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Recipe Unlimited Corporation
Recipe Unlimited Corporation
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3.3Work-life balance
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Vaughan, CA
$1B to $5B (USD)
Restaurants, Travel and Leisure

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Implementation Specialist | Vaughan, ON | Apr. 7, 2016
A good place to grow within each brand.
Provided the ability to expand your knowledge throughout different departments. Working directly with the Marketing Team and Corporate Chef allowed me to expand on my abilities.
Call Center Representative | Scarborough, ON | Jun. 27, 2019
weird job
worked at this job almost at a year. the management was rude and intimidating (rhonda) you werent allowed to use your phones and your dealing with customers all over canada
Prosgood hours
Conshorrible staff
Call Center Representative | Scarborough, ON | Mar. 20, 2019
very flexible hours, accomodates my school hours
Recipe unlimited is very reliable for students. It is very easy to give away shifts and to also pick up shifts. I am able to get along with with my co-workers.
Prosflexibility with hours
Consless hours when it is not busy
Customer Service Representative | Scarborough, ON | Jan. 15, 2018
CARA was a great job to work at...didn't like how they would not work with me knowing I had a daughter. I asked for earlier/day shifts & they weren't given...a lot of ppl who didn't have kids had earlier shifts then me and I don't understand why.
ProsDiscount on food/pick up shifts
ConsWon't work with you
Customer Service Representative | Toronto, ON | May 26, 2017
Productive Fun workplace
enjoyed working at this place, co workers are very friendly, it is a very nice environment and the staff is very polite. Also given a good ammount of breaks with good hours.
Sous Chef | Mississauga, ON | Sep. 21, 2012
Busy and very productive job.
Reliable company with many learning skills. Working with 450 employees was challenging and rewarding.
Prosfree meals and steady work
Conshugh responsibilities
staff development initiatives and complex | Vaughan, ON | Mar. 30, 2018
Great job
This was a great place to work. very strong team. learned lots from management and the people around me. good salary and career path opportunities. Awesome!
ProsGood Salary
Conslong hours
Service Delivery Manager | Oakville, ON | Aug. 31, 2015
if you can get into corporate offices, good stuff
Working at the brand level, its hard to get up and grow. Good corporate plans and tools to train, positive attitude goes a long way
Hospitality Manager | Windsor, ON | Jan. 10, 2019
Good Team
Great Staff to work with learned how to handle alot of tables at once and deal with guest complaints in a friendly matter .. The best part of the the job is when all my regulars come in and ask for me :)
ProsGood Discounts and Food
ConsChange the menu too much and not give guests what they want
Graphic Designer | Vaughan, ON | Jan. 15, 2019
Terrible Management, Limited Advancement
Worked at head office for Recipe Unlimited (Formerly Cara Operations) for 3 years in the digital department. Created nearly all elements for advertising/print/web/social channels for all in-house brands. Work/Life Balance: The typical hours are 9am to 5pm. But you are expected to arrive a half hour early, and stay a half hour to an hour late. Taking your full lunch hour is also discouraged. They have a gym on site as well, but I would recommend limiting your usage times to before or after work (including the additional hours) as going on your lunch is frowned upon. Salary/Benefits: Company offers a decent RRSP program for long term employees. Cafeteria offers 20% off as well. Salary is quite low for the high output/fast timelines & income of a company of this scale with so many brands under its umbrella. Job Security/Advancement: Job security is not bad. Advancement is slow in the company, and very dog-eat-dog. Advancement in the digital department is virtually non-existent other than band-aid solutions ie. title changes, with no role changes or increase of trust or responsibility. Management: There appears to be a lot of office politics, in-fighting and bad blood between brand managers, leads, and departments. HR is quick to make (uninformed) decisions without getting a full picture. Digital department management is terrible. A very present struggle for power is at the top, and the entirety of the department is mismanaged. Management is very 'Do as I say, n
Pros20% off cafeteria and RRSP program for long term employees
ConsWork/Life Balance, Management, Advancement

Questions and answers about Recipe Unlimited Corporation

If you were to leave Recipe Unlimited Corporation, what would be the reason?
Asked Aug. 13, 2018
The brand becoming too out of the package with regards to the already lacking culinary program. And the micro management and condescending nature of a GM at my location. This woman is the least desirable GM in the company and I got stuck with her
Answered Aug. 27, 2020
Because the GM had broken me down to the point of a mental breakdown or anxiety attack
Answered Aug. 22, 2020
What are the working hours at Recipe Unlimited Corporation?
Asked Dec. 12, 2017
As a Head Chef/Kitchen Manager anywhere between 50 hours and 80 hours a week. The average being at around 65 hours a week
Answered Aug. 22, 2020
40 hours a week
Answered Jan. 30, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Recipe Unlimited Corporation about how to improve the company?
Asked Aug. 1, 2019
Take a good look at the GMs at a few of your locations, specifically your Esplanade location... 1 chef, 1 floor manager, 3 supervisors quit already, directly linked to her and her manipulative, micro managing tactics and having relations with staff members
Answered Aug. 22, 2020
Dont hire stupid people
Answered Apr. 7, 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at Recipe Unlimited Corporation?
Asked Jun. 5, 2017
Read up on the brand. And ask questions.
Answered Oct. 28, 2018
I'm getting confused I'm not sure I bring the right places to prepare myself for interview I learned about the company the company's history and the menu but I've also been there many times
Answered Dec. 25, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at Recipe Unlimited Corporation?
Asked Sep. 20, 2020
Self serving questions, all about how you can make them more $.
Answered Mar. 25, 2021
Answered Sep. 20, 2020