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Warehouse Clerk | Dorval, QC | Dec 16, 2019
A global e-commerce company constantly hiring and exploiting contract worker to maximize its profit
In my experience (Dorval Warehouse), the worst thing about this company is that the HR personell they have in their front line all are in their 20s. And perhaps the 'higher management' thinks this is a good thing because a huge majority of the workforce at the Dorval Warehouse comes from the following groups of people: recent immigrants, recent refugees, international students, Canadian residents and Canadian citizens from ethnic groups, and almost all are in their 20s and most not even fluent in any of the official languages of Canada. And there is no HR personell with adequate experience to address any of the human issues concerning a workplace with more than 150 personell on any given shift. There are so many human issues that this company blatantly ignores, perhaps due to lack of experience on the part of HR or perhaps due to lack of a vision on the part of the company, or perhaps designed so to save as many pennies as possible for the owners. Here are just a few examples of the shortcomings on the part of this employer/company: When the warehouse workers are enticed and hired on a contract, they are not informed by the rookie HR personell who hires tham that: 1) there is no proper space to hang their winter coats; 2) there is no secure place to keep their personal stuff (no lockers available to be assigned to temporary/contract workers); 3) the contract workers would not be adequately trained for any specific task because a proper training would take se
Customer Representative | Montréal, QC | Nov 15, 2018
Don't recommend it
If you work just for a sale or two, its not bad but if you work in this department longer than that you will probably be writing a similar review as I am. . The department is badly managed, and for permanent employees the repercussion of this is a toxic work environment. They really care about who works for them, and put in a lot of effort tot recruiting high quality people- and they succeed in that. They have many incredibly talented and intelligent people. The problem? To manage a team like that, you need high quality upper management. SSENSE CX has a wealth of talented individuals- one of which was a particular team leaders who became a sort of mentor and friend. He is an extremely hard worker (he will work weekends, holidays, days, nights,), has creative ideas, but is blocked form implementing many of them due to the inept upper management. If you are a student, need some cash over the holidays, I would say take your shot, it might be alright for you. I liked it for the first year or so I worked there, until I took notice to the things I mentioned above. Also probably because I feel like I benefited from favouritism, which is rampant in the department. I am saying that as someone who, like I said, feels she benefited from it. I don't feel that some of my equally and more talented colleagues were treated the same as I was at times, and thats not the type of environment I condone. If you can ignore that kind of stuff, go for it, not a bad job, but it wasn't my taste.
Prosnice people, cool downtown office, dog friendly
ConsBadly managed, favouritism, disrespect
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Jan 13, 2019
They use you
At first, it seemed like a dream coming true working at SSENSE. They hire you for a contractual position then slowly start telling you how much of a GREAT opportunity it is to step into the company, grow in it and all that blabla. Then, they start assigning you to different projects, making you feel like you’re doing something to help them out and that it’ll count on keeping you permanently (L-O-L). My advise is: never believe these foolish managers and supervisors. If you’re only looking for a temporary position or are a student, SURE! Otherwise, you’re better off working elsewhere- TRUST ME. Complete waste of time. Just because they sell designer they think they’re entitled to the way they treat people. After the first two months, you start seeing the true colors behind these employees. One of the male supervisors- you’ll know who I’m talking about if you’ve worked there, loves to run his mouth and promise you everything- he’s full of —!!! How can they feel okay by exploiting temporary employees by making them do so much and lie about them possibly staying? Oh I’m not done... the communication between TLs, management and supervisors is complete s... Also, they love to shoutout publicly the people they prefer but completely forget the employees who’ve done so much. This department is full of ..., the job is redundant, the permanent employees feel some type of entitlement. God forbid if you want to switch your shifts scheduling, he won’t even continue
ProsFree yogurts, coffee, cereals and biweekly bagels.
ConsEverything... e-ve-ry-thing. They treat you like a dog.
