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Sales Associate | Whitby, ON | Oct 6, 2019
run away and dont stop
where do i even begin. My experience all started with me looking for an innocent, low stress part time job. how feeble of me to think i would find that working at talize. To say the managers are unqualified is a gross understatement, they watch you, micromanage you, and bark orders like that of a prison warden, seriously i would not be surprised if they breathed fire. They are cold, void shells of humans with a holier than thou, pompous attitude and make you work like a dog, and treat you like a common sewer rat while doing so. They would have you on your literal hands and knees cleaning. I had a paycheck be blatantly wrong in only the second month of working there, and i received all of three paystubs in the five months that i worked there. For part time they will literally not allow you to hand in an availability form with under 20 hours available to work each week. They constantly schedule you outside of your availability like you have no personal life, school, or other commitments??? They expect you to sacrifice your first born child and let the spirit of customer service possess your mortal body to bow down and kiss the very feet of the crackheads they call customers. They had the sheer audacity to pay me student wage even though i was going to be 18 in a matter of weeks And they are making 100% profit because all of the garbage is donated for free. One night after only a five hour shift, my toe was bleeding profusely because they had me zooming around doing everyone's j
Pros50% off mediocre used clothing
Conssee paragraph above^
Production Worker | Delta, BC | Aug 3, 2016
not worth it
I worked in production. Was promised full time. Job wasn't full time. Supervisors and management spend the day walking around and telling everyone to go faster. They hope to get their quota as fast as possible so that they can send everyone home early. So, you hear "I need 250 more items" every day or something like that being harped at you. They time you on every job you do. Literally, you write it down on sheets. The times alloted aren't much. You will spend all day hauling at warp speed for..... minimum wage and so they can cut your hours savung themselves more money. If you ever need time off, you will most likely be denied. Family getting married and need 2 days off? Forget it. If you get sent home sick, you will be forced to bring a doctor note before you can work next. Even if they see you are sick and ask you to go home. Daily, the talk amongst employees consists of griping about how very little they are paid, the way they are talked to by the production supervisor/management, how they can't afford their families because of the lack of hours and they all talk of quitting. This Talize seems to have "hiring fairs" beause so many quit. Bottom line, if you want a job where you are severely overworked, underpaid, can never miss a single day and like getting talked to ignorantly by your bosses, this is the job for you. Why not sell your self respect and dignity for minimum wage?
Prosfree pizza on sale days
Consno hours, poor pay, poor treatment
Production Worker | Peterborough, ON | May 13, 2019
Why are they always hiring?
Talize might be a great place to work on the sales floor but as far as production goes I wouldn't recommend it. The "management" is truly awful. They have no respect toward half the staff and seem underqualified for their positions (also they seem to struggle with basic math). They apply your paid sick time toward sick days whether you request it or not. They favour some employees while working their harder workers to death. They gossip and create poor morale. They pull people into boardroom constantly for offenses without having any evidence or without investigating anyone. You can literally make up stories about other staff and they will be punished (as long as it's not the favored staff- in that case even if it were true nothing would be done about it). This is hands-down one of the worst places I've worked in my life for management that are emotionally checked out and don't care about the harmony of the staff. They will beat a dead horse and congratulate themselves for a job well done. The management also gets involved inappropriately with some staff and then said staff get special privileges. This place is awful; don't apply here!!
ProsPotluck, benefits
ConsGossip, bullying, dishonesty from management.
Cashier/Sales | Kingston, ON | Jan 6, 2019
Bad management
Most of the sales floor managers are extremely rude and demeaning, except for one. If you don't know something, they'll sound annoyed and talk to you as if you're stupid. I spent several shifts holding back tears because of how stupid one manager made me feel. It doesn't matter if you're new; you're expected to know everything already. There is extremely poor communication; everyone will give you a different answer. I once asked 5 different coworkers -- who had been working there since it opened -- where to put the rag-offs (unsellable items to be destroyed) and nobody could give me an answer. This happened repeatedly, and was very frustrating. There is no schedule printed for everyone to view. They print out little personal schedules for each employee. Three times, they didn't print out mine, and they were annoyed at me for asking them to print one. They also won't tell you when your break is, so you have to ask them, and they get annoyed at that, too! Customer service is supposed to be stressful because of the customers, not because of your employer. If the management changes, this might be an okay place to work. Otherwise it's just constant walking on eggshells.
