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ParaMed Home Health Care 3000 Steeles Avenue East Markham, ON L3R 4T9
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ParaMed Home Health Care reviews

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Overall reviews at ParaMed Home Health Care

Registered Nurse | Windsor, ON | Apr. 21, 2019
Read the review, then apply
Having spent some time employed here, The job itself is great. There are good things about the job and some negative as well. Staffing is atrocious. If you are seeking employment pretty well guaranteed a position within company due to staff leaving the job, or as I like to call it, the revolving door. Managers, coordinators, field staff. Where my experience has been mostly pleasant and I've enjoyed as well as learned a great deal about both nursing and myself, you have a hard time blaming the people applying on the premise they cannot handle community. I have been on a few teams for multiple years with 0 turn over and a wait list to apply, but hasn't been the case here. Additionally, having to pick up slack from other nurses who are under qualified and lack the same skill set across the board as well as not being willing to learn can be a tad irritating. The Management is really good at feigning concern for your well being and status within the field. (Example, Entire employment with this company. I'd say about 80%, no exaggeration, I would take on a lot more than other people in the field. Work 7 days a week and very little down time. Take on any case or task they needed handled etc. 0 sick days. Requesting vacation time you are required to give them minimum 6 months notice or you are denied, has happened on 3 different occasions I requested time off.). The management team also seems to care more about making money than the general health and well being of th
Nurse | Kitchener, ON | Aug. 8, 2018
Stay far away!
Absolute WORST company I have ever worked for. They don’t even deserve one star! Management is on a complete power trip, and will belittle and degrade you in front of other workers just to show they are in charge. If you enjoy working for pennies on the dollar this is absolutely the company for you. They pay their nurses less than PSWs and expect them to work beyond full scope. Pay cheques are consistently wrong, and are never rectified until weeks later. They don’t think that people have a life outside of work, or actual responsibilities. Pay was always missing at LEAST half of worked hours, but because management is lazy and inconsiderate, they expect you to wait weeks to be reimbursed and then try to blame you for their mistakes. Training is nil and they don’t care if you aren’t comfortable doing skills or tasks. They tell you to read the policy and procedure book and figure it out instead of actually training you, which puts the patients at risk and your license on the line. The clinic nurses have it even worse... they see upwards of 20 patients/day and are paid less than community nurses and are expected to work through their breaks. Workplace bullying is guaranteed and management doesn’t care... they actually warn you that employees will bully you if they don’t like you. This company has one of the highest turn over rates and can’t keep supervisors/employees because of management. They have such a hard time keeping nursing supervisors and there is a new one about every
ProsPatient rapport
ConsHorrible management, no training, no breaks, extremely poor wages, no room for growth, company values money over patient safety, no work life balance, payroll errors every week, workplace bullying, management bullying
Registered Nurse | Toronto, ON | Jan. 19, 2019
Productive, educating, flexible time of work, place for ongoing improvement in gaining new professional skills and knowledge in nursing.
learned a lot during my employment with ParaMed Health Care agency. Gained the knowledge and skills during the everyday work. Every day at work is different can be more or less stressful. Learn to handle different situations with confidence and how to prioritize my duties. I learned many nursing skills required at work in home care environment and to perform the nursing treatments independently within the scope of nursing practice. I received a lot of support from the Agency management when I needed .Management provided employees with In services/ training to update and refresh nursing knowledge and skills i many important areas of nursing practice, like wound care, care for venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers and various wound care products and dressings types available to treat and promote healing of wounds. Learned application of VAC therapy to treat and heal wounds and preventive measures to prevent ulcer formations. Learned technique of application specialty compression bandages, like Coban Light, Coban 2 compression bandage systems or Velcro Bandages System applied to treat Lymphodema of legs. Every year management organized Skills Fair where nursing skills were reviewed and refreshed. I worked in a multicultural environment where workers treat each other with respect and value other cultures values and support each other. Working with colleagues at work as a team and in case of emergency have a reliable one to cover the clients from your workload if you can not.
PSW | Durham Region, ON | Apr. 8, 2018
You do not want to work here!