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Jan 17, 2019
Maybe other departments are better? Cannot recommend customer service
They hire for two sales each year, for contract positions, and give you the 'possibility' of a contract extension or permanent employment. I have worked in customer service before and found the position very easy, and even fun at times, but the way they manage the department really ruined the overall experience. They apparently do not have the budget to really offer what they claim, because at the end of my contract they offered me a sort of informal extension..... with no benefits. Aka I keep working, but don't get health insurance or really that much job stability. They typically offer return bonuses of $500 for people that worked in one sale, then come back on contract to work for another, so if anything I would say work for them for the sales and get that bonus, but don't buy into their bs regarding 'permanent' employment opportunities. Best case scenario, they will try to scam you by 'extending' your contract. Full time employees have decent benefits from what I see... 50% discount on the website, healthcare and dental. These employees also seem to get out of doing most of the job, like calls. They will instead be put on 'queue monitoring' or 'ticket push' the entire time, aka staring at the screen and telling other people to get off of after-call, or listening to music and answering emails. They also are incredibly inflexible with scheduling. Like the person below said, some of the managers will just stop responding to you completely. The only plus I could say reall
Prossome cool colleagues
Customer Service Representative | Chabanel, QC | Sept 13, 2019
False advertising for a terrible work environment
All male managers pretty much, who play favourites. You will see some of the pretty girls promoted to basically just sit and watch the queue the whole time and yell at people to go online if they are off a call for more than a minute. It seems like the higher up in the department you get, the less work you actually do. The position itself is pretty straightforward and easy. It's the managers and their incompetence that is the issue. It's like they are reinventing the wheel every time they are trying to introduce new mandates or improve existing policies. Change is very slow or non-existent in this department, mostly because everything has to be run by the head manager (you will know who I am talking about) who is very close-minded to innovation. There is another young manager who is actually really cool, and he has lots of enthusiasm for the job and ideas, but unfortunately nothing seems to get implemented. The managers tend to deflect work- i.e. if there is a legitimate need for a manager call, they will all try to avoid it... so they can sit at the screen watching the queue. It's laughable how they even got into these positions, because they are not really effective at training or managing teams.
Customer Service Representative | Montréal, QC | Mar 16, 2019
They always push you to take a step forward. :)
SSENSE CX is a very beginner friendly place. It gave my first full-time job after university and I stayed here for about two years. Although there are ups and downs on my learning path, CX has been very accommodating to my needs. The manager and team-leads are good at spotting the talent on each agent and find them projects where their talents can grow. The manager welcomes every agent within the department but also pushes everyone to try other positions. After every sale, there were, on average, 3-4 agents who were promoted to other departments and are currently still enjoying working there. I appreciate that they want to see you succeed. CX has a strong recruiting team who represent the company pretty well. The recruiting team lead who interviewed me 2 years ago convinced me to pick SSENSE among the several offers that I had. Now I have temporarily left SSENSE for a longer term, my teammates feel sad but are more delighted to see me making a choice that I am happy with. It's CX's supportive and dynamic working environment that makes it a brilliant part of SSENSE, which makes SSENSE stand out among this industry.
ProsSupportive team-leads
ConsLong hours at night
Customer Care Specialist | Montréal, QC | Oct 22, 2020
Great entry level workplace with a cool kid vibe
Working at SSENSE was an overall good experience. I was on contract with the customer service team. If you are on contract, they might tell you there are advancement opportunities, but a very small batch of temps gets selected for this. Management is overall pretty chill and if you perform well they trust you with discretion. The rest of the customer care team is great -- you will make friends, you will all get stressed together, and you will navigate the IG mess that is the rest of the company. People who work in editorial, tech, buying, etc think they have the sexiest job in the world and carry themselves like that. I found people who worked in the studio and in customer care to be down to earth, but keep an eye out for big shots. If you're a temp, you don't get the employee discount, which is 50% for FT employees and goes a long way with luxury fashion. Customer Service will be non-stop during the peak of the sale, but towards the beginning it isn't so bad. Most customers are friendly, but with luxury items comes luxury attitude. Location is very out of the way with hardly any food options around.
