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Popular jobsSales AssociateCashierCustomer Service RepresentativeCashier/SalesCustomer Service Associate / CashierRetail Sales AssociateAssociateSeasonal AssociateCrew MemberWarehouse WorkerCaissier (H/F)Sales LeaderMerchandiserReplenishment AssociateCommis (H/F)Assistant ManagerLaborerStockerStocking AssociateSales RepresentativeManagerStore ManagerWarehouse AssociateCashier/StockerRetail Assistant ManagerCommis d'entrepôt (H/F)Electronics AssociateCommisSalesStore DirectorTeam MemberCashier/ClerkCo-op StudentCustomer Service/Sales RepresentativeFloor StaffFront End AssociatePackerService à la Clientèle (H/F)Shipper/ReceiverShipping and Receiving ClerkStore ClerkAnalystAssistant Store ManagerAssocié aux Ventes (H/F)Back of HouseBuilderCleanerCustomer Relations RepresentativeForklift OperatorInventory AssociateSales ClerkSales MerchandiserSalespersonService à la clientèleTeam LeaderTruck DriverVendeur (H/F)Volunteer500 (Back of store)500'sAccounts Payable ClerkAyudante general de tiendaBabies "R" Us RepresentativeBabies r usBack of House (seasonal)Back of houseBackroom AssociateBackshop WorkerBecoming an expertBenefits AdministratorButchery AssistantCashCassièreClerkComis plancherCustomer AssistantCustomer Service ManagerData Entry ClerkDatabase AdministratorDelivery DriverDepartment HeadDepartment ManagerDepartment SupervisorDirecteur (H/F)DirectorDistribution ManagerDriverDuty ManagerEntrepreneurFacility SupervisorFaire l'entretienFloorFront End ManagerGen.labourI have newer work JanitorLead CashierLine CookLogistic CoordinatorLogistics AssociateLoss Prevention ManagerMachine OperatorMarchandiseur (H/F)Material HandlerMaterial Handler2Merchandising AssistantMerchandising AssociateNight Team MemberNight shift workerOnline ManagerOperations ManagerOutdoor AreaOvernight AssociateOvernight SFSPart time/seasonalPart-time workerPick upPlaceur de marchandisePool ManagerProcessorPréposé aux Chambres (H/F)ReceiverRecruiterRetail MerchandiserRetail WorkerSales CoordinatorSales Operations ManagerSeasonSeasonal 500Senior Budget AnalystServerService AssociateStocksmanStorage ManagerSuperviseur (H/F)SupervisorTeaching AssistantTeam SupervisorUnloaderWarehouse Supervisorjournalier de nuitwharehousingÉtalagiste (H/F)

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Crew Member | Dartmouth, NS | Jan 15, 2016
Energetic and Fast Paced
A typical shift during my holiday stay started at around 9:30PM or 10PM and went until at least 6:30AM. My duties included deconstructing pallets and flatcarts full of product and then moving that product from the truck bay into the aisles and onto the shelves in my section of the store. Once the truck was unloaded or there were simply no more materials to take out for my section, I would go to the aisles and begin stocking them with what I had brought out. Speed was critical to the success of each shift, as we only had so much time to get everything unloaded and put away before the store opened, so being able to meet and exceed deadlines was an important part of the job. The aisles had to be not only stocked with product, but it had to look good for the customer too. That meant making sure displays were correct, end-caps were full and eye-catching and that the aisles and walls of product were all facing the right way to create an enticing experience for people when they came in when we opened our doors. Other than the physical aspect of the job, the only really 'hard' part of it was keeping everything clean and organized to make the end of shift clean up of the cardboard easier. If you're reading this and are new, then make sure you stack like-sized boxes together and don't have em strung out through tons of different aisles. Keep a spare box around to toss all the little pieces of paper and cardboard into that won't just stack or are too small to mess around with at
ProsFast paced, time flies by, very physical work
ConsDust and minor cardboard/razerblade cuts while opening boxes.
