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HVAC Technician | Alberta | Oct 15, 2018
If your a professional tradesman, stay away from reliance calgary!
Management has little knowledge on equipment, almost none on how it is installed nor the time it takes to do so. Management is immature and talks behind employees backs to other employees. Nothing is in stock and installers are expected to spend multiple hours on day of install to get said items. Sales are completely useless and have no idea about any aspect of their job and creates more work for everyone else while still being paid the same amount of money. Multiple occasions where customers have threatened sales personnel when installers arrive for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons include being pushy, not being able to speak or understand English, insulting previously installed equipment in customers homes ect... Installers are constantly saving jobs for reliance (sales reps) and are not compensated for doing so. Given broken tools to do jobs which both don't work and are a safety hazard. Hiring both installer's and service techs not mentally or physically equipped to do a proper job. Reliance likes to hire those with a single ticket to do multiple trades or no tickets in order to pay as little as possible. Not disciplining staff members for being high on duty while operating a company vehicle. Shop boy is lazy and has no working knowledge of any trade and therefore is incapable of doing the job and creating work for everyone else. Shop boy some how is able to dictate what little she does to management and forces the skilled educated tradesman to do even more. Paid
Prospaid overtime
ConsManagement without experience, management making false promises to both customers and employees, managers talking negatively behind employee's backs, improper tools for the job, improper work vehicles for combined tasks, expectations vs rate of pay, Ontario based business with Ontario type delusions of grandeur and ineptitude.
Installation Technician | Burlington, ON | Nov 4, 2020
unbelievable that I had to leave...
PLEASE READ - THIS IS NOT AN UNDUE ANGRY RANT What started out as a job filled with opportunity and learning experiences, gradually crumbled into an oppressive, numbers-driven, stress-inducing nightmare. Management - Employee relations have deteriorated since the company was purchased overseas in 2017. The union is completely hands-off, and the current CBA gets disregarded and ill-interpreted daily to the advantage of over-pressured management. The employees then suffer the stresses of management, which in turn spins the revolving door of employees. If you have an opinion, you WILL BE FORCED OUT. After 5 years of training new hires, performing as a top employee, and being voted in as a union steward by my peers, I was forced to leave. I "had the carrot dangled" of promotion on several occasions, just to be overlooked and at one point watched a JUNIOR helper (that I got hired) surpass my earning potential and get an apprenticeship before me. This was explained to me as "unfortunate" due to the push on sales and growth in a specific division (furnace installs) that I was not given the opportunity to be part of... "another opportunity will come around" I was told. It's been 2 years now, and nothing - while I watch a JUNIOR (also a friend of my daughter and a kid that used to hang out at my household) get on his way to earning more than me. Now I get to start at the bottom of a different cpompany thanks to Reliance. The whole outfit is a joke and is trending downwards
Prosspecialized tools provided, work truck
Consunpaid work time, potential to earn LOWER than the stated hourly rate, potential to work past midnight
Commercial Sales Executive | Cambridge, ON | Jan 13, 2017
Great job, just not a lot of on the job training to do your job properly and learn there processes properly.
My typical day consisted of taking the leads of new customers and going out to their business to see what was needed for there HVAC application. I also starting the process of sizing up the building for what there needs were and setting up a contractor site visit to get excess costs of the job and submitting a rental quote and also a purchase quote of the equipment that was needed. What I learned was that I bring a quality of customer service second to none, that I also have the skills to close most of my sales calls as I do love working with different people and getting the customer what they need at any given time. The management team at Reliance were very friendly but they did not offer me training that was needed to sucessfully do my job properly, my co-workers were very helpful in helping me in anyway they could when they had the time to do so. The hardest part of my job was setting up the site visits with the sub contractors that Reliance used, there were a few times when the contractor could not make it to a site for a couple of days and this made it very hard to get the customer a rental/purchase rate for them in a timely fashion. There were also very late nights that we ended up working due to the nature of the business as most of our customers were running a business and needed to know these rates before proceeding with the contract. The most enjoyable part of my job was meeting with new people and helping them resolve their HVAC issues and getting them back to worr
ProsFree lunches, Good people, Great benefits
ConsLate hours, No training and a lot of travelling
Sales | Ontario | Feb 18, 2014
Great Opportunities for High School Grads and Friends and Family
Pros - This company offers employees a decent pay and benefits. Branch committees established to provide "fun days" to increase employee morale. Fantastic supporter of United Way. Wonderful peers. Great opportunities for high school grads and friends and family of Reliance. Great technical training. Management compassionate with employees when dealing with personal family issues. Cons - Inadequate sales training. Management will promote friends and family without experience/education. "Peter principle" a part of this culture. Good for people being promoted because they will try to find them another lateral job and then another lateral job to keep them employed. Many of my peers who left years before me complained about lack of opportunities and working for people who could not do their jobs. They felt being educated and or experienced was a negative when applying for internal opportunities. If you are looking for a job not a career this is a great company. If you have experience and/or education apply to "fast track" positions or the job you want. Advancements can take a decade due to their hiring managers. On a negative note I personally caught managers and HR in numerous lies which left me with little confidence in what was told to me as an employee. Overall the company provides a good living but needs to improve on promoting their talent.
