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Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Jan. 19, 2018
Terrible place to work, hostile work environment fueled by management
Extremely hostile workplace. Management will mock any and all employees (looks, dietary habits, clothing, makeup, literally anything) openly to the point where it becomes hard to even get out of bed. I spoke to my supervisor about it and was immediatly fired after over a year of employment. Little to no training, they will fire you within the first week if you ask questions. The only training I received was from a peer who advised me that she has no idea what shes doing she "just kind of does it." Friend of mine was employed by them for 2 days and was left by her entire team of 6 management included because they all "had to go home early" -at the same time on a Friday?- to run her entire department on her own for several hours, literally on her second day and she had no prior experience in this field. Also if you do apply please note any incentives they do supply are only for the day shift as they will occasionally buy a box of cupcakes for the crew and the day shift will fill their purses with them and take home 6 cupcakes just so that the night shift can't have a single one and no matter how many times you tell upper management they continue to give all of the incentives to the day shift rather then setting aside a portion of the cupcakes so everyone can have some. Especially when we've literally been told were having cupcakes because the night shift has kept the boards current for MONTHS while the day shift sits around with management making a list of everyone who
ProsThey have none, do not work here.
ConsEverything about working there, I would rather die.
Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Feb. 22, 2018
Zero job security and provides poor job training
You will be given a one on one training for 2 hrs in the system and 2 shadow calls on the phone....then you will on your own. If there's anything you are not sure about you will be required to ask question.... That's easy but if the Team Leaders are busy and you're co-leages are busy too. They will aswer your question without paying attention to you and most of the time you will be given an attitude because they've been on a 10-12 hrs shift already if you're on night shift. Because of that you will just ask a fellow co-leages who probably been in the company 2 weeks ahead of you... so most likely the answer that they gave you was wrong too...there you processed a wrong order... The company provide zero mistake tolerance because wrong booking cost the company $5K. You will only be given a few mistakes then you will receive a phone call saying "The company feels like you are not a good fit for the company". Also, you will be required to work over time and no vacation especially when they are busy. If you don't, you will also receive a phone call saying "we feel like thw company is not getting what they expected of you" If the company provides a proper training to their employees they wouldn't let go a lot of people every week.
ProsFlexible hrs...Great Location...Co-workers are great except fot the management
ConsLong hours, not enough people to complete daily bookings
Operator | Pickering, ON | Sep. 9, 2015
Love job and people -problem with poor wages and working conditions
I drive clientel who have experienced injuries from vehicular or occupational incidents to medical assessments or physio, related to their particular injury for insurance claims.We service the entire province so our days can take us into several hundred kilometres of travel. I love what I do, I love my passengers and all things related to this job. My 30 years of involvement in Paratransit has gifted me with an excellent knowledge of the needs and requirements of my clients. We have very limited involvement with our company other than dispatch of orders by text. We are required to purchase our own uniforms, pay for repairs and fuel on the vehicles (which is reimbursed). We get paid minimum wage with no pay increases ever. No Stat pay. No Overtime pay. Usual hrs per week are 45 to 60 plus hrs. We were just offered our first contract that was basically a list of "what we will fire you for including- we don't need a just cause to terminate you" I understand a company has to have control of it's affairs and I have no problem with that but it saddens me that employee moral and client safety can and will be impaired by the way this company is operating. I am not a complainer but I don't know how much longer I can work in a company without a promising future.
ProsGreat passengers
ConsAs described in review
Driver | Pickering, ON | Apr. 19, 2017
Working for them was a very bad experience. They would start you out with a two-way radio for communicating your pick up addresses. Second they would provide you with a map book. At that time you had to purchase a GPS system. Only high end cars had them. If by any chance you didn't here the address correctly the 1st time and asked them to repeat it, they would call you names with the other dispatchers. Like if you were back in grade school. Next they would take advantage of you when you have to purchase the gas for the car that they provide you with and the only gas that they reimburse you for is the only time you pick up a customer and drop them off to their location. For example, if you have to travel 100 kilometers to pick up a customer, you pay for that gas and now this is when they reimburse you when you have your customer in the car and travel only 10 kilometers to their drop off location that is the only thing they pay you for the 10 kilometers of gas travel time. So take 100 minus 10 equals 90 kilometers that you had to pay out of your hourly pay. It didn't happen everyday to that extreme but it did happen a lot. If you didn't have a log book for yourself you would never know this would be happening to you. So at the end of the week when you tally up your pay and gas bills it's like working for 8 dollars an hour or less.
ConsWager + Paying Gas = Lost of Pay
Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Feb. 12, 2019
Disgusting place to work
Rapid city are absolutely disgusting, they treat new staff like dirt trained for dispatcher for just one day (their idea of training is some dispatcher showing you her screen not even explaining what she is doing) the next day they expect you to be able to do it yourself. They got very aggressive and mean ehen j could not do it the next day the dispatch team communicate through messanger they were acting like high school bullies as they were writing horrible messages about myself even though the bully training me could see that i could read what was on screen. The staff are always using profanity the F word is used hundreds of times a day. You get scorned and told off for going to toilet (infront of everyone, so embarrasing) even laughs. The management are disgraceful, the staff are just so nasty they is no need to be such bullies.
