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Bartender | Edmonton, AB | Sept 7, 2020
Has become worse over time...
When I started at Moxie’s, it was full of life, employed great people who had ambition and positive personalities, had management who cared, and actually put out dishes that the kitchen was passionate about. I regret to say that this is not the case anymore. The aesthetic of Moxie’s has diminished severely over time. They used to hire people who cared about their own personal hygiene, cleanliness, and overall appearance. It was mandatory to come to work as the best version of yourself with a “glamorous evening look” and polished uniform. Now, it seems as if employees can just roll out of bed and come to work. In terms of job advancement, that comes mostly based off of hard work and loyalty. However, management made some very questionable decisions about promoting certain employees to supervisory/bartending/shift leading positions even after they had heard about misconduct. The only motive for this was scheduling and to make managements lives easier because they had more people trained for certain positions. It is clear that they care more about the quantity of people trained rather than the quality of people trained. Salary wise, they pay minimum wage per hour. Tipout increased 100% from the time I started. I began when tipout was 3.25% and by the time I left, it was 7.00%. Managers also began to receive a portion of the server’s tipout. To me, it made no sense that I was paying out of my pocket to have a manager on the floor. I was employed for a long time and would
ProsSchedule flexibility, tips, staff happy hour deals
ConsManagement, building maintenance issues that owners refuse to fix, long hours, physically demanding
Dining Room Server | Mississauga, ON | Nov 13, 2013
Moxie's Grill & Bar
As a hostess my typical day at work would consist of, if opening, performing and completing all the opening duties on "Opening Duties Checklist" - i.e. cleaning and restocking bathrooms, making sure all menus are sanitized, vacuuming carpets at front entrance, wiping down glass doors, dusting wooden ledges around front area and wooden areas in dining room, completing floor plans, transferring reservations from binder to the computer system, etc. As a closer, duties on "Closing Duties Checklist" are completed. During the shifts, as a hostess, I was responsible for answering telephones, taking reservations, and directing calls to correct correspondences. Also, I helped run food to tables during peak hours which allowed me to learn the dishes served at the restaurant. Furthermore, I opened doors for guests as they entered and left the building, to enhance their dining experience. Besides taking on the role of shift coordinator, I sat guests at opened tables and informed them of daily drink features. The hardest part about the job was busing and setting tables within 60 seconds especially during peak hours. The most enjoyable part of the job, was getting to interact with different kinds of people during the shifts I worked. As a dining room/lounge server, I'd come in to work and initially check the daily feature board. Soon after, a shift huddle was conducted by the manager on duty where expectations of the shift were discussed. After the shift huddle, I would go over to the s
ProsInteracting with new and regular guests (customers).
ConsWalking around for 8, or more, hours in heels.
Host/Hostess | North York, ON | Dec 16, 2015
Organized and fun workplace with amazing staff
Working at Moxie's has been nothing but an absolute delight so far. A typical day at work consists of standing for long periods of time, interacting and socializing with many different people and handling serving food to tables. For me as a hostess, I am more focused on greeting each and every guest that enters our facility. It is my responsibility to seat them to their table while following a rotation system that gives each server an equal amount of guests into their section. I also answer phone calls daily giving information mostly about our menu, services and location.I have learned how to process payments and run food to tables. The management at Moxie's is amazing. We have some of the best managers you could possibly have. They are always ready to address any issue that may arise, they are professionals who can keep a busy, hectic day organized. They are very approachable and I am comfortable enough to confront them about any issue I may have with the company or with a guest. I would say the hardest part of my job is dealing with unsatisfied guests who make it well known of their dissatisfaction. It can be very complicated and stressful sometimes but for the most part I do know how to deal with these types of situations. The most enjoyable part about working at Moxie's is the team that I am currently working with. The people working at this restaurant are all such a great group of people who want to help you succeed and help you learn and improve your s
ProsLearning everyday more and more about the restaurant industry
ConsStanding for long periods of time without a break
Bartender | Barrie, ON | Feb 13, 2019
Non supportive management-not good money.
