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Team Member | Ontario | Jan. 22, 2020
Leadership really does permeate and affect the whole team
Management at that store in no way resembled what the corporate office promoted as their vision. The so called Team Leader (TL), was a person of very little prior work experience, who subsequently held that against any others who sought advancement whether or not they had days, months, or years of retail experience. The TL was obviously unable to critically think issues through (as to how to resolve questions, issues, etc.), but was full of 'sayings' which resolved nothing, nor provided room or freedom to work out situations to the benefit of the store, the team members, and ultimately the customers. The TL was very proficient in being critical of others though when dealing with them. The TL was in the habit of gas-lighting team members, by passing and holding onto a judgment (and it only took one), followed by constantly assessing, defining, and holding the associate in contempt no matter the issue. The TL's inability to resolve conflict issues, beginning with the TL's own issues, translated into a very demoralizing atmosphere. It was very disheartening to experience personally and watch other associates lose heart due to the immature manner in which associates were treated. Associates who had been at that store for many years often described the descent of managerial incompetency as being increasingly difficult to encourage them to remain employed there. The TL promoted an associate to an TLT (team leader in training) who, as an associate disregarded company/store protocol
Retail Sales Associate | Winnipeg, MB | Nov. 4, 2014
Great people, great staff, interesting work, Lacks advancement oppurtunity.
Ive spent quite some time with a single company for someone my age (Turning 21 this January, will be coming of four years with the company). When I was 17 and just starting out the job was ever so interesting as I had never worked in an environment with friendly and knowledgeable co-workers who were eager to share knowledge with me. An average day currently, I come into work and am greeted with a start up meeting with the leader on duty, we briefly discuss the sales figures, expectations, upcoming notes of importance. We are then given our tasks for the day and set out to the sales floor and warehouse environments to complete them. These range from customer service goals such as selling enough air compressors to make room for new stock, to re designing end caps and shelving to appear more ascetically pleasing to our guests. My work is a mixed bag of retail and sales work with physical and fast paced body work. By the end of the day I am typically physically tired but always have more to give. I have worked all 24 hours of the clock during my time, including nights, early mornings, and weekends. Ask me in 2012 what I thought of the Job and I would have had nothing but good things to say. However today is a different story. Having always been a temporary full time team member, I never was given an opportunity to advance to a role of leadership. Thus I have paid quiet attention to the the leadership team and the changes that have happened over the years. It
Cashier | Ottawa, ON | Aug. 8, 2014
Princess Auto will make you sick in more ways than one
Typical day looks like this: - Arrive at Princess Auto and sit in a longwinded team meeting (these are mandatory; however, TLTs/ATLs/AND the TL often forget to run them for those starting a later shift and are mainly about the figures from the previous day.) - Receive break schedule (usually they attempt to allow you a 15 within the first 4 hours of your shift, but unless you're popular with the staff, forget it. Luckily, your peers will happily take your break if they feel that it's too long to wait for their turns. - If you ask for more hours, they will schedule you just under the full time mark so that you cannot receive benefits/full time salary. If you ask for less, they will tell you that they have a minimum of 25 hours. - If you are a part time worker, then you will work every. single. weekend. They downplay this, assuring you that you will have two days off per week and they *try* to schedule them together. This is never the case and you will not receive any weekends off, you may, however book one off, but you will have to jump through many hoops. -They will disregard your availability, ignore emails about availability, and schedule you when you've spent 3 weeks reviewing with 3 TLTs, 2 ATLs, and the TL. - TLTs and ATLs will hide in their offices/on the floor and refuse to answer pages, even during emergency/potentially threatening situations. This has happened twice in 2 months - Floor teams will refuse to remove their stock (95s) from the Solutions, le
ProsProfit Sharing
ConsAtrocious air quality, absent management on all levels, lazy coworkers
Sales Associate | Calgary, AB | Sep. 22, 2014
Productive and friendly working environment
Typical Day: Starts with team meeting to give you a run-down on how the store is doing. Everyone then goes to their separate sections and cleans, faces isles, and greets customers. Stock is brought down from storage or from warehouse and shelves are filled. Sometimes merchandising is required for fliers but not always. Very easy job and very rewarding as well, hard work is often complimented and co-workers are friendly and always willing to help. What I learned: How to merchandise for better sale results. How to work in a team environment, more than I'll ever probably need to know about tools, but there is always more to learn about the products that they sell. Minor hydraulics work such as cutting hydraulic hose. Management: Usually really stressed out for not really any reason at all. You can really tell if you're doing a good job because your section manager will be far less stressed if you are. I've never seen anyone be bad about it though. Co-workers: Extremely nice and friendly. Very welcoming environment. Always willing to help, whether it be with merchandising tips, product knowledge, or simply just lifting something that's too heavy for one person. Hardest Part of the Job: Showing customers where things are. Your basic responsibility is your section, but you're expected to know the whole store in case a customer asks you where something is or what it does. Although if you don't know, you can always ask someone in their section where something is or what i
ProsVery welcoming and enjoyable work environment, very easy job.
