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Line Cook | Thunder Bay, ON | May 6, 2019
Great people terrible job
I've worked at the keg thunder bay for 3 years now and I must say I haven't really enjoyed it for the past 2 years. I am a student at university and have only stayed there because of the money. The management team is super disorganized in terms of scheduling and things like training. Also, we were never able to keep enough staff where if people needed a few days off it was hardly ever given to them. A few weekends ago I needed two days off and the management told me they would give it to me and they did not give it to me and I miss a really important event because of this. The job on the cook line is also very stressful as team members all have their own way of doing things and management has not been able to fix the problems since I have been there. In terms of the people there, they are always laughing and made it enjoyable to go to work and have a good laugh however going to this stressful "part-time job" with co-workers disagreeing over everything made it very hard to work. The job is also very stressful for a part-time job. Although the pay is nice sometimes the stress really makes me question whether or not the job is actually worth the money. This place has taught me some valuable things such as work ethic and proper cooking techniques. Management is pretty disorganized at times. Getting time off for certain events isn't always easy. The people there are really nice and you can always have a good laugh whenever you go there, however they tend to hire some people that
Prosfree salads, decent pay
ConsDisorganization, long late hours and co workers are'nt the best workers
Customer Service Representative | Pointe-Claire, QC | Mar 24, 2017
Incredible Place to work
The Keg prides themselves on an amazing workplace. their moto is Work Hard, Play Hard. A Rule of Thumb is a happy employee will create a warm and Inviting experience for the guest. Training for new employees is at least 2 weeks if not longer. New Employees go through training and testing after every position has been completed. A New employee will train in different positions to learn that every position contributes to the companies success. Management training runs 3 months long, with written exams, theory and hands on training. Again working through each position to be able to jump in wherever needed, and of course to understand each positions influence on the success of the company Known for its great customer service along with the highest standards of products, The Keg is a fantastic employer, whether you are part of the service staff or part of the management team. Work days run from 8 to 12 hours. Scheduling changes week to week. because it is a restaurant the hours vary from 12pm - 3am. Flexible with days off due to weekly scheduling. I have 4 weeks paid vacation along with great benefits, including in-store benefits (40% off of food and Wine for myself and 6 guests) I have been given such an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in customer service & human resources. Head office is Located in Toronto and Vancouver. The late nights are becoming more difficult, and this is why I would be searching for a new position, with a more predictable schedule
Prosbenefits, atmosphere, colleagues, vacation time, experiences, dinners included while you work, 40% off of food and Wine at anytime
Conslate hours, shift work
Server | Niagara Falls, ON | Mar 27, 2021
Competent staff, poor management
The specific Keg I worked at was not the best work environment. There is an insane amount of drama and tension among the employees no matter whether you’re working FOH or BOH. The management fluctuates between amazing and hilariously bad. The Niagara Falls Keg is insanely busy and you’re open much later than any other Keg (12-12:30) and the bar is open even later. There is no auto-grat for the servers despite the huge amount of international travellers and gift cards we receive, but you’re still expected to tip out a decent amount. There are a LOT of employees, so it usually runs pretty smooth, but when it’s bad it’s BAD. New Years Eve is probably the worst bc the hotel that the Keg is in sells prepaid meals as part of a package, which means most of ur tables don’t pay, complain about needing to pay for drinks or items not included, and leave a terrible tip, if they leave anything at all. Perhaps the most annoying though is that when you tell management your schedule, they don’t always obey. For example if you have late classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you grey those out, you will be booked on those days and it’s up to you to find a replacement. If you request a day off, it’s never guaranteed, and it’s almost impossible to get Saturdays off. Perhaps the most telling about this Keg, however, is that I have YET to receive a call back to work after the second lockdown (despite emailing several times to confirm that I am still available to work and am decently high in senior
