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| Canada | Sep. 3, 2020
I Feel Degraded
Working here, I started feeling like a strong person with lots of potential and eager to grow. I left sad, degraded and needing a break. Male counterparts in my group go out of their way to bully others, consistently put them down in conversations, email and over chat. Then laugh about it. I’ve watched strong wonderful employees leave because of this behaviour. If you are a white, privileged frat bro - you will succeed without lifting a finger. If you are anything else - be ready to be bullied and challenged at every intersect of growth and success.
ProsLearn lots quickly. Learn to be tough. Fun subsidy of $125 a quarter.
ConsLong hours, bullying, no growth opportunities, multiple jobs for one person.

Questions and answers about MNP

What is the work environment and culture like at MNP?
Asked Oct. 25, 2018
It's a fast pace environment, and not a place you can just 'coast' by. If you don't have the drive or work ethic you will not last long, but if you do it's a great place to be with tons of opportunity for growth. Coworkers are awesome. Tons of social events. Always someone to chat with by the coffee machine. It honestly is a fun place to work.
Answered Sep. 10, 2019
Toxic, to say the least. You will not find honest, loyal management or coworkers here. It's a snitch or get snitched kind of environment. Hierarchy is their favourite thing. Bullying is not frowned upon. HR/Management is there for themselves, do not seek support from them because they turn it around on you as being "high maintenance". You are there to do above and beyond your job and to stay quiet.
Answered Jul. 19, 2019
What are the perks offered by Mnp?
Asked Aug. 23, 2018
They often have food available, whether it is leftovers from meetings, or if they cater specifically for the office. During busy season, dinners are provided every night to those who work 2 OT hours. They also have weekly events called "mental breaks" during busy season. Some of which were therapy dogs, massages, food trucks etc. Celebrate birthdays with cake each month. They pay a portion of gym/athletic memberships to support healthy life balance. They have a handful of all staff fun events (escape rooms, archery tag, summer BBQ etc). Salaries are re-evaluated annually. RRSP contribution is matched by the company. Overall there are a lot of perks.
Answered Sep. 10, 2019
Depending on position. Lower end employees basically get the leftovers, if anything at all, but Managers - senior Mangers and Partners get great perks. Free Coffee, occasional paid for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, staff events, cake days. Although, this is just a distraction. None of their perks are worth it, IMO.
Answered Jul. 19, 2019
What is the dress code at MNP?
Asked Oct. 25, 2018
Business casual although in some offices they get away with dressing like slobs. Skirts and dresses may be frowned upon by some employees.
Answered Jul. 19, 2019
Business casual
Answered Jan. 14, 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Mnp?
Asked Aug. 19, 2018
Business Casual
Answered Sep. 4, 2019
Business attire (i.e. suit, skirt and blouse, dress)
Answered Nov. 3, 2018
How is feedback from management delivered at MNP?
Asked Sep. 29, 2019
Annual performance reviews
Answered Mar. 5, 2020
Feed back is delivered via email.
Answered Sep. 29, 2019