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Housekeeper | Prince George, BC | May 18, 2013
Hard working women
My experience with housekeeping is that I've been with Sandman Signature for 2 year's and i picked up quite fast what they wanted me to do in the room's. Do stay's just like a check out clean everything. In stay's we change bed's every 2 day's. We also clean the geust's dishes, and same with check out's, dust ,vacuum, wash the whole bathroom replace towels, mop the floor's, daily. Also have weekly and monthly duties, change shower curtains, pull fridges/ sofas out and clean underneath, flip around bed's, dust the A/C filers, change doves/blanket's, etc. Sandman Signature keep's everything nice and neat everything in order. Most day's we have rush room which mean's we have to go to that pacific room and clean it right away and fast because the guest might be in the lobby or about the arrive soon. I know how to handily the cleaning/chemical's stuff. Every end of shift we make sure our cart's are full and the dirrty laundry is in the laundry room so night shift has laundry ready for the morning. At time's it can get stressful because everyday is a different day. But we get everything down. Can learn, and adapt fast. I really enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I like that your always on a move it really maintains your weight and keeping fit. I keep to myself most of the time during work but active with people while not working. i get along with people.
ProsTo obtain full time employment position, Maintianing weight, Meet new people
ConsLow Wage
Guest Service Agent | Hamilton, ON | Nov 21, 2022
Value your team
I worked in this company for the past two months. I thought everything was good, as I am enjoying my job and loving it. Pay rate is minimum wage, but I love my job. I am only working 2 to 3 days a week because of my restrictions before due to my status as an International Student. As a part-time worker, I don't have any benefits or even protection from this job. I felt humiliated and got scolded by the manager on the phone due to one unintentional mistake. And got terminated afterwards from this "Manager" on the phone as well. I felt like the reason why people are leaving is because they don't feel validated and being heard. They just only care about the operation, not the people working there. But, every successful business, is the people working behind it. They do not value your struggle and effort of preparing and doing all the examinations and passing all the interview and requirements. Then after a month or two, they will just throw you like a garbage and will terminate you that quickly. I do believe that I am not the only one who experienced this kind of treatment. Everybody there knows. I hope in the future you will hear the side of your EMPLOYEES. Do not hire them and throw them after using them. Value, guide them and be a leader that can be a good example for your fellow Guest service agent.
ProsTeam work
Front Desk Agent | Abbotsford, BC | Oct 3, 2019
Example of failed corporate culture
I worked in hotels for severals years before the sandman, and assumed this would be a step-up from my previous job. Having taken my years of previous experience into account, they generously offered me a 1.50$ over minimum wage. /s Despite having beautiful facilities, the hotel was constantly on the verge of collapse. The departments refused to communicate, the group bookings manager was aloof to the point of being useless, all overseen by a general manager who couldn't sense a pattern when her entire managing staff overturned in under 2 months. There are 2 sandman hotels in my city, and the most constructive communication or pooling of resources I ever saw between them (both corporately owned), was sending over emergency front desk agents when my entire staff quit. The software used by the hotel was archaic, to the point of omitting important information. Combined with an obtuse department structure, I generally operated on a foundation of hope and fragile dreams. Find a franchise hotel. Or better yet, find something other than hotels. I lost 15 pounds in a few short months of working at the sandman because they didn't allocate breaks during shifts, and an apathetic staff assembled by a desperate management meant unexpected overtime.
Housekeeper | Vancouver, BC | Nov 18, 2020
Not a good place to work.
Was laid off from my job due to Covid March. I was never called back , (I was a housekeeper for almost 5 years), and was told they no longer had my housekeeping position due to " restructuring of the company", but get this...they hired a cleaning company. Like seriously. Something wrong there. Very stress full and difficult place to work, the company doesn't seem to care about their employees...not a very friendly environment and not at all supportive, they care more about the guests than they do about their staff... hard work, short staffed, not even a thank you at the end of the day for the hard work that you do. Years ago it used to be a fun place to work. Not anymore. It is not a very healthy place to work, maybe if they treated their staff with more respect, and showed their appreciation to their staff for all the hard work that they do, the staff might even enjoy working there.
Prosevery once in awhile we would have pizza day for lunch
Consvery stressfull, hard work, too many rooms to clean on some days up to 23 rooms, working by yourself, not much help from the GM or Head Office.
Housekeeper | Hamilton, ON | Jun 21, 2021
They set high standards but don’t keep up their end
Supposed to have 3 full days training. You’ll get 1.5 then sent your way and told everything’s wrong that you’re doing. They set such high standards for how each room needs to be perfectly cleaned, yet they want each room to be done in 30 minutes or less. They expect each cleaner to do 12+ rooms a day, which means most of them are bound to be skipping things (eg. Not changing sheets, not cleaning bathrooms properly or thoroughly) You’ll be running up and down the stairs all day for supplies and then they wonder why you can’t keep up with their standard of how fast you should be going. They let other cleaners be bullies and hog supplies, but they’ll assure you it’ll be dealt with when it won’t be. Overall, this company looks like a wonderful place to work, then when you start you’ll realize they have 2 “new hires” every single week quit before they make it to lunch. Do yourself a favour and don’t come here.