ConsBad pay, no job security, collegues that are bullies, no proper training, EVERYTHING
Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Sep. 12, 2019
Terrible management, no benefits, low morale envrionment
Worked here for a year and a half. The management is terrible, the owner is super greedy and ignorant to his employees needs. The workload is not properly distributed between departments with mostly everything falling on Customer Service. The morale is so low due to understaffing and high work volumes which is bandaged with pizza lunches and silly work outings to pubs. The pay rate is below the industry standard with absolutely no benefits. You deal with Insurance/ODSP/WSIB claimant's who have been in motor vehicle accidents or work related injuries, many who have brain injuries and become very aggressive and unreasonable and are expected to make minimum wage dealing with these people. As stated no benefits for employees even though the company works with most major insurance companies. Overall a joke.
Accountant | Pickering, ON | Mar. 6, 2018
Challenging, yet rewarding job
I worked for this company for over four years and it was a great experience. They gave me my first job in my field after graduating from college and I was able to gain experience and knowledge in my chosen field. The new building is beautiful and functional. It is a vast improvement from the previous location. There is a lot of pressure to perform well. But if you are competent at the job, the appreciation is shown. Most people are friendly with a good sense of humour. It makes going to work fun. There are often work outings paid for by the company for team bonding. Every one’s birthday was acknowledged. There was a celebration every month the company made record amounts. I would still be working there now if I hadn’t moved far from the company.
ProsFun environment, company outings, good people
ConsNo benefits
Customer Service Representative | Ajax, ON | May 8, 2018
Very unprofessional office
This is a company that any good dispatcher would want to stay away from.Very unprofessional office, nobody seems to know what they are doing,including doing training.And the training employees get is just two hours,(as one other former employee indicated that's it).Therefore if you don't invest sufficient training time in your employees, this is what you get.... High burnout by employees, high turnover and extremely disrespectful management .Constantly looking for staff.Stay away, far away.Not worth minimum wage as company is floundering.Not worth the effort to work here.No job security, and other employees looking for work elsewhere.Constantly looking for help.
ConsScreaming manager very unprofessional
Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Dec. 9, 2019
Management writes these good reviews because no one else would
If you are a new hire do yourself a favor and read the bulletin board located beside the training room (probably took it down already) They covered up the fact a worker spread his feces literally all over the office by placing carpet runners over the stains. GROSS! Everyone has anxiety on a daily basis due to them firing anybody at any time for either not being able to multitask to their standards or as they stated on multiple peoples severeance paperwork "for business decisions" . The management frequently take part in meetings where they discuss who will be fired next. In and out business that couldnt care less about their employees
Customer Service Representative | Pickering, ON | Oct. 1, 2018
Terrible Company
I have worked at Rapid City for a few years and some things get better and others get worse. We moved to a new building last year and we have upgraded our computer system, but our pay is still to low, minimum wage an we don't get any benefits. They also keep the bad people and get rid of the good people. Not sure what the management really does, one of them seems to do everything and the other one seems to do nothing at all. They promote people who do not deserve promoting, and they got rid of the hr person who everyone really liked. I am always on the look out for another job.
ProsFree pizza
Conspay and benefits

Questions and answers about Rapid City Transportation

Does Rapid City Transportation require background check?
Asked Dec. 5, 2017
Yes, vulnerable sector check required before you start driving
Answered Jun. 23, 2019
They require a Customer Service Attitude as well as a Vulnerable Sector Police Screening a Current Drivers Abstract and a solid record of insurance experience!
Answered May 23, 2019
What should you wear to an interview at RAPID CITY TRANSPORTATION?
Asked Dec. 5, 2017
Can you attend job fairs in different cities than your own? Since it is a driving position getting to that city wouldn’t be an issue in the mornings to start work.
Answered Jan. 2, 2020
If you show up In clothes and you can speak and are willing to work for min wage no benefits? You will be hired.
Answered Aug. 9, 2019
How is feedback from management delivered at Rapid City Transportation?
Asked Apr. 6, 2019
There is no feedback, the owners don’t interact with the employees at all, unless they are complaining about something. The supervisors are just as bad, rude, favourites, foul language, the most toxic organization I have ever worked for.
Answered Sep. 14, 2019
No feedback, they get rid of the good people and keep the bad. Had a great HR person, now we have someone who won’t stand up for the employees.
Answered Sep. 6, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Rapid City Transportation?
Asked Feb. 24, 2018
Terrible..lack of professionalism
Answered Mar. 13, 2019
The work environment is so unproffesional the staff are like wild animals, they bully and use such foul swear words. The culture is bully, bully, bully.
Answered Feb. 12, 2019
What is the company culture at RAPID CITY TRANSPORTATION?
Asked Jan. 4, 2018
Casual..dress down ..
Answered Feb. 22, 2018
Professional and casual
Answered Feb. 4, 2018