Sales Associate | Winnipeg, MB | Apr 10, 2022
Good First Job - Little to no advancement opportunities
I would say my experience working at Toys R Us was overall positive, however there are definitely pros and cons. The work environment was fairly relaxed and I was able to form fairly good relationships with my coworkers. Management was also relaxed, my only complaint would be that there were sometimes inconsistencies and lack of communication between the management staff. I can also recall many occasions especially at the beginning of my employment where I was unsure of my assigned tasks or expected roles for my shift as they weren’t always directly communicated to me. Overtime I was able to develop my own routine but in the beginning the confusion was a bit stressful and I would have appreciated a bit more structure. Another negative aspect of the job for me was the inconsistency in shifts. Seasonal was incredibly busy and at times very stressful, however the months following I can recall only getting a few hours a week. The decrease in shifts can be expected in retail given the change of the season, however this being my only stream of income I found myself to be quite frustrated at times. It is definitely something to consider when applying for the job. On the contrary hours were quite flexible and it was very easy to change my availability and book off days when needed, however if you are looking to be getting a lot of hours this is not the job for you. There is also almost no opportunity for advancement within the company, and after working for them for over a year I fou
Sales Associate | Kamloops, BC | Jul 14, 2019
This should be the last resort for you to get a job. Neither job or company is sustainable.
This has to be the worst company I ever worked for. The store I worked for is an all women management so I was expecting a better understanding management, but the Store Director and Asst. Director still cannot face each other without fighting a single day even after working for more than 10 years together. If they offered you higher pay rate than minimum, remember they will send people home in the middle of the shift citing no business so you are not better off than working somewhere else. They will promise you the world during the job interview including career advancement but will make you clean washrooms and garbage with no further training to help boost your career once you start working. They have done this to several candidates who were working for leading retailers and make them repent for leaving a better job. Nothing against cleaning job but they should make it clear during the interview and not promise to train you on back office for career advancement. Their IT systems still run on DOS and painfully relic to work on. They don't follow several Health & Safety norms or even training but they will have paperwork in place to show they did....totally sham. Staff rooms don't have basic amenities like water dispenser or clean kettle or coffee maker (the kettle and coffee maker that they had were so filthy with limescale that no one could use it). Management does not trust the staffs and have egoistic tussle as to who gets whom to work as per their instructions. The probl
ProsHardly anything.
ConsGetting sent home mid shift, no basic amenities in staff room, store management that never get on, does not trust staff.
Retail Assistant Manager | Barrie, ON | Apr 3, 2014
I loved this Job
I adored this job very much! I worked with a wonderful team and had the most amazing boss! Toys R Us Express in Barrie's south end was a small store, that only had a team of four people, the manager, assistant manager, myself the key holder and our part time sales associate. With having such a small team, we were crossed trained to do almost everything. Often we would be working in the store alone and would have to be able multitask to handle customers, merchandising, pricing and other duties. Our store was not as nearly popular as the main store on Bayfield which allowed our team to spend the quality time with a customer and help them find what they really wanted and/or needed. Before I had worked for Toys R Us, I had very little knowledge on merchandising and well toys and baby products. I quickly learned age appropriate games, what was popular with boys, girls and toddlers and during which season as well. I also became quickly knowledgeable about the various baby products that we sold. I am not a parent myself so I made mental note on what the customers had commented about certain products, to be able to better help other customers in the future. Since we were a small store we had a lot of regulars that came into the store and it was a pleasure to be able to have a name to name basis with your customers. I also offered great customer service and this was recognized by both a customer and my manager. To my surprise I did not think that I had done anythin
Proswonderful co-workers, fun job, room for advancement, always learning
Front End Associate | Winnipeg, MB | Oct 1, 2021
It’s a good starting out job.
