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Popular jobsCustomer Service RepresentativeAgentService à la Clientèle (H/F)Call Center RepresentativeRetention SpecialistSales RepresentativeTechnical SupportAgent de Centre d'appel (H/F)SalesCustomer Support RepresentativeSales AssociateAgent (H/F)Conseiller Clientèle (H/F)Customer Service/Sales RepresentativeOutbound Sales RepresentativeTeam LeaderTechnical Support RepresentativeCustomer Solutions SpecialistTechnical Support SpecialistCustomer Care SpecialistDirectory Assistance OperatorInbound Sales RepresentativeCustomer RepresentativeInbound Customer Service RepresentativeClient RepresentativeTélévendeur (H/F)Agent de Service (H/F)Data Entry ClerkInside Sales RepresentativeNational Channel SupportOperatorOutbound Customer Service RepresentativePréposé au Service à la Clientèle (H/F)Représentant des Ventes (H/F)Retention RepresentativeS2SSpecialistSupervisorSupport SpecialistTrainerAccount SpecialistAdministrative AssistantAgent de Vente Et de Service à la Clientèle (H/F)Associate TrainerConsultant Marketing (H/F)Customer Service Team LeadField Sales RepresentativeHHLTIT SupportLoss Prevention OfficerManagerNG911RepresentativeResponsable Service Clients (H/F)Retail Sales AssociateSalespersonSuperviseur (H/F)Team MemberTechnicianTelemarketerTéléphoniste (H/F)Agent d'Entretien (H/F)Agent de Prise de Rdv (H/F)Agent de Recouvrement (H/F)Agent de Rétention (H/F)Agent de Ventes Par Téléphone (H/F)AnalystAnimateur (H/F)Assistant Spécialiste (H/F)Bell LoyaltyBell Satellite Loyalty ExpertBilingual Customer Service AssociateBilling RepresentativeBureau d'aideBusinessBusiness AssociateBusiness Intelligence AnalystCariste (H/F)Chargé de Conformité (H/F)ChefChef d'équipe (H/F)Chef de Service (H/F)Client ManagerCommercial DriverCommunications AssistantComptable (H/F)Conseiller de Vente (H/F)Consellière aux Ventes - Marché AffairesConsumer postpaid/National Channel SupportCoordonnatrice des ressources humainesCovid-19 Vaccine BookingCustomer Service Claims Handler (H/F)Customer Service SupervisorCustomer loyaltyDepartment of JusticeDirecteur (H/F)DispatcherEntry Level Tech SupportEscalations Facility CoordinatorField RepresentativeFloor SupervisorFormateur (H/F)Formatrice en Bell téléFraud AnalystFraud InvestigatorGlobal Escalations SpecialistHelp Desk AnalystHouse Hold Loyalty RepresentativeHouse Hold Loyalty Representative for Bell CanadaHousehold Loyalty RepresentativeHuman Resources ManagerInbound Call Center RepresentativeLoyaltyLoyalty Representative Marketing SpecialistMobile Phone TechnicianNational channel supportOrder AdministratorOutbound - WinbackOutbound Call Center RepresentativePhone RepresentativeProgram LeaderPréventionniste (H/F)Quebec City, QCReceptionist/Administrative AssistantReprésentant (H/F)Représentant au service à la clientèleReprésentant du service à la clientèleReprésentante des ventes et service à la clientèleReservation AgentResidential Loyalty RepresentativeResidential SalesResponsable Centre de Profit (H/F)Responsable TI et BâtimentResponsable des Ressources Humaines (H/F)SAT DEPARTMENT (fraud dept)Sales AdvisorSales ConsultantSales ManagerSales Support RepresentativeScheduling CoordinatorSenior Account SpecialistSenior Collection AgentServe to sellSherbrooke, QC, CanadaSite DirectorSolution SpecialistSubject Matter ExpertSupport AdvisorSupport Services ClerkSupport StaffTechnical Support AdvisorTechnical Support AnalystTechnicienTechnicien (H/F)TelecommunicatorTelephone RepresentativeTelephone Support, COVID-19 vaccinationTelephone supportTelephonistTéléconseiller (H/F)interviewer bilingue chez Léger Marketingloyalty representative

Overall reviews at Nordia

Technical Support Specialist | Peterborough, ON | May 29, 2019
Ok for a call centre
I worked for the tech support team in Peterborough, Ontario. The highlights of this job is definitely the management and the company culture. The management team is helpful, fun to work with and provides great support. They also have fun incentives like winning chocolate bars, free pizza days, etc. The downfalls of the job is that as much as the company does surface level things to make the company SEEM good (like free pizza days), overall if you have a real problem it's near impossible to get them to help you. The scheduling is supposed to be based on seniority but that doesn't mean that if you put in five years of work for them you will have a good schedule. Rather, it means that after years and years of working for them you will still not receive weekends off and possibly because of a scheduling error (which they will refuse to correct in all instances) you will end up working late evening/night shifts all the time, even after being employed by them for years. If you want an employer who puts the companies bottom line first, who cares more about money than their employees and does surface level things like providing free pizza to put a band-aid over top of their problems then this is the company for you! On top of this even if you provide them three, four, five or six months notice that you have a surgery, a dr's appointment, a family wedding to go to or anything else that may be important or even necessary for you to have the day off for they will REFUSE to give you the
Prosfree food, good managers
Consbad schedules, no ethics, no morale, no flexibility, broken tools.