I worked for Moxie's for nearly a year and by the end of it, I felt mentally exhausted. The management was completely one sided and I never felt supported by them. They would tell me to come to them if I had any questions or issues...and as soon as I'd come to them with something, they'd make me feel stupid or belittle me for doing something wrong. On top of all of that, they would hold us off from clocking in until you got your first table sat in your section, no matter what your start time is. So on the less busy days, I'd sit there for over half an hour not getting paid and sometimes they would just send me home if no one was coming in. So I would drive all the way there for no pay or even a meal on them. And at the end of your shift, you only receive 30 mins from the time you're cut to complete all side duties, bus and clean tables, and bill out guests. So if you do not complete all of this within that 30 min time frame, you're basically working for free as they are not paying you past the 30 mins. This to me made it seem like it is a company that would do anything to save a penny, even if it means ripping off their staff. Not to mention the high tip out percentage. The only time i ever made decent money while working at Moxie's was if i worked a split shift from 10am-10pm. And in between the split you get maybe 1-2 hours which is not enough time to eat or go home and there was no meal provided (only 40% off discount for staff). The money was not worth the time and effor
Prosthorough training.
Conspoor management, high tip out, poor hours, made no money, lots of split shifts
Cook | Campbell River, BC | Dec 11, 2014
A busy large restaurant, with lots going on in the kitchen
A typical day would be preparing my work area in the morning, cleaning it all down with sanitizer, then getting things in the oven such as ribs, or other things that took a number of time to cook, turkey ect... Followed by preparing multiple recipes throughout the day (sauces, wraps, salads,realistically everything was prepared by me and the other preparation cook, for the cooks to cook, I had to learn proper knife technique, and often diced up lots of squid, chicken, in various ways. And then of course clean up at the end of the day. I learned many recipes, there was about 100 recipes at least in the recipe book, and I made just about everything in the book at one time or another. Management was agreeable but strict, a busy kitchen environment, errors were certainly criticized to some degree, as it would waste time to have to start something over again, or if you left out an ingredient, ect.. Co-workers were diligent, and worked well as a team, communication in a busy kitchen was very important, and even just going behind someone you had to notify them. The hardest part was working on sales day or during the summer, it was hot in the kitchen and employees had to mandatory drink water through the day. On busy days with lots of employees I sometimes had very little time in between each thing I was preparing. I always kept my cool and worked diligently, but there were stressful days. The most enjoyable part of the job was accomplishing a recipe perfectly, or gett
Prep Cook | Winnipeg, MB | Dec 13, 2018
Really nice/helpful people But busy and a loads to time management
Typical day would be counting everything in stock and seeing what you should prep for the day, seeing what we are low on and writing it down on a sheet of paper. Prep cook is time management heavy. Making sure you get about 15+ items finished in about 7-8 hours. Lots of baking, cutting, cooking, portioning and organization. The actual people in the work place are really nice/helpful/chill. the backend can have vulgar language if thats your type. hardest part of the job is learning the recipes, but they do give you one "station" to get really good at then move on to the next "station" when you are ready for it. Most enjoyable part is the people them selfs, that can be very helpful, are very nice, and relaxed. you'll make friends quickly. Management can be iffy sometimes, almost got fired for the smallest thing. The one I work at doesn't have enough people working/on standby. so you really can't call in sick if you are extremely sick. You are expected to come no matter what your state is. unless you got caught in a life threatening situation. Salary is different from every restaurant some management will increase your pay if you learn things quickly and get them done quickly and accurately, and some are just time based. i Would give this place a 50/50 if you are thinking of applying here. it just depends on where and how everything is.
ProsDiscounted everything, Friendly people
ConsManagement problems, Understaffed, Salary, Heavy workload
Host/Hostess | Guelph, ON | Jul 11, 2012
A fast pace, friendly environment with the best employees
Every day I go into work and try and make the guests experience as postive as possible. We want to make sure every person has had top notch service and food prepared to fit their expectations What I've learned from working as a hostess at Moxies Classic Grill is how to improve my customer service. I feel because I've been a hostess for a while now, it has become easier for me to approach guests and cater to their needs. I like to make sure everyone leaves with a smile, and if something went wrong, how to fix it so their next visit will make up for it. Most of the co-workers (servers and hostesses) have become my friends, and to be honest one of the number one reasons I love my job. Everyone works together and if ever in a stressful situation stay calm and find the best solution. The hardest part of my job is when the restaurant is slow and I have to stand up at the hostess stand and wait for people to come in. I like to stay busy so I'm always looking for something to do. I understand that in the restuarant industry you have to work your way from the bottom to the top in order to move up in the business, but I am itching to become a server. I feel like I have the right amount of experience and ability to do so. The most enjoyable part of the job is making people smile and meeting and talking to new people everyday.
Pros40% off food when working
Conswearing high heels for 4-5 hours
| Barrie, ON | Aug 21, 2020
Very stress full job .
