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Student Nurse | Mississauga, ON | Jul 31, 2012
My clinical practicum at Trillium Health Centre was a good preparation for my up-and-coming practice as a nurse.
My 200 hours of clinical practice at Unit 4B at Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga enabled me to get first hand experience in the practice of nursing in a Canadian hospital setting. I attended end-of-shift reports; did physical examination and health assessment; administered medications; did documentation (manually and electronically); developed a comprehensive nursing care plan for my assigned patient; performed nursing skills such as IV management, activities of daily living (ADLs) assistance, patient turning, transferring; and intake and output monitoring. All these done in an organized, prioritized, and proper way under the supervision of my buddy nurse and the clinical instructor.The hospital staff was generally cooperative and polite. I was also able to practice my therapeutic communication skills.Being an internationally educated nurse, this was an important step in preparation to eventually joining the Canadian health care system workforce. What I found challenging at first was time management and the unfamiliarity of the workplace environment. How to use certain equipments and devices and where to find them; how to navigate through the medical information system of the hospital's computer software are examples of unfamiliar workplace environment. But it did not take long for me to familiarize myself with equipments and devices and to organize and prioritize client care. After all, I already learned the basic nursing principles in my home country and completed nurs
Registered Nurse | Mississauga, ON | Dec 9, 2013
Enjoyable and Satisfying work
I enjoy the work that I do at Trillium, on a typical day I get to help mommies and newborns transition into life and to get to know each other. I help them in the first 24 hours. Having worked here I have learned many skills and information regarding child birth and how to care for a newborn. I have also learned professionalism and work ethics. I am an easily intimidated person and thus I can not help but be fearful of my manager; however she is very friendly and I have had no issues with her. Many of my co-workers are wonderful and always ready and willing to help. I have made many friends here and am very glad to have build a work family. However, there are a few nurses who eat their young or will find fault in everything you do. It is important just to learn from these nurses and not to take their actions and words to heart. I just try to remember that I am here for the patients and that it only matters that I feel good about the care that I have provided at the end of each day. The hardest part of my job is the quick patient turnout, you only get to see your patients for 24 to 48 hours and they are discharged quite quickly. And there is so much work to be done and so much you want to teach these parents in this short time. Some days the floor is so busy and sometimes you have very demending and uncooperative patients and that can make your day long and hard. The most enjoyable party of my job is working with babies, they are adorable and who does not w
ProsFeeling of satisfaction, working with babies, not much heavy lifting
ConsLong hours, high patient turnaround, some days it is very busy
Patient Services Representative | Mississauga, ON | Mar 21, 2019
Get your experience and move on
This is a big organization with three big hospital sites. I am working as a Patient Service Representative which is basically housekeeping. Some of the staff are great but the ones that have been there a long time are sneaky and toxic and take advantage of new people. So know your rights and duties. Sometimes work load can be unfair because other people on the floor don’t do their part or ignore discharges and run home leaving you with their rooms to do. Management does nothing about the long time employees that take very long breaks and don’t even stay on the floor. Rumour has it management fears them because those employees can complain to the union and get them out. If you go there as a new hire don’t be needy to management about trivial things such as where is such and such. Take initiative be friendly with other employees and they can show you a lot about how things work. Management likes when new hires catch on fast. I was hired part time and in the beginning got great shifts like full time hours in a week. But recently they hired a lot of people and your lucky if you get 3 shifts in a week. The challenging part is also the rotating shifts. You can go from mornings to afternoons to overnight shifts in different departments. It can be challenging especially if you have kids. They also call you to pick up shifts randomly.
ProsYou gain experience in different departments, new staff are friendly
ConsYou pay monthly parking, longtime staffs are toxic
Registered Nurse | Mississauga, ON | Jul 30, 2013
High paced surgical inpatient floor, with a great team to work with.
