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Recruiter | Ottawa, ON | May 30, 2016
Treats Employees like Children
Constant micro-management. Employees were discouraged from interacting with each other. Was constantly questions what I was talking to co-workers about and told not to talk to them, even about work related matters, and to get back to my computer and make phone calls. Employees are expected to have their butts in seats at 8:00 and not a second later, and you're in trouble if you're even a minute late, but no thanks is given for working through lunch or after hours which is sometimes expected. Effort made beyond what is expected (and there are quotas for everything) is not recognized. Training is minimal and procedures are constantly changing. I have been told to do one thing, then told to do the opposite the next day; it is never clear what expectations are. Management makes it pretty clear they don't care about you and that you are replaceable. The president of the company had conversations with middle management in front of employees saying they could fire people if they felt like it. President also told (not asked, told) employees to write positive reviews of the company on indeed to boost the rating. I did (for fear of being terminated arbitrarily) and have since removed it for a more honest review. Was promised (in my interview AND in my contract) that commissions would be paid monthly but management always had an excuse for not paying these out. Some employees waited up to 6 months for commissions. Performance bonuses were also offered and awarded but,
Recruiter | Calgary, AB | Jun 4, 2020
Supply Chain Recruiter
I had the pleasure of working for Maxsys Staffing as a recruiter for 19 months. I would highly recommend this position to anyone who is looking to gain HR recruiting experience. A typical workday would consist of screening resumes, interviewing new applicants and following up with all of our clients. I learned how to skim through 100's of resumes in a timely matter and choose the best possible candidate for an open position. Management was great and I enjoyed working with my branch manager, directors and vice presidents. The culture is all about productivity and results. The hardest part of this job is dealing with associates that accept a job and do not show up. This is why you need to interview new people daily to ensure you have a long list of associates ready to go at any given time. The most enjoyable part of my job was getting good people to work. I saw the positive change it made in their lives and that's what made me love this role. You need to connect with your associates on a personal level and really get to know them and that will help you find the best possible position for them.
| Ottawa, ON | May 4, 2016
Old fashioned management style that over controls all aspects of the office
MaxSys has the potential to be a great company but the leaders in the organization are blind to see the changes in the industry (like technology upgrades). They dedicate themselves to buy companies instead of investing in their own people. The president demanded that all employees post positive reviews on Indeed to change the ratings instead of making appropiate changes to benefit the company, that speaks volumes on the way things are run. One way it deals with high debt because of buying corporations is to offer lower salaries and rock bottom benefits compared to the industry, also no bonuses for recruiters. All employees are asked to work nights and weekends to respond to clients and candidates, but never think of taking a personal day or arrive late or leave early because it is an insult. Employees need to be flexible for the company but the company is not flexible towards its employees. I hope these words help to reshape the current way of doing things
ProsGood starting point
ConsMy way or the highway mentality
Contractor | Ottawa, ON | Sept 1, 2020
Excellent Work Environment and Great Colleagues
I had a great experience with my employment opportunity via Maxsys. Usually I'd get to work, quickly chat with a few colleagues, who were all friendly btw, grab a coffee and begin my day. Something that really stands out was the collaborative nature that I noticed. People were willing to help one another if there was a really challenging issue and also show someone how something was done; it was refreshing to have colleagues take some time to help in such a manner. Management was great as well, not a lot of interaction in real time, but lots of meetings and I suppose in some respects that is a good thing, as you are free to accomplish a lot during core working hours. I think it speaks to the positive culture as well. I would say the hardest part of the job would be challenging situations at times, however myself and fellow colleagues are experienced and always remained composed during client interactions, as everyone is/was a professional. Thank you!!!
ProsPositive Environment
| Ontario | Oct 15, 2015
Fantastic team and a fun place to work!
MaxSys has the most amazing people! The company mission statement is clear and the employees here are invested in helping our clients secure top talent while helping our candidates in their search for meaningful employment. Expectations are high, but support is always available to help employees achieve their goals.The challenges are varied on a daily basis which allows you to be creative and think outside the box. This is the type of role you will be expected to roll up your sleeves and work hard every day. Leadership has done a great job of building a fun, competitive, hard working office environment. MaxSys sponsors a number of activities to engage, recognize and reward employess including: spot bonuses, quarterly divisional competitions, adventure club team building activities, and brings all employees together twice a year for National Training and Awards retreats.
ProsGreat team, fun working environment, lots of room for growth and development
Recruiter | New Brunswick | Oct 15, 2015
Great company to work for
In all of my working years, I could not be happier than I am today with the company that I am employed with. Since my first day as an employee with MaxSys, my direct manager, VP and president as well as the rest of the team at MaxSys have been more than welcoming, friendly and has always made me feel like I am a valuable asset to the team. Great working environment on both branch and management level. Staff moral is present on a daily basis and recognition for achievements are over and above what most companies would provide for their staff. Regular semi annual refresher training courses and retreats ensure our team remains strong and allows for continuous improvement. I could not be a part of a better team. A big thank you to MaxSys for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful operation.