You have been warned from the title. Paramed is a PROFIT driven company where you will be treated as a number. Mileage is not paid by the company, it is a 'travel allowance' which is income that is subject to taxes and deductions. It will kick you into a higher tax bracket meaning you are now working for minimum wage. You will be under scrutiny with Canada Revenue Agency. This will result in annual audits due to paperwork being improperly filled out by management. You will be told by the company you are NOT allowed to keep a documented record of your travels due to it being confidential client information. The CRA will tell you they need it or you can pay back ALL of your taxes for the time you are being audited for. Good luck trying to speak to anyone in management about any issues because your problems are below their pay grade and management will direct you to upper management who will redirect to lower management. Accounting and HR departments are a revolving door, dont waste your time learning any names from any of these departments because they will likely not be around for very long. The employee discount reward program is a minimal percentage off corporate rate for Costco (fine if you shop there or live anywhere near it). No discounts for anything like a uniform allowance. The employee training consists of online training modules of the bare minimum required safety and WHMIS but useful courses like CPR and first aid training you have to pay for yourself and tak
ConsToo Much to List
Coordinator | Ottawa, ON | Oct. 18, 2019
Chaotic and stressful.
People aren't generally happy with Paramed and generally end up leaving within a year. The turnover rate at the Ottawa location is staggering, and for good reason. Your typical day at the office is dealing with a myriad of issues whether it be with clients, families, scheduling and lack of staff. The phone never stops ringing. You have to be available for every call even if you have 500 other things on your plate to do, and then you get maybe a dozen more within a short period of time with the phone calls. You can't possibly do everything you're expected to do with the time you're given. You're entitled to one hour break but many coordinators work through their breaks and some stay and hour or two later completing their tasks for the day. Management often tries to make coordination feel bad about the inability to staff clients, when a complaint comes in through the LHIN, but coordination is often pressured to take on new clients. Made to feel bad for things way beyond your control. Interactions with management feel like interrogations. This company is about about corporate interests over the well being of vulnerable clients. Sometimes you call the same clients night after night to unfill visits and it's really disheartening. Management claims to care about the struggles coordination has, but instead of trying to tackle the systemic problems, does things like pizza parties and gives out flowers instead. Feels insulting. I loved my coworkers there and some supervisors, as
PSW | Victoria Park, ON | Jul. 11, 2020
Scarborough Branch
I am originally from Ukraine. I was employed with ParaMed since 2013-2018. Working with my clients and meeting new people was a positive experience. I enjoyed it very much and was proud of myself to make a difference in people's lives. Everything was great until I got ill and had a surgery...After my surgery I could no longer work as a PSW, and my employment was unlawfully terminated shortly after. Despite all of the medical notes from my GP and the surgeons, I was not offered a SUITABLE modified duty work. I was still forced to go to service clients. Management did not care about the fact that I just had a surgery, and was unable to perform my previous tasks as a PSW. They did not care about me not having a valid CPR certificate, or a current Police Check, which is a HUGE violation of the policy. At some point, District Director reassured me about getting an Assignment Coordinator position, which is a sitting job and is suitable for my post-surgery condition. However, he did not keep his word; moreover, later on, he denied everything we have talked about. Upper Management is unapproachable; they do not care about their employees' opinion, safety and well-being. They are non-cooperative and act unprofessionally by ignoring employees' concerns. You must come to the Head Office a million times in order to be heard. They do not want to do their job! I would like to add that former District Director and Operations Manager ( from Victoria Park Branch) were terminate
ProsCo-workers, patients, hands-on-experience, benefits.
ConsHead Office. Scarborough Branch (Victoria Park), Nepotism, racism, favoritism.
Support Worker | Thunder Bay, ON | Jun. 3, 2016
woorst company to work for
I started working for paramed back in 2015, and recently quit. I was originally hired full time but received part time order to make a living you literally have to work yourself to death starting from 7am - 11pm with lots of odd half hour breaks here and there .. the breaks sound great right. But in all honesty, you never have enough time for your own personal life with this company, and they are not understanding to that. Management and supervisors are the WORST. they pick favourites, they bully their staff, and they almost NEVER show any appreciation for any amount of work you will ever do for them. The first two weeks I worked for them, I didn't receive a pay cheque. They told me their computers screwed up, and I had to wait an extra 5 days to receive my cheque. The following two weeks on my next pay day it happened again. And just recently they did it to me another two times. One cheque they only paid me half my hours, and the next cheque wasn't in my account in general in which I had to get higher management involved. Because of these screw up I had late fees on bills, I got Nsfs on my accounts in which paramed did not go good for. I worked for paramed for 9 months and was supposed to receive benefits after three. I asked in two occasions about getting my benefits in which managment told me they'd look into It but would never get back to me with a straight answer. If you enjoy being degraded, not appreciated, screwed over, and disrespected this is th
Prosno pros
Consbad management
Licensed Practical Nurse | Calgary, AB | Feb. 26, 2019
well organized work place.