ProsIt's a job
ConsEverything else
Operations Associate | London, ON | Sept 7, 2014
Productive, safe, and overall enjoyable place to work
Working at Talize Thrift Store was indeed a physically demanding job which I enjoyed. A typical day at work as a recycler included stocking the necessary supplies for the other production workers while taking out the garbage and operating the forklift. It was a team member environment where everyone helped each other in order for things to run efficiently. At times, the job was stressful. There were a few incidences which caused production to get backed up, however the managers make quick, necessary decisions in order to continue operating. The most enjoyable part of the job were my co workers. It was a friendly environment and very easy to adapt to. As a cashier, it was more of a relaxing job. Being a cashier gave me experience in interacting and conversing with the customers and helped develop my customer service experience. I learned a lot about problem solving, taking more initiative, and felt confident with the responsibility that was given to me in a short period of time.
Prosconsistent hours and pay rates. Also Benefits and special holiday staff events.
Consconstantly changing management and responsibilities
Sales Representative | Barrie, ON | Jul 9, 2020
Extremely poor work envirnment.
I had extremely high expectations when I was first hired at Talize. We soon realized that what we were told during our interviews was anything but true. The individual who they placed in the position of Floor Manager had no prior retail or management experience. He would simply cut and paste the prior weeks schedule which meant that the same people would receive the same hours and position, ie cashier, fitting room etc, week after week. We found that even though we had been promised 20 hours a week, this wasn't the case. Others were receiving 30 hours. We often watched as we worked on the floor, some on cash standing back talking rather than coming out onto the floor to help. They fired excellent supervisors with significant experience on the basis of one person's criticism. It became apparent, time and time again, that the Store Manager continued to hire her friends. All in all, this is not a place you would choose to work if you expect to be treated fairly
ProsNone since you dont receive the employee discount any longer
ConsPoor management style. Most with NO EXPERIENCE.
Cashier | Delta, BC | Oct 2, 2018
Worst environment I have ever worked in
I had previously worked at the Talize in delta for nearly a year. i can say with confidence its by far the worst place I have worked at in my life. The following is some of the fun things you get to enjoy being an employee at Talize- Very stressful place to work Toxic work environment Terrible management Extremely busy Forced to work overtime Lousy hours Mistreatment from managers Rude customers Poor pay Physically exhausting job Store is filthy Talize for me was one of those jobs that at the end of the work day you feel depressed and dead inside, and when waking up in the morning I would become nauseous knowing I had to do it all over again after barley getting through the previous day. I cant stress enough how rude and ignorant the management team is. Overall Talize is ok if you are a customer, but as a former employee I can confidently say that I would rather be unemployed that ever work there again.
