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Calgary, Alberta Canada
1,001 to 5,000
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Energy and Utilities

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Overall reviews at Parkland Corporation

Dispatcher | Dawson Creek, BC | Jan 22, 2019
A good stop gap until something better comes along.
A corporation where cutting costs and just getting by is common practice. Perception, a politically correct, progressive and forward thinking company ,they look to build careers from within all whilst delivering top notch service to customer's in a safe environment. Reality, just get the job done with minimum resources, while sacrificing everything you've been told in all those nice little politically correct forward thinking meetings. Look the other way, don't question authority, and you'll still have a job when they sacrifice a few lambs in their attempts to silence the peasants, the workers. It's the proverbial carrot on the stick treatment, you'll have waisted five years before you realize there is no where to go, nowhere to advance, and no reward for team play. You show up, you collect a cheque, you plan your escape, you look out for yourself, that is my best advice. Hard work is for your own personal satisfaction, don't expect to be rewarded. In fact you'll soon be rewarded with extra work all while enjoying the same pay as your less motivated coworkers. The good news is that they are always hiring, and for good reason. Employee turn over is high. Benefits are decent and the scheduling isn't too bad, there is worse. Everyone has a different set of rules, it's good depending what side you are on. Show a calmness, flexibility, and team play? you'll soon wish you hadn't! Management can seemingly do as they please, backed by a faceless hierarchy, your voice
HRIS Manager | Calgary, AB | Oct 16, 2019
Amazing recruitment process, improvement-focused team
The recruitment process I experienced at Parkland was by far the best I've ever had in all the companies I've interviewed with. I was kept in the loop, I felt respected and valued and the questions that I was asked were on-point and important (instead of the vain "where do you see yourself in 5 years" and similar). They showed great interest in my skills and in the interview, I didn't feel like I was taking an exam or being interrogated, I felt like they asked all the right questions to reveal my strengths and to really understand what could I be capable of. I have been working there for a short time, but I immediately appreciated the collaboration among the team members, I love that there is no hierarchical behaviour (everyone is equal and works together as a team, regardless of their position within the company), and the high work ethic in the office. Everyone is really focused on improving the processes (which is not what I can say about other global corporations that I've worked for). Here the team is not only talking about issues, but they are actually working towards solving them which shows that they really care about what they're doing. The workload is high and people work very hard, but the atmosphere in the office is friendly, encouraging and positive. There is lots of training available to learn new skills and advance in your career. That is my first impression and I don't have a reason to think it will ever change.
Truck Driver | Slave Lake, AB | May 29, 2019
Read carefully then make your decision
Wage and hours were great and about as good as it gets given the condition of energy sector in general. Benefit plan is weak and needs an overhaul with better coverage even if being a contract/seasonal employee. Good gear/equipment is in short supply and needs to become a very important priority. Certain locations get the good stuff along with a shop while the rest get the left overs. A difficult place to get away from because you are expected to eat ,sleep an breath parkland 24-7 even when its your off time to them they will call,text,email continuously .but don't call them on there off time it's "Do as I say not as I do mentality" it's a real shame because if they focused on things that matter it would make a huge difference. A few weak links will bring everybody down as well. Look after the strong that work hard and get rid of the weak. Micro-management is huge to this company and they will monitor ,track,scrutinize, analyze everything you do all the time instead of focusing on crucial things and where weakness lies etc. Anyways thats my thoughts and contributions on this corporation. If you are an employee that enjoys completing your shift then going home and shutting place off forget it this won't be the place where you want to work so keep looking for something else.
ProsGreat wage/ good hours
ConsNot able to escape workplace on off-time
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Aug 3, 2018
Good place to get experience but lots of problems.
Management is non-existent in terms of doing their jobs. Frequently getting late to stocking cigarettes, drinks not being stocked, never tell us about the mystery shopper will be visiting our store and we csr are shocked at deals for customers that we have no idea about. The software is outdated and so is the cash machine. Looks like something from the earlier 2000s and management refuses to get a new machine or improve the software because it "works just fine". This leads to gas pumps constantly going offline due to software issues which causes customers to complain to the csr. Expect to be doing a lot of cleaning (bathrooms, floors, kitchen) and stocking with the drinks. That can be hard and you have to follow the planogram, so be prepared to take upwards to 2 hours getting all that done. Other than all that the job isn't too bad in terms work, you get to sit down and for the most part, past the peak times it is pretty quiet. In terms of pay, it is minimum wage with a slight increase every year you put in. Use this position as a way to get experience and then get out because there is no future there.
ProsLots of down time and relaxed atomosphere.
ConsWarehousing work, cleaning toilets and old software causes problems
Engineer | Burnaby, BC | Feb 18, 2022
Company is slowly falling apart. Contractors get better treatment then their own employees. Do not value employee opinions.
Management operates like a rudderless ship. Extremely reactionary with terrible planning capabilities. Upper management micromanages to the point where those who are supposed to report to them do not know their own responsibilities. Suggestions made by employees are frequently acknowledged but ignored. Lack of resources leads to employees working way more hours than they are paid for. They are unable to produce a copy of the company policies when requested despite making changes to them where they see fit. Making record profits but slashes benefits and workforce. Recent feedback survey indicates culture and morale is dead across all locations and departments. Employees do the bare minimum and pass the blame on to the next individual. Are promised the world when being hired but will quickly learn that your talents can be put to a better place.
Pros-very little -a place that pays the bill
Cons-poor management skills, -can't decide which direction they want to go. 7-11 or oil & gas industry, -do not value employees
Representative | Red Deer, AB | Apr 18, 2019
You will be a cog in the machine
You will be expected to live and breathe Parkland. Your 8 hour days will not be sufficient and more is definitely expected of you, even if you don't get paid for it. The workload is heavy and the training you will be provided upon hire will be little to none so expect to hit the ground running because there are a huge amount of acquisitions and with each new one, you get more work but you won't get more people to help manage the load of work. Workaholics are what they want, so if that is you then this is the job for you. Management varies depending on the department. There are some really good ones, and there are some truly bad ones but mid to upper level has a high turn over rate so don't expect to keep your manager for long anyway. Salary can be rated as poor to satisfactory. The job culture can be described as corporate. You are a cog in a very large machine, and if you don't do your part perfectly then you will be replaced quickly and "restructured" out.
Prosyou get share matching
ConsThey make sure you know you are always replacable
Commercial Manager | Fort McMurray, AB | Aug 18, 2016
Introduction to Oil and Gas Sales, Growth Opportunity
Day was busy connecting with prospect clients and existing accounts. Learned largely about oil & gas distribution. Growth environment and fast paced. Lessons learned about longer sales cycles and short direct sales. Importance of following up and building long term relationships with clients. The most difficult part of the job was to attend to customers needs based on particular systems that needed approval from higher management and procurement. Due to high cost acqusitions and redirection of company certain divisions did not have funding directed to acquire proper equipment necessary for growth. Most enjoyable part of the job was the learning curve and personal development with the help of the sales training program and on the job learning, hands on.
Prosindependent work schedule
Consdisconnect between sales rep and regional sales management/operations department
Administration | Montréal, QC | Feb 16, 2022
I would highly recommend you work elsewhere.
Morale is at a low point. Employees don't care anymore. A lot of people quit or go on a long-term leave of absence. Used Covid has an excuse to do massive layoff even though profits continue to increase and received government grants. For months/years employees have been complaining about workload and management refuse to open positions and when they do it’s for short-term positions. Bad communication from management and between teams. Lack of leadership from management. Grew by acquisition but don't know how to properly integrate new companies. Multiple organizational changes in a short period of time creating confusion, nobody knows who does what. Employee surveys results are worse every year and management doesn’t address the real problems.
ConsNegative work Environment, Understaff/overworked, Disorganized, Lack or bad communication from management and between teams
Delivery Driver | British Columbia | Nov 20, 2019
Horrible place to work, watch your back
They do not care at all for employees. All smiles and handshakes until you get in. Then, your just a piece of meat. Company is to big for its own good.. Upper management is a joke, they have NO hands on just deligate and dump all over you and these untrained management have NO idea what happens stuff flows down hill. Nothing sticks to them. ever.. You are just an employee. Any training is only to cover company for government. Way to top heavy in management. Cut corners constantly. Continual back stabbing within company. You, as an employee are just a piece of meat. Doesnt matter if you have family or not. They do NOT care. Your asked to go over and above.. Do more.. do more.. and then burn out.. Your tossed to the side. That is it... From drivers to middle management to IT. I have friends there in those postions.. All say stay away!! Unless you like to kiss rear end
Network Administrator | Red Deer, AB | Mar 5, 2019
Amazing Company to work for
Parkland is a dynamic company that grows by acquisition. In the last 10 years, I have seen this company grow more than anyone else in the Petroleum industry. the CEO is very thoughtful, caring and works to make sure the employees are happy beyond what a CEO at any other company would do. Parkland looks after its business, and treats its store operators with respect and dignity to help achieve their monthly and yearly goals. This company will continue to grow worldwide in the Petroleum C-Store and Commercial business. In our Red Deer Office, we have a family like culture. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is willing to help each other out. You know the people, you know their families.
ProsBenefits, Compensation and Charity Support
ConsAlways lots of work to do. You are always busy.

