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Millennium 1 Solutions
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Call Center Representative | Orangeville, ON | Nov. 11, 2018
Low Pay and No Chance for Advancement but Low Stress
The CEO, CFO, etc (everyone at the top) seem extremely awkward when they're around and interacting with the minimum wage workers, possibly because they feel a little guilty they are extracting so much wealth from them and providing so little back in return. The CEO at a company barbecue stated "this meat reeks" to his buddies as he was cooking the frozen pre-made hamburgers, as if it was below him because it wasn't a 20$ steak. When he realized I was listening he awkwardly tried to backtrack. Work / Life Balance: if you work in the insurance departments, the shifts are adaptable and it seems like it's almost impossible to get fired from this place in general if your attendance is bad. Salary / Benefits: Salary is terrible. Benefits exist but are not great. Job Security / Advancement: Chance at advancing your career here is zero so you'll be making close to minimum wage your entire life. As mentioned above though it seems like it's almost impossible to get fired from this place. Management: The are just as unambitious as the regular workers since they are only getting paid a few dollars more than the regular workers so they generally do as little work as possible which means they stay out of your hair but you also don't get much feedback on how your doing. Expect your monthly review 3 months later. Job Culture: If you're working in the insurance departments, the people who take those jobs do so probably for 2 main reasons: they don't have to talk to anyone for
ProsLow Stress
ConsLow Wage / No chance for advancement
Senior Fraud Investigator | Etobicoke, ON | Apr. 24, 2018
Productive and have a life, work balance
I have been with the company for exactly 11 years. Enjoyed working there, grown a lot in terms of my career. Love people I worked with. Treat me like a family.
ProsFriendly environment
Consslow career movement
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Jun. 23, 2017
You're just a number to them
They couldn't care less about employees. There is a reason there are always employment opportunities there. Everyone is either fired for questionable reasons or quits because it's awful. You get harassed on the phones and then told it's your fault when someone is completely unreasonable. The hours suck, the location sucks. The pay is less than other call centres. Could not recommend any less.
ConsManagement, hours, actual job itself, equipment is terrible
Customer Service Representative | Ottawa, ON | Jan. 14, 2020
very good
millennium 1 solution is a good place to work, i have so much experience from them , and i will love to continue if they will increase the pay for me.
Senior Fraud Analyst | Toronto Pearson International Airport, ON | Oct. 10, 2018
Great starting point
High turnover as is common for any call center but for those who have the right skills and attitude there is lots of opportunity for growth and hiring from within.
ProsLots of opportunity to learn
Consvariable hours variable shifts
Inbound Sales Representative | Ottawa, ON | Nov. 30, 2019
Nice experience
Would recommend if its the only option. Good work experience, management can do better. Pay is fairly nice. Recruitment took a lot of time so that can be improved
Call Center Representative | Ottawa, ON | Oct. 19, 2017
it was okay
they're pretty harsh by posting your results on a white board in front of everyone but lots of places are like that. overall it was fine, but I worked with best buy and it sucked because they were way too much about certain things like clocking out for bathroom breaks, or doing perfectly in training.
Customer Service Representative | Etobicoke, ON | May 23, 2017
Nice place to work
Great working with millennium and enjoyed learning more and more about the customer service and about the call center etiquette.Professional and friendly management.
Member Services Representative | Greater Sudbury, ON | Aug. 29, 2020
Collabria leadership issue
It could have been a good place to get your Canadian experience job as an immigrant. Collabria team in Sudbury are just bunch of racist. All you need do being person of color is to do your work, get out once your shift is over, and keep looking for great opportunities out there.
Proseasy to get hired
Customer Service Representative | Greater Sudbury, ON | Nov. 24, 2019
A place to kick off ones career
They give golden opportunity to newcomers in Canada compared to other coys around. Management are cool headed set of people. It's an all inclusive environment.

Questions and answers about Millennium 1 Solutions

What are the perks offered by Millennium 1 Solutions?
Asked Apr. 13, 2017
Absolutely nothing
Answered Sep. 27, 2019
There is no perks. None!
Answered Sep. 5, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Millennium 1 Solutions? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul. 5, 2018
It took me a few days
Answered Sep. 12, 2019
Pretty much you just go in to the interview, do the interview, go home and do the digital background check form, and then an hour or 2 later you get a call saying you got hired and you'll be told in an email with the details for the first day.
Answered May 30, 2019
Why would you want to work at Millennium 1 Solutions?
Asked Apr. 23, 2017
If there is nothing else. M1S is last resort
Answered Sep. 27, 2019
If you are really hard up to find a job and have no other options its better to work here than go broke and live on the streets, I guess...
Answered Feb. 22, 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Millennium 1 Solutions?
Asked Apr. 23, 2017
Dress like u work in HR
Answered Dec. 2, 2017
Everyone at the center wears jeans hoodie and running shoes
Answered Nov. 23, 2017
What is the company culture at Millennium 1 Solutions?
Asked Jul. 5, 2018
Overworked and under appreciated
Answered Mar. 2, 2021
Friendly. They are willing to try to make you feel welcome but it doesn’t come off as feeling welcomed at all.
Answered Sep. 13, 2019