ProsPays $0.50 above minimum wage
ConsLong days, high standards, not enough supplies, no teamwork
Guest Service Agent | Calgary, AB | Jun 22, 2022
Do not work for this company. They do not really care about their workers. I got hired and was not really taken care of. Worked there for a week and started hearing of all the people that had quit recently, and then found out that the people I was working with were pretty new(EVEN THE GENERAL MANAGER WAS NEW). Old location but new employees became a red flag for me, and the whole situation with people quitting before me gave me the sign to actually leave. They also told me that I would be getting paid less than what I was told during the interview (when I asked about start paperwork that they hadn't given me). No way to take a break when you're by yourself as you are told to stay outside to help guests and not go to the back, not allowed to sit, not allowed to drink anything where people can see you. Its ridiculous. The regular employees were nice but management clearly did not know what they were doing, and did not care to really be nice to their employees.
Housekeeper | Lethbridge, AB | Feb 1, 2023
new staff has came over to help and the original staff is no longer getting the hours and hours are being given to the other people at the other hotel who were brought to "help". seems like the staff that actually works at this hotel are being replaced by people who don't work at this location so that they can get hours instead of us who also need hours just as bad. there is no respect for days that we are available to work and are expected to work days that have already been arranged to not work before even hired, only reason I accepted job. workload is a lot less stressful now that there are more staff but more stress is created now from not being able to earn money to survive due to hours being dramatically cut from employees who have worked here longer. no wonder no one stays for longer than 3 months that get recently hired.
Consno respect, not taken seriously, high expecations
Front Desk Clerk/Night Auditor | Kamloops, BC | Aug 26, 2022
Un-reliable, and sketchy
My experience working with this company has brought on nothing but bad a terrible experience. Policies change every week, nothing is ever organized, Management does not care about employees. Training is watch as I do and if you can't figure it out it's basically good luck. Nobody has been properly trained, even the manager's. The hardest part of the job, is not knowing what mistakes someone else did that you will get blamed for it if the person you are working with has a couple of weeks less experience than you, and not getting paid properly. They expect you to do all the hard work while they sit in the back office and figure out someone to blame because they can't take accountability for their own actions. The most enjoyable part of the job were the amazing guests and most co-workers! I do not recommend this company to anyone.
Housekeeper | Calgary, AB | Mar 7, 2023
For first place of work it's ok
I came to the position of full-time employment. I worked full-time for three months and wanted to get the promised insurance, but they told me that I was registered for part-time employment. This is a deception. In addition, there is a misunderstanding about the schedule. The supervisor says that you are off, you don't come to work, and when you come back, you find out that you should have been at work, and as a result, the housekeeper manager thinks that you just missed work. But I want to say something good. Salary is always on time, without delays. After three months, the salary increased slightly. The HR manager is adequate. They do not cause problems when you need to leave early or have a day off. The schedule is flexible.
ConsNo free lunch(or very rarely), only snack
Front Desk Agent | Quesnel, BC | Jul 23, 2021
Management isn’t trustable
at first this place seemed like an awesome environment to gain work experience. training period was fast and a little thrown in your face. the real kicker is that management will backstab you if necessary. they do NOT care about the situation, company policies or making them known to the workers. i find this workspace was incredible to work with the housekeepers and maintenance man and some of the front of desk agents, hotels guests were lovely. in its entirety no one has your back and everything is about them and management covering their butt I find it extremely unprofessional on how they chose to deal with my situation and I do not recommend than anyone ever stay at any sandman ever or work there.
Pros50% off at denny’s
Housekeeper | Aberdeen | Mar 29, 2022
Friendly faces but unfair workplace.
The manager and head keeper are lovely people to talk to, however, there is no regard for life out with the workplace. There is a lack of empathy and I did not feel valued as part of the team. There was no rota so I never knew when to come in, they pay per room (two rooms equates to 1 hour's pay) which raises red flags, it is a zero hour contract made up of two part-time contracts that equate to full-time work. Additionally, there aren't enough supplies for each housekeeper to work functionally- most days I was carrying everything around in a cardboard box through the massive hotel and having to go back and forth with linens- which cut in to my time that was to be used cleaning rooms since the company do not pay per hour yet you are only allowed from 9am-3pm to do your work. There was no feeling of being part of a team- it was a very isolated job in which I felt that I was not appreciated. I was told that I no longer had a job with Sandman after having to take a day for a family tragedy but was given no written or verbal warning about any issues they had beforehand which is incredibly unfair in my honest opinion. Despite all this, the staff were friendly and I never once had an issue with them as people until the end of my time in the workplace. I do hope things improve for Sandman as it definitely has a huge amount of potential.
ProsFriendly management, beautiful hotel
Conslong unpaid hours, pack of empathy, very disorganized

Questions and answers about Sandman Hotel Group

What should you wear to an interview at Sandman Hotel Group?
Asked Jun 17, 2017
Decent and formal outfit most preferrebly a suit.
Answered Mar 15, 2019
Formal dressing
Answered Mar 15, 2019
How often do you get a raise at Sandman Hotel Group?
Asked Nov 9, 2022
Not often
Answered Mar 25, 2023
Once a year. Like 80 cents.
Answered Mar 19, 2023
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Sandman Hotel Group a better place to work?
Asked Jan 11, 2019
By working along the guidelines of hotel and provide the best of my service
Answered Oct 5, 2020
By working along the guidelines of the hotel and provide the best of my service.
Answered Mar 15, 2019
What is a typical day like for you at Sandman Hotel Group?
Asked Nov 20, 2022
Very organized and friendly with great team player's
Answered Mar 18, 2023
Very over worked
Answered Jan 31, 2023
What questions did they ask during your interview at Sandman Hotel Group?
Asked Oct 11, 2018
Answered Feb 13, 2023
What I know about the Hotel and why I would like to work there. The main one was if I would be open to doing part time, have no guaranteed hours but must be available from 5 am - 11 pm. Also wanted to know if over night shift was something I would be interested.
Answered Jun 10, 2022