Questions and answers about Parkland Corporation

What is the most stressful part about working at Parkland Corporation?
Asked Nov 4, 2018
Answered Feb 18, 2022
Trying to fine work life balance.
Answered Jan 17, 2022
What advice would you give the CEO of Parkland Corporation about how to improve the company?
Asked Mar 29, 2019
To know who is the rising star and to gift them
Answered Feb 24, 2022
I would ask them to follow up on any new office practice that they have implemented to make sure managers are adhearing to them.
Answered Mar 30, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Parkland Corporation?
Asked Aug 13, 2017
Morale is very low. New controller doesn’t want people talking and laughing. Everyone is fearful of losing their jobs.
Answered Jul 4, 2019
Parkland has grown exponentially in recent years. It is no longer a small, "family" company. A lot of the systems and processes have not caught up with the growth leading to frustration. The majority of employees are great people. However, there is a pervasive issue of poor leadership at middle management level.
Answered Apr 3, 2019
How often do raises occur at Parkland Corporation?
Asked Mar 28, 2021
Once a year, but many safety goals must be meet
Answered Nov 7, 2022
once a year at a very low rate
Answered Nov 2, 2022
Does Parkland Corporation require background check?
Asked Oct 15, 2018
yes they do check on your background and where you come from so be very careful
Answered Apr 5, 2021
Not sure if they do now, but at the time I was hired they did not.
Answered Mar 30, 2020