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Bartender | Lethbridge, AB | Nov 26, 2022
Not worth it
The work itself is easy and relatively stable, but the management in the Lethbridge location is a joke. Half the managers care more about money then staff, which as a business makes sense until the staff you care about just happen to be the ones who are your friends. This job has two great two positives; it’s reasonably flexible if you are in school, and money is reasonable if you are in school. If you decide you want this job, work with your head down and work hard. Like any job, don’t go complaining about how you hate working. If you hate it, leave. That being said, you so much as slightly disagree with something certain staff/managers say you might as well find a replacement job. This place has the hierarchy of a toxic girl friend group in a high school, so one slip up or one disagreement and you have entered inescapable drama. Emphasis on drama. If you get sick or have a family emergency and you need to get the day off, they are more then accommodating for it. You just need to make sure you cover your own shift. It’s not too unreasonable until you realize nobody else wants to work your shift because they’d rather be drinking, partying, or hate working so you are expected to be there or find a replacement. Big venues and parties are great ways to make extra tip money, some of the biggest events even had as many as 3,500 people. HOWEVER, these events are sometimes planned very sporadically. 1-2 days in advance even. Normally they are planned far enough in advance to pr
Server | Sherwood Park, AB | Mar 4, 2014
Fun atmosphere
A typical day at work would start off with making sure i had everything i needed to serve on the floor, as well as what we called "pre-shift" in which we would have a small meeting before our shift had started to talk about the incentives, specials, ect. Next, i would sign myself into the computer, make sure my section is clean and ready for customers to sit themselves in, and stock stations/clean restaurant until customers begin to sit in my section. Next, i would make sure the make customers comfortable and take their drink orders. Then, i would put their orders into the computer, get drinks from the bartender, and take them to the table. next i would ask customers if they are ready to order. If not, i would give them a few more minutes, but if they are, i proceed to take their orders down. Then, i would put their orders into the computer, and then take cutlery and napkins to set up their table. Once their food was ready, i would bring their food out to them. after a couple of minutes into their meal, i would make sure to ask them if they are enjoying their food. At all times during their meal, i would make sure to clear empty plates and glasses, and if drinks were empty, i would ask them if they would like another. When customers were finished their meals, i would take their plates and ask them if there was anything else that i could get for them. If they were ready for their bill, i would print their receipts and bring the debit machine with me to their table in case they
Prosfriendly atmosphere
Consshort shifts sometimes
Bartender | Edmonton, AB | Feb 21, 2020
Toxic, Unprofessional, Cut-throat atmosphere.
Don't work here. This place breaks so many labor and service laws, It's unreal. Expect to have 15 minutes doctored off every shift, for a mandatory "pre-shift" in which, 80% of the time, a manager isn't even there to do one. Worked as a bartender and was consistently told to get customers so wasted they couldn't see. Consistently told to under pour beer, under pour shots, "heavy on the ice and mixer" Kind of environment. It was so bad that we were threatened with write-ups for literally spilling drops of beer. Training was almost non-existant. Most of everything I did learn was learned by asking other people or trial and error. And by far the WORST thing about working for this company is the feeling of how expendable everyone is. Management is beyond two-faced. They will tell you "great job" then fire you the next day for not being fast enough. No warning. No notice to get your act together. No tips on how to improve or what they want. They'll just terminate you and replace you right before your 3 month probation is up. They also treat you different if you don't party with them. Management is extremely close-knit. Most of them even live together. Expect to be fired if you don't drink away your pay check everyday sitting at their depressing wood. Also, hands down the most sexist place you'll ever work. I'm a male But I was told numerous times by managers and other staff "I was only hired for my appearance, we only hire pretty people" Don't even expect an interview If you aren
Server | Red Deer, AB | Jan 6, 2022
Good when it's busy, sometimes productive, horrible management.
Fun when it's busy/everyone is in a good mood. Incredibly lenient with favourited employees, not so nice and strict with others. Favouritism plays a huge role in sections, shifts, hours and what you can and can't do. Management for the most part treats their employees very rudely and makes you feel small and lesser than. Found they freak out over small things and act like you cannot make a mistake if you are an employee long term. The GM is very inappropriate with staff and never had anyones back on serious issues. The culture was alright if you kept to yourself but could be toxic sometimes. Staff love gossip and rumours, and it was hard to be happy for one another when you watch the favouritism happening. The hardest part of the job was going to work and staying out of any drama or not getting upset by the way management treats employees. The management is extremely ignorant and doesn't act upon serious issues, they extend leniency to their favourites, and give unnecessary consequences to those they dislike. They consistently receive negative complaints about customers/employees but with regard to the favouritism, the complaints theoretically get thrown out and dismissed because of "good business for the company" or lack of energy to find better management. You can make very good money working here as it is a large drinking spot for many but I'm not sure if it truly is worth the money for the way you are treated.
ProsDiscount on liquor because wow you need a drink after working here
ConsEverything but the discount
Food Runner | Fort McMurray, AB | Nov 23, 2018
Horrid Managment
People are great once you settle in, and after you get past the unfriendliness of most girls who work there. They are very tight-knit and often did not make an effort to make new people feel welcome. I've worked there for almost three years. Watched the building manager become regional and become quite overbearing and micromanaging everything anyone did after being promoted. Had to serve one of my coworkers who brought some of her friends in, one of them did not have her ID on her, so I let her know that I could not server he alcohol. Made sure to let manager on shift know. Turns out, the shots that MY OWN COWORKER was getting she was sneaking to her friend. Even though she knew the consequences had her fiend gotten caught without her ID, she still put my job and Proserve at risk. Told the manager about it and he OPENLY TOLD ME had the coworker not been his friend she would have been fired. Too many friendships within management that get them favors. Not professional in my eyes. Fort McMurray Brewhouse and other Brewhouse's seem to have this issue.