Agent | Waterloo, ON | Oct 11, 2021
A Fantastic Place to work if you enjoy Call Centers
Escalation Resolution Team, Level 2 Agent. When you call your cell phone company for help and don't like the answer and ask to speak to someone higher up, you get to me. I did not get promoted to this job I was hired for it. Nordia was excellent. This job truely truely helped me evolve and grow and a person. Im serious man I entered that job as a young man working bunk dead end factory jobs and left the job 1.5 years later with a new found sense of purpose and confidence in myself and most of the desire to work other desk jobs/finance Jobs and build up my career as an entrepreneur. Its a great place to work if you can deal with call centers. I thought I could, and for a long time I did. I'm a very introverted person but have excellent customer service skills but I burned out badly man. Nordia worked with me really well even though I kind of had to use the pandemic as a reason, truthfully, and they were there waiting for me with my exact same job position and seniority when I was ready to return to work. The pay was great, if you're good at your job you'll make excellent commission sales like basically get $2 an hour more for the top 25% of agents and if you are good at customer service and sales it's easy to achieve that. There really isn't much on the way of raises though. You can work there for years and years as the best agent in the building but make less than a dollar more than new hires. But if you get your commission sales which is easy to do you will eat very
ProsGood pay and good support and realistic company atmosphere. No need to act fake.
ConsRude Customers
Customer Service Representative | Kitchener, ON | May 4, 2016
Terrible place to work
Worked here for a little over 4 years. In my opinion, the workplace was enjoyable in the beginning but quickly became unbarable. Handling one service (bell tv) quickly became three (bell tv, home phone, and internet) for the same amount of pay. I have friends who work in mobility and they have the same complaints. Horrible workplace politics. Anyone who receives a promotion has to suck up to management to do so, or you have to be a smoker. If you are quiet, keep your head down and do your job properly, you aren't recognized or appreciated. Instead they push you harder and you receive more work. When a job posting goes up for a promotion, management already has a certain individual in mind, but needs to follow proper protocol. So if management hadn't approached you beforehand, and you apply for the promotion, you likely won't receive it. Work morale is low, and the turnover rate is high. You are constantly being yelled at from customers. Management treats you like gradeschoolers. Most agents end up going on stress leave or just quitting altogether. Everyday you leave work feeling depleted. There's no availability between calls, they come in back to back, so you don't socialise with any of your colleagues unless your scheduled breaks/lunch coincide. When dealing with an extremely difficult call and a client asks to speak with a supervisor, the manager will try to avoid taking that escalation at all cost. They will send you back to the customer to try and ne
ConsToo many to list
Specialist | Moncton, NB | Jan 29, 2021
Could be so much better
I've been working for Nordia for almost 3 years. My time with the company has been good, but I've quickly gone from wanting to grow within the company to wanting out and actively job searching. Feel free to read the rest for an honest review. Before I get to what's made me begin to actively search other employment, I want to at least share some of the perks to working for the company. The pay is very competitive with other top-notch contact centers. Their Moncton site is clean and modern, which has made coming into work a lot more pleasant. Bonuses are frequent and always paid on-time. Some of the managers are extremely devoted to your success and overall experience with the job. Nordia does employee appreciation initiatives quite frequently and will send out kudos from upper-management, which is nice. HR has been helpful in my few times spent having to need them. Now, here's where I'll try to be as specific (and yet general) when sharing my complaints with the company that have led me to wanting to leave. At the beginning of the pandemic, the company gave us all the option to work from home, which was definitely appreciated. However, no extra personal time off was given to employees to workaround obstacles like their kids' schools shutting down or just needing a mental health day. Nope, stuck at 5 days... during a pandemic. In my department, statistics are extremely important. In fact, I would say that stats to Nordia are everything. You're measured by groups of agents w
ConsSchedules, out-of-touch management, agents cheat the system without consequence
Sales | Moncton, NB | Oct 24, 2014
Stressfull prison like environment with little to no support!