The surgical inpatient floor I work on is labelled as one of the busiest units to work on within the organization. This unit has a high patient turnover, with discharges and admissions occurring at all times of the shift. With more sick patients entering the hospital, assessment skills and critical thinking is key to work efficiently and productively on this unit. Prioritization and organization skills are needed to ensure that quality patient care and patient flow is achieved. The team on this surgical floor is the heart and soul of the unit. Team work is greatly needed on this floor due to the high demand that this unit usually requires. The nurses and the inter-disciplinary team work extremely well together. Working with my fellow co workers has grown us all so close together. The experiences that we go through on a daily basis helps us become closer and feel a sense of family within our unit. The people that I work with has made the job very enjoyable. Working on this unit has taught me so much. My assessment and clinical skills has vastly grown since stepping on this unit three years ago. My critical thinking and prioritizing skills has exponentially improved. Given the opportunity as Charge nurse, my leadership and problem solving skills have grown as well. Overall, this is an amazing unit to work on to foster and develop skills as a efficient and proficient nurse.
Biomedical Engineer | Mississauga, ON | Sept 10, 2021
Dissatisfied Employees! Incompetent Management!
Despite the organization sounding too good on paper, reality is far from different. One of the highest staff turnovers among GTA hospitals in the Biomedical Engineering department. Cut-throat competition combined with an incompetent management have led the department into developing a poor work ethics/culture and untrustworthy work environment. The upper management severely lacks the leadership that one would expect to see in a hospital with >5000 staff. The lower management is very busy pleasing the upper management and does not have courage to stand up to it because of which it has been unable to retain its employees. The management has a very rigid way of dealing with its staff and offers no flexibility or adjustments in terms of scheduling. No staff appreciation with none to slim chances of advancement and growth. Ideas that can bring change are not welcome here. Human Resource is imbecile and hiring process is EXPLICITLY laughable. Workplace politics, low pay scale (compared to other hospitals) and biased Human Resources have resulted into a high employee dissatisfaction because of which 5 employees and two managers have left THP within past few years and many more are trying to leave.
ProsIt's a hospital job. You get paid every two weeks.
ConsNo flexibility or adjustments in terms of scheduling, Bad culture, Bad management, Biased HR and very long hiring process
Safety Coordinator | Mississauga, ON | Oct 28, 2020
i have been working in the health and safety for 7 1/2 years always complied to my job responsibilities my job requirements were to see everything in the hospital was safe under the health and safety of ontario act so one month before christmas of 2018 i had noticed the trash bins in the back had body parts hanging out someone had disposed of incorrectly and i had reported it the very next day i saw some peoples filed documents of medical reports flying around in the back parking lot and again a bunch of peoples documents were flying around out of the trash can those were peoples medical files personal ones this was the last draw i went head executive and reported it very next day i was in office i was told rudely to inform my boss before head quorters i told him in the office as my job i am to inquire anyone at the time about the safety procedure so one week i was treated bad and after second week i was called to be terminated from my job excuse was i was not complying to all my responsibilities on the job but i was so i filed a report never got my job back got a pay out from ei for being fired and this hospital never answer there phones even there sitting there trillium mississauga wurse place to work ever
Prosone 20 min lunch brakes
Conslong hours
consolidation clinical placement | Canada | Sept 25, 2015
It is a challengin career but rewarding because the patients bless you
A typical day is providing the best nursing care you can and at the end of the day I feel good that I have cared for somone in need. What I learned: -During my volunteer work at Brampton civic hosppital -Community service as a health care aide -and as a nursing student going to clinical placements and getting different setting in facilities each semester has taught me the following: 1) learning never stops 2)have to be patience 3) Treat the individual with respect 4) Give the best care and treat them as you would want your family members be treated 5) Critical thinking is very important Management: I learnt to priortize my patients time managment balanced family and work Co- workers: 6)Working as a team member and co-operating with co-workers provides best care to the individual - co workers and management fully co-operated with me and vice versa Hardest part: 7) The hardest part is when I worked in palliative unit and you give the best you can but you know the patient is not going to be getting healthy and go home. Most enjoyable: 8) The most enjoyable part is when you see your patient and they smile , compliment you, bless you and thank you for just being there for them
Educator | Mississauga, ON | Mar 4, 2018
Every class was different and interesting!