ProsIt allows the less fortunate to be able to shop affordably
ConsPretty much everything if you are an employee
Whatever they want you to be on a day to day basis | London, ON | May 23, 2020
Not worth your time if you want to be respected and treated like a hard working individual
Few good staff left. Talize is a place you work if you need a part time job where you can stand around and get paid to watch your team finish your portion of the work.. Willingness to learn and take on new responsibility is shunned and often ignored. Going the extra mile just leaves you tired and underappreciated. Full time employees in the back often do the jobs of 2 sometimes 3 employees based on who decided to actually show up that day or even just to pick up the slack of other employees who clearly don't want to work in any capacity in the first place. This location has grown since the departure of the old store manager but still has a long way to go. Having the old manager hanging out all the time so his gps tracker makes it look like hes working is also kind of tiresome. New manager constantly being second guessed by a guy who couldnt run things during his own sloppy "reign" creates an uncomfortable environment for employees
Production Associate | Delta, BC | Sept 25, 2019
Very stressful
I worked in Production for a year. The workload was stressful enough but the constant micromanaging from one of supervisors I could not take. One month was particularly bad. I couldn’t sleep, I had nightmares and I was throwing up because of the stress. And I’m not the only one who had difficulties with this one supervisor. Whenever this supervisor had time off, there was a noticeable difference in the overall work atmosphere. And my confidence improved. The supervisors need better training in how to properly provide constructive coaching on how to improve in where a worker is struggling. And the quotas need to be more manageable. Some people just can’t do 300+ items without messing up their grading of the items. If 250 is the best they can do on top of things like sorting, stock rotation and reorganizing their department, so be it. Not to mention needing 10 to 15 minutes to sort through a bin, and having to tie up whatever you’re not going to price.
ProsWeekends and holidays off.
ConsMicromanaging supervisor
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Hamilton, ON | May 22, 2019
Only good thing was my co workers.
Working here for my first job was great. Co workers were amazing and made my shift enjoyable and probably the only reason i stayed for as long as i did. The actual job was easy and no issues there, however management and the supervisors are the problem. They treat you like your a child and speak to you as if you have no idea what your doing. My duty throughout the day would constantly be changing and they expect you to do things that you haven't even been trained for and get mad because they have to show you how to do it. The amount of stress and anxiety this job has caused me due to management is definitely not worth it for 14$ an hour. Supervisors always seemed to be stressed out and were always rude if you asked them a simple question like when your breaks are. Everyone at Talize needs to relax and realize its a thrift store and take it down about 18 notches.
Pros50% off discount
ConsSupervisors are unorganized, everything is all over the place and nobody is ever on the same page.
Sales Associate | Ontario, CA | Jan 14, 2019
Working at Talize
Working at Talize was fun when I first started, and went downhill real fast. I learned in my time at Talize that I'm better than I think I am, hard work is recognized there. Management was terrible. The supervisors were all LOVELY people and so was the sales floor manager. The store manager however, was awful. Every day she would send all the cashiers on a guilt trip because her unrealistic sales goals were rarely ever met. Regardless of the weather, time of day or other circumstances, she never lowered her expectations and made her disappointment known to everyone. She almost always sided with the company instead of her employees whenever we brought an issue to her attention and either wrote the employee up or ignored them all together. She is the sole reason I left. The most enjoyable part of the job was all my amazing former coworkers I got to see every day and meeting all the quirky regulars that come in on a daily basis.
Prosbreaks, monthly birthday party, new friends, fun work
Consthe manager, safety issues being ignored

Questions and answers about Talize

Does Talize allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Oct 24, 2018
Hours are set
Answered Feb 11, 2022
Yes , specific to management at support centre
Answered Aug 3, 2021
What was the most challenging part of your role at Talize?
Asked May 22, 2019
Management have serious power trip issues and the company requires an employee to get written up at least once a month.
Answered Aug 13, 2021
Not having any support from management. They are invisible. Team Members are left on their own.
Answered Sept 2, 2020
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Talize?
Asked Sept 13, 2019
5 hours a day
Answered Jul 1, 2020
8 hours a day . 30 min lunch
Answered Jun 27, 2020
What would you suggest Talize management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Jul 1, 2019
Be engaged. Don't sit in the office all day. Don't sleep with employees.
Answered Sept 2, 2020
Put people in charge that are competent and fair. You sitting in the office all day doesn’t make us want to work for you.
Answered Jul 27, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Talize?
Asked Oct 2, 2018
Don’t! It’s not worth it ... mold, dust, heavy lifting and repeating task. You’d be better off getting any other min wage job and save yourself the headache.
Answered Mar 26, 2019
Run fast dont waste your time as if you don't fit in your gone
Answered Mar 17, 2019