules, hypocritical values that do not apply to anyone above Full-Time Clerk positions (managers have their own rules). A typical day at work would include myself performing tasks that were asked to be accomplished while my assistant manager would spend 8 hours doing one order, who also would then give me poor guidance/unclear communication and then blame me if I did not read his mind and do what he was intending, despite the fact that he was verbally/intellectually challenged. The same manager got the half of the department sick because he shakes everyone's hands several times per shift after they finish any task (as if they are children) despite the fact that he was blatantly sick and still showed up to work; he eventually went on to drive a skid into a wal
Cashier | Milton, ON | Mar 18, 2014
A very personable store manager who includes his staff in many celebrations
I have to say that Longos taught me alot about myself and what I have to offer to other places that I will work at in the future. My days vary in terms of the job at hand for that day. I do demos sometimes and I LOVE it because of the interaction that I can have with customers as well as the challenge of promoting a product that they either did not know or had no interest in until it was introduced to them first hand. My other job there is a cashier. Again I like it because of the people aspect of it. I have learnt that I am a very personable and persuasive person (not in an aggressive way) and I did not realize until working there just how good I was with people in general. The company has great medical benefits but there is a lot of room for improvements. I personally feel that I have a lot to offer the company in terms of the marketing area (they sometimes come up with demos that just should not be done at that specific time) for example doing a demo on a nut product during the first week of children going back to school in September. Staffing is also another area that I think they fall short. It seems to be who is liked and not what they can bring to the table that is taken into consideration. In oter words management is not doing a good job with selection of people in their right skill settings. I pick and choose the co-workers that I call friends as there seems to be a lot of internal conflicts among co-workers. The most enjoyable part of my job at longos i
ProsGreat medical benefits
Consthe shift work is horrible and I do not feel utilized enough
Bakery Clerk | Oakville, ON | Nov 24, 2016
Nice environment
I normally deal with grumpy, the easy going, or really rude types of people on any shift I'm scheduled for. I've learned how to set up the pastry showcase, neatly organize product displays when a mess, sweep/mop fridge and freezers floors properly so no employee injures themselves, decorate cheesecakes with variety of fruit and add in glaze, assist customers with bread and pastries, and lastly answer all of the customers questions to the best of my ability. I think management isn't all that bad at Longo's, I have dealt with employees that have given me a hard time but I spoke to my boss about it and she talked to the employee, then there are the types of employees I've had the chance to really talk to and found them to be really nice and helpful. There's this one particular co-worker who is full time, I assume she's said things behind my back just because I've made errors here and there in my work, I don't if she's stopped but I personally don't like her all that much. As for the co-workers a bit younger then me, many of them I enjoy working with and find the really nice, there's about two I don't personally but only because of their attitude. The hardest part of the job, I would say is trying to get tasks complete but getting interrupted by customers which leaves you rushing. Also I find that finding someone to cover your shift has always been a struggle for me, not too many reliable people out there. Lastly, the most enjoyable part of the job is working with whoever makes n
ProsNice people, good food, fun events
Consrude and grumpy customers
Meat Carver | Thornhill, ON | Jun 17, 2020
The worst experience of my life
⏩⏩⏩I applied for Assistant Department Manager and they told me we need you to work first 3 month and then we'll see. 3 month already passed but they don't do anything even I asked them. Plus they told me you need to help other departments too, but after a month it became a habit for them and I have to work of 6 people! Their promises are empty,I applied initially as seafood department but ended up in meat department which I hated 1⃣ It's slavery and my assistant manager was extremely racist I have told to manager but no effect 2⃣ Plus Mobile phone they say it's not allowed but they(managers) using at work, same as eating, it's not allowed but they eat. If you are a manager or beautiful younge girl you are an exceptional 3⃣ Be prepared for hearing we are a family but they care you like sh**it They force you to do the trainings because store score has to grow, they only think about their own benefits. 4⃣ Be prepared to hear we care and give benefits such as insurance while they do something so you won't be eligible to get insurance.! They did it to me. 5⃣ Be prepared for hearing you are a team member but actually self benefits. 7⃣ be prepared for being spied even you go washroom by managers following you to count your minutes Long story short if you are looking for the following list: Disrespect Lie Racism Long hours No benefits Pretending Fake Shout Nepotism 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 Longos is the best choice to go