ProsGood Discounts, and few good people
Consfavoritism among staff
Line Cook | Calgary, AB | Apr 10, 2022
Good place to work if you plan on sticking to your designated hours and if you need hours.
It’s a great place to work at if you’re looking for hours, basically the only good thing about the company. Availability is trash, some Kitchen Managers often disregard availabilities (approving your availability while doing the exact opposite and scheduling you or other staff on a day you’re not available). Most kitchens I’ve been to (they sometimes send you to locations that needs an extra set of hands) are dirty and disgusting so if you’re expecting to work in a clean environment then it’s not the right place for you. Most locations are fast-paced too so if you’re expecting breaks and 2 day-offs then it’s probably worth looking for other and better jobs. In conclusion, if you want good hours then it’s the right place for you. But if you’re looking for a good place/company to work at with good wage, good tips, clean and respectful and fun environment, good BOH management, and good and working equipments then it’s not the right place for you.
ProsFree “eh” food, Good Hours
ConsStressful, Bad Management, Unfair Tips and Hourly Rate, No breaks most of the times
Server | Saskatoon, SK | Mar 11, 2020
Not great
I really wanted to love working here but the brewhouses true colours shown through very quickly. - Don’t pay mandatory 3 hrs. Training vertically non existent. Can never find managers when needed. Not enough cutlery EVER. Never have anything stocked(skip stickers, dishes, sauces, food). Complain about people going to the bathroom. Poor communication- not direct, and dishonest. Unorganized/poorly scheduled. Tip out was often incorrect and can take anywhere from 48 hrs - to over a week to receive. Manager had kids there often babysitting and free food(daily). Managers don’t help when they can - will be sitting at the bar eating food when they could be helping backed up bar and kitchen. Lots of burnt out staff. Managers offer to pay staff with alcohol rather than money. Managers became hostile towards you after you’ve shown no interest in them. Push 500000 things to promote to each table. Terrible food. Not clean. Lots of complaints and I don’t blame them. Managers were like bad sales men. Super friendly but you could tell were just real shady. I started looking for a new job within a few weeks of starting.
Line Cook | Sherwood Park, AB | Dec 18, 2022
Fun workplace, but had problems
I've worked for this company awhile back at the Sherwood park location, I didn't completely enjoy working there. Sure the other employees were fun, and helpful, but there were problems. The schedule was only one week at a time and often I was scheduled only a couple hours before I even seen the schedule. The schedules were inconsistent as well, so you could not make any plans around work as you had no idea when you were going to work beyond the one week they scheduled you for. They also did not tell you when your shift ended, they kept you on for as long as they "needed you" then cut your shift whenever it was rare I worked for longer than 5 hours when I was full time there. Food safety standards were basic and ok but were in need of improvement especially in training new hires that have not worked in the industry before.
ProsLiquor discount, fun staff members, free staff meal after 5 hours of work
ConsInconsistent and late schedules, lackluster hours
Server | Edmonton, AB | Apr 8, 2022
Tough call
When I originally started working with Brewhouse I liked it a lot more, but the customers got super mean and so did the coworkers. Lots of creepy old customers who would harass myself & all the other female servers, but security would usually handle it. Employee discount was awesome. Favouritism was clear when sections were assigned and when early shift cuts were made, and the cliques were clear and defined, making it very difficult to make friends at work. One assistant manager told us that if we didn’t make a certain amount in fundraising money, then they would “find a reason to write us up”. My breaking point was when another coworker and I had to serve what would 8 sections that would normally be covered by 8 different servers (this coworker and I were covering around 30-36 tables each) on a Saturday at 4pm during dinner rush with maybe 2-3 support staff to help run drinks and food. Not worth the constant anxiety caused by both customers and coworkers.
General Manager | Edmonton, AB | Jan 30, 2023
Brewhouse is fun, and I feel it swinging back that way fast!
Been with CBH for over 7 years. It started amazingly fun with great leadership, incentives, and competition. There was a brief period of a year or 2 years over COVID where this fell off a bit and it became dull like other restaurants. I can tell based on communication changes this past several months that we are working on being very engaged with our teams and guests again, so I'm excited to see the next chapter of growth for the company AND myself. If you can deal with a somewhat different work schedule than you would see in other restaurants, I recommend working here; the teams are fun, the events are unique, and you're ultimately responsible for your own success. I like being in control of my future, and I get that with Brewhouse.
ProsCompetitive, Salary, Fun, Good coworkers, Charity work, Fast paced, Lots of events
ConsLong shifts sometimes, High performance expectations

Questions and answers about The Canadian Brewhouse

What benefits does The Canadian Brewhouse offer?
Asked Sept 17, 2020
nothing lol. a discount on their food and drinks for when your off shift .
Answered Apr 24, 2023
Zero, they don’t honour their benefits unless you’re a salaried manager.
Answered Mar 23, 2023
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at The Canadian Brewhouse?
Asked Oct 11, 2018
Have a positive attitude and make sure you ask questions as well. Like dress code and just really anything you are curious about
Answered May 30, 2023
Be prepared for either really busy and fast paced or really dead and getting called off shifts
Answered May 26, 2023
How often do you get a raise at The Canadian Brewhouse?
Asked Nov 9, 2022
Il n y a pas
Answered May 28, 2023
maybe once a year, if your review goes well
Answered May 27, 2023
How often do raises occur at The Canadian Brewhouse?
Asked Apr 9, 2019
Answered Mar 30, 2023
Answered Dec 26, 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at The Canadian Brewhouse?
Asked Feb 17, 2022
1 on 1 chats but rarely
Answered May 30, 2023
They do not train you and they get mad when you don't do things efficiently enough.
Answered Apr 13, 2023