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Cashier | Toronto, ON | Mar 1, 2023
As a no frills cashier, my primary responsibility is to scan and bag customers' purchases accurately and efficiently. I am expected to maintain a high level of speed and accuracy while also providing excellent customer service. Overall, I believe that my performance as a no frills cashier is strong. I am proficient in scanning items quickly and accurately, and I work diligently to ensure that each customer's purchase is processed smoothly. I am also friendly and personable with customers, greeting them with a smile and providing any assistance they may need. One area where I could improve is in handling difficult customers. While most customers are pleasant and easy to work with, there are occasional instances where customers may be frustrated or upset. In these situations, I strive to remain calm and professional, but I could benefit from additional training on how to de-escalate tense situations. In terms of my work environment, I find that the no frills store is generally well-organized and clean. However, there are times when the store can become crowded, making it difficult to move around and scan items efficiently. Overall, I believe that I am a competent and reliable no frills cashier, and I enjoy working with both my colleagues and customers.
Packer | Oakville, ON | Mar 19, 2023
fun job
very fun job ndeed is a great place to work. Like any company that goes through massive growth in a short period of time, there will be challenges; like culture shift, obfuscation of vision at different levels of management and inconsistent planning. However during the 'teenage' years, we're getting over some of those growing pains and really coming into our own and re-establishing our culture, clarifying our goals and delivering clear plans to be successful. Everything used to be extremely fun and carefree, but things always were when you were a kid! Now that we're growing up, things are a little more serious, but that is critical to continue to evolve as a business. Additionally, in context of a global pandemic, Indeed is consistently exceeding expectations of how it is supporting its employees, communities and clients and I am truly proud to be a part of this group.
Produce Manager | Ontario | May 17, 2023
You’ll never be paid what you’re worth
Stores can only pay you more money if they’re doing well. (Bigger store, more opportunity for growth) I had found out that there were part time kids in other stores making more than me, me being a full time adult in a management position ( for ten years ). Often times *most management are young people with extremely poor attitudes & are too stressed out. The pay is garbage for the work load. Owners will do sketchy stuff like use real rat poison in stores to kill rodents when that’s not legal, all to get their stores off the red list for rodent activity. Back door deals with vendors, poor hiring so you’re always having to do your job plus someone else’s. It’s literally whack. Company names record profits and the owners all have their own way to manipulate the numbers to maximize their bonuses.
Grocery Associate | Morinville, AB | Dec 1, 2022
Poor Work Environment
The No Frills in Morinville is an ok first job for high school students but it turns into a toxic work environment. Management doesn't know what they are doing. They refuse to correct any issues and leave their supervisors high and dry. There is no sense of community as every single person is talking behind another's back. As well the raises are embarrassing. When I was "promoted" to supervisor, I received a 0.7% raise which was ten cents. The owners like to pick favourites and "punish" you if you request time off by giving you no hours. No Frills is a great place for young people to start work and learn companies don't care for you as an individual.
Pros15 Minute breaks
ConsAwful managers
Produce Clerk | Toronto, ON | Mar 6, 2023
Only good for part time
No Frills is known for being a fast-paced, high-volume grocery store chain, where employees are expected to work efficiently and effectively to keep up with customer demands. The work environment can be stressful and demanding, with long shifts and high expectations for productivity. Employees generally appreciate the flexible scheduling and the opportunity for career advancement within the company. Many also appreciate the opportunity to work in a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Stocker | Prince Edward, ON | May 23, 2023
It is an alright workplace
When I first started all the grocery guys were hard working and I loved working here. Now most of those guys have moved on to work better and more exciting jobs and most of the new guys are lazy and don't know how to put something in the right spot, or even ask where something goes if they don't know. I think all of the lazy new guys should be fired and we can get other guys and train them properly. Owner is nice sometimes but always very weird. Most of the managers and cashiers are great.
Cashier | Maple Ridge, BC | Mar 20, 2023
High expectations for a part time job
In order to get hours you have to be available all the time. But you only get 25 hours at the most and it is spread out over 5 days so you have no room for other opportunities. If you’re available less, you are dropped down in seniority and get 12-18 hours. Main manager is a bit unavailable. Other supervisors range in support. Other staff are nice. Pay is low. Expectations can be high. Discount only once a week. Not a terrible environment but could be better.
Meat Carver | Olds, AB | Jan 11, 2023
Dead end job, don't try hard you will get nothing for your efforts
They are just desperate , staff that try are punished, those who phone in "sick" often or on paydays constantly are not reprimanded? Pushing out good employee who constantly cover shifts, called in or go above and beyond.... why try ... if u slack off u get a pat on the back
ProsMade good solid friends
ConsOver worked, under paid no appreciation
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Toronto, ON | Nov 21, 2022
Fast paced & flexible
Flexible if you're a student. Location I worked for threatened me that I'm gonna lose my job if I didn't come in to work, so when I had a chance, I quit. Most of us who were students and new cashiers at that time were verbally abused by the customers and were dismisses and manipulated by the manager. Overall, it helped me become a better person and customer service rep/Cashier.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Cambridge, ON | Dec 13, 2022
Its alright
Its alright for a starter job but they definitely play favourites so good luck if youre not one of them. Kinda stressful with mean customers and managers barely back you up when you try to enforce rules onto customers. Most of the coworkers are great though Ive made some amazing friends so thats a plus.
Prosfun coworkers
Consrude customers all the time
Host/Hostess | Sachsen-Anhalt | Jun 24, 2022
It depends mainly on who the owner is. In my case, the management had to work themselves to death, working over 40 hours a week constantly with no overtime. The boss himself insisted this job could be done 40 hours a week, but no one has ever worked that little. The expectations the owner had were out of touch with reality. For example, when scheduling, he never allowed enough hours to get things done, so the managers had to cover unpaid hours. A manager was even fired for only working 40 hours a week. In all, it's a high turnover type thing where no one lasts longer than six months. Because of this, no one ever knows what to do or how to help the customer because everyone is always a new higher. When they're trained enough to provide decent customer service, they leave because they're high school kids or other people looking to do something for a short time. It's an excellent first-time job to build some character and experience responsibility, but otherwise, it's not worth it for anyone who needs to make money to survive. The owner, in my case, was constantly unaware of what was happening in the store and just how many corners all the managers were cutting to meet his demands.
Bakery Manager | Bellevue, WA | Feb 26, 2016
Good Experience
My day usually ran between 2am and 5pm. It depended on if it was inventoring, baking, cakes decorating or managing. I've learnt you have to organize your day to get the job done within the time aloted. Management is about keeping your cool under pressure and working with your employees to acheve a goal and that can usually change daily. I worked as a team member with my coworkers. The hardest part of my job was finding reliable employees. The customers and the interaction that I experienced with my employees.
ProsA great upper management team.
ConsNot a enough time in the day.

Questions and answers about No Frills

How often do you get a raise at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Answered Apr 30, 2023
Answered Apr 16, 2023
What is the promotion process like at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Non existent
Answered Mar 7, 2023
Answered Nov 29, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked Jan 23, 2023
Very busy and loud
Answered Feb 23, 2023
Answered Feb 10, 2023
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at No Frills?
Asked Dec 11, 2022
Be confident in yourself
Answered Jan 31, 2023
Be honest about your availability
Answered Dec 11, 2022
What questions did they ask during your interview at No Frills?
Asked Dec 11, 2022
Do you know how to face items etc
Answered Jan 31, 2023
Willingness to work shifts. Availability to cover other shift if necessary . Availability for training. People person. And willingness to learn other positions.
Answered Dec 11, 2022