I would say the best part of working at toysrus is the employees. Everyone I worked with was so nice, friendly and made the workplace better! The hardest part and the reason why I ultimately left, is how stagnant and repetitive the job can be, especially upfront. If you’re a cashier/customer service person the job can become very stressful and repetitive. They push you to get people to donate to charities and to sign up for a loyalty cards. Actually asking for the things isn’t bad but they track you super hard and ultimately as time goes on it gets harder to do and will stress you out majorly.(or at least it did for me) I believe the rest of the positions in the store are much easier, less repetitive, and not tracked as harshly, so I’d recommend anything but being a cashier mainly. Management is pretty good. There’s some super amazing managers and then a few who just aren’t as nice to work with, but overall I’d say I enjoyed the management. They care and try to help as much as they can be but sometimes lack understanding of how hard certain positions can be. Overall, I liked my time there but the stress of the job ultimately was not worth the time, effort, or pay. I’d say toysrus is a good place to start out at, as the experience I learned there has helped me adapt very well to my new job! (The amazing coworkers at my store location was also the biggest plus) If I could recommend one thing to make the place more enjoyable it would be to switch off cashiers and people at t
ProsGood coworkers, free food occasionally
ConsLittle room for advancement, low hours, homework
Retail Sales Associate | Windsor, ON | May 9, 2021
Great place for temporary work
Worked there for two years, and here is my over all thoughts. Employees were usually really friendly and help when ever needed, some employees do just the minimum making the day longer than what it needs to be. Management was unorganized and unfriendly, at first they will show you their good side and slowly you'll end on their bad side no matter what you do. Tasks are given before the start of your shift which is nice and usually well thought out with a lot of flexibility depending on who is working and who has the right training. The work overall was good but still is tedious if your alone. Warehouse work was fun but really hard, unloading the truck is hard work because its not organized and on hotter days the truck becomes a sauna, also there usually is larger items like ride on toys and sand bags that need multiple people to take off of the truck making it even harder to unload the truck. Overall I wouldn't suggest working at Toys R Us for the soul reason of feeling like you could be replaced at any moment. For the time I worked there I felt like I was one of the better workers, working in almost all departments other than the baby side and out of no where I was placed on cash standing at my till for 8 hours straight not being able to walk around and help customers. I later put in my 2 weeks but left half way through my shift because of management taking advantage of me and telling me that I have no clue what I am doing even though my two years of experience with customer
ProsDoing toy demos if picked
ConsBad management, unfair work, and repetative tasks
Store Manager | Greater Toronto Area, ON | Oct 6, 2014
Like any retail job, some days are more challenging than others.
When you hear "toy store" you think its play all day. Every location is different, based on the Management team. At some TRU locations many days were spent reacting to situations. Even best laid plans were changed on the fly to deal with the issues on hand. Whether it was a late delivery, flyer execution not 100%, sick calls or vendor issues, the Management team always found a solution. Some Managers more than others. The work load was often unbalanced in some stores between members of the Management team, due to delegation of tasks by the store Director or Assistant Director. The biggest lesson learned at TRU was to do the best you can, manage your time well, and teach something new to a member of your team. At times the hardest part of the job, was not being able to fulfill the needs of the customers due to vendor restrictions on product, or the fact you were sold out..... The most enjoyable part of my job was training new staff. Taking fresh minds and teaching them customer service, merchandising, and how everything fits together; also, when "my hires" were promoted to higher positions or given more responsibility due to the training they received. When working in the baby department, the most enjoyable part of the job was going through the 9 months of pregnancy with new parents, and building that rapport/trust with them as they became new TRU customers. Often we became friends with our baby customers, and were asked for by name when customers were in to shop.
ProsMonthly staff appreciation funds were spent at the discretion of the store Management and staff, breakfast parties, pizza lunches, theme days, staff bbq
ConsUnbalanced work loads between Management. Long hours at seasonal times. Days owed were not paid out
Sales Associate | Kitchener, ON | Apr 25, 2017
Perfect entry level job
I was hired on after the Christmas season, and working at Toys R Us was the perfect entry level, part-time job for a person like myself with no prior work experience. I learned how to work well under pressure in a fast-paced, (sometimes) high stress environment, and my coworkers and managers were all very laid back. Overall, I am thankful for the experiences I've had working at Toys R Us, but once you learn how to run the customer service desk, there is little room for advancement, hence why it is a great entry level job for students. Things could get quite stressful on days where things were busy, there were many (good) sales on at a time, and when we would have technical difficulties like registers and/or computer systems all being down or crashing at the same time. Retail can be a great place to interact with lots of different people on a regular basis, and it really helps if you have a positive attitude or you enjoy interacting with people. However, because there are so many people that you are interacting with on a regular basis, there are bound to be some frustrated customers who use you as the outlet to vent their frustrations. This is in every job of course, but this is especially prevalent during the Christmas/holiday season, in which many customers are already frustrated. It can get very stressful, very quickly. This may not be a good job for anyone who does not enjoy kids/babies, or someone who cannot handle when babies/kids cry, scream, and throw tantrums.
