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Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Mar. 16, 2019
They always push you to take a step forward. :)
SSENSE CX is a very beginner friendly place. It gave my first full-time job after university and I stayed here for about two years. Although there are ups and downs on my learning path, CX has been very accommodating to my needs. The manager and team-leads are good at spotting the talent on each agent and find them projects where their talents can grow. The manager welcomes every agent within the department but also pushes everyone to try other positions. After every sale, there were, on average, 3-4 agents who were promoted to other departments and are currently still enjoying working there. I appreciate that they want to see you succeed. CX has a strong recruiting team who represent the company pretty well. The recruiting team lead who interviewed me 2 years ago convinced me to pick SSENSE among the several offers that I had. Now I have temporarily left SSENSE for a longer term, my teammates feel sad but are more delighted to see me making a choice that I am happy with. It's CX's supportive and dynamic working environment that makes it a brilliant part of SSENSE, which makes SSENSE stand out among this industry.
ProsSupportive team-leads
ConsLong hours at night
Customer Representative | Montréal, QC | Nov. 15, 2018
Don't recommend it
If you work just for a sale or two, its not bad but if you work in this department longer than that you will probably be writing a similar review as I am. . The department is badly managed, and for permanent employees the repercussion of this is a toxic work environment. They really care about who works for them, and put in a lot of effort tot recruiting high quality people- and they succeed in that. They have many incredibly talented and intelligent people. The problem? To manage a team like that, you need high quality upper management. SSENSE CX has a wealth of talented individuals- one of which was a particular team leaders who became a sort of mentor and friend. He is an extremely hard worker (he will work weekends, holidays, days, nights,), has creative ideas, but is blocked form implementing many of them due to the inept upper management. If you are a student, need some cash over the holidays, I would say take your shot, it might be alright for you. I liked it for the first year or so I worked there, until I took notice to the things I mentioned above. Also probably because I feel like I benefited from favouritism, which is rampant in the department. I am saying that as someone who, like I said, feels she benefited from it. I don't feel that some of my equally and more talented colleagues were treated the same as I was at times, and thats not the type of environment I condone. If you can ignore that kind of stuff, go for it, not a bad job, but it wasn't my taste.
Prosnice people, cool downtown office, dog friendly
ConsBadly managed, favouritism, disrespect
Customer Representative | Montréal, QC | Jan. 12, 2018
Love it! I
Great company! Awesome work environment and ability to grow. Super artsy and cultured. Open work environment which is great. Apply today guys! You won't regret it. No they did not pay me to write this.
Customer Representative | Montréal, QC | Jan. 19, 2017
Learned a Lot
SSENSE was a great place to work at, with good people and very flexible with work schedule. This was a contract position. The teams I worked on worked well together, even though we had varying schedules.There was support and respect for what each person contributed to the team.
ProsVery Flexible Hours
ConsJob security
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Jan. 12, 2020
Fun but challenging
If you like to know more about designer retail, this would be the perfect company for you. The support from the management and your peers are always available. The work culture is great. Necessary information are disseminated daily for work reference to guide you.
Recruiter | Montréal, QC | Feb. 5, 2020
People and Culture!
I just started at Ssense and I can already tell that the people on my team and the general culture cultivated here are special. Dynamic, collaborative, fast paced, forward thinking, and intentional. Anyone with a craving for a creative and thoughtful work should apply here.
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Feb. 9, 2021
terrible management and unprofessional
The colleagues are nice but the management is awful and unprofessional. In the beginning, they will let you believe in opportunities that don't exist, in the direct support and feedback you'll not have. And the only thank you will receive from them will be in the same email letting you know that your contract ends shortly. Management is super unprofessional, makes careless mistakes and doesn't even worry about it/apologize. Long story short, a short-term contract to make some money is fine if you don't take them seriously because they will certainly not take you.
ProsCooperation, colleagues
ConsPoor management
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Sep. 14, 2019
Interesting job experience with room for growth
I learned a lot from my time working with SSENSE and am grateful for the skills I gained during my time there. A typical day included extensive multitasking, including answering phone calls and emails, managing security situations, coaching, projects such as recruiting, and much more. The most enjoyable part of the job was helping customers and going above and beyond to provide a superior customer experience.
Customer Service Representative | Chabanel, QC | Sep. 13, 2019
False advertising for a terrible work environment
All male managers pretty much, who play favourites. You will see some of the pretty girls promoted to basically just sit and watch the queue the whole time and yell at people to go online if they are off a call for more than a minute. It seems like the higher up in the department you get, the less work you actually do. The position itself is pretty straightforward and easy. It's the managers and their incompetence that is the issue. It's like they are reinventing the wheel every time they are trying to introduce new mandates or improve existing policies. Change is very slow or non-existent in this department, mostly because everything has to be run by the head manager (you will know who I am talking about) who is very close-minded to innovation. There is another young manager who is actually really cool, and he has lots of enthusiasm for the job and ideas, but unfortunately nothing seems to get implemented. The managers tend to deflect work- i.e. if there is a legitimate need for a manager call, they will all try to avoid it... so they can sit at the screen watching the queue. It's laughable how they even got into these positions, because they are not really effective at training or managing teams.
Customer Service Representative | Dorval, QC | May 14, 2019
unprofessional and dishonest HR with snooty bad attitude and bad judgement. They hire people who can hardly speak english because they dress well over people with years of experience. they trick you into coming to interviews (in the middle of nowhere) for horrible jobs you didn't apply to. Bad judgement = bringing people with bachelors degrees to work in warehouse lol
Prosits a call center
Consunprofessional embarassment

Questions and answers about SSENSE

Does SSENSE require background check?
Asked Mar. 14, 2018
Yes, it does require back ground check
Answered May 21, 2018
Yes,the company required back ground check and it takes few days
Answered May 21, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at SSENSE?
Asked Feb. 4, 2018
The other contract employees are pretty cool. People don't really talk much at the head office, so its kind of cold but if you meet the right people it's not so bad. There's a big divide between permanent and contract employees, with the former seeming to do much less work than the contract ones, always on some 'special project' aka they don't have to answer phone calls or emails and intend just listen to music and do work here and there while chatting on slack to one another.
Answered Sep. 13, 2019
The culture is great! Everyone is uber talented and collaborative. Great environment and colleagues. Socially, we have bagel Mondays, Beer Fridays, Hackathons, ping pong tournaments, amazing holiday parties.
Answered Mar. 21, 2019
How has SSENSE responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Asked Apr. 5, 2020
Incredible measures taken by SSense to make the employees feel safe. Not only that, they were able to ensure that all their employees keep their job during the pandemic.
Answered Jul. 21, 2020
Some employees tested positive for covid-19 and they are still continuing their operations. It's clear that the measures they are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are not effective. They care more about their business more than their employees.
Answered Apr. 26, 2020
How would you describe the pace of work at SSENSE?
Asked Nov. 15, 2018
disorganized, unprofessional, stressful, no growth
Answered Apr. 1, 2021
Fast paced typically; Sundays can be slower, as are the off sale seasons but during our sales we have back to back calls in queue, hundreds of emails... chats... it can get busy. But it's more fun actually when there is more work to do, I enjoyed helping the customers.
Answered Nov. 15, 2018
How is feedback from management delivered at SSENSE?
Asked Nov. 13, 2018
During weekly or biweekly one-on-ones.
Answered Mar. 16, 2019
There is barely any
Answered Feb. 3, 2019