I loved working as a Childbirth Educator for this hospital. The adult students were a joy to teach and were very interested in learning all about what to expect during labour, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Every class was a different dynamic, depending on the participants. Some were introverted, some were extroverts, some were very keen to learn, and some (especially the dads-to-be) were bored! I learned quickly that you can't please everyone, so just do the very best you can to make classes fun and interesting and use humour as an ice-breaker. People would often come to me after class to express how much they enjoyed the class and that my humour made it fun, interesting and the time went fast. Occasionally, I received a standing ovation, which always took me by surprise! Due to cost, the hospital decided to discontinue offering Prenatal Classes, so sadly, I was let go. I still miss teaching and interacting with others, but because I am not a nurse, it is impossible for me to teach for any of the Regional Health Units, and there are no local hospitals offering Prenatal Classes.
ProsLots of diversity, lots of top quality materials to use for teaching.
ConsHaving to set up and tear down for each class.
Registered Nurse | Mississauga, ON | Mar 12, 2017
Challenging environment with room to develop professionally
Trillium Health Partners is an excellent starting place for new nurses to work. There is always room to move into new challenging positions within the hospital if need be. Daily work is extremely challenging physically and requires constant evaluation of time management skills. This is a great place to develop professional skills especially for RPNs as they utilize RPNs to their maximum scope. Management on individual floors is not always putting staff first as they have to keep patients and families a priority. This is good, however can be very taxing on floor staff with little support from their own managers. Amazing clinical leaders, work/life balance is a priority to most schedulers although you do need to be very flexible and willing to pick up shifts often. It is physically, mentally, emotionally exhausting, but rewarding, as most hospital nursing can be. Team work needs to be encouraged often.
ProsProfessional development
ConsLong hours, need for flexibility/openness to pick up shifts, exhausting, some lack of team work.
Allied Health | Mississauga, ON | Jun 6, 2022
Often toxic workplace
Over the many years I worked there, THP sadly became a very toxic place, a culture driven by the competitive and toxic leadership. Lots of bullying and disregard of staff to get ahead. Front line staff on units are often good and your close colleagues are the reason you stay, although I’ve seen more issues seeping into the front lines. The pandemic was also hard on the unity of front line teams. Senior leadership is heavily composed of people with no clinical background and they are very out of touch with the realities of working in health care. Leadership structures are bloated and contribute to front line resource cuts. Any leader with integrity quickly gets the boot. Front line staff are treated like a warm body …regardless of skill or knowledge, you’re just there to fill a schedule. Very limited opportunity for any non-nurses to advance or move to non-clinical roles.
ProsDecent benefit/ wage plan vs comparable local hospitals
ConsToxic environment, limited resources, limited opportunity for non-nurse clinicians to advance

Questions and answers about Trillium Health Partners

What should you wear to an interview at Trillium Health Partners?
Asked Nov 9, 2017
Properly dress up.
Answered Apr 19, 2019
Follow everything. Maintain dress up.
Answered Apr 19, 2019
How are the working hours at Trillium Health Partners?
Asked Jul 5, 2018
12 hours rotation shifts , days and nights.
Answered Oct 11, 2019
Any morning, evening, night
Answered Apr 19, 2019
How is feedback from management delivered at Trillium Health Partners?
Asked Apr 22, 2019
Verbal and by performance review every year.
Answered Jan 28, 2023
You just get called in to the manager’s office. Sometimes they just tell you off in front of the nurses and patients
Answered Jan 25, 2023
What is the interview process like at Trillium Health Partners?
Asked Aug 30, 2018
It's not that bad, pretty standard questions. Some scenario based. Depends where you are interviewing
Answered Jan 6, 2020
Laid back. Some scenario questions but mostly about communication and conflict resolution.
Answered Jan 24, 2019
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked Nov 19, 2022
Perfect, THP is one of the best work environment.
Answered Mar 13, 2023
Super busy
Answered Jan 18, 2023