ProsSome nice coworkers if they are same postion level as you
ConsDisrespect, Lie, Racism, Long hours, Pretending, Fake, Shout, Nepotism
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Brampton, ON | Oct 23, 2020
Longo's = WORST place to work - Full of Misogynist/Incompetent Managerss
As a 4th year University student I worked part-time at Longo's for 5 months and it was the worst experience I have ever had. I am a Law major and I hope one day to use my skills to help current employees find justice against the misogynist, incompetent and "creepy" managers they have working at all their stores. I would say 90% of the stores have these "type" of Managers after speaking with other employees. What is shocking is that they are never held accountable for their actions which clearly shows this is the culture of the company and it stems from the Head Office down. The CEO should be ashamed of himself for condoning the environment he has created, as it is not a healthy, equitable and fair environment. Nothing is done to address the abusive "ego" minded treatment towards employees; you have no choice but to quit or suffer. Fortunately I was able to quit and I found another job related to my field, however, I advise anyone with any sense of self respect to never even consider working at Longo's and for the women/young girls to find the courage to fight against the misogynistic attitudes of the men who should of not only been fired years ago, but charged with abuse and harassment. NOTE: during COVID it is even worse, they don't enforce staff to wear their masks and the Manager of my store would always wear it on his chin and mock those who were concerned about the protocols.
ProsNo Pros
ConsEverything - incompetent Managers/staff and misogynist culture
Produce Clerk | Toronto, ON | May 14, 2022
High Stress, Expects Perfection from Part Time Staff, (My Location) Toxic Work Enviroment
I’ve worked at two different Longos Locations and for about Three years now. Positive: They pay quite well, always above Minimum wage even for part-timers. Like most stores some department managers are great, while others are terrible. Negatives: The customers are extremely entitled, you will get belittled for things out of your control and customers will try to take advantage of you. Store managers can also be quite demanding, but that’s understandable since they have to run the store, but it can be quite annoying especially when it’s extremely busy and they’re on you for everything. (My negative experience) the latest store I worked at I tried to transfer from multiple times due to their toxic environment, the problem is Longos has a ridiculous transfer policy where Unless you are urgently needed where you are transferring to, it could take half a year to a whole entire year for you to get transferred. Asking for a transfer and or trying to leave the toxic department will also cause the department manager to treat you worse, and tell stories behind your back. The company preaches that they treat their employees like family but in reality they don’t and they treat there employees more like 2nd class citizens, even though they work hard.
Produce Clerk | Toronto, ON | Aug 16, 2021
Good connections with fellow staff, poor management and executive team
Overall at Longo's you can expect to be treated decently. Team members are especially kind and supportive of one another. Management leaves more to be desired. The company is desperate for managers, so they are often inexperienced or unqualified. As well the quality of workplace is heavily dependent on the quality of your manager; bad manager, bad work environment. Their pay is not very competitive. They strive very hard to limit the amount of full time staff, and fill the ranks with part-timers they can pay less, and not give benefits to. I and many others, work full time hours but are "part-timers" that receive no benefits. In terms of workhours, the company has been cutting dramatically in the last few months. If you are a part timer, some get full time hours (like myself) and some only 10 per week. If you are an hourly full time worker, don't expect get more than 37 hours a week. If you are a salary worker, you will need to work 48+ hours a week to keep your department running. Store managers are expected to work over 50 hours a week. In the end, I would say this about Longo's: I used to recommend it as a place to work, now I tell people to look elsewhere.