ProsDecent Pay, Great Peers, Most managers considerate with employee personal issues
ConsLack of advancement opportunities, experience/education not valued, lack of trust with management
Customer Service Representative | Northwest Territories | Nov 19, 2018
Reliance Home Comfort
Unrealistic AHT (Average Call Handling Time) 300/340 seconds/ call. Which includes callers complete verification, resolution of the issue by searching reliance online documents and if the answer is not their ask in the chat room which itself takes 2 to 3 minutes for a reply, then booking appointment, repeating what has been booked to the customer and then have to pitch sales on every call. Very long holds with other departments to accept the transfer of the customer or try to get an answer of their query which is related to other departments which can easily makes a call 10 to 15 and some times 20 or 30 minutes long. They have system issues on almost daily basis which increases the Call Handling Time and there is nothing you can do about it. Sales incentives can be lost very easily if you are not keeping a record and/ tracking them because they easily miss your sales even though every thing is recorded in the system and you wont get paid for all the hard work you put in and the time wasted to pitch a sale. If your working during the hours are posted for the next won't be able to select enough hours which can lead to having less than 15 hrs/week meaning getting close to loosing a job for not meeting minimum hours requirement. Unpaid mandatory meetings which are Atleast for an hour long.
ProsWork from home
ConsSystem issues, unrealistic AHT, very strict on number of sales, missing the right number of sales, very long holds with other departments.
Home Solutions Advisor | North Bay, ON | Mar 19, 2021
Amazing Opportunity
I have been with Reliance Home comfort for 2 years now and truly have had the best time of my life. I have come to recognize that Reliance is always looking for ways to improve the Customer Experience and be the best and the only choice for consumers today. We have an amazing team from the top down and I believe that these collaborative efforts are showing in tremendous growth and opportunities for employment and $$$$$. The pure enjoyment of helping people with their needs also comes with some tremendous earning potential. We work very hard but we get compensated better then any Sales job I have had or yet to hear of. I have been in the Sales industry for over 20 years and have found this to be the most exciting and most diverse job I have ever experienced. We get to enjoy the roads as they are our office and we get to explore some beautiful parts of the country for free. We also have a different scenario in front of us at every home which can be quite exciting and challenge the best of us to always be learning. There is no doubt in my mind that I will finish my career with this awesome company. KUDOS Reliance and Thank you for having me as a part of your team.
ProsEarning potential is endless and the opportunities for growth are at your disposal
ConsI don't have anything negative to comment about. " I love what we do"
Plumber | London, ON | Sept 5, 2019
Spent 2 years here, as a plumber. They sell protection plans to people and your job is to to into their house, look at plumbing problems and then inform the Customer that their problems aren’t covered on the plan, and then quote them astronomical rates to repair. Other people you work with are good. Union is the most useless thing I have ever seen. Management will lie to you about bonuses, only pay when it is convenient for them. Management is ridiculous, I’m pretty sure they get more money based on how many people they screw over. The saying goes “if it came out of a managers mouth, then it is a lie”. They sell equipment to people that don’t need it. In my opinion this company should be sued out of existence. The workers are the ones keeping the company afloat, they end up caring and the customers get taken care of, somewhat. Would recommend avoiding this place like the plague, unless you are a salesperson with a plumbing license and love being lied to in a never ending fashion. Oh and the 4 day week is nice, but not when you have to work one weekend day, changes your life completely. And your days off suck because you can’t stop thinking about work, the emails never stop coming in. And they ask you to work your off days every week when things are busy, but send you home early when it’s slow.
Pros4 day work week
Cons50+ hours in 4 days, management, union
Human Resources Specialist | Toronto, ON | Apr 10, 2021
Toxic Work Environment
You know an organization is toxic when turnover is consistently high across all levels of the organization. The senior leadership team only cares about results and has zero compassion. If you are aggressive, power hungry, and authoritative (basically a bully), you would be a perfect fit. There is little to no recognition at all; and if there was any recognition, it was rewarding the wrong behaviour so the behaviour continues (e.g., manager harassing their team member for results). Top talent keeps leaving; yet the organization turns a blind eye and justifies every departure as a “good” turnover. There is zero work-life balance. Working after midnight on a weeknight or over the weekend is not uncommon. The leadership team is very weak. The wrong people get promoted and good people are let go. The executive team talks about a culture of accountability, but their actions promote a culture of blame (and other leaders follow or comply). The executive team also encourages a culture of feedback superficially, but any feedback shared in a meeting is dismissed (“my way or the highway”). Any competent individual would run after some exposure to the toxic environment. Please, stay away from this organization.