I was a retention agent for a almost nine months at the Moncton site. Here's a few key points to consider strongly before applying for Nordia. All day long you deal with frustrated Bell clients who are so angry they want to cancel their services and go elsewhere. And I don't blame them with so many billing errors, 3 to 4 annual price increases. Your role is to keep your calm and try to convince, a frustrated client who's been transfered from incompetant departments in the Phillipines. Not only the customer has been on the phone for ever before he reaches your department, and being transfered to a foreign country does not go well with Canadians. You basically have to manipulate the client and almost brainwash them with lies, calculations to loose the client and make him stay to get robbed even more. It's like selling ice to a Inuit in January. To top it off, you are being provided with a below standard network with passwords for each and every different tool you have, and they expire not all at the same time. You will get lost in all the different combinations you will use. You are monitored for stat based performance, and your coach, the one who does nothing but play on his I phone and avoid taking escalated supervisor calls will cash in your hard earned work. You have to scan your fingerprint has a punch in system and your schedule constantly changes on a daily basis. Back to back frustrating calls, that will soon haunt your dreams. I was let
ProsCertainly not the management
ConsBird droppings car bombardment
Customer Solutions Specialist | Kitchener, ON | Aug 11, 2015
Not too horrible, but management is awful
I worked at Nordia for about 8 months. They really try to treat their employees well to compensate for the fact that 90% of the people you speak to are absolutely horrible and forget that you're a human. They provide special meal days, fun activities like photo booth days, and different motivational things. Great bonus if you can get it, but it's one of those things were one bad day can ruin your stats for the month, or they take away the bonus as a punishment. The stats you have to achieve are insane. The cancellation department is expected to only cancel 13% of the people who are calling to cancel. If you miss this, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This job has a very heavy sales focus, regardless of it being a cancellation department. You WILL be expected to get sales, you will be disciplined if you do not. They also cap out incentives. One month they expected us to upgrade 1000 accounts and ship them out (gotta lock in that 2 years!) and offered an incentive of $5 per phone you got shipped. Some people went crazy with it, buy the end of 2 weeks we had some agents that had shipped out 300 phones on their own. An email went out pretty quickly saying the incentive was capped out to a maximum of $200 per employee. The also recently added the ERT (escalations) team to client solutions. Every single loyalty department agent was trained on escalations. We were all told we had to tell customers who were transferred to escalations that we were managers. So basically i
Prosfun staff, good bonus and benefits, easy job
Consheavy sales, not enough pay for work you are expected to do, poor management
Retention Specialist | Orillia, ON | Feb 12, 2019
A lot of false promises
What can I say? Let's start with some positives. The normal everyday people I worked with on a daily basis were great. Social Committee tries their best to do fun things for their employees. That's about it. The company likes to say they promote a lot from the inside, but the truth is you're struggling to find an opening to advance to as everyone who holds the positions have been there since the company opened and are not in the habit of vacating to allow others to move up. The "coaching" or "guidance" you get to help you out is essentially meeting up with your manager once a month to tell you what you're doing wrong, tell you outdated tips that don't relate to your job as the managers haven't taken a phone call in years, and have no frame of reference for what the customer's needs are anymore. They encourage you to make shady sales, like, literally selling TV to a blind person, or playing on the heart strings of the elderly to sell them internet, or one manager who told us to make a sales pitch to grieving family member who has to bury their relative. They like to promote positive work/life balance, but truthfully trying to get a day off for a doctor's appointment, or an event is a task of Herculean proportions. Your request has to be made 2 months in advance and ,if you're lucky, Bell will allow you to have the day off you need, other wise you have to trade shifts with people that have grown so accustomed to having their weekends off they would neve
ProsGreat everyday normal people
ConsTerrible management, terrible sales practices
S2S | Saint John, NB | Mar 24, 2016
Worst job EVER
First of all, they spend so much money on the in-class training and not enough once you're training on the floor. The favorites from the training "TL" get all of the attentions (ie: if you're loud and overbearing). I was told I was "too nice" on a few occasions in training and that this was not a customer service job but a sales job. Meaning, you're a body to make sales and anger customers because you can't address their actual concerns - you need to sell them more by "informing" them. They say that they are there for you, but they really aren't. The TL for "A-Bay" (what they call their phone training) didn't even know my name until week 3. I had a few great coworkers, but they felt the same way that I did. You begin to quickly feel like you've been lied to during the hiring process about shift bids and vacation time. You'll be stuck on all nights and weekends with no vacation for over one year Also, they put you to "buddy jack" (what kind of term is that anyway?!) with people who are in love with the job, it feels like they've been brainwashed because they all tell you the same amazing story about how wonderful it is. I made it to the last week of ABay and then had enough. The money is decent if you can put up with everything. I kept telling myself it would get easier, but it never did. It only got more frustrating. Instead of being mentored to succeed, I was only told everyday about everything that I was doing wrong. Try it out if you need something or love the call c
ConsHalf truths about shifts, no vacation, no one is undestanding about health issues/accomodations, brainwashed senior agents, pay is terrible for what you put up with, people can steal your sales....