ProsTypically positive and friendly experience with colleagues
ConsExecutive team disconnected from their staff
Business Intelligence Developer | Vaughan, ON | May 1, 2018
IT needs a revamp
Been working here sine past 4 years. First the pros very kind hearted people. Best minds in Retail and managing the business and brand. IT is unplanned, no process, In-competent senior management running IT. Relying heavily on external contractors to fix issues when they arise, Instead of proactively implementing proper process, procedures and change management. Lack of technical depth in leadership led to bad decision making in choosing vendors for major implementations causing lot of stress for IT admins and help desk team. Lack of work life balance as constraints of resource, They don't identify lack of resources in IT as management consider IT as unwanted cost and don't feel the company has grown enough to expand, Which is a huge mistake and will eventually bring the business down on it's knees if they go by this philosophy. Advise of employees on better implementations is neglected by senior management, Who believe a lot in vendors and contractors than the employees who work hard and provide better solutions. Best employees with better skills don't last long as they know the lack of depth in knowledge in Senior management in IT.
ProsSecure job, Good place for interns and beginners.
ConsNo work life balance, Not the place for experienced IT professionals
Retail Assistant Manager | Brookfield, PE | Oct 10, 2015
Great place to gain valuable and transferable skills
A typical day at work in my position may include but is not limited to the following: Reviewing the last day's sales, wage %, and spmh Ensuring production was complete the night before to begin a smooth morning Checking the departments for cleanliness according to our Health and Safety standards Starting production of fresh sandwiches, proceeding to the production of the cheese counter Production and maintenance of the meat and seafood departments Putting stock away Attending meetings and huddles and communicating to our team members In this role, I learned how to be consistent and disciplined in my endeavors. My co-workers are very friendly, helpful, and great to work with The hardest part of my job is reprimanding my staff. They are great workers but when it comes to cutting corners or not fulfilling the job requirement to our standards, action must be taken; and that is never an easy task to do I enjoy most about my job the interaction and relationship we build with our customers. It brings me great joy to make another's day, even if its as simple as making their lunch or providing them with a special product.
ProsGreat environment
ConsLong hours
Deli Associate | Mississauga, ON | Feb 24, 2019
Good friends, horrible management
I learned lot about growing up and about accountability. I made lots of good friends and had good relationships with most of my coworkers. The management was wishy washy and many did not respect students. Store managers did not listen to many complaints and allowed department managers to slack off and not carry their work load. It took 3 and a half years to find a good manager for the department who ended up leaving because of the abuse from the customers and the disrespect she got from the store managers. Many employees were consistently verbally abused by customers and store managers did not seem to care. It ended up resulting in employees having to come in early for shifts and stay later. During the employment of one of the department managers, I often went home and cried after a shift due to exhaustion and cried the next day knowing I had to go back. This specific manager would come in late and leave early and I ended up working 60 hours a week to make up for the work she did not do. On the other hand, they have good benefits, raises and bonuses (which is why many of the full-time staff stayed).

Questions and answers about Longo's

What advice would you give the CEO of Longo's about how to improve the company?
Asked Nov 2, 2018
I would say first of all keep your promises second is come and check your stores
Answered Jun 22, 2020
Make sure employees have 2 days in a row off to rest their bodies.
Answered May 30, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Longo's a better place to work?
Asked Feb 24, 2019
If I were a manager I would fire racist people especially if they are managers too like Assistant manager in meat department at Thornhill,
Answered Jun 22, 2020
Your managers are robbing you blind .... they get paid whether they work or not .... don't have their hours count towards available department hours ... watch the live feed cameras see how many managers actually work the hours they are getting paid for
Answered Mar 14, 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at Longo's?
Asked Jun 6, 2017
Make sure you have both your resume and references with you. make sure to clean yourself up beforehand
Answered Jul 2, 2019
Good technical preparation is needed and they also test you for soft skills.
Answered Jul 23, 2018
What is the company culture at LONGOS?
Asked Jun 3, 2017
Culture is working till you die and care you like sh**it but they claim you are a family for them
Answered Jun 22, 2020
Fun, helpful, understanding
Answered Aug 28, 2018
What are the hours
Asked Apr 5, 2017
As a student deli worker, you would get 2-3 shifts during the week from 4pm-10pm and one shift on either Saturday or Sunday from 10am-8pm. If you are doing a closing shift (Like the ones given to students) you may have to stay an extra 30 minutes after each shift to clean.
Answered Jun 24, 2019
Depending on your department, time of year, and emplyoment status (i.e part-time, full-time). As a part-timer I had between 4 and 16 hours per week.
Answered Apr 20, 2019