This job scars me for life . It gave me low self steam , they bullied me , and forced me to work non-stop. They made jokes about where I’m come from . I constantly was in trouble for no reason. The manager me sign papers that I didn’t agreed with or understand. The manager made inappropriate jokes about me and my Family. They made jokes about my health. I was very stress out , They constantly threatened to fire me. I took it for years because it was close to my home. Perhaps, I stayed because I had low self esteem and I didn’t believe I could find another job. When the restaurant opened it was very successful and good tip outs for employees. The mismanagement of various managers made the work place very stressful. Many employees were fired for no reason or simply walk away. Eventually, employees lost the tips which were given to the supervisors. This wasn’t fair to the longtime employees. I did a lot of work for them , when I left I didn’t receive a thank you for the many years of service. Now I’m afraid they will be trying to damage reputation and give me negative references. This was done to other employees in the past. I do not recommend this environment for anyone. All I try to do now is move on with my life.
ProsI made good friends. There was good team work between employees.
ConsThe managers didn’t credit us with the correct number of hours worked. They consistently, reduced my hours worked to low labor costs.
Server | Calgary, AB | Oct 15, 2022
Fast paced restaurant with a rowdy pack of managers
I worked at Moxies at Market Mall for almost 3 years. All in all, I loved it. There were opportunities to grow as a server and in supervisory skills, and I made some great friends there. I still keep in touch with some regulars actually! The management at Moxies was pretty bogus (seemed like a lot of people were promoted based on friendship rather than skill level) but at the end of the day they did what they could with their experience (or lack thereof). If I was 19 again, I would consider working there again. Con (didn't fit in the con box below): the food prices don't add up nicely. Hear me out.. when I worked at a breakfast house, meals would come to $13 or $14. People would just slap a twenty down and not worry about change because $20 was no biggie. At Moxies, two entrees and an appy (for example) could come out to $44 (give or take). People would slap a $50 down and not worry about change (this is a bad tip may I add lol). I always disliked Moxies prices for this reason. Either make meals actually affordable so people will unconsciously tip better, or higher so people will tip on the machines better. It was a weird limbo (and yes, I gave great service) ;)
Pros40-60% off meals, lots of opportunities to pick-up shifts, scheduling app was really handy
ConsSee above, the 3 inch heels rule, the wear-hair-down rule (so counterintuitive)
Cook | Mississauga, ON | Nov 30, 2018
Not for serious chefs
Moxie's is hands down one of the least organized kitchens I've ever worked in. Prep is never finished on time. Certain parts of the line are never stocked properly. If you start at 5 and you need to stock, you won't have much time because that's when the dinner rush starts to trickle in. You're given a ridiculous amount of cleaning duties per station on top of a weekly cleaning duty, which is hard to get done when they want you to be finished within your scheduled time. A typical day is arriving to work when it's already busy, not having enough stock on the line, being behind on orders due to the fact that you constantly need to run to the fridge and then being blamed for long ticket times. Management rarely solves problems. The culture is sort of divided between the two types of employee's. You have the lifers who are pretty gung ho about everything, and you have the employees who are just there until their other careers take off.The hardest part of the job is trying not to quit over problems that shouldn't exist. The most enjoyable part of the job is leaving at the end of the night. What I learned from working there is how to not run a restaurant. They also think Demi-Glace is actually called Demi-Glaze.
ProsYou will be motivated to do better with your life
ConsYou are underpaid for level of qualification

Questions and answers about Moxie's Grill & Bar

What should you wear to an interview at Moxies?
Asked Apr 1, 2017
Business attire
Answered Jul 30, 2018
Dress like yourself
Answered Jun 20, 2018
How are the working hours at Moxies?
Asked May 27, 2017
I work roughly 35 hours a week.
Answered Jun 19, 2018
N\a 11am to 1pm
Answered Jun 6, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Moxies? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 27, 2017
Go in and give resume, if theres a manager available they’ll sit you down right then for a brief interview. If they like you youll get called back in in about a week for another interview with the general manager. Then expect to get a call within two days after that letting you know if youre what they’re looking for or not.
Answered May 13, 2022
1 week for a team role - Interviews maybe a trial shift?
Answered Dec 8, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Moxies?
Asked May 27, 2017
Basically if you are not willing to donate your life to them they will stop putting effort into your advancement. Most chefs I worked with are miserable single people who basically live to work at moxies.
Answered Jun 28, 2022
It was amazing the work i loved working with them amazing
Answered Jan 12, 2019
What is the promotion process like at Moxies?
Asked Nov 10, 2022
There isn't one
Answered Nov 29, 2022
Too long
Answered Nov 24, 2022