Currently, I am working for Para Med Home Health Care Services. Participate in the planning and coordination of total client care and follow the nursing care plan for each assigned client. Observe and evaluate the care of the client. Assess clients’ safety status, including physical environment, make recommendations, implement interventions and advocate on the client’s behalf to ensure client’s safety is maintained. Keep records and accurately report on the clients' condition and care. Prepare clinical/progress notes on each visit incorporating into the clinical record. Assist the client with the activities of daily living while teaching appropriate self-care techniques. Provide and maintain a safe environment for the client as well as providing an optimum physical and emotional environment Assist physician and registered nurse in complex nursing situations. Participate in case conference, in-services and other programs, meetings as required. Uphold and promote the organization’s values and philosophy relating particularly to ethics, morality, and integrity as set out in ParaMed's Code of Conduct. Complete all other duties as assigned. This all above helped me to be a confident nurse at all my care. since we work as a team we have good work management. it helped me to learn many cultural believes since I visit clients who came from the whole world. There is no hard but driving during winter time would be a minor negative impact as we drive a lot. I really enjoy the nur
Prossafe work place
Client Services Specialist | Thunder Bay, ON | Jun. 5, 2018
Never be fired because always hiring
-very high stress and chaos from poorly managed office. -quitting staff often call asking for ROEs not received in 3 weeks -T2200 given out in late March/April when should be done Feb 28. Frustrated field staff often call asking why so late every year. -several senior staff are resistant to change, challenge new staff to do old way because new company way is inefficient; staff spend many hours complaining cannot get job done vs just doing it. -information that should be shared is not shared so clients and staff have frequent miscommunication. ex. client family out of town so must not miss visit, person who knew did not tell all by inputting on client file. Visit missed, staff screamed at by family, client not cared for and repeat daily for too many clients. -most staff are nice, overworked, upset and management knows but keeps taking more clients. -office atmosphere is avoid bullies who leave their work for you to finish (with limited info), office reception lacks professionalism, entering office you can hear staff yelling with frustration or need to control field staff so guilt them into working longer past their designated hours. -staff often call in sick for mental health days, often asked to work on their day off or weekend off. -a challenging and mentally unhealthy office for field staff and office staff. -tremendous staff turnover
Prosnot regular steady shifts so tremendous time to be home at all hours
Consschedule not known til 1-2 weeks advance & might be nights or days
Supervisor | Barrie, ON | Apr. 10, 2021
Horrible Company. Run far away
Dont even know where to start. Hire unqualified staff, lots of injuries to field staff due to lack of training. They are overworked and underpaid, with no down time due to constantly being called to work outside of availability. Impossible to get a hold of anyone in the office, stress only communicating by email but it takes weeks to get a response. Phone app and scheduling system technology is horrible and slow. Glitches daily and management doesn't know how to use it. Constant issues and no updates. Keep staff on that are unrealiable, rude and untrained, don't want to show up at work? No problem! Want to skip clients to go run personal errands? Sure thing! Did we fire you? That's okay, we'll hire you back! Pay is not sufficient to maintain a decent living. Overtime only given to specific employees, favouritism and nepotism runs rampant. Management is an absolute joke. Knows nothing about staff or clients and doesn't bother or care to listen to any issue or learn what's going on. Horrible comnunication. Staff can go months without speaking to supervisors. Constantly disrespect and belittle staff. Be prepared to hate yourself and dread working everyday. Only good thing is the benefits (if you are lucky to be qualified) You'll need the coverage for your anti anxiety medication, therapy and massage appointments
ProsBenefits. Working from home.

Questions and answers about ParaMed Home Health Care

What should you wear to an interview at ParaMed Home Health Care?
Asked Aug. 2, 2017
Dress appropriately for any job interviews. Don't forget first impression is lasting! The way you present yourself, employers will never forget! You have 10 seconds to empress your prospective employer!
Answered Mar. 14, 2019
Something fit for an interview, dress to impress and show you are taking the interview seriously.
Answered Oct. 24, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at ParaMed Home Health Care? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Apr. 24, 2017
Interview, Orientation, buddy visits, then you are on your own.
Answered May 11, 2019
Advert on indeed
Answered Feb. 19, 2018
Does ParaMed Home Health Care require background check?
Asked Apr. 24, 2017
Yes they do
Answered Jan. 26, 2020
Yes paramed requires a criminal background check and tb testing
Answered Oct. 30, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make ParaMed Home Health Care a better place to work?
Asked Jul. 16, 2019
Totally listen to your staff
Answered Mar. 10, 2020
Hire competent field and office staff.
Answered Jan. 25, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at ParaMed Home Health Care?
Asked Jan. 8, 2019
The scheduler for Kenora.
Answered Feb. 8, 2020
Trying to figure what mood the managers/supervisors will be in on any given day. & learning who to trust (really, only 2 or 3 people out of 30+ in the office)
Answered Dec. 14, 2019