ProsGreat team to work with, continuous learning, pleasant atmosphere
ConsDemanding hours (24/7 on call availability for maximum success)
Recruteur (H/F) | Montréal, QC | Mar 22, 2016
Stress, stress et stress
En résumé, stress stress et stress. Travail sous pression de 8:00 à 17:00. Aucune flexibilité d'horaire. Grand turn over des employés qui restent en place en moyenne 6 mois. Tout est strict comme dans l'armée.Peu d'auto-promotion à l'interne. Les prix remis aux employés ne sont pas toujours donné au plus méritant. Un recruteur a deja eu le prix du meilleur recruteur alors qu'il n'avait placé aucun employé permanent dans toute l'année! Un rare point positif, les formations sont bonnes, instructives et a jour. Gala au six mois en toxedo a Ottawa. Mais, vraiment pas plaisant être employé là-bas.
Conspas de flexibilité, entreprise rigide, turn over énorme des employés, stress de performance, objectifs de rendement rarement atteint par les employés
Government of Canada Employee | Ottawa, ON | Aug 22, 2017
Enjoyable Agency to Work With
Working with Maxsys was an all around GREAT experience. I work for the government of Canada and one can be a little skeptical of these agencies, however MaxSys explained how they work and how they want to help find you the best contract, before signing anything (no pressure). The honesty that the recruiter gives you builds a great foundation and relationship, so that you are OPEN to working with them, and OPEN to different opportunities. I believe registering with MaxSys is something any government employee should do, there is really nothing to lose, and only contracts to gain!
ProsYou can trust that your recruiter has your BEST interest
ConsDifferent pay rates for different contracts can be surprising at times
Recruiting Coordinator | Toronto, ON | Oct 14, 2015
Great Staff, Professional Service
MaxSys GSI has helped me get my foot in through the door to my career as a recent post-graduate. Their staff is friendly and flexible, and this can be noticed the moment you walk through the front doors of the company. They are a highly active equal opportunity firm, constantly helping job-seekers, who would otherwise be at a disadvantage, to find suitable positions. Particularly notable is their impact on helping newcomers (with no North American experience) to secure positions with reputable clients. Furthermore, the company is ISO Certified, demonstrating their reputation for excellence in quality management and CRM. Who wouldn't want MaxSys to help them in their career path?
Forklift Operator | Edmonton, AB | Oct 28, 2020
No due diligence
I got 1 job placement thru MaxSys, a warehouse position that was a decent place to work. Upon completion of 3 months of temp work there and the day I was to receive a full time job offer from the company, I was pulled in to the office at the end of the day and told I would not be offered employment and had to leave the building immediately due to the fact they found I had a criminal record for cannabis related charges. Its baffling that MaxSys did not know a clear criminal record was a condition of employment at this warehouse and sent me there for 3 months just to be sent away at the end. On top of this, I never heard another word from MaxSys ever again. Terrible business practices.

Questions and answers about MaxSys Staffing & Consulting

How should you prepare for an interview at MaxSys Staffing & Consulting?
Asked Mar 8, 2017
C’est à quelle endroit se situe cette job
Answered Nov 14, 2022
Bring your resumé, photo ID, and any other material the recruiter has asked for (driving abstract, etc.)
Answered Jan 8, 2019
What is the interview process like at MaxSys Staffing & Consulting?
Asked May 12, 2019
Filled out an application form, a health and safety quiz (open book) and face to face meeting with a recruiter.
Answered Aug 11, 2020
Prompt and professional
Answered May 31, 2019
How did you get your first interview at MaxSys Staffing & Consulting?
Asked Feb 26, 2019
I was hired in one of those waves in which they fire everybody and need to replace them for new people ASAP to show the owner how "efficient" they are. They call me and I was hired on the same phone call. As a woman, I felt a bit uneasy about this approach
Answered Jun 9, 2020
Applied via email after hearing there was an open position from someone in my network who worked there.
Answered Apr 10, 2020
What is the dress code at MaxSys Staffing & Consulting?
Asked Jan 7, 2019
Depends on what you’re doing.
Answered Jun 12, 2020
Depends on the job placement...casual...formal...or needed PPL, vest, hard hat and/or Steele toed boots/shoes
Answered Sept 21, 2019
What will be requirements need to apply?
Asked Jul 28, 2017
Personal documents
Answered Jan 20, 2021
The resume also to arrive before the required time
Answered Apr 29, 2020