ProsGood hours for students, understanding and accomodating when you have to call in sick/book time off
ConsHigh stress environment, very noisy and loud at times, can get overwhelming on very busy days
Sales Leader | Red Deer, AB | Jan 18, 2018
One of the best places I've ever worked!
When I started at Toys R Us, I think I was 17 and fresh out high school. It wasn't my first job, but it was my first official retail job. I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I loved it there. Within three months of getting hired, I was already training new cashiers and working stock, I was the one the new cashier ran to for questions, I was their problem solver and the management there saw that, and I was recognized for it. Over Christmas (which was my first Christmas ever in retail), I ran the the front end, I handled returns and ran the cashiers, I was in charge. I was constantly commended for my achievements, I was always thanked for my hard work, and I knew that if there was ever a problem, whether it was a customer being horrible or a cashier not doing their job, I could safely go to my management team and they would listen to my problem and help me sort it out. I applied for a promotion, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't get it, was because I was leaving Canada to study abroad (which I completely understood). When I was back in Canada for good, I stopped in to see if I could have a job and they hired me back, no questions asked. One month later, I was promoted. When I had to make the difficult decision to leave for another job with a better pay, there was no animosity because they hired me again for the third time 3 months later. And then I when I left for Edmonton to go to school, the Store Director and Assistant Store Director assisted me in gettin
ProsWonderful management, flexible scheduling
ConsNot really full-time unless management
Cashier/Sales | Edmonton, AB | Nov 12, 2021
If you are looking for a job here please do yourself a favor and consider other options first.
At first it seemed to be a nice environment to be in, but this quickly in the matter of 2 weeks. They only give 2-3 days of training for both cashier and sales associate these days consist of another coworker spending the day beside of you dumping loads of information off the top of their head on how to use the outdated machines and tools. This company refuses to spend money on tools and equipment that are not broken, this leaves you to deal with janky tools that are probably older then me. It was a struggle to get a grasp on all the work arounds in 3 days but unfortunately there was an issue at my particular store which led to me only getting 1 day of training for the sales associate role, they did not care and still expected me to be able to do the job by myself after the one day. I told my boss about my situation and that I needed more training in order to effectively do my job but they scoffed and started to give me less and less shifts until I was suddenly laid off without speaking another word of my situation a week later. The managers really had this passive aggressiveness and would always have a condescending tone whenever speaking to me, there was this one manager in particular that was most guilty of this and would act so fake in front of the customers and other coworkers while I was there but whenever it was just me and him he would just always bring me down.
ProsCoworkers are awesome people who are generally friendly to be around
ConsMost of the managers are fake people who tainted my experience there

Questions and answers about Toys R Us Canada

Does Toys R Us Canada allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked Dec 12, 2018
The asked for availability but don't give enough schedule. But then because of barely scheduling you can go away for 2 to 4 days straight for lack of schedule. I like that part. But I still want a stable though flexible working schedules.
Answered Nov 12, 2020
They need full time open availability from you but have no hours to give you in return. No guarantee to get atleast 20 hours a week. You are pretty much doing an on call job. Available all the time with no hours... what a joke.
Answered Jul 19, 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Toys R Us Canada?
Asked Jan 6, 2019
Be enthusiastic and excited and remember you are around kids and parents, not your group of friends.
Answered Aug 2, 2019
Relax, keep your cool. The job is easy and you would probably have to actively try to fail the interview. Go in anticipating you've already been hired.
Answered Jun 23, 2019
How are the working hours?
Asked Jan 3, 2019
Working hours are good as long as you get to finish your shifts during weekdays. If it is not busy, they will send you home.
Answered Jul 14, 2019
Flexible as the store managers were understanding to life outside of work, especially for students.
Answered Mar 12, 2019
With being a student would they accommodate school schedules?
Asked Sept 20, 2021
Yes, they do. But they still require you to have an open availability.
Answered Jan 27, 2022
They will work around your schedule.
Answered Dec 23, 2021
Does Toys R Us Canada require background check?
Asked Aug 2, 2019
Background check no required
Answered Mar 21, 2022
No, you do not need a background check.
Answered Dec 4, 2020