ProsDecent work environment, Keg and hotel discount, competent staff
ConsLong hours, bad tips, poor management
Line Cook | Nanaimo, BC | Dec 7, 2017
Friendly work place
Arrive around 3:30-4pm, Start around 4-5pm (depending on the day), go on-line and mae sure I had everything needed for a night of cooking, know where my backups are and how much is left. Depending on the day, I might have been there before the rush and do this. Others it's straight into work, picking up into the line without disrupting the line, while knowing whats in, what needs to be in and what needs to be out and gone. Cook till generally about 8:30-9ish Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday would usually be about 10-10:30. After the main rush was over or close to the end of the night, line breakdown would start to begin the close. First the hot stations would be turned off and put into new cold cooling inserts. Then the drawers that held the food that was to be cooked that was left over from the night were covered up and put into the cooler. On-line fridge, freezer, hot drawers and hot sham followed suit. General cleaning and daily tasks would be completed along with all closing duties. Sunday through Thursday would leave around 10:30-11, Friday Saturday at midnight. Learn how to deepfry a few things, sauté vegetables, seafood and other meats as well as sear fish. A small amount of grilling meat to different rarities. Management was alright, though a fair amount of favoritism was definetly shown. Hardest part of the job was judging when to actually start closing down for the night, while the most enjoyable was the sense of team almost family within the different parts
ProsFree bread, fries and baed potatoes and 40% off food
ConsUnpredictable hours
Manager | Calgary, AB | Mar 15, 2015
Career Job Opportunity
Had I not moved to Toronto so recently, I would have pursued a life long career with The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. My days spent managing with The Keg were very busy. I generally would open the restaurant and start with an exterior walk ensuring the property is free of garbage and debris, then move my way inside. Once inside, I would check all the dish washer chemicals to ensure they meet health and safety standards. I then would begin to adjust the atmosphere of the restaurant, this includes dimming the lights, turning on the televisions, and putting on the music for the dinning room, bar, and patio. I worked very heavily alongside my coworkers as I would have to be there at anytime when needed or asked. Whether it be a happy or unhappy guest, an allergy concern that I'd need to address, or having to problem solve on the spot such as needing more sour cream and running to a nearby grocery store and stocking up to finish dinner service, I was always the last man standing. A fixed point that would always be there readily available. Once dinner service was complete and the restaurant was clean and clear, I would then cash out my servers and tip them to the dollar, exactly how much we owed them. The hardest part of my job would have to been the day I handed my letter of resignation to pursue a career, a potentially new job opportunity, in a new city in Toronto.
ProsFree meals, great and very competitive wages, benefits
Dining Room Server | Newmarket, ON | Mar 19, 2013
Team bonding and endless networking opportunities
A typical day at work begins with ensuring my uniform is neat and tidy, checking the message board for recent news, updates and our specials for the evening. Also, each server is responsible for checking our designated table sections to ensure they are ready for guests. Weekends are our busiest days of the week, so servers are constantly on the go; greeting tables, ensuring effective communication at all times with the guest, meeting our guest experience times, demonstrating team work to support co-workers and illustrating best practice to ensure all needs of guests are met. The most difficult part of the job is maintaining stress level when guests have numerous needs that demand more attention than most. However, these situations become opportunities to problem solve and time manage effectively. The most enjoyable part of working at The Keg is the staff. I am a people person, and The Keg provides opportunities for team bonding. It is important to know who you are working with to better work as a team. I also enjoy working at The Keg because of all the people I meet. I am enahncing my customer service skills daily. Overall, The Keg has an amazing team atmosphere, strong managment and has taught me what to look for in a company as I search for a career.
