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Clerk | Toronto, ON | Mar 4, 2013
Productive workplace and very easy to find support from co-workers who are always willing to help with different issue you may encounter .
 Promoted and markets vacant units (rent-geared-to-income units) in various TCHC communities  Demonstrated initiative in responding to challenging situations and able to organize, prioritize, and manage a heavy and constant workload  Provided excellent customer service to various departments within Toronto Community Housing as well as prospective tenants who attend the viewing sessions, and ongoing customer support for inquiries related to tenancy  Extracted data from manual or computerized files for various summaries and reports and provided all required information and documentation to the Operating Unit  Reviewed households on the internal transfer waiting list and the external applicant waiting list for eligibility and suitability  Planed, implemented and supported open house viewings for vacant units  Reviewed and reconciles all information relating to offers/acceptance/refusals after the viewing sessions and schedules leasing dates for all interested households  Documented all offer information on the tenant’s HMS /TAWL account and various databases, as required and schedules leasing dates for all interested households
Tenant Coordinator | Toronto, ON | Nov 8, 2020
Just 5 minutes from home. Very alive place to work.
Although I am retired, I do miss my job. I always looked forward to the day knowing every day was different from the next as we were a satellite office. All clients came to our office to pay rent, questions of many types, such as rental increases, rent review question, maintenance requests or complaints. Also I dealt with tenant disputes, which I take pride in my ability to resolve most cases. If I felt the need for support I would either involve my co-worker or manager, depending of the seriousness of the dispute. The diversity of clients and their background taught me a great deal of cultures from all over the world. The difficult part of the job was managing your time lines such as completing rent calculations, renting units in a timely manner, and completing payroll data for the Superintendents. We conducted many evening meetings with tenant reps from each building on a monthly basis, which I enjoyed immensely. Knowing your client was a must to me
ProsTime flexeblity
ConsCan be very stressful, juggling
Cleaner | Toronto, ON | Feb 10, 2013
TCHC is agood company and i enjoyed working with many different types of people though some co workers forced me to work and some are helpful.bcoz of our different dialect it was difficult to understand and to communicate especialy the accent so this is also my experience that working with a multicultural group of people is very challenging.well,as i've said its a good company so i liked and enjoyed working the only reason that i dont like is that "YOU CANNOT BE HIRED AS FULL TIME"if you have no connection and this is not really good coz even if their is connection if the person is not a good worker.HIRE a person whom you can depend on and who is a hard worker not only if the boss is looking at him /her.some workers are just waiting for the pay while some are working hard,so it should not be a connection instead the right people who are NOT LAZYand not bcoz they know somebody in the company.
Clerk | Toronto, ON | Nov 10, 2021
Good experience
Compensation is not bad. Good benefits and pension. You can transfer to another role after 12 months of service with the company. Management is flexible in terms of schedule and working from home. But some employees are toxic and will find the smallest thing to complain about. Some employees will try to find someone to blame for their mistakes, management knows but seems to let it slide and not address the issue. This does make the work environment stressful sometimes but you get used to it. I just laugh at it because it's actually silly. Work is work lol. However, there are also some easy-going and kind employees. Theres a lot to know, like legislations, processes and rules by the City. From my own experience, I found that tchc lacks structured training for new staff. I learned a lot about my role by myself.
ProsPay and benefits, work life balance, career growth
ConsTraining, toxic colleagues
Maintenance Person | Toronto, ON | Aug 8, 2017
I Think I Lost my Soul
Managerial staff is vindictive and employs nepotism in all of it's hiring decisions, especially where promotions or complaints are concerned. Do not expect to get far or even hired if you do not know, or are somehow related to someone in the company or the industry. Departments are adversarial with each other based upon the way the company is administrated, and there are a great deal of underhanded behaviors and dealings with each particular department and their various sisters in Toronto. This job probably would have cost me my soul if I had given it up, and perhaps I did, as I was a part of the managerial staff at one point, and I did not agree with anything we did. Stay as far away from this organization as you can unless you feel that trading pay for conscious is a good way to make friends.
ProsHigh Pay
ConsCorporate Smoozing, Illegal Activities
Juniour Champ Leader | Leader, SK | Jun 25, 2018
great experience
It was a fun job experience especially since it was my first. The people at this company are supportive and adhere to issues you might have, needs, questions etc. The job I had was fun as a camp counselor, I loved working with the kids but, sometimes the pressure of management made me wonder why they wanted all camp counselors to be the same ... I chose to treat the kids as if they were friends of mine so I could build better bonds with them. That said, I barely had to discipline them because they would listen to me anyways if I were their friend. The other camp counselors yelled sometimes but I never felt the pressure to do that until one of our important staff disappeared last minute. I feel like a lot of the staff don't realize how important it is to build a bond with the kids and not just viewing them as 'work'...
