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Host/Hostess | Sachsen-Anhalt | Jun 24, 2022
It depends mainly on who the owner is. In my case, the management had to work themselves to death, working over 40 hours a week constantly with no overtime. The boss himself insisted this job could be done 40 hours a week, but no one has ever worked that little. The expectations the owner had were out of touch with reality. For example, when scheduling, he never allowed enough hours to get things done, so the managers had to cover unpaid hours. A manager was even fired for only working 40 hours a week. In all, it's a high turnover type thing where no one lasts longer than six months. Because of this, no one ever knows what to do or how to help the customer because everyone is always a new higher. When they're trained enough to provide decent customer service, they leave because they're high school kids or other people looking to do something for a short time. It's an excellent first-time job to build some character and experience responsibility, but otherwise, it's not worth it for anyone who needs to make money to survive. The owner, in my case, was constantly unaware of what was happening in the store and just how many corners all the managers were cutting to meet his demands.

Questions and answers about No Frills

What is the promotion process like at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Answered Nov 29, 2022
No promotion
Answered Nov 8, 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at No Frills?
Asked Jun 24, 2022
Not good. They did one employee survey during my 12 months of working here. Matters were only dealt with after you spoke to the owners.
Answered Jul 24, 2022
It's not, the management is often tired and bitter so by when they need to give criticism it's often not dealt with or strangely passive aggressive.
Answered Jun 24, 2022
What is the work-from-home policy at No Frills?
Asked Nov 25, 2022
There is none
Answered Nov 25, 2022
How often do you get a raise at No Frills?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
6 months
Answered Nov 10, 2022
Can you work remotely at No Frills?
Asked Aug 12, 2022
No you can not work remotely cause there is no way to
Answered Aug 12, 2022