ConsLong hours, toxic culture, lack of recognition
Operations Manager | Burlington, ON | Oct 31, 2016
Not a destination of choice for many
What this company espouses to its perspective employees vs the reality of the work culture is worlds apart. A ridiculous turn style approach for middle management as far as job security. There are training opportunities but the office culture is toxic and predatory. Worklife balance is non existent. 14-15 hr days. Management direction was inconsistent. Often directives were in direct opposition to one another. Office admin staff were friendly, helpful and generally terrific people. Fellow managers were morally reprehensible. Spoke ill of their team and often meeting conversations ended up with a focus on terminating the lowest hanging fruit. Business ethics of the company were questionable. Very hard to be an ambassador when one doesn't agree with how the company processes affect its customers. Most rewarding part of the job was resolving customer issues with care and dedication as well as follow up. Developing the team in positive ways and seeing the improvement was gratifying.
ProsBonus structure was generous
ConsLong hours, intimidation tactics for motivating employees, poor office management culture
Customer Service Representative | Oshawa, ON | Jul 25, 2012
Good working enviroment and encouragement to advance
I have worked at Reliance for over 12 years. My typical day would be, answering phones and answer any questions with requard to billing. Set up service orders and sales. This is a hvac company. There was many aspects of my job that intailed me making fast and accurant dicisions. I had to learn to think fast on the phones and rely on my vast working kowledge of the company.I learned so much with requard to hvac equipment and account aspects. My co-workers were great. We were like a fanmily. Leaving was the hardest part. The most enjoyable was helping the customer find the best solution to what ever the problems were. For example. A customer called in for service on her furnace. There were no opening untill the next day. This would of meant she would been without heat over night and it was minus 30 outside. I called my sup and had her a heater within the hour. This I was very happy with as she was a senior and lved alone. I had to go outside the box to get the answer.
Prosunionized envirorment
Conshad time limit for every call
HVAC Installer | Tocantins | Jun 3, 2020
Tough industry, poor management, unpredictable work hours.
I started with an excellent manager, who left soon after I was hired.He went to run another HVAC company.The company lost a great employee.It was a sign of things to come. I worked with some good people. Unfortunately I was a junior employee, at the lowest pay scale, and working in the most extreme conditions. After I was injured at a job site, they soon requested that I come back to work for light duties. I had to commute to their hub (out of town) for training, and use my personal vehicle to attend job sites with no remuneration paid for mileage. After being asked to return to light duties, once again i would have to commute. Another issue was that they never trained me how to do my work duties on the smart phone, and after repeated requests to the new manager I was not paid for my last few weeks before I was injured.Talk about insult to injury. The new manager knew nothing about installations, and came from an unrelated position. She had poor management skills and the crews complained about her daily. I was also doing AC installations although I was technically unlicenced. As a gas fitter I expected to do the gas work, not AC installs and gluing exhaust and intake pipes. A major issue was sometimes not having cylinders to extract refrigerant. No one seemed to care about overfilling and not weighing them, nevermind not logging the results into the book. One employee vented to the atmosphere when a cylinder was not available. Some employees had anger management issues, and w
ProsSome tools are provided.
ConsUnpredictable long hours, training could be much better.

Questions and answers about Reliance Home Comfort

How often do raises occur at Reliance Home Comfort?
Asked Oct 9, 2018
every april
Answered Jan 31, 2023
Once per year
Answered Jan 29, 2023
How are the working hours at Reliance Home Comfort?
Asked Jun 15, 2017
40 hours on which ever schedule I pick. I picked 4x10hour days.
Answered May 15, 2020
10hrs per day on average. 7 Days a week
Answered Oct 9, 2019
What is Reliance Home Comfort holiday leave policy? How much holiday leave do you get per year?
Asked Nov 29, 2018
3 weeks to start only goes up a year after year 5
Answered Jan 22, 2023
Two weeks
Answered Nov 9, 2022
What is the work environment and culture like at Reliance Home Comfort?
Asked May 4, 2018
I worked there as an installer. I knew my job, and it is hard work. My biggest complaint is that I am a gas fitter, and would often encounter jobs that the sales person made grievous errors in judgement on. Then I compare my salary, and they make twice as much money. Sorry Reliance, you need gas fitters that can become sales people. It would increase customer and employee satisfaction knowing every job will go smoothly. The whole business is sales driven. It should also be driven by professional installs and happy employees. There were a LOT of disgruntled employees. I decided that I would go work for another employer for a long list of reasons. If you want to train me in sales Reliance, give me a call.
Answered Sept 20, 2020
Answered Jan 6, 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at Reliance Home Comfort?
Asked May 9, 2017
Tell them you have sales experience.
Answered Jul 9, 2019
You should know everything about the company. I first had a telephone interview, then a panel interview followed by a second interview. I found the process took almost 3-4 weeks before any decision was made.
Answered Jan 9, 2019