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The Good Samaritan Society
The Good Samaritan Society
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Administrative Clerk | Lethbridge, AB | Jan. 28, 2013
Great company to work for, great staff and residents. Tendency to become emotially attached to residents. Can be difficult to separate.
Proslong hours
Consemotionally draining
Night Manager | Edmonton, AB | Jan. 5, 2018
Productive Way to Use your time
Working with the staff was wonderful as they made you feel comfortable. You have to be gentle with the patients as they get easily agitated. Overall, the experience was fine.
ProsFree Snack
ConsI was too young at the time to be a volunteer
Production Coordinator | Edmonton, AB | Aug. 19, 2013
People are supportive and Caring
The accounts payable department is one of the busiest departments of this organization. A large volume of invoices and payments are processed daily. In the time I've been here I've learnt so much about policies, procedures, auditing process, working on a team to build better software and update the purchasing process. My team and I work with our sites and vendor training and assisting them with their jobs in order for us to do ours. I love working with people and the learning process. I'm interested in learning and achieving more.
ProsThe friendly staff and organizational functions.
ConsExpensive benefits
Accounts Receivable Manager | Edmonton, AB | Jul. 5, 2017
Hard place to work
Dealing with the finances of the residents brought out a lot of sadness in that many had a hard time affording the care that they provided. The facilities were sad places for those that were residents. The rooms were small and plain.
ProsLearned the accounts receivable side of things working here
ConsLong hours quite often. Had to bring my own desk to the job.
Living Worker (ALW) in a Dementia Cottage | Lethbridge, AB | Mar. 28, 2014
Care of Dementia Elderly
I work full-time nights for the good Samaritan Society. I work with residents how have Dementia. I find My job very rewarding. The most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with the elderly no matter what level of development they may be at. I am able to quickly pick up on the individual needs of each resident.. On my shift I put residents to bed for the night and then check on the several times during the night. I have several certificates about working with the dementia residents. I work with in a frame work in which management full supports its workers. I also enjoy working as a team member. That is very important to me.
Prosthe hours and shift I work
Recreation Aide | Medicine Hat, AB | Oct. 9, 2020
Caring staff
Good place to work Staff is divided among different job descriptions Residents are happy and that says a lot about this organization! Difficult having full staffing since Covid
Caregiver | Edmonton, AB | Jun. 4, 2012
enjoyed working with the aged residents
it always aproductive place to work , working with ahlziemers residents. our days might be repetitive but it was fun.ive learned and understude the process of the same time beening educated.we had a very dedicated supervisor, whom i think is still working with the good samartian co-workers were good team players, the hardest part of the job was to deal with fact thatafter meating these nice old gal ,they pass away, or seeing that the ahlziemer claimed another going to work and knowning we are making a differents. after all we were the first to introduced or offer such living and care for residents with ahlziemers desease
Consmy coworkers
Healthcare Assistant | Rocky Mountain House, AB | Apr. 26, 2018
Over all good place to work.
Enjoyed that company of residents. The residents appreciated their HCA's. The nurses are great to work with. They care for the residents and workers alike. The Staff members work for the most part as a team. I would reccomend people work here. You get to experience work with and include all parts of the residence life. Staff at Good Samaritan Society work together and include all staff.
ProsStaff memembers, are great to work with. Residents are appreciative
Conswork load
Health Care Aide | Hinton, AB | Jun. 4, 2014
Challenging job but the same time grasp lots of knowledge
Night shift I learned lots. I learned to prioritized the task and res needs. I learned to multi task in order to answer and attend the calls and needs of the residents. I learned the system, from the higher level to the lowest level ranks. I learned more to worked with my co workers at times in need most to be safe to everyone. I learned to take time first to analized before doing the task so everything are in order and most of all I like the fast pace so the 12 hrs night shift passes fast and not even noticed it. I am happy to share my time and my utmost help to these residents and be with them and talk to them and knows their stories. I feel i am with my family my old folks too. I respect them and I earn their friendship in return.
Housekeeper | Edmonton, AB | Nov. 29, 2018
I can work on almost any cleaning equipment
We all start as a team in our workplace a good exchanging conversation with all co workers. Always working in a safe environment and helping each other if needed.

Questions and answers about The Good Samaritan Society

What should you wear to an interview at The Good Samaritan Society?
Asked Sep. 15, 2017
Semi formal
Answered Jul. 5, 2019
Formal attire
Answered Feb. 23, 2019
Why would you want to work at The Good Samaritan Society?
Asked Nov. 21, 2017
You would want to work there because their homes provide good care to their residents and people care about the residents and their families.
Answered Jan. 25, 2019
Everyone worked well together under pressure. Quick paced enviroment so always busy. Getting to know the residents was one of the highlights as well as the majority of the staff. Care aides and support services worked together and we were all considered as equally important with our tasks. We worked as a team.
Answered Mar. 8, 2018
What are the working hours at The Good Samaritan Society?
Asked Jun. 18, 2017
Working hours 7am to 3pm temperare housekeeping
Answered Aug. 23, 2020
I was working Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm. Some times I would stay longer when there was flu outbreaks in the various facilities across Alberta and BC.
Answered Sep. 26, 2017
What are the perks offered by The Good Samaritan Society?
Asked Jun. 18, 2017
We have a perks section, with travel/hotel perks, spa/wellness, gym memberships. Etc...
Answered Jan. 25, 2021
Never seen any
Answered Dec. 21, 2017
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at The Good Samaritan Society?
Asked May 13, 2019
Research and compare other facilities
Answered Aug. 3, 2020
Give it a chance and there are some amazing staff employed here.
Answered May 13, 2019