Prosfree snacks, lunches, items etc. Fun
Consno paid overtime
Carpenter | Toronto, ON | Jan 18, 2017
Good work, bad organizing
I worked at TCHC as a Carpenter a few years back. It's a fun work environment, and eye opening to see how some people live. Unfortunately, it's run by a bunch of hacks who ask the 3 levels of government for money to complete the billions of dollars worth of repairs some units need, only to give themselves a nice year end bonus for saving money. There's plenty of repair work that needs to get done, and TCHC has their own carpenters that can do it, instead they sub the work out to sub-par contractors who can't install a bank of kitchen drawers properly, while their guys sit in a damp basement on Shuter St. There's lots of work to be done, and we are eager to do it, but the higher ups won't release the funds to get it done, and then lay off half the crew to save money for their year end bonus. Job security for the most part sucks in the trade side of things.
ProsGood pay
CMP 1 | Toronto, ON | Oct 23, 2022
Nepitism / favoritism is very high .
If you work here , hard work and attention to detail are met with envious and malicious team mates who won't hesitate to discredit you to circumvent their own lazziness. There is a very big cultural difference , meaning that their is a significant group of people belonging to the same culture who out number the rest of the employees and activly engage in creating a hostile work environment for anyone not belonging to the same cultural group. The management participates in unprofessional conduct and favoritism. Nepitism is alive and well in this company . The work is easy enough but the unprofessional culture and nature of the job environment can not be ignored.
ProsPension and benefits
ConsIncompitant management / nepitism / hostile work environment
Recreation Coordinator | Toronto, ON | Dec 14, 2016
Loved the Community
It would require that all programs were up and operating. That it required much supervision due to quality of staff working for Toronto Community Housing. Management above Supervisors were not on the ground and didn't understand really the needs of individual communities. Therefore much remained the same for years. I found many of the Program Leaders to be experienced residents now employed by Housing a delight to work for. There Knowledge was very valuable in assessing the needs for each community. The hardest part is trying to change what appears necessary. Program going well and continuously needed due to a competent staff.
ProsGreat place to work.
ConsSlow to add initiative.
Youth Worker | Toronto, ON | Jun 6, 2019
Productive and exciting workplace
My typical day at TCHC is usually go to are regular meet up and talk about our shifts and where were gonna be the next day. What I learned is how to clean a building and to make friends with my employees. Management was easy going able to communicate with the boss For workplace culture i deal with variety of different culture such as age, race, language, gender, sexual orientation, culture and disability). Hardest part of the Job would have to be traveling to the destination for my shift. The most enjoyable part of the job would meeting new people and getting some experience.
Prosclose to food place when it was lunch time

Questions and answers about Toronto Community Housing

How should you prepare for an interview at Toronto Community Housing?
Asked Mar 1, 2018
Read the job posting over several times because all questions will pertain to what is in that posting. Also recognize that answers to their questions are on a point system; if the interview panel is still looking at you after you have answered a question then continue on with your answer and try to score additional points for that particular question. Study and be prepared or you will be caught flat footed.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
It is a panel interview with two to three people. After the interview, a written exam might be given.
Answered Nov 20, 2018
Why would you want to work at Toronto Community Housing?
Asked Aug 29, 2017
To make different from others.i will make sure the place is neat
Answered May 27, 2018
Pay and pension
Answered Mar 19, 2018
What are the perks offered by Toronto Community Housing?
Asked Mar 5, 2017
Generous benefit package, generous sick pay and personal days, generous vacation and good compensation. Gold plated pension if you can stick it out for 30 years. Numerous training courses provided which will keep you up to speed to changes in legislation and policy. Has an employee assistance plan as well.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
Flexible hours and benefits.
Answered Oct 13, 2018
How often do you get a raise at Toronto Community Housing?
Asked Nov 24, 2022
Answered Jan 19, 2023
Every 5 years. 1.5% raise
Answered Jan 3, 2023
What is the dress code at Toronto Community Housing?
Asked Oct 29, 2018
Depends on the position you are applying for. Security and maintenance are provided uniforms. Office staff dress slacks and blouse or shirt - not too formal.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
Relax. Management dress up, but it is not mandatory
Answered Nov 20, 2018