Proswork life balance
Conshard on the feet
Dishwasher/Busser | Brantford, ON | Jun 20, 2019
If you're looking to be part of a family, the Keg is the right place
I have worked at two Kegs. One in Brantford and one in Oakville. I have come to the conclusion that across the board every single Keg you work at you will feel included and appreciated by coworkers as well as management. The Keg offers promotions, for example, I started in dish and just got moved up to bussing. These promotions do not come with raises, but you can get a raise if you're a hard worker and have been part of the team for a year or so. The Keg also has tons of recreational stuff to do, like soccer, basketball, etc. You can compete against other Keg's and get closer with your team members. Management is both your friend and your boss. You can tell them anything without being on edge, but they also know when it's necessary to discipline, teach or warn. I started this thinking it would be another part-time job, but then I dropped out of college because I can't imagine ever leaving, and Servers make way more than I would have if I stuck with my college career. Oh, and there's tipout. In Oakville I got about $100 for a weekend, in Brantford for the week I get about $50. If you live in a big city expect a nice tipout every Monday. Otherwise, it's about an extra $1 an hour for dish and bus.
ProsEverything but the one con
ConsSummer hours are bad. Expect to get shifts cut.
Dishwasher | Windsor, ON | Sept 17, 2015
Fun workplace with excellent atmosphere
A typical day at work would involve showing up for an afternoon shift in the dishwashing area and doing the daily duties. Daily duties included different things depending on the day but they ranged from deliming the dish machine to scrubbing the carbon off backs of skillets. I learned how to be quick and efficient especially during the hours of the dinner rush and closing time. The management and coworkers were the best I`ve ever worked with. The management was always understanding about fixing problems that hindered efficiency of work and the co workers always made the work day great by being in an excellent mood no matter how busy the restaurant. The most enjoyable part of the job was the fact that the co workers all got a long and we never had any problems or drama within the work place, but the hardest part of the job would be during the busiest days of the year such a valentines day, mother`s day, and New Year`s Eve.
Pros40% discount on food if I brought friends or family to dinner there
ConsBreaks were not at designated times and if it was very busy we would have to sacrifice a break time
Kitchen Team Member | Richmond Hill, ON | Oct 19, 2020
Terrible management
When I first started at the Keg it was a great place to work with a great family environment. It was my favorite Job for many years! Some of the managers would organize events like Keg Cup, Softball and ball hockey. They cared about their employees, would buy them a meal at the end of a hard shift, would talk with you one on one about life and promotion. The managers really cared at one point here and it was amazing while they were here. Then they decided to move these managers to different locations, bringing in new management that have no idea what they are doing. Not only that but they don't care about their staff. They will use you and abuse you while dangling a promotion/raise in your face. Working here quickly became incredibly depressing, having to work for people who dont care about you. then making you train people from outside of the company to do the job you've been working toward for years. To make things "feel" better they hand out a yearly manager review to give you the sense that they are listening. only for you to later find out they will do nothing as a result of them.
Consdisgusting management
Busser | Brampton, ON | May 1, 2012
Host/Busser life
I would have to greet and guide guest to their seats, and constantly observing the dinning room activity so I could seat more quests who were given quoted times. I also had to help clear,clean and set tables once quest left, and help out the servers with bringing food to tables on a busy day. I also had to periodically check and clean the men/ womens bathrooms, wipe down the hub bar, refill the candy baskets, wipe down menus, and prepare kids menus/utensils for the next day. What I loved about this job is the friendly atomosphere, and the hard working team. There was never a dull moment working at the Keg! The most difficult part of the job was dealing with aggresive guests who had to wait for dinning room tables to be cleared. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people of different backgrounds and cultures. I felt at home. What I've learned from working at the Keg is being able to multi-task, and even when I'm tired or stressed , I never let it show on my face-I was good at that! An upbeat personality and "always -ready- to- go" attitude, was benificial.
Prosfree bread and pop
Consrude/aggresive guests
Bar Manager | Factoria, WA | Apr 21, 2015
Great company culture. Fun atmosphere. Like a family.