Customer Service Representative | Moncton, NB | Mar 3, 2020
We can call this one, an ACTUAL career!!
A typical day at Nordia in retention, you're taking calls based on what clients need, otherwise these clients will cancel services. You would provide assistance based on what they're asking for. Your job each call is to find the perfect solution the customer accepts, apply it, leave notes on the account about what you did, ensure if the customer has any other inquiries or needs further assistance. I learned that as part of the retention team, my attitude can make an impact in reality. Generally a nice person, with a soft voice, I also learned being part of retention, you have accessibility to a lot of tools that do different things, you have a decent amount of control on what you can do for the customer. Granted you won't need to use some of these tools, or provide certain offers all the time. Management was wonderful! My trainer and first supervisor were really great people, however the reason of quitting was the fact I was transferred to a supervisor I absolutely could not work with. She was rude, and didn't help me in the slightest. That being said, my performance dropped, and she wouldn't help me get better. I had a dentist appointment at one point which required me to miss 2 days, and I gave her the dentist note, called even each day to let them know I cannot come in, and she said "This is unacceptable and you can get terminated for this". Other than that, happen if I didn't get that specific supervisor, I'd definitely love to be at this department, at this place again
Loss Prevention Officer | Waterloo, ON | May 26, 2021
Has its ups and downs
It's very fast based, tms are as helpful as they can be but they are usually very busy. The training is lengthy and tries to over all aspects of the job but it doesn't prepare you for the daily verbal abuse from the customers. The communication between departments is horrible, most people don't know what's happening. The rules keeps changing. Waking up everyday just to talk to customers who have been waiting for hours sometimes, making them extremely angry and frustrated at the agents, isn't exactly the highlight of my day. They definitely need more agents and more support agents. Keep your expectations low, there aren't a lot of opportunities for growth within the company, most people leave before the training ends and people who stay mostly don't have much other options. Your mental health will be tested on a daily basis, I feel like crying between calls but you can't because you might get a call any second. They are too strict with time, if you are a minute late you will be docked for that. There is so way one can collect themselves between calls. There is so prep time or closing time, you've to prep before your shift and be ready to take calls the minute are you scheduled (prep usually takes 10-15 mins on a good day but there can be system issues, and it adds up to hours of unpaid hours) I've never worked anywhere where you've to set up in your own time and not be paid for it, even if it's for 5 minutes. There is no support for your mental health whatsoever an
ProsGreat team mates/colleagues
ConsNo fixed schedule, not enough pay and no stability

Questions and answers about Nordia

How often do you get a raise at Nordia?
Asked Nov 7, 2022
Answered Mar 28, 2023
Once a year & its the legal minimum
Answered Mar 24, 2023
Why did you leave your job at Nordia?
Asked Mar 28, 2017
Problème de connexion internet et pas de chance de réembauche malgré que je sois déménager ou l’Internet est au top
Answered Jul 14, 2021
Feel as though get bullied, night shifts they tell you are able to have flexiable hours that’s a lie, they treat you like not good they make you feel worthless and never in the wrong as well as they have bullied me so often that I literally would go to the office every single shift
Answered Nov 17, 2019
What is the promotion process like at Nordia?
Asked Nov 7, 2022
there isn't any
Answered Jun 6, 2023
None unless been there a few years
Answered Apr 2, 2023
Can you work remotely at Nordia?
Asked Nov 4, 2018
Answered Jan 2, 2023
Answered Dec 28, 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at Nordia?
Asked Apr 18, 2019
terrible place to work
Answered Jun 6, 2023
Non existent
Answered Apr 3, 2023