ConsNot a lot of opportunity for getting a raise
Part timer | Greater Toronto Area, ON | Jan. 11, 2017
Nice co-workers....misery loves company
Welcome to the unique world of Princess Auto, and boy, is it unique. As a part timer you will be subjected to working odd hours, you are a fill in, this is to be expected in any retail setting. Weekends will no longer be your's, when you want a weekend off you will be told to schedule your activities around the schedule. Make sure any events, such as family birthday parties or the like, are in sync with their work schedule, good luck!! The profit sharing is an unknown, you will sign an agreement that states after 3 months you are eligible to receive it, one co-worker told me after 9 months he still hadn't seen penny one, beware!! They preach safe work place practices, yet will stack an 80 pound item on the top shelf ( two high sometimes) and expect you to climb up a ladder to get it down for a customer. This practice is so unsafe it is beyond comprehension, it's just a matter of time until someone gets seriously hurt. Of course if something does happen you have to fill out an incident report....I think they get put in the company's round file. They seem to promote incompetence, as long as the incompetent one likes to keep his or her nose brown, that seems the only way to achieve advancement in the company. Also, they don't recognise any external experience, seems unless you've worked there for a very long time, your experience means nothing. The exclusion of certain "team members" to things like celebrations, anniversaries and anything free was a regular occu
Pros20% Store discount
ConsToo many to list here
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Medicine Hat, AB | Sep. 23, 2019
As a cashier it was pretty relaxed, and not difficult or overly stressful, but it does come with an erratic schedule for part time employees.
Management handles problems well usually, especially if mistakes are made, although they are very inconsistent about rules or event promo's creating confusion for the employees. They try to keep a fun environment while still upholding job standards; although sometimes goofing off, especially from certain management, creates mixed messages to the staff or when joking goes too far making some uncomfortable. They have good programs in place for job advancement and a good website for opportunities and many fun contests for prizes for employees. They generally do try and treat their employees well. The schedule though I found was chaotic, but that was mostly limited to part time employees, while full time keep a consistent schedule. Everyone is supposed to have a full weekend, every second weekend off, although I did not get the benefit of that due to cashiers being understaffed, to which they did not make any hasty attempt to fix the staffing problem for months, sometimes not even scheduling any cashiers for the day because we were stretched so thin. To my knowledge even though I have been gone for over a month, they are still not planning on finding a replacement for me and keeping the cashiers understaffed. Although aside from the erratic schedule and being stretched thin for cashiers it was a fun environment with really good team members to work alongside.
Supervisor | Markham, ON | Nov. 12, 2018
Could be worse
I've worked at worse places in my life but, Princess Auto is not as great a place to work as they like to think they are. Actually, Princess Auto in the TORONTO AREA is not that great. Other stores, in other areas, seem to have happier workers (from what I've personally seen but, maybe not, based on reviews on here), so maybe that means their leadership isn't as bad, or the odd decisions by the home office don't bother them as much. I don't know. Personally, I think the company was better back when the owner had more of a hand in things. These days, Princess Auto is very 'American' in the way they run things...profits matter more than people. The only constant in Princess Auto is 'change'. They change your shifts; they change your duties...nothing seems to last very long before it gets changed again. 'Advancement' might as well not even exist anymore, since they have slashed the number of Leaders in their stores. If you want anything higher than a Supervisor...good luck. Again, I've worked at worse places in my life but, if someone were to ask me if Princess Auto was a "good place to work", I would have to answer "no". It fails on too many levels. Best part of working there: my co-workers Worst part of working there: the constant changes to shifts, and duties
ProsBenefits after three months (for full-time workers); profit sharing after six months (half share), full share after a year.
ConsYou get jerked around a lot by management. They are constantly changing the way things operate, in an effort to justify their paycheques.
Retail Sales Associate | Red Deer, AB | Oct. 28, 2012
Not a great place to work at.
The team leaders there need trailening, and need to know how to treat others "below" them. I was picked on and treated very badly by my team leader. As well as my horrible experience working for Princess Auto, the management in the interview promised flexibility and promised that this company was "family oriented". Its not to say the least, atleast for the people who are just team members and cashiers. It was not a fair enviornment at all, I did not feel as if I was working on a team what so ever. I loved my job at first then after I was done being the "new girl" I saw everyones true colors and how the store was really ran. Having the company promise things in the interview to the employees that are working there or are going to be working there and then when an employee has a conflict or needs time off for family purposes it is not an option. I was told when I was hired that I could work my weekends around so I could be off the same weekend as my boyfriend was (because I just moved here with him and its just him and I) and when I asked after I had got hired I was not aloud to switch my weekends around. I believe that not the whole company works this way, but this store needs attention. A specific team leader as well, she picked on me and treated me very badly to the point where I could not deal with it anymore and decided to quit.