My typical day with The Keg changed on a daily basis but included and was not limited to. Interviewing, staff reviews, ordering, planning and plotting reservations, staffing adjustments based on business needs, controlling the floor, 4-wall marketing, guest interaction, assisting in all duties necessary to improve flow of operations, quality control, ongoing staff development, upholding standards, labor control, cash control, leading meetings, new product roll-outs, building maintenance, temperature adherence, driving sales. I learned over the course of my career great interpersonal skills and how to be a good leader. Through managing budgets and inventory I was able to read and understand all aspects of our income statement and meet and exceed goals consistently. I mastered ordering procedures and hit my inventory turnover goals on a monthly basis without running out of product.Not only did I learn great hospitality skills and how to create and develop a great team of employees, I also learned what it takes to run a profitable multi-million dollar restaurant successfully. Our management team and staff are the primary factors for the success of the restaurant. It was a huge reason why I enjoyed going to work everyday. Everyone had a strong desire to be the best and genuinely enjoyed and had passion for the work they did. I am still in contact with a large group of staff members and management since the closure in January 2015. "My extended family". The hardest part a
ProsFree food and drinks, full paid benefits for myself and family, 4 weeks paid vacation, attainable bonus program, superior products
ConsLate long hours, limited advancement opportunities
Dining Room Server | Chandler, AZ | Sept 3, 2012
Inviting and fun work environment, while at times challenging
A typical day at work includes initial preparation of getting the restaurant and lounge ready for a night of business. Throughout the evening, I exchange friendly and positive communication with guests, co-workers and management. In retrospect, my job as a restaurant server is to be the host of a party. Guests visit that type of establishment to have a great time and it is my job to make sure that happens. Over the years, this job has taught me how to effectively communicate with others on a personal and professional level. Repectively, this job has also granted me the opportunity to work with others as a team in a group setting. The restaurant industry has an enormous staff turn-over rate. Fortuneately, turn-over does not occur too often at my job but when it does, learning how to work closely and as a team with new people can be as challenging in a restaurant as it is anywhere else. I would not call adjusting to new staff the hardest part of the job, but it is rightly the most challenging. Being a new hire trainer, I welcome these challenges and work hard to educate new staff and ensure that they become the best they can be in the environment in which we work. The most enjoyable part of the job is easily the people. I thrive on human interaction. I enjoy personal socialization as well as meeting new people and learning new things.
Prosgeneral staff incentives include free and discounted food and drinks, and trainer incentives include choosing their own schedule, choosing floor sections, and higher hourly pay.
Conslimited weekly work hours, no health or dental benefits

Questions and answers about The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

What are the working hours at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar?
Asked Apr 29, 2018
Prep team gets there around 6:30am then leave around 3 ish (depends how busy) then we open for 4:00 weekdays and close at 10:30. Fri-Sat opens at 3 closes at 11:30 and Sun is 3-10:30
Answered Mar 8, 2022
noon to midnight during peak season
Answered Aug 9, 2021
What is the work environment and culture like at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar?
Asked Jan 17, 2018
Terrible work environment but some good people to work along side
Answered Sept 6, 2019
Have fun and work hard. Minimize mistakes but we know we are going to make them. Learn from them. Get better
Answered Jun 19, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar?
Asked Jul 5, 2017
Who is the most important person in the restaurant? How would you deal with an unsatisfied customer? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Answered Dec 28, 2020
Any kitchen experience? what is your dream job within the restaurant? front of house or back of house?
Answered Jan 3, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Apr 6, 2017
I went when my Keg was hiring a full new staff by having a hiring fair. Filled out an application and attached my resumé, went through 3 different interviews and was hired on the spot after the third one. Took about a half hour. Then got a call informing me when to come in for orientation/training a few days later. Very professional, quick and to the point. If they want you THEY WANT YOU! Be a team player and have a passion for your job and they will most Likely hire you.
Answered Jun 24, 2019
It was very quick
Answered Mar 23, 2019
What is The Keg Steakhouse + Bar sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Mar 23, 2019
None they do not allow you to call in
Answered May 6, 2022
Standard sick leave for employees is 5 paid days per year. Employees on benefits get more.
Answered Mar 20, 2022