Prosbeer friday, bagel monday, coffee machines, fruit baskets
Consshort breaks, unpaid lunch, vibes
Operations Supervisor | Montréal, QC | Nov 28, 2019
What are we looking for when we are seeking a new job?
I was looking for a place where I have a contribution to make, where my contribution is valued, and where I am part of a harmonious team whose members work together to achieve the agreed goals. A somewhat established firm with a potential for even more growth, with strategies, policies & procedures in place, and where changes planned are being implemented. A place to which I would be happy to head every morning, without questioning the reason or whether I belonged there. From day one I felt that I belonged at SSENSE, as if I have already been working there for many years. This isn’t only related to the department where I am working. It all started on the day I received the call from the recruitment partner, and continued through the whole hiring process, induction, familiarization, onboarding and then actual work. When I first read about SSENSE I was really impressed with the scope, range and diversity of reach, work and tasks. I have to say that after joining SSENSE I am even more impressed, as it has actually exceeded my expectations.
Software Engineer | Montréal, QC | May 24, 2017
Management team is discriminatory and should be fired.
The company, at first, seems legitimate. They also offer benefits and seem like a good place to work. That said, the management is terrible, and workers are not acknowledged for their work or respected. Inter- and intra-department politics prevents any upward mobility, and management is known for its lack of transparency and unfairness, as well as arbitrary firing practices based on preference or discriminatory policies. They also prefer hiring pretty women and I can only imagine what these pathetic "managers" are thinking about. While some of the coworkers are great - as is the case in any job - many are opposed to change, new ideas, and are resistant to those who excel at their work. Most calls are about lost packages and SSENSE isnt responsible so you will be handling yelling customers and youll have management behind you laughing. If you desire to build a career, or work in a respectful and honest environment, do not work at SSENSE. Avoid at all costs lousy pay.
ConsPoor Management team, Uneducated management and DISCRIMINATORY
Specialist | Montréal, QC | Aug 2, 2021
Join SSENSE to make an impact, not to sit back and relax
My role at SSENSE is one of the toughest jobs in my career. Everyday the challenges pile on, as I work to achieve goals that not only contribute to the company's success , but to the future of the industry in which we belong. I am surrounded by experts in their field, and am constantly learning new things about my craft, and myself. The directions can change at times more frequently than I'd like, but that's just a consequence of the industry SSENSE works in. Welcome to working for a top brand... Is it easy? No. Is it rewarding? You can bet your Balenciaga discount it is! In my department people actually care about my career progression, and what I need to make it here. I won't get a BS evaluation or some fluffy feedback. It's real, it's actionable - and yes - it can sting at times but my managers are there to help me grow and achieve my goals, not just deliver a report about their department.
ProsCareer management, real feedback, learning opportunities, strong company vision
ConsFrequent changes based on market requirements

Questions and answers about SSENSE

Does SSENSE require background check?
Asked Mar 14, 2018
Yes they do need one
Answered Dec 21, 2020
Yes, it does require back ground check
Answered May 21, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at SSENSE?
Asked Feb 4, 2018
Stressful and inflexible
Answered Jan 12, 2021
The other contract employees are pretty cool. People don't really talk much at the head office, so its kind of cold but if you meet the right people it's not so bad. There's a big divide between permanent and contract employees, with the former seeming to do much less work than the contract ones, always on some 'special project' aka they don't have to answer phone calls or emails and intend just listen to music and do work here and there while chatting on slack to one another.
Answered Sept 13, 2019
What benefits does SSENSE offer?
Asked Jun 6, 2022
They understand students, so you can take off for exams easily.
Answered Dec 3, 2022
Groupe benefit
Answered Nov 8, 2022
On average, how many hours do you work a day at SSENSE?
Asked Dec 14, 2020
Ten to twelve hours
Answered Mar 17, 2022
12+ Hours a day without overtime pay.
Answered May 24, 2021
Does SSENSE allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Feb 24, 2020
No. They have horrible working hours. It’s not even flexible for school even if it’s part time. They know what they doing this company
Answered Aug 11, 2021
11 hours a day 3 days a week, every second week it's 4 days
Answered Jun 21, 2021