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Grocery Associate | Morinville, AB | Dec 1, 2022
Poor Work Environment
The No Frills in Morinville is an ok first job for high school students but it turns into a toxic work environment. Management doesn't know what they are doing. They refuse to correct any issues and leave their supervisors high and dry. There is no sense of community as every single person is talking behind another's back. As well the raises are embarrassing. When I was "promoted" to supervisor, I received a 0.7% raise which was ten cents. The owners like to pick favourites and "punish" you if you request time off by giving you no hours. No Frills is a great place for young people to start work and learn companies don't care for you as an individual.
Pros15 Minute breaks
ConsAwful managers
Meat Carver | Olds, AB | Jan 11, 2023
Dead end job, don't try hard you will get nothing for your efforts
They are just desperate , staff that try are punished, those who phone in "sick" often or on paydays constantly are not reprimanded? Pushing out good employee who constantly cover shifts, called in or go above and beyond.... why try ... if u slack off u get a pat on the back
ProsMade good solid friends
ConsOver worked, under paid no appreciation
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Toronto, ON | Nov 21, 2022
Fast paced & flexible
Flexible if you're a student. Location I worked for threatened me that I'm gonna lose my job if I didn't come in to work, so when I had a chance, I quit. Most of us who were students and new cashiers at that time were verbally abused by the customers and were dismisses and manipulated by the manager. Overall, it helped me become a better person and customer service rep/Cashier.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Cambridge, ON | Dec 13, 2022
Its alright
Its alright for a starter job but they definitely play favourites so good luck if youre not one of them. Kinda stressful with mean customers and managers barely back you up when you try to enforce rules onto customers. Most of the coworkers are great though Ive made some amazing friends so thats a plus.
Prosfun coworkers
Consrude customers all the time
Grocery Associate | Mississauga, ON | Dec 21, 2022
Good for students to realize they need to get an education!
Working for this company there's absolutely no room for advancement Since stores are individually owned. There's no Initiative on owners or managers to promote. It's a stagnant Job with no where to move up the ladder. A great 1st job for High School students to gain experience working in a endless job.
Crew Member | North York, ON | Nov 22, 2022
Not a good place to work
Lack of hours. they promise a full time job they are prioritizing the people who work for them the longest. The we're wrapping for the night the other co workers are not helping to return the pallets back and hides till the time runs out. Then shows up when they its done sometimes 2 to 3 people have to work to clean up. While others gossip with the others.
Meat Carver | Fort St. John, BC | Dec 14, 2022
Friendly management, flexible,
I worked there for a year as a part time clerk. It was a good experience. Management staff and owner both were friendly. As a part time job it was ok because schedule was flexible for me. Only cons was minimum pay and also they deduct 1 dollar extra for labour union. Also no other benefits for part timers.
Produce Associate | Canada | Jan 6, 2023
Depends on which store always ask the employees at each one
Depends on where you work but for me I like my co-workers and the boss stays out of our business which is important. Can be dead end work with some employees working minimum wage for over 3 decades
Cashier | Fort Erie, ON | Aug 11, 2022
Half terrible half ok
Wrote me up for complaining about a lazy supervisor and having one bad day after two years of being the hardest working cashier. Completely unfair. My mother loved it for the employee discount and that’s only in 2022.
Deli Associate | Wainwright, AB | Dec 25, 2022
Poor management skills
Treat their younger staff poorly not thinking they know they have rights. Think it’s ok to take advantage of teenagers and expect them to work for free when management messes up on payroll.
Host/Hostess | Sachsen-Anhalt | Jun 24, 2022
It depends mainly on who the owner is. In my case, the management had to work themselves to death, working over 40 hours a week constantly with no overtime. The boss himself insisted this job could be done 40 hours a week, but no one has ever worked that little. The expectations the owner had were out of touch with reality. For example, when scheduling, he never allowed enough hours to get things done, so the managers had to cover unpaid hours. A manager was even fired for only working 40 hours a week. In all, it's a high turnover type thing where no one lasts longer than six months. Because of this, no one ever knows what to do or how to help the customer because everyone is always a new higher. When they're trained enough to provide decent customer service, they leave because they're high school kids or other people looking to do something for a short time. It's an excellent first-time job to build some character and experience responsibility, but otherwise, it's not worth it for anyone who needs to make money to survive. The owner, in my case, was constantly unaware of what was happening in the store and just how many corners all the managers were cutting to meet his demands.
Bakery Manager | Bellevue, WA | Feb 26, 2016
Good Experience
My day usually ran between 2am and 5pm. It depended on if it was inventoring, baking, cakes decorating or managing. I've learnt you have to organize your day to get the job done within the time aloted. Management is about keeping your cool under pressure and working with your employees to acheve a goal and that can usually change daily. I worked as a team member with my coworkers. The hardest part of my job was finding reliable employees. The customers and the interaction that I experienced with my employees.
ProsA great upper management team.
ConsNot a enough time in the day.
Sales Consultant | Grants Pass, OR | Feb 21, 2020
Not transparent, does not stand by the staff
Too many promises made on the front end to take advantage of newcomers. No loyalty to good staff members, and they will lie to protect themselves, particularly the top 5 of the hierarchy. The owner is a good man, but the rest is very unprofessional.

Questions and answers about No Frills

How often do you get a raise at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
It's based on hours worked
Answered Jan 28, 2023
Once year
Answered Jan 11, 2023
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at No Frills?
Asked Dec 11, 2022
Be confident in yourself
Answered Jan 31, 2023
Be honest about your availability
Answered Dec 11, 2022
What questions did they ask during your interview at No Frills?
Asked Dec 11, 2022
Do you know how to face items etc
Answered Jan 31, 2023
Willingness to work shifts. Availability to cover other shift if necessary . Availability for training. People person. And willingness to learn other positions.
Answered Dec 11, 2022
What is the promotion process like at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Answered Nov 29, 2022
No promotion
Answered Nov 8, 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at No Frills?
Asked Jun 24, 2022
Not good. They did one employee survey during my 12 months of working here. Matters were only dealt with after you spoke to the owners.
Answered Jul 24, 2022
It's not, the management is often tired and bitter so by when they need to give criticism it's often not dealt with or strangely passive aggressive.
Answered Jun 24, 2022