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Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Aug. 13, 2020
Great support during COVID-18
MSi has been amazing to all its employees; especially since COVID-19 hit the world. They made everyone feel safe and comfortable in a environment that was honestly scary. Immediately they made arrangements to send agents to work from home. When anyone was discovered to have COVID-19 it was immediately communicated so that all were aware. They continue to send agents home - i think we are at wave 6...which is a lot of agents. They provide us with all the necessary equipment to do the job easily - it is like we are sitting right in the office. If we want to come back to the office for a day or two we are quickly accommodated. Love my job and the MSI family.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Aug. 13, 2020
You work hard and reap the benefits
I joined MSI in 2018 and have enjoyed it immensely. There are daily hypes, weekly hypes and monthly hypes. You are expected to assist the customers when they call in and if an opportunity is there upsell them products to meet their needs. Extra incentives are based on the products you sell (residential). I enjoy my job here and would recommend it to my friends. Training is long but worth every moments in class - the trainers are supportive and give you extra coaching as required. Great Leadership team.
Agent | Ottawa, ON | Sep. 15, 2020
Great Place to Work
I have been with MSi since January 2020. With the pandemic after my training was completed I was sent to Work From Home. A typical day for me is taking Inbound Calls and Outbound calls on the dialer. It goes by very fast. My shifts are awesome - I got the shift I love! There is a sales target and I work hard at achieving it so that I get those extra incentives. Love working here. .
Agent | Ottawa, ON | Sep. 15, 2020
Supportive Company
MSi works constantly to ensure that their employees feel appreciated; especially with COVID-19. They have worked diligently at sending agents to work from home on a regular basis. Luckily I am one of those agents and I really love WFH. I know I work my normal hours and Overtime is available - basically as much as you are mentally/physically able to work! They even have incentives to work the extra hours; who doesn't love that. Team Leaders check-in with all their agents; are there to help as required and sometimes just to chat. A typical day is taking Inbound and Outbound calls and I love it.
Agent | Ottawa, ON | Sep. 15, 2020
Changing for the better
The Operations Management team is very caring and supportive. They provide guidance to their team leaders who in turn assist the resource associates. All new agents are given in-depth training and coaching while in class and also during academy bay. Each day is very busy - Inbound/Outbound calls. Learn new things every day. Workplace culture is family Love my job and the incentives.
Agent | Ottawa, ON | Sep. 15, 2020
100% supportive
If you are looking for a great job and company MSI might be just what you want. I love it. Everyone is like family. With the outbreak of COVID-19 every effort has been made to send agents to work from home. Team Leaders are available at any time - be it via chat, phone calls, emails. They make everyone feel good and want to deliver. Sales targets are in place - I take one call at a time and strive to make sales. The training provided is excellent and if you need further knowledge coaching is provided. I highly recommend MSi. Not planning on leaving for a long time.
Agent | Ottawa, ON | Sep. 15, 2020
Great Management Team
The day flies by quickly with both Inbound and Outbound calls in various queues. Need to be flexible at adjusting to the queue movement but once you complete your training and academy bay you will be good to go! The team leaders provide coaching and guidance; if you need assistance during a call the Group Chat is available plus the Help Desk. Encouraged to take one call at a time and help each customer. Good incentives based on Sales.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Dec. 17, 2020
Efficient work environment with lot of productivity and engagement.
MSi Corp has 500 plus employees, and I feel that it helps employees to make many connections. MSi provides employees with a level based work starting from instructive training level to professionally handle calls and provide services to customers.
Call Center Representative | Ottawa, ON | Mar. 3, 2020
worst call centre in Ottawa
I wouldn't do this if I were you. I've worked at plenty of call centers and this place is not like anywhere I have worked before. It seems nice when you first start but then red flags slowly come up.
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Nov. 11, 2019
Collaborative and fun place to work
Excellent experience working at MSI. Everyone is given the opportunity to grow and share in the successes of the organization. I learnt that there is increased focus on growing team members so that they can realize their career goals while strengthening the company. Employees are given the opportunity to grow across functional roles such as Resource Associates (RA’s), Workforce Management, and Human Resources. Side by side sessions before applying for a new position is promoted across the organization so that each person can experience different roles and gain an appreciation for the different responsibilities that other team members have. The culture at work is healthy – opportunity to fail and learn from the experience is never a negative one. At the same time there is work life balance to ensure that everyone is paying attention to the important things in their respective lives and maintain their mental health and wellbeing. The hardest part of the job was having tough conversations with upset customers because if the need to meet/surpass their expectations I enjoyed mentoring team members and colleagues as part of my approach because I really like to share my knowledge as it could benefit someone in moving their career forward.
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Questions and answers about MSi Corp

What benefits does MSi Corp offer?
Asked Sep. 30, 2019
The benefits are the worst of the worst. Expensive for no reason. Only dental alone is $500 max and you have to pay $80 a month for the group benefits. This place needs to be unionized.
Answered Mar. 24, 2021
Lots - after six months you sign up and there is vision, dental, health
Answered Mar. 22, 2021
On average, how many hours do you work a day at MSi Corp?
Asked Jan. 12, 2019
7 hours Overtime is available
Answered Mar. 22, 2021
8 hours a day, two paid 15 minute breaks and an unpaid lunch. Worth noting that they can schedule you to work 9 days in a row, and you have to beg and plead with them to remove a shift or two so you too can have a break. (Seriously don't apply)
Answered Apr. 17, 2020
Does MSi Corp require background check?
Asked Jan. 8, 2019
They say they perform criminal records check, but there was a child abuser working there for over a year, so I'm not really sure if they do.
Answered Apr. 8, 2020
Yes they do the standard background check
Answered Sep. 14, 2019
What are the perks offered by MSI CORP?
Asked Oct. 2, 2017
Benefits, Work From Home. Development
Answered Jan. 31, 2021
As stated in the review Incentive gifts and gift cards
Answered Aug. 27, 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at MSi Corp?
Asked Aug. 3, 2017
Be honest. Provide answers with examples so it demonstrates to the recruiter what experience you bring. This seems to be what they are looking for
Answered Jan. 21, 2021
To prepare for an interview you should: 1. Read your own resume 2. Answer to the best of your ability 3. Review interview questions or videos and be prepared for questions
Answered Sep. 18, 2019