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| Burnaby, BC | May 11, 2022
Happy to work with friendly professionals
One of the rare opportunities where the management genuinely cares for the welfare and success of its employees. We are motivated and driven towards positive growth. The supervisors are approachable and allow us to be at our best by providing optimized work schedules and ensuring that any issues are resolved immediately.
Security Guard | Drumheller, AB | Apr 28, 2022
Don’t go unless you have no choice
Don’t care about nothing but putting bodies in uniforms , I’ve heard the company is better run outside of Alberta but here specially in central zone it is the worst company I’ve ever worked for .
Security Guard | Winnipeg, MB | May 9, 2022
Okay company, hard to get shifts sometimes and so unorganized at some sites. More of a place to just work for extra cash, wouldn’t choose it as a career.
Office Administrator | Grand Prairie, TX | May 12, 2020
An advantageous career experience
-Considerate management. They are very understanding of my personal life, and they care. -Pleasant co-workers. They staff is a group of talented and pleasant individuals. They are not hard to get along with. They are comfortable to be around. We established rapport as soon as we began working together. -Promotions; our management generously recognizes hard work and they promote deserving employees. Passion pays off! -Benefits. There’s a sufficient benefits package, and a reasonable paycheck. -Credible company. Paladin has built up a remarkable name for itself. And it has earned respect in the industry. I’m proud to be a part of it.
ProsFun atmosphere, good management, nice co-workers
ConsThere are difficult cases from time to time
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Jan 12, 2021
Fun job with good income
Paladin provides quality training right from the beginning which gives you enough preparation for the job. The staff is really fun and the environment we work in is interesting so there’s never a dull moment working here. The amazing income and generous benefits are a huge, huge plus! Moreover, our schedule is flexible, which makes working here more relaxing and it gives you freedom to adapt and keep a good work-life balance. There are a lot of chances for growth and advancement within the company. Working here will give you a lot of experience that will come in handy in the future.
ProsGood pay and benefits, flexible schedule, fun colleagues, stress-free environment
ConsNothing so far. Working here has been a pleasure.
Security Officer | Irving, TX | Nov 26, 2013
Professional work environment working with professional people at Verizon.
Paladin Security was a good company to work for... before they went out of business. The security officers were above average and hard working. Management gave promotions and raises based on merit.I learned about computers and security consoles on the job at Verizon.The hardest part of the job was getting the Verizon employees to keep their ID badges visible in plain sight. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting the job done in a professional manner each and every day and working among good people.
ProsPaladin was not a company that pressured the Security Officers.
ConsHealth insurance was high.
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Jun 23, 2015
This is a good business
I enjoyed working for this business . I have no bad words about this security business. If I was to have a security business to guard my place of business it would be Paladin Security. On any typical day you would run in to a few hard cases but most of the time every one would be nice and friendly to you. How to be a better security officer. The management was a super bunch of nice people. My coworker were really nice to work with. There was nothing really hard about this job . Coming to work and meeting different people from other states and countries.
ProsYou would get a Chritsmas bounce
ConsNo benfits
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Apr 9, 2020
Good management and nice peers
I commend our management for setting the optimistic tone of our workplace. We perform our job more effectively and efficiently because we have respect and confidence for each other. I cannot see myself working anywhere else. While it is usual for us to come across difficult cases once in awhile, I get through them because my co-workers are friendly and supportive. I’m fulfilled on what I do, and I’m happy to be a part of this dynamic and happy team.
ProsMy colleagues are nice and friendly
ConsThere’s a high level of professionalism required to be effective
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Jun 19, 2020
Good and Highly-professional Organization
I appreciate everything that the company has done for me. Working here has given me the opportunity to build a career. Paladin is highly organized and has well-defined roles. This gives you a sense of structure, something that you don't see in other security companies. I work with a team of professionals who care about doing a great job. Friendly managers who make it a point to check if everything's okay. All in all, good work environment.
ProsStable hours, Competitive pay
ConsStraightforward job, No surprises here
Security Officer | Irving, TX | Mar 30, 2020
Effective culture of recognition
We have effective managers who set a culture of recognition. They evaluate our performance and commend every job well done. They are also present tp provide assistance should we need any. This inspires us to go beyond the bare minimum. I'm also happy with the sense of teamwork that we live up to in this company. Every employee supports each other which makes our working conditions pleasant and inclusive
ProsCompetent managers, purposeful work and nice environment
ConsOur productivity is closely monitored.
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Jan 30, 2013
Great people to work with, best security company in the business
This was a wonderful job. I really enjoyed the security business. The owner is a great man with good values and a sense of pride in his business and his employee's. He always made sure we were dressed well, clean shaven and extremely presentable. He provides vehicles for long distance jobs and for patrol. Plenty of advancement opportunities for those who display a good work ethic.
Prosgreat environment, exciting field
Conssome of the older officers are a little high and mighty
Armed Security Officer | Irving, TX | May 23, 2020
Professionalism and Collaboration
Most of my colleagues are easy to work with. Feedback is welcomed; I've never felt any constraints to voice my opinion and come up with suggestions. We have gone through a lot of changes during the recent years, and I'm glad the changes have been for the better. I would advise our managers to keep on listening to employees' concerns so that Paladin continues to be a great workplace for each and every employee.
Prospay, bonuses, environment
Security Officer | Waco, TX | Mar 23, 2020
Great job at Paladin!
Paladin comes with a pool of competent security officers who are passionate and committed with their roles. We love what we do, and we have all the support we can, thanks to our very eager management that provides promotions and raises. The corporate culture we have translates to the service we render, and it makes many clients happy and satisfied. It is amazing to be in a proactive workplace that further hones my strengths and skills as a professional.