Prosthe over all company is amazing
Consemployees at this particular store are not nice to work with.
Sales Associate | Edmonton, AB | Jan. 26, 2017
Terrible place to work!!
I've worked here for almost 4 years and since I first started everyone seemed "nice" couple months has passed and I've never met more people who love to hold grudges and complain every second they get (about other employees). Management and the 'team leaders' are useless and will only cater to those who see this job as a career; most likely those who have been there for more than 6+ years. They have ridiculous rules and there are write-ups made, basically older adults running to management about the teenagers or young adults to basically get fired. EVERYWHERE is the boss there, no one has respect for one another and you won't go 1 full shift about getting an ear full of drama (cashiers specifically - where they all team up on the young ones who actually work). The amount of pay is NOTHING worth a long day of hard work lunging around steel-toed, even the cashiers were never allowed to sit but stand on useless mats they provide that they all trip on everyday. From my experience on working there, I dreaded the last 3 1/2 years with being said I was only getting paid $13.00/hr and after my years of being there I only got a .26cent raise... which I don't even call a raise. Definitely, Princess Auto is NOTHING a great place/environment to work at and there is no such thing as "Teamwork" here.
Pros20% off & sometimes free lunches
ConsHorrible management, unfair/baised opinions, drama filled, rude leaders, no days off
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Moncton, NB | Sep. 29, 2018
Usual pitfalls of retail at Princess Auto
Princess Auto is another company that began with good intentions/culture/values, strong work ethic, good core values, and at one time treated its staff with fair wages and good benefits. PA has been a successful company, but unfortunately their core focus has turned to profit, and their culture and values suffer because of it. On the store level, the turnover rate is high because the wages are low and the benefits that the company boasts are only attainable once you get a fulltime position--and they now only hire staff on part time contracts, like many other retailers. The usual mountain of bureaucratic nonsense is alive and well at PA. Employees who didn't do their fair share of work were never reprimanded. Employees who worked hard were passed by for promotion or demoted. The store leader didn't seem to interact much with the floor staff. Most of the floor leaders spent their days hiding out in the cash office. There is little motivation for staff at PA other than a paycheck..and since their hourly rate is so low, most people would be better off somewhere else.
ProsSome good staff members, good benefits if you're lucky enough to qualify
ConsLow pay, long wait times for fulltime, unorganized management, little incentive, little advancement, alot of poorly motivated staff, high turnover

Questions and answers about Princess Auto

If you were to leave Princess Auto, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar. 16, 2017
I am looking to leave due to a severe lack of proper management. The upper staff there are willing to bully and abuse their underlings. Reaching out to human resources is a joke. It doesn't matter if you've done you job correctly, there are NEVER any simple thank you's. I do not reccomend working there at all.
Answered Aug. 22, 2020
No accountability by management about anything. Issues get swept under the rug and never fixed. Severe lack of training. I know staff members who have been there for years and have not received the basic training they require to assist customers about the products being sold. Management keeps harping on about "Royal Service", but they don't provide you the training you need to provide that service then proceed to chastise you when you can't assist customers.
Answered Apr. 24, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Princess Auto?
Asked Mar. 17, 2017
Its garbage
Answered Jul. 3, 2019
Terrible Management Team at the store I worked they played favourites, gossip like children at a schoolyard, make younger workers feel degraded even after a job well done, glance over Majour mistakes made by their favourite employees give write ups for minor mistakes made by the lesser liked employees, essentially treat the ones they don't like as if they aren't people with actual limits In essence the work culture and feel of the job to a younger employee is terrible great retirement job but otherwise for the year I worked there I was berated, put down and looked down upon every day I worked. I have a friend that has worked their for years and sacrificed tons for that company aswell they treat him like dirt Overall as a workplace princess auto has a terrible air about it and head office should step in more but never will Sidenote even upon return visits to get what I need ex coworkers are always kind an understanding but ex management team acts as if I am not a human being and they can still stomp on people that no longer work for them
Answered Jul. 2, 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Princess Auto?
Asked May 12, 2017
Wear dress pants and a blouse
Answered May 8, 2019
I would wear clean jeans nice sweater and work boots
Answered Feb. 3, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Princess Auto?
Asked Nov. 26, 2018
Questions asked were generally the same basic questions asked in any job interview.
Answered Jul. 10, 2019
About loyalty
Answered Dec. 30, 2018
Does Princess Auto require background check?
Asked Apr. 10, 2018
No. Princess auto does not require a background check.
Answered Mar. 21, 2019
No